Who could forget that fateful time

You made all our stars align?

You were so lost, so confused, so scared

Yet you always smiled and you always cared

There were multiple occasions you could have died

But no matter what you always tried

To befriend every last monster down here

You are a true savior, my dear

You persevered through my attack

I told you to cooperate, but you never stepped back

You were determined to make your way past

And you faced many puzzles, each more tough than the last

You were brave and just, and you didn't once run

You befriend a goat, a fish, and a pair of skeletons

A lizard-like creature, a robot as well

And countless others, too many to tell

You carried a snowman to the wonders of the beyond

You talked to and danced with and sang countless songs

You provided a chance for education to boot

Your kind, heartfelt deeds are nothing to dispute

Despite threats you spared their lives in response

And you never killed anyone, not even once

Finally, at the end, you had a choice to make

And you chose to spare and stay rather than kill and take

You saved us all from our pits of despair

Now each time you call for help, there'll be somebody there

You freed us from our prison, we see the world now up above

You never gained LOVE, but instead you gained love

That makes sense, right? Eh, that doesn't matter

Either way, I hope you are so very flattered

You deserve the respect, the recognition, the trust

That you gained from us monsters, honest and just

Years have gone past since that fateful day

Yet you never seem to stray away

From that lovable child you were years ago

And there is something that you must know

We love and cherish you with all of our hearts

And no matter what happens, we won't ever be apart

You are our savior, our friend, our family

And in a thousand years from now that's how we'll still be

More years go by, each day faster than the last

We're all getting wary of what's soon to pass

But we cannot control it despite how badly we try

Your time is running short, nobody can deny

You lived a good life, you've made many friends

And we'll all still love you until the very end

So now you must rest, you've had quite a day

Your acts of kindness will never fade away

We all will miss you when your time finally comes

But for now rest peacefully to my melodic hums

Your life has been good, and now you've grown old

Old, older, yet older you grow

And now is the day we all have dread

The day where you rest your beautiful head

Down on your pillow and close your eyes

We've seen those sparkling spheres of blue for the last time

Thank you for everything you have done

Thanks to you, humans and monsters are now one

From Sans and Papyrus, from Muffet and Grillby

From Toriel and Asgore, from Mettaton and Temmie

From Alphys and Undyne, the numbers increase

We all hope that you rest in peace

Thank you for all your acts and spares and risks

Thank you for saving us...

Thank you, Frisk