NOTE: Thank you everyone who reviewed! Wow, I loved reading all your comments...just to make a few things clear, this will probably be a longer story than my other ones because I have a ton of love triangles going..also, I would love suggestions! Anyways, for all u remy fans (myself included hehe), here's his introduction! Enjoy!

Rogue stood behind a thick bookshelf, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. Trying to calm her heart beat, she picked up a book at random and paged through it disinterestedly. This is really pathetic, Rogue told herself, rolling her eyes as she scooted behind another bookshelf to keep out of the sight of a certain Scott Summers. She didn't even know how she'd developed such an enormous crush on the unofficial leader of the X-men. Scott Summers was responsible, confident, and totally in love with Jean Grey, the Golden Girl of Bayville High. How could she possibly compete with that?

To compound the situation, she had had a total of 3 complete conversations with him. Rogue winced as she remembered how she'd stuttered with embarrassment when Scott had commented that he'd liked the poem she'd had to read aloud in English. Jubilee and Kitty were forever telling her how completely wrong he was for her, but what did they know? But was pathetic.

"And completely unlike me," Rogue muttered, as she shelved the book. "I'm getting out of here, stalking is so uncool," Rogue murmured and turned around to leave.

"Who are you stalking?" a voice sounded behind her.

Rogue whirled to find a tall, ruggedly good-looking guy smirking at her from behind a pair of dark sunglasses.

"None of your darn business," Rogue snapped, looking around nervously to see if anyone had heard. She breathed a sigh of relief when she spotted Scott across the room leafing through periodicals. Thank god.

"Well, I did not mean to intrude, but you looked nervous," the mysterious guy said. Rogue could discern a French accent behind his words. He was irritatingly smooth, and Rogue wasn't in the mood to deal with this weird guy who got his kicks skulking around bookshelves. Although, Rogue admitted to herself, she was skulking as well.

"If I was nervous it's because ah'm not used to bumping into weird French guys," Rogue retorted, her hazel eyes flashing. But the guy was looking down, and had the nerve to gently pick up her hand.

"It's a little hot to wear gloves inside, no? May I ask why you have them on?" the guy asked gently, his expression impossible to decipher.

Rogue's temper flared as it always did when she felt threatened. But she recovered smoothly, enough to snap back, "You're one to talk, it's a little dark in here to be wearing sunglasses, no?" Rogue mimicked. Instead of getting angry, a mischievous smile tugged at the corner of the guy's mouth. In a fluid motion, he reached up and took off his dark glasses, revealing a pair of dark red eyes that flashed with humor, framed with thick black lashes. Rogue couldn't help but gasp, her hand flying to her mouth. For a moment she was speechless.

"I-uh,um," Rogue stammered, taken back by how ..handsome he was. In a really irritating kind of way. The guy smiled down at her, almost devilishly, leaning against the side of the bookshelf. A sound distracted her, and Rogue swallowed hard when she saw Scott making his way to where they were. Oh jeez, Rogue thought nervously, what if he thinks me and Frenchy are..a couple or something.

"Well, if you're done cross-analyzing me, I need to go," Rogue said quickly and coolly, trying to duck past him as Scott neared closer to where they were standing. But the guy didn't even move.

"Why?" the guy asked, looking from Rogue's flushed face sideways to the nearing figure of Scott. "Would that be the guy you're stalking?" he asked, his eyes laughing at her.

"Shut up, will you," Rogue hissed, wondering how the hell he'd figured it out.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," the guy said, holding up his hands in mock defense, still laughing at her.

"Listen, Frenchy-," Rogue interrupted quickly, looking over her shoulder at Scott who was still oblivious to her existence.

"The name is Remy LeBeau," Remy replied softly.

"Yeah, right. Remy, I'm late for class, so could you kindly move?" Rogue seethed, as Remy moved closer to her. She had to get out of there before Scott saw her!

"Only if you tell me something," Remy said. Rogue glared up at him. Why was this guy so difficult?


"Your name."

Rogue rolled her eyes. "It's Rogue okay?" At that very moment, Scott rounded the corner. Rogue let out a little yelp, ducked under Remy's arm and sped out the library doors, breathing a small sigh of relief. It had been close. Rogue reached up to touch her cheeks, finding that they were burning. Weird.