Chapter 3



I studied the person storming the hall before me. A tall, lean body with broad shoulders and pale skin. A large denim jacket shrugged off his shoulders accompanied with black skinny jeans and Timbs. His shaggy, bronze hair was as usual sticking up all over the place… he had the kind of hair that looked like hands are constantly being dragged through it, or pulled at. My brow furrowed as I considered him. Edward Cullen. Everything about him confused, intrigued and also agitated me. I mean, everyone knew of him but did anyone really know him? I could hear Emmett talking to Rosalie behind me. Emmett seemed to get along with him, but that's probably just because their circles are closer. I thought about the parking lot outside of school, and I don't really remember focussing on Cullen at all, but I knew he wasn't usually alone. Sometimes after school the girls from the Reservation school would swarm him by his car, promenading like a peacock. The girls from the Res were what you would call, I don't know, desperate… easy… take your pick. It gave Cullen the reputation that he got around, although no one actually knew whether he did or not, considering the girls here were of the 'don't ask' variety, and the Res girls were more of the 'won't tell' kind. The only reason no one knew was because Cullen had never dated anyone from Forks High, not that some girls hadn't tried, he just didn't seem interested. I didn't think he'd been in any of my classes, either. Or if he had, perhaps I had not noticed him. Which I did not think was likely. He was like a raging bull in a china shop wherever he went. It's almost like he was shrouded in a dark cloud of Cullen, everyone gave him at least 3ft space for their own personal safety.

We'd all already been to the bathroom and were now walking back to the library. Although, now that the thought crossed my mind, we weren't even walking back in the direction of the library at all, we were blindly following Cullen away from it. "Where are we going?" My mouth moved before I even registered that I was actually speaking to Cullen willingly.

He looked back at me, almost shocked as to the fact that we were all still there, but it was only a thin layer of shock over the knowing look he always wore, as if he wasn't really too surprised. "Just taking a quick detour." His head swivelled around back to the hall and away from us. His arms started swinging as if he was about to start skipping and sing "Ring Around the Roses."

I didn't respond. I figured we were already out of the library, if we were going to get in trouble it was going to happen anyways. Unfortunately, not all of us agreed with my insight.

"We're going to get in trouble." Rosalie said behind me, her voice sounded stressed and uncertain.

"We'll be fine. We're here now anyways." Cullen stood in front of a set of lockers and banged hard twice on one of them. I'd heard him do that almost every day since we moved into our senior lockers at the beginning of our school year as my locker was only the next set down. The door swung over to reveal a surprisingly clean locker; a couple books, some pictures on the inside of the door and some clothes shoved on top of everything. I couldn't see what the pictures were of as I was standing too far away and I wouldn't say Cullen and I were close enough to have me snooping in his locker. He rummaged around for s bit, almost leaning all the way in before finally extracting a brown paper bag. I crinkled my nose and crossed my arms.

"We're here for that?" I looked pointedly at the bag, squinting my eyes.

Cullen suddenly broke out in a wide smile, bearing all his beautifully straight, white teeth. He closed his locker and walked to stand in front of me before responding. "No." He shook his head as he opened the bag before me, still smiling. "We're here for this." I peered into the bag, uncertain and not exactly keen to look inside. I wasn't particularly shocked as to what I found but I was shocked that he'd bring this back to the library with him. I stepped back from him with a disgusted look on my face, placing my hands on my hips.

"You cannot be serious."

His deep eyes glinted mischievously as he looked into mine. "Oh, yes."

"What? What is it?" Rosalie shoved past me and down into the bag. Her eyes widened instantly, her glasses almost slipping off of her nose. "What the fuck?"

I leant back in shock, surprised at her reaction due to two things. One, I don't think I've ever heard Rose swear before. Two, Rose actually knows what weed looks like? I snorted a little at her reaction after I surpassed my initial shock, finding the whole situation hilarious. Cullen's eyes flicked to mine for a second before smirking at Rosalie and closing the baggy, shoving it into what I assume is an inside pocket on the under-seem of his jacket. He swaggered past me and down the hall. As he went past the group, Jasper turned to look at me. I sighed and shrugged my shoulders at his questioning gaze before walking up beside him.

