Now, this was a request from animeangelgirl29. And though this is really, really, really short, I hope you guys enjoy it.

And warning: this is sad.

I Wasn't There For You

The evil jester Jestro that Clay knew for years as his best friend, and that he had always been there for him before he turned evil because of The Book of Monsters, now lay motionless before him and the other knights.

A sword, Clay's sword, had been driven into Jestro's torso when Clay was only trying to stroke a monster with his golden sword…but the monster he was trying to strike ran towards Jestro for protect and dodged Clay's attacked…thus, the jester lay helplessly dying before them now.

"Jestro, no!" Clay called after he had just accidentally impaled his best friend, and he supported Jestro's head and upper body onto his knees and in his arms.


Jestro coughed up some blood as he used what strength he had left to turn his head to look up at Clay…and he smiled.

Because as Jestro was dying, so was the evil in him; the evil goop he had taken in from The Book of Evil had faded away, and so the jester's once yellow and red eyes had turned back to their paranoid green.

"Clay…don't be sad…you saved…me…you saved the kingdom too…" Jestro breathed softly as his life was fleeting as he spoke.

"No…no, no…this is all my fault. If had just been there for you…y-you never would have followed that book…and you wouldn't be-."

"Clay…you were there…when I needed the most…and that was when…I needed to escape the evil inside me…so…for that…I forgive you…and I thank you…"

Jestro's eyes rolled back into his head, as his head and the rest of his body went limp and pale. And that made Clay start to sob as he pulled Jestro closer to him, and cry into his friend's cold chest.

"N-no…Jestro…" Clay whimpered, and as the other knights looked on at the blood that was spilled before them, they silently shed tears too, as they bowed their heads in respect and sorrow.

And at that moment, despite Jestro's forgiveness, one thing went through Clay's mind: I wasn't there for you.

This fanfic request was NOT in the same universe where my OC Angel exists in my other NEXO Knights fanfiction.

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