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Italics Elvish

Interlude I


An Elf ran through the streets in Ost-in-Edhil heading to stables, a bundle was in his arms, no it was no child that he was carrying. It was given to him by his lord. His lord words echoed in his head.

~" Flashback"

"Cylarion, you are the best rider, go to Mithlond with haste" Celebrimbor handed him a leather bound box wrapped in a dark blue silk cloth. He took it, the power that it was emitting was strong.

"My lord wh- " "Cylarion go now! Sauron must not possess these, if he does the world will fall so will the undying lands." Celebrimbor said cutting him off.

Cylarion spun around and briskly walked out of the Smithing Hall.

"End of Flashback"~

He saw the stables and saw that his horse was already prepared, two more riders also were waiting. When he was within earshot the one on his right spoke.

"Cylarion we will escort you to the borders of Lindon" said one of the Elves, clad in white armour.

He mounted his horse and no more words were spoken, they rode through the night, not stopping the next day either. On the third day, they did take a rest it was later in the afternoon and Cylarion saw a pillar of smoke rise where Ost-in-Edhil was. The whole forest was silent as if even Nature was mourning. After they have rested, they continue onward to Mithlond.

A couple of days have passed by and that was when their luck ran out. They were galloping staying clear from the road that was a mile away on their left. One of the escort was in front of him and the other was behind him, they heard branches snapping and wolves howling,

"Those are not wolves!" says the one in front of him.

As if it was rehearsed, both of his guards moved to get on each side of him. They urged their houses to move faster, hoping that they would not get caught, it was foolish, an Warg rider leapt out of the trees finally have caught up to them, the guard on his left swung his sword and cut of the Orc's head, he then stabs the beast in its open mouth. Two more Wargs riders popped out of the trees and both of the guards cut them down. Cylarion and the guards pushed through, the Orcs on their tail.

"Cylarion we will split up and lead them away from you" says one of the guards.

Without even speaking they all split up, Cylarion was a few miles away from the ambush and can still hear the howls and screams. …

A lone figure was walking along the shore line. He heard crackling of fire, turning around and looking east, there a ship burning! Running back to the city walls shouting for someone to get a boat ready to check for any survivors…

A short while later the doors of the palace open. The guard that walked in was holding a small bag.

"My lord Manwë, there was no survivors. We checked and only found this next to an elf barely alive." He said bowing, he handed the bag to Manwë…..

They all sat around a round table, Manwë was the only one standing. The atmosphere was tense, filled with dread and concern. For the ships sailing west to the undying lands never were ambushed. This was the first time it has happen, there was rumors of Morgoth breaking out of the void. No that can't be it, another concern was the items in the bag. The ring was indeed powerful; this was the main concern. If it fell into the wrong hands, fueled with desires of ill will then the whole world will fall.

"Manwë, the ring will need to leave this world." Says his wife Varda. There was nods of agreements from the others.

"then the question will be Where?" was his reply.

"Eru, forbade us from intervening with the other worlds. We all know that Morgoth imprisonment is weaker around the rest of the universe." Says Mandos.

"there is a world that is shielded from his eyes,"

"no, that world is …" a powerful present in the room interrupted Manwë, the shadows disperse but then grew to wrap the being up. All of the Valar stood up and prepared to strike.

"Peace children of life, so much death will come, it cannot be held back. The pass has already been chosen." And just like that the bag, disappeared, so did the being….

The Halls of Mandos shook, in the room where the Valar stood Mandos fell to the ground. He slowly got up panting, tremors racked all over his body. His voice was low, yet all could hear him.

"Death chosen is born, two paths, one choice one age is closing another is beginning. Worlds intertwine, if one falls the other will too. The Eldar shall rise one last time. Death and Life has spoken."

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