"It's weed." I stated as we began to stroll down the hall. Jaspers eyebrows raised but he didn't say anything. I hadn't even noticed Alice had come with us she'd been so silent, although as we walked past her still form her eyes grew to slits. I glared back, flicking my hair over my shoulder as I sauntered away. Not my problem she was hung on someone who wasn't interested in her. I mean, I didn't hate her or even dislike her, really. I guess everyone thought she was weird, so I did too. I swivelled my head a little to look at her behind us. Long gone was the squinty glare, a hurt and saddened expression tore across her soft features. I felt a small pang as I turned back to the front. Cullen was leading the group, yet again. Then there was Emmett and Rosalie still chatting quietly with each other. I looked up at Jasper's face, with a "what the fuck?" expression on my face. Jasper shrugged again, offering me no other response. Ouch. What is wrong with everyone today? They're being so fucking strange. I walked ahead of Jasper, annoyed at his ambivalence toward everything I was saying. Two hours ago he was drooling at me. I was getting more aggravated the more I thought about it and ended up powerwalking ahead of the group, not even thinking about where I was going. I rounded a corner and skidded to a halt, almost falling forward on my face. I scrambled back around the corner instantly running into Cullen's chest. He wrapped his arms around me almost as if on instinct as I fell forward.

"Fuck, sorry." I yell whispered as grasped onto his shoulders. His eyes bore into mine and I had to scramble to get myself together. "Banner!" I hissed. "Banner is around the corner, he's using the water fountain if we run he'll miss us!" Cullen's eyes widened, and he leant around the shoulder, Rosalie and Jasper leant their heads around too, overhearing the conversation. I watched as they all quickly sprung their heads back.

"Okay, lets go!" Cullen hissed, grabbing my arm and shoving me in front of him. We all fell into a jog as we made our way down the hallway. Alice and Emmett the last ones to move after being informed by Rose as she jogged past.

Emmett called from the back of the group. "Cut through the gym, we can beat him there and use the Libraries back entrance." Cullen nodded from the front of the pack and we all took a sharp left, bursting through the gym doors. Everyone's shoes squeaked as we skidded and sprinted across the floor. Cullen halted at the other gym doors, looking through the circular glass windows before slowly opening one of the doors. He stepped through and motioned with his hand for us all to usher through. One by one we filtered through, Emmett now at the front and Cullen at the back. This part of the school was toward the back, and we cut across the pavement that held the staff parking toward the library. All that could be heard other than the pounding of my heart in my ears were six pairs of feet smacking against the cool, damp concrete.

Mr Banner paced the front of the room, placing one careful foot in front of the other. His head was down, facing his clasped hands on his stomach. A picture of perfect calm. We were all sitting exactly where we were before we left. Jasper and I were at the front, with Rose, Emmett and Cullen behind me, and then Alice behind them. Banner's head swung up just then, looking each one of us in the eye. I shied away as his met mine, glancing down at my empty piece of paper. "Just warning you that you have only two hours to complete your essays. I see many of your pieces of paper are empty. I expect that to change by the time I return." And on that note, his pacing ceased and he turned and dramatically exited the room to his office. There was a collective 'whoosh' as everyone's breathes left their body. We'd gotten into the library at least fifteen minutes before Banner had entered, and we'd been not so eagerly anticipating his return. We knew that if it took him that long to return he must not have seen us, but still, we could not be sure. As you can imagine we were all very relieved at this point, knowing we were in the clear.

Cullen cracked his knuckles before speaking. "Well that was fun, wasn't it?"

Jasper snorted and leant his arm on the back of his chair, slanting his face toward Cullen, but not actually looking at him directly. "Sure, if you think it's fun to follow you around and potentially get detention for the rest of our school lives." Jasper paused, considering what he said. "Although, I suppose that is exactly what you find fun."

"I thought it was exhilarating." A small voice stated, very unsure, from the back of the room. I knew it was Alice instantly, but everyone else turned to look at her as she said it.

"I agree." I said. "It was… fun." Now it was everyone's turn to look at me funny. I stared at Jasper. "What?" All he did was shake his head and look down at the desk. I think we were all shocked I agreed with Alice, even I was partly surprised at myself. Cullen made a sort of "humph" sound as he leant back in his chair, clearly satisfied that we'd agreed. We all sat in relative silence for a while; there was some scribble of pens and some occasional mundane chatter, but nothing substantial. I was aimlessly drawing flowers on my piece of paper when the talking really started up again.

