AN: Alright guys. This one has been in my head for a while. I've had this chapter finished for over two years and just couldn't bring myself to publish it. This story will not be a happy one. At least not for a while. This will be dark. There will be mentions of rape and abuse. There will be murder and death. This will be a long story though, and I will try to keep it close to cannon where and when I can. Obviously this is a strong AU.

Primrose Potter and a Series of Unfortunate Events

New Beginnings

March 19th 1980

It started as a happy night, the young witch was tugging on her fathers lag, "Up Da! Up"

It was March 19th the eve of the spring equinox and witches and wizards all over the country were preparing for the festivities through the old-fashioned ways like egg decorating and fertility spells. If it weren't for the war the witch and wizard who lived in the house would be in the local field with the other magical folk of the town introducing their first child to the old ways. As it was the parents of the small fifteen month old babe were practically under house arrest hiding from the man who wished for nothing more than to kill the innocent child that brought so much love and life into their lives.

The small family were still trying to do their best to start the traditions with their first child now that she was old enough to start to understand a bit about what is going on.

"You want up?" The man with messy dark hair and glasses asked, looking down at his toddler who had his hair and her mothers eyes. The child looked up at her father and nodded her head vigorously in the affirmative as her daddy picked her up and spun her around in a circle. The girl giggled and held on tight to her father.

The girls mother was in the kitchen backing the traditional bread. Her farther was attempting to decorate the living room into something that could be considered festive. The next night the few friends and family that they had were to be coming over to celebrate and catch-up with each other. Both of the girls god parents would be there and their spouse. Its wasn't going to be big, but in times of war it wasn't the size but the effort that counted.

A knock on the door sounded but before anyone could open the door with a blast it shook open. The demon walked into the room, with red eyes white skin and a bald head. The demon, for that was clearly no man, walked into the house as if he owned it. The child scram and started to cry at the site of him. The two men sized the other up. The one clutching a child as if his life depended on her existence, the other looking with indifference.

The girls mother ran into the room at the disturbance at seeing the creature in her house she tried to disapperate with no success. she could see the look in her husbands eyes saying that he had tried the same with no avail. "Lily take her." the father said handing his daughter, his life line, to his wife. "Take her and run. I'll be right behind you." He promised hoping that he would be able to fallow though.

"Yessss" the demon hissed. " Yesss. Run, run as fast as you can." the demon shot a blast of purple light at the woman barley missing her as she ran up the stairs with her child held close to her breast.

With the sounds of battle happening behind her, the redheaded woman raced down the hall into the last room at the end of the hall. The nursery was a happy shade of pink that seemed to be mocking the current situation. The woman waved her wand at the child hoping to calm her down. She fumbled for the brass coin on the shelf, "Activate." she commanded the portkey, but the monster must have disabled that form of escape as well for the coin was no more than brass. With no other options left she moved the crib away from the wall and opened the cubbyhole behind it.

"Look at me Rosie, Mommy loves you. Mommy will always love you baby." The woman reached out with her hand and petted down the soft black locks of her child's unruly hair.

There were several loud bangs coming from the front of the house before there was a loud thud that echoed throughout the building and then nothing but silence. The woman, Lilly, knew that she was out of time hitting her wand as gently as she could on her daughters head she made her almost invisible in the dark room. Shutting the cubbyhole and pushing the crib back into its original spot the woman then turned around as the demon entered the room.

"Where is she Mudblood?" the demon asked in his hissing voice.

The wife and mother stood her ground and raised her head. "Where is who?"

'Crucio' the demon hissed and he pointed his wand at the woman. She fell to the ground screaming in pain. After a few moments he let the curse end. "Tell me where that half breed of yours is and I will let you live." the demon snarled at the shaking woman who lay at his feet.

"Go to hell." she spat at the male figure in her child's bedroom. The man pointed his wand at her again and more pain started to rocket through her body. Again the woman scram out in pain.

"Lord Voldemort is not a patient man, Mrs. Potter. I suggest that you don't make things worse for yourself. I will not ask again, where is that half breed of yours?"

The mother was torn, give up her first born, her daughter, or she could walk away and live. She placed a had on her lower abdomen, she had just started showing for those that knew her enough to notice the difference. They were having a son this time, a boy. His name was going to be Harold, after James' grandfather. The chance to walk out of here alive with the ability to have her son, to have her son and live. She hated herself for hesitating, she hatted herself for having to chose. She hated the man (if he could be classified as such) for making her have to chose.

