Fuck you Merle. Fucking fuck you, you stupid fucker. Daryl kept the obscenities to himself as he lingered outside Nuits en Dentelle. What the fuck does that even mean? He wondered. Was it Spanish? French maybe? Who the hell knows? Who the hell cares? The only thing truly on his mind was how angry he was about going in the store.

Daryl I need a favor, he'd said. You owe me and I'm collecting the debt, he'd said. I forgot to buy a birthday present for Leona, he'd said. Lingerie. He wanted lingerie for his hot girlfriend with huge tits. And he needed it by 5pm. Of course Daryl tried to get out of it. He'd tried everything he could think of. But Merle wasn't taking no for an answer, so an hour later Daryl was standing in front of some stupid shop with scantily clad mannequins in the window. The kind of mannequins that creepy single men would oogle.

Daryl looked at the brunette in the right hand display. If he saw a real woman in that get up he would likely ejaculate in his pants. Daryl sighed. He really needed to get laid, but he was over the one night stands and late night bar pickups. He had a plan in mind. For the first time in his life he had a plan for the future and it made him want to clean up other areas of his life too.

The door opened and a beautiful woman walked out, brushing past him with a little bag in her hand. Daryl turned and checked out her ass as she walked towards her car. Some lucky dude was gonna see that sweet ass in whatever skimpy little tantalizing outfit was in that bag. Daryl saw another woman join her and they briefly kissed on the lips. Whoops, correct that - some lucky woman.

He looked back to the store. Get it over with, he told himself. 36 DD. Size Medium panties. Apparently that was all the information he needed. Oh and red. Merle had a thing for red lace. Daryl rolled his eyes and opened the door. Was the damn present for her? Or for Merle? He walked into the store and almost walked right back out. It was a sea of satin, lace, pinks, purples, reds - black - Merle liked red, but Daryl would much prefer a sexy black teddy.

The heat had already made its way to his face and Daryl knew his cheeks were a shade of red that would only add to his embarrassment. Embarrassed for being embarrassed - that was his reality. Just find something red and get the fuck out. Something red that matches your face, asshole. Why did the nasty voice in his head sound so much like Merle?

Daryl made a beeline for the first display that had something red and started to search for the right size. D, C, oh perfect, DD. But the number in front said 40. 36 was close to 40. Better to fit a bit big than too small, right? If he fucked it up Merle would be pissed. Daryl groaned and put it back. There wasn't one red thing on that display that was a 36DD.

He glanced around and saw two women chatting by another display. Of course that display had lots of red teddies. Daryl tried to avoid eye contact but the woman with grey hair smiled at him and held up a finger, indicating she would be there in a minute. Fuck, as if things weren't bad enough now he was gonna get help from an enthusiastic sales associate, likely on commission. Maybe he could find something before she got there. Daryl started to furiously search through a rack when he heard a voice behind him. "You look like you could use a hand."

"Oh, um, yeah - guess I could," Daryl said, really not wanting to turn and face the woman.

He peeked over his shoulder. "My name is Carol," she said politely. Well fuck, now he had to turn around or she would think he was a complete jackass. Daryl faced her. "So what are we looking for?"

"It's for my brother's girlfriend," Daryl replied. A little look of amusement crept onto her face. "Oh - God - no. It's, um, not like that -" he stumbled over his words in embarrassment. "We're not - or anything. I don't have a girlfriend, uh, I mean - she's not my girlfriend - she's my brother's." Oh my God, you are a fucking moron, he told himself. If his face was red before it was a new, impossible shade of red now. Carol was smiling at him. As much as he was feeling mortified he really did like the smile on her face. It lit up her eyes. For the first time he noticed how attractive she was. Yep, it could get worse.

"So you're helping your brother out with a gift, is that it?" She asked. Daryl nodded and relief flooded him, she'd saved his ass from anymore embarrassing rambling. "Did he give you her size? Or any idea of what he would like?"

Daryl started to relax. Hopefully this process would be over in a matter of minutes. "36 DD. Size medium panties. And he wants red lace."

She nodded. "Okay, that's a good place to start." To start? The fuck? "Is he looking for something elegant? Like a classic negligee? Or maybe a little sexier - like a lace teddy? Or we have some really risque fetish type outfits. There's one over there that comes with a crop and cuffs -"

"No," Daryl said quickly. A crop? Seriously? "Just um, one of those teddy things."

"Okay, follow me." She led him to the other side of the shop. "Hmm," she started to sift through the rack. Daryl couldn't help but check her out. The first thing he'd noticed about her were her eyes. They were a shade of blue you didn't often see. Her hair was short and mostly grey, with little wispy curls at the bottom and around her ears. Her face was stunning and he almost didn't look at the rest of her because he was quite mesmerized. But when he did let his eyes wander he found that the rest of her was quite mesmerizing as well. At a quick glance she seemed thin, maybe even willowy, but Daryl realized she was actually quite curvy. She didn't have the flat ass or straight hips that most women her size did. He got a better view of her ass when she leaned to reach for a hanger. "How about this one?"

Daryl made sure he didn't get caught checking her out. She displayed a fairly skimpy red lace teddy that also included garters. "Yep. That's perfect." Daryl said quickly.

"There are a few more if you want - "

Daryl cut her off. "Nope, that'll do."

"Okay, if you're sure?" Daryl nodded. Carol led him to the cash register. They were the only ones in the store at that point - thankfully. "Just so you know - all sales are final." Thank fuck, Daryl thought. No chance Merle could send him back to this torture chamber again. But when he looked at Carol again he felt that relief fade. If he did need to come back for something maybe he would see her again. Oh stop you moron. She could be married with 5 kids. And if she's not she probably has a boyfriend.

She announced the price and Daryl almost choked. Oh well, it was Merle's credit card he handed over and this was the store he was told to shop at. He forged his brother's signature on the little screen. "Here you go Merle," Carol said, handing him the receipt.

"Oh it's Daryl," he replied instinctively. "Merle is my broth -" His voice trailed off as she passed back the credit card. Shit. Fuck. The last thing he needed was a charge for credit card fraud - all for stupid lingerie for stupid Leona wit the big knockers.

"Thanks for shopping at Nuits en Dentelle, Merle," she said, giving him a little smile. He offered her a look of gratitude.

Daryl was just about to take the bag and bolt for the door when she spoke. "Hey, hold on." She pulled a business card out of the holder and scribbled on the back. After quickly looking around she handed it to him. "I don't usually do stuff like this," she started. For once it wasn't his cheeks that were turning pink. "I could totally get fired - but - if you want to go for drinks later call me. I'm off at 8."

Daryl took the card and walked away. He didn't say anything more to her. He couldn't speak. He looked at the card when he got outside. Carol - 515-555-3976. He slipped it into his pocket and wondered if he could possibly find the balls to dial that number later?