"Those are really good." Jasper leant down to look at my drawings.

"Oh, they're nothing, really. Just doodles." I shielded my flowers with my hand, covering them up from Jaspers eyes.

"Alice can draw, too." He practically whispered. I don't think he intended for me to hear it, but I most definitely did. I turned my head slowly to look at him.

"And how exactly would you know that?" I queried, more confused and angry than genuinely intrigued. Jasper didn't look at me, though he blanched at both my tone and my question.

"I don't know, I saw her do it once I guess." He nodded his head, although he looked indecisive, like he wasn't wholly telling the truth. "In class." He added, clearing his throat. I didn't believe him; something was clearly going on in his head. As a friend, I was concerned, but as his potential girlfriend, I was not happy. Unfortunately, the latter took control of my emotions and I abruptly shoved my chair back and launched from my seat. Jaspers head snapped back, shocked and most definitely worried about my reaction. I didn't say anything as I flopped in the seat next to Cullen, crossing my arms. I must have looked perturbed, because even Cullen glanced at me nervously as I sat down. Clearly he was just as unsettled by our proximity as I was. I didn't care enough in that moment to look physically disgruntled by it, I was too frustrated at Jasper's weird as fuck actions today. For some reason, even though there was absolutely no proof that this had something to do with Alice, I was sure it was her that was bugging him. Perhaps he feels guilty about how he treated her. I didn't know and I didn't care at this point.

"Trouble in paradise?" Cullen purred in my ear as he leant toward me, mimicking me as he crossed his arms as well.


"Ah, but that's not what I'm picking up on, sweetheart." Cullen continued, "Is it trouble in bed?" My eyes widened and I went to protest, but he went on. "Can't find that special spot?" I'd had enough at this point; embarrassed and flustered my mouth flopped open once or twice before I found my voice.

"How… how dare you! You despicable human being, what the fuck is wrong with you?" By this point, he and Emmett were pissing themselves and Rosalie was bright red, hiding her face in her hands. It appeared that Jasper and Alice did not hear what Cullen had initially said, but they had heard me squeaking out my weak response.

"What's wrong?" Jasper turned around, eyes alarmed. I floundered for a second, still outraged by Cullen.

"Nothing, I was just talking to Isabella about her G-spot." Cullen swung his arm around the back of my chair. "Weren't we, petal?"

I swear at that moment everything went in slow motion, Jasper's desk flew over Cullen's head, smashing into billions of pieces as it hits the other desks. Chairs are knocked over and I hear Rosalie's scream echoing in the background. Somewhere Alice is laughing, tinkling through the destruction. I hear Jasper's fist connect with Cullen's face, snarls and gritted teeth. The sound of running echoing throughout the library, footsteps stomping and clothes tearing. Books are falling off of bookshelves and the room shakes as Emmett tackles Jasper and Mr Banner holds Cullen's arms back. Cullen's eyes are wild as he elbows Banner in the nose and lunges at Jasper, knocking both him and Emmett over more desks and onto the floor.


What actually happened was Emmett burst into laughter over the word 'petal' and Jasper told Cullen to 'fuck off' before turning back around to the front. The only thing from what I imagined should have happened is Alice's laughter. I also think what I imagined as Rose screaming was probably me.

I am very annoyed.

Emmett chose this point in time to mention the weed, effectively resurrecting it from Cullen's pocket. It was brought out and thrown roughly onto the desk. Cullen shuffled about for a bit in his many pockets, and then his wallet. In the briefest of flashes I saw a golden packet, I could make out the first couple of letters of the word "Large" and I quickly averted my gaze. Holy fuck.