"How am I superposed to know for sure that you will let me live?" green eyes met red as she asked the question that she wished that she would never have to ask.

"Show her to me and walk out of this room right now. Lord Voldemort keeps his word. One of my most trusted soldiers asked me to spare you. And Lord Voldemort keeps his words to his loyal servants. Show me and this will be nothing more than a bad dream. Step aside and this will all be over."

The mother hung her head in shame, tears were silently trickling out of her eyes. She pushed the crib out of the way and pointed at the cubbyhole. "She is in there, disillusioned." She got to he feet and walked out of the room, down the hall and down the steeps to the lower level. She couldn't bring herself to bear witness to he own daughter's murder. She had failed as a mother, and would never be able to forgive herself for what she had just done.

Her husband was lying on the ground, glasses crocked and a small dribble of blood escaping his partly opened mouth. His hazel eyes open blank looking up towards the stairs. He should have taken their child to safety, he wasn't weak like her, he would have died for her. He did die for her, for both of them. But that didn't matter any more. Looking down at the shell of the man who she once loved she looked away in shame from him and walked out of her house. She couldn't disapparate away, not pregnant. She had no choice but to walk, at least until she could find a house that she could use the flue in.

Outside of the house was Severus Snape patently awaiting Lily to emerge. He wrapped his arm around her as she cried silent tears. Together they set off with her, into a future that neither of them could know.

Back in the house though Voldemort had just finished grabbing the toddler from the cupboard. He taped his wand at the top of her head and let the disillusionment end. The child had fallen asleep hiding with the influence of the calming charm. He looked at her this tiny thing in his arms and awkwardly carried her over to the rocking chair and sat her on his lap.

"You and I have our destinies rapped together. It seams so strange for me, Lord Voldemort, to ever be connected to something so mundane as a baby girl. But you wont always be a babe will you? No it will be your job to grow into a powerful witch, and in exchange you will be my greatest asset. I must do something here to night, something that will hurt me much more than it will ever hurt you. But you will see, one day you and I will rule the world together and all of this will be nothing but necessary for you to become mine."

'The one with the power to aid the Dark Lord approaches

Born as the year dies to those who would always defy him.

The Dark Lord will have to mark her as his equal

For his Dark Lady has to be equal to her Dark Lord.

Pain and anguish will bind them to their fates

Though the curse that will kill anyone else.

The Dark Lord will rise again through the aid of his Lady

And together they will destroy the Evil Lord.'

"You see child, It is that Prophecy that has led us to this moment. I have lead this 'evil' lord down the wrong path. He will try to keep us apart in the future, but we are destined to be together, I the Dark Lord and you will be my Dark Lady. I have a plan though don't you worry about that."

Lord Voldemort the rose to his feet and laid the child into her crib. He knew that he had to do this. And he knew that it would hurt. But he would be back some day and when he was he would properly claim what was his. But first he aimed his wand at the peaceful sleeping babe.

"In death become life for us both little one, and this, the eve to life. Avada Kadavra"

The green light flashed and the pain ripped through the Dark Lord. It disintegrated what was his body and left him a living spirit. The force of the spell ripped the house apart the spell woke the child form her peaceful slumber and she began to wail in pain and fright to what was happening around her. She cried until she didn't have the strength to cry any more and then passed out to the world just as the sun came over the hill.

March 22ed 1980

The Television was blaring on about the morning news as Vernon Dursley listened in while drinking his morning tea. He would have been reading the paper as a respectable man would in the morning over breakfast, but the paper was never delivered trough the slot on the door, nor was it any where on the walk way that he could see from the front door, and that made Vernon seething mad.

'The laziness of people these days! It was their duty to provide people with their papers, by not doing so they are failing to do the smallest thing that their drug addled mind was capable of, and that is to walk door to door giving people something that they have paid for.' Vernon entertained himself with coming up with the best way to state his complaint to the newspaper company when he would call latter that day.

His wife Petunia was in the kitchen fixing breakfast for the two of them. She was currently six months pregnant with their first child. Vernon wanted to name him Dudley and Petunia thought that there is no better name out there for a boy after her husband suggested it. Ever since she had gotten pregnant she had almost the same appetite as her husband and the plate of eggs, bacon, and toast was almost enough to feed a family of six. She set the food neatly on the table and walked down the hall to the front door.

Vernon had used the last of the milk for his morning tea and with no concern for his pregnant wife didn't go outside to grab this mornings delivery. Petunia opened the front door for a surprise. Laying on the front step, between the mornings paper and the