My face reddened as Cullen finally pulled out the papers and started rolling a couple joints, passing the first finished one to Emmett who had the lighter on standby. Conversation was going on around me but I wasn't concentrating, still so baffled and annoyed at the situation I was in. I leant over the desk for my bag, reading the time on my phone. Why couldn't time go faster? Rosalie was clearly protesting, you could see it in her expression and body language. Jasper looked to also be protesting, but not nearly as animatedly as Rosalie appeared to be. At this point I truly did not care. Emmett stood before lighting the joint, proceeding to then walk over to one of the couches scattered together near the windows, which he opened before sitting down. Smoke filtered out through the square frame as he slowly puffed in and out. I watched him cautiously for a little bit, I don't think id ever seen him this relaxed, this… vulnerable. The giant mellowing out stressed me out. I stared at the other joint Cullen was rolling then, watching the little pieces of green become enfolded in smooth white paper. Cullen noticed me watching and continued to roll the joint. When it was packed in tight he moved his gaze straight to mine and brought the paper up to his lips. He gave it the most sensual lick I had ever seen whilst staring right at me. What is Cullen doing to me? Why does he enjoy riling me up so much? Whatever the reason, I was ashamed to admit it was working. He was getting my panties into a twist, among other things. I stood up abruptly, breaking his gaze and strutted over to the couch, throwing myself down next to Emmett. Next to his stature I barely weighed the thing down.

I snapped my fingers at him. "Gimme." I then held out my hand to him. He eyed me a little before placing the joint between my fingers.

"You done this before, Bella?" He questioned

"Yeah, I mean, not loads but once or twice at a party when it's been passed around." Once, only once. They say you don't get high properly the first time, but I remember feeling the most mellowed out I'd ever been. Mixing it with a bottle of vodka, however, had been a grave mistake. Emmett nodded and gestured with his hands for me to proceed. I didn't wet my lips before placing the joint between them, nothing worse than sharing a slobbery joint, from what I've heard. I breathed in slowly and pulled the joint away, letting the burn in my throat flame out before breathing back out. I instantly started coughing. I heard laughter as I leaned forward and Emmett clapped my back.

"Woah, kiddo! Not bad, but maybe don't inhale so deeply next time." Emmett chuckled and I looked up at him once my coughing subsided. I was annoyed he was laughing at me, but from the expression on his face, you could see he wasn't trying to be malicious.

"Sure." I choked out, before inhaling again. I breathed this one out without coughing and I grinned up at Emmett, satisfied with my second attempt.

"Pass it back, wild child." Emmett took the joint out of my hand, and rested it on his own lip. I leant back into the suddenly super comfortable couch, only then noticing that other people had joined us. Cullen and Rosalie sat opposite us on the other couch, Alice sat behind them on a high reading desk and Jasper had brought over a chair, which he was now sitting on backwards. Cullen and Jasper were sharing a joint. It was weird to see them not hating each other. Rosalie looked stressed, and it was agitating my vibe.

"I think Rosalie should go next!" I practically sing-songed, as I pointed at her with a sloppy arm.

"My thoughts exactly." Emmett stood and moved over to crouch down in front of Rose, holding the joint in front of her face. "Don't be shy."

"I… I can't. I have never done it before. What if I cough? What if Mr Banner comes back and finds us like this! My parents will absolutely kill me I'll lose my scholarship! Become a felon oh my..." Rose started to look as if she was going to have a panic-attack and I leant forward to watch her closer, she seemed really, really on edge and I began to feel bad about suggesting she get stoned, too.

"Hey, look, Rose don't worry about it. If you don't want to you don't have to." The words were out of my mouth quicker than I anticipated, and a look of deep concentration crossed Rosalie's face as she considered my words.

"No, no." She shuddered a little bit before reaching for the joint. "I'll do it. You only live once right?"

"That's the spirit." Jasper chimed in, before offering his to Alice.

Alice shook her head promptly and wildly, letting her thick, short hair bounce around her high cheekbones. Jasper shrugged before taking another hit and then passing it back to Cullen. Rosalie was still working herself up when I looked back to her. Emmett had moved though, to have one of his large hands on her back, and one on her knee. With their supermodel genetics, Rosalie and Emmett would have the cutest kids. Okay, I'm beginning to become delusional now, was this weed laced? Rosalie actually didn't do bad, only a shy little cough after her first hit, and after that it was smooth sailing for her. We were all getting very high, laughing and making jokes with each other. Even Alice occasionally chimed in, which was very peculiar, but not bad either. Jasper and Alice seemed to have some silent communication going on. I may be shallow and kind of a spoilt bitch, but I wasn't oblivious. I knew that Jasper's objections had changed since the beginning of the day, and I was too high right now to be bothered by it. I would be later, though. For now, I was happy to stare at Edward, who seemed happy to stare at me too. Conversation flowed aimlessly and easily for a while, everyone simply enjoying each other's company. That was until a very specific topic was brought up. We were all sitting on the floor in a circle between the couches when Emmett brought it up.

"So, what're ya'll even in here for, anyways?" Emmett was lying on the floor with his legs on the couch, hands behind his head. We'd chucked the two joints out the window and we're all mellowing out by now.

Almost everyone shifted uncomfortably, looking down at the floor. Once again enabling my loose tongue I shot out first. "I skipped class." Every eye looked toward me, the centre of their gaze.

Emmett snorted. "Well, that's not very badass, now, is it?"

I huffed, crossing my arms. My favourite store were having a sale, there was no way I was going to miss a decent sale for trig class. "Well, I'm sorry." I stated, dragging out the 'sorry'. "Dare you compete?" Emmett snorted again, this time following it with a deep-throated chuckle.

"I was smoking on campus. Not exactly badass, either." Emmett shrugged, clearly unfazed by his general innocence. I was legitimately surprised. The kids at school all know him from his drug dealing. More specifically, the fact that he works for Demetri, the most frightening person in Forks. He's Emmett's supplier, and has been on the police's files forever. Not much is known about the illusive Demetri, but one has ever caught him. The rest of the group looked surprised, too, but no one said anything. "What're you in here for, Cullen?" Emmett asked suddenly breaking the silence following his confession.

Cullen's face slowly broke into a sly smirk. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

Before any of us had a chance to respond, Alice's shrill voice piped up. "Do you want to know what I'm doing in here?"

"Not particularly…" I mumbled under my breath. Clearly the bad feelings were back. Alice shot me a glare as Jasper threw me an odd look. I glared back at them both. Alice continued anyway.

"I got caught having sex with another student." She smiled almost proudly. "We were in the janitors closet and the janitor found us. I'm in here for every second Saturday for the rest of the year."

Jasper's face visibly whitened. I couldn't tell whether that was anger or hurt in his eyes as I watched his reaction curiously. What the fuck was wrong with him? I'd been questioning it all day and I had now finally concluded that it was Alice. But why, is what I had yet to find. I was going to push it out of him.

"So where's your boy toy now?" I queried, a harsh tone biting at my words.

She narrowed her eyes at me. "He's here every other Saturday. They obviously don't want us together, just in case…" Her eyes then sparkled mischeviously. "Considering we were caught in detention."

Jasper looked like he was going to be sick. Before I could say anything else Cullen piped up. He'd been busy sharpening a pencil with a pocketknife. Where the knife came from was honestly beyond me. I had no idea he'd had it until now. "Not true. I was here last Saturday." He pulled the pencil up to his lips, blowing at the excess sharpening's. I bet his breath tasted like peppermint, or honey. Where the fuck did that come from? I was happy, however, that Cullen said something at that point. I could've said something stupid, plus, he totally challenged her credibility. I raised a brow at her, pleased with the turn in the conversation.

She raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow, back. "When did I ever mention it was a Saturday detention, did I?" Oh. I totally forgot about the late night Thursday detention the school did when people couldn't (or wouldn't) go to the Saturday. We all fell silent for a moment and I watched Jasper carefully. He was clenching his hands in his lap, his knuckles white and fingers twitching like he wanted to hit something. I could see his jaw tightened and eyebrows knit together. All of these actions infuriated me entirely. My glass of water was full, and it was going to tip.

"You slut." I said through gritted teeth. "It's not fucking cute to sleep around, you know." I was going red. I could feel the burn spreading up my chest to my cheeks. I don't think anyone expected that reaction from me. I don't think I did either, I had a mouth and I could be a bitch, but was I cruel? Perhaps. However, I didn't care nearly enough in that moment.

"Bella, what the fuck?" Jasper hissed. I don't think I had ever seen him look at me that way before, he looked so furious I had to lean away from his glower.

"Oh, come on. Don't be mad just cause you're a virgin!" Alice spat the word like it tasted badly, and it actually hit quite hard, doing nothing to subside my anger.

"Nothing is wrong with being a virgin, whore. At least I don't parade myself around like some dumb little skank. No one thinks that's cool, you fucking psycho." I was shaking now. I wanted to stand up and yell in her face. How dare she cross me? If she weren't outcast enough, she soon would be.

"Oh, cut the shit, Swan." Edward roared, suddenly furious. "You're a fucking tease, walking around in skimpy clothes and throwing your tits in every guys face to get what you want. I would hardly say you're a qualified judge in the matter." Fuck, that stung. To be honest, I got why he's shitty. She's his cousin, and I can bet he doesn't enjoy talking about her sex life either, but I can guarantee he doesn't like someone slut-shaming her even more.

I scoffed. "Fuck you, Cullen. No one even cares whether you're here or not. Everyone cares about me. I'm the most popular girl in the school."

"You may think so," He shot back. "But you're just a spoilt little princess who walks around like she's the shit, when no one cares whether you're here either. You might be right that no one cares about me, but don't confuse yourself, sweetheart. You're fucking no one." The room fell completely silent at that point, I had been breathing so hard before, but now I was holding my breath, afraid of letting my tears out. My eyes were getting wetter and wetter, and I felt a solitary tear run down my cheek, betraying me. I think everyone was glad the conversation was over, and even though I wanted to argue my piece, I know when to stop. I'd never been put in my place like that before, and it stung. I wasn't sure I liked it nor would I want it to happen again in the future.

We were all silent for a long time after that. I don't know how long, but it was certainly long enough. My eyes were dry and Cullen stopped looking so angry, he looked deflated.

"I'm here for a terrible reason." It was almost a whisper, but it was definitely Rosalie speaking. I turned my head toward her, shielding my gaze from her with my hair, but I listened as her voice shook through her words. "My…my parents. You don't understand the amount of stress I'm put under to perform well… to get good grades you don't understand. The reason I am here is because I was caught stealing a blade from the art room, you know, the sharp one's they use to carve things." Rosalie's head was down, her hair out of her ponytail and surrounding her in tresses of gold. "They caught me stealing it, but thankfully I wasn't questioned why. It didn't matter, anyways. My parents knew. I… I was going to…" She didn't need to finish her sentence. We all knew what she was going to say. I wasn't close enough to Rosalie to give her any form of support that she could take on. After the spectacle I had just caused, I wasn't sure I should be consoling anyone.

"I'm here because the team is sorting out some Sophomores to take over for the Juniors once we leave. We were hosting trails and I guess it got a little out of hand. The guys wanted to make a joke out of it… and I…I let them." Jasper put his head in his hands. I already knew what had happened, and I knew he wasn't proud of it either, if he anything, he was downright appalled with himself. I couldn't blame him, either. "Someone saw us with this kid in the locker-room, he wasn't fit to join the team and I guess the guys were trying to poke fun. They had him naked and were whipping him with the towels… I took the fall for my team. I shouldn't have let them do what they did, and I'll bare that on my shoulders

"I could only imagine what that poor kid was going through, you know? Imagine going home to your parents afterward." I could barely hear Jasper at this point, his head was that far into his hands. "My father told me he'd take my trust away from me if I didn't step up my game, succeed. Their expectations for me to be this great athlete and I just… I can't always be."

"Boo fucking hoo." Cullen burst out. "At least you have parents around who care for you enough to want you to succeed. Yeah, it might be tough. But not as tough as having to hack it on your own."

"I wouldn't exactly call what you're doing hacking it, Cullen." Emmett sneered. "I was emancipated when I was sixteen. Been on my own since, keeping myself in school and having to pay my dues. That's hacking it." Neither Alice nor I said anything during this exchange, I had nothing to say. My life wasn't hard, and maybe that was it. I just couldn't relate.

"Stop!" Rosalie suddenly yelled. "Stop bickering! I've had enough. We all have our fucking problems, okay? It's not a competition of whose life is worse." Woah, her voice shook the room with her fury. I could understand though, not personally, but she must think everyone is being completely ludicrous considering her level-headedness. Quietness ensued, everyone mumbled their apologies and that was that. We were all slumping against the couches and no one spoke, seemingly in our own world for a while. I have no idea how much time had passed, but it was I who suddenly remembered the essay.

"Fuck. I forgot about the essay." I mumbled.

"So did I."



"Am I the only person who actually did theirs?" Rosalie raised her eyebrow, an incredulous look harshening her soft features. She rolled her eyes when we all shrugged. "Incredible."

"I don't have anymore paper, I drew on mine." I spoke quietly.

"Yeah, mines toast." Jasper said, and Emmett nodded.

Cullen sighed. "I still have mine. Why don't we all just write a letter from all of us?" Everyone quietly considered the idea, and Rosalie was the first to speak.

"I don't even agree with mine anymore. Let's do it. I'll scribe I don't trust any of your handwriting." We all chuckled a little at that, but everyone agreed. We even received a little head nod from Alice.

The essay was finally finished, and we had twenty minutes until detention was over. In that period of time spent with all of us huddled together over the piece of paper, I felt like there was a sense of resolve in all of us. Also, in that time I began to feel bad about this situation with Alice, and I felt more at ease with the idea that there was some weird thing going on between her and Jasper. I sat on her desk and started fiddling with my bracelet. I could tell she was watching me, cautious and unsure about what it was I was doing at her desk. I sighed, finally looking down at where she was seated.

"I'm sorry, Alice. I shouldn't have said what I did. It was wrong of me." I stared at her perfectly pointed nose, not wanting to look in her eyes and see the rejection I was sure would ensue. I heard her sigh as well, and she looked down at her clasped, gloved hands.

"I lied." She whispered. "I wasn't caught with someone in the janitors closet."

"It wasn't in the closet?" I questioned, startled at her confession.

"It didn't happen. Period. I don't know why I said it." She looked ashamed and I finally met her eyes. Actually seeing the embarrassment and shame in her eyes was a wholly different thing to assuming it. I felt even worse for her.

"I do." I said, surely. Her head swung to the side, curiously, and I leant back, giving her a perfect view of Jasper. We both looked at him for a second. I didn't see the sexy guy I saw this morning. Yeah, he was still hot, but now I realised I didn't really know anything about him other than what we wanted to know about each other. Him and Cullen were laughing together, and just beyond them I could see Emmett and Rosalie with their heads together, whispering about something. "Whatever it is, that is going on with Jasper, is beyond me." I finally looked at her, but she was still looking at Jasper. "But lying and trying to make him jealous will do nothing but deepen the barrier between you."

"You know," She said after a minute. "You're not as much of a snotty bitch as I thought you were."

I laughed. "You're not as much of a psycho as I thought you were."

She smiled at me, and it was only then that I realised how pretty she truly was. She had gorgeously straight teeth, plump lips and a perfectly symmetrical facial structure. Her eyes though, they were so soulful I almost became lost in them. I looked away from her then, toward the rest of the group. I sat there for almost a minute before I moved back to the front of the room where I was sat at the beginning of the day. Jasper sat next to me and everyone assumed their positions as the clock ticked its way toward four o'clock. I could hear Banner shuffling around in his office a little, but I never saw him leave the room.

We had left the essay at the front of the room, on mine and Jasper's desk and signed it with all of our names. Jasper and I were walking toward his car, a beautiful 1967 Base Camaro, with everyone else trailing behind us.

"I'll see you in Spanish on Monday, right?" Rosalie said, coming up next to me. Her glasses were gone and her hair blew behind her like a glowing veil. This was the first time she'd ever come up to me about Spanish; usually I was the one to harass her.

"Yeah, of course." I smiled at her and she walked away to her car. I saw her and Emmett exchange a few words before she got in her car and drove away. Emmett stood watching the car, before he threw his right fist up in the air, like a salute, before breaking his fist and waving at the disappearing vehicle.

Jasper was getting into his car and I saw Alice go up to him. There was only one other car in the lot other than Emmett and Jasper's. Cullen must be waiting for Alice.

"Hey sweets," I heard a whisper in my ear. I jumped, nearly peeing myself in the shock of it all.

"Jesus Christ, Cullen. You scared the shit out of me." I caught my breath as he chuckled at me, placing a toothpick between his teeth.

"Sorry," He smirked at me. That goddamn smirk. "So, will I get the honour of saying Hello to you in the halls on Monday, princess?"

I looked up at him through my lashes and his emerald eyes smouldered, boring into mine. "Perhaps, Cullen, perhaps." I smirked right back at him as he began to walk toward his car backwards.

He shook his head at me before chucking the toothpick and plucking out a cigarette. Still walking backwards he lit it, exhaling smoke before he spoke. "Call me Edward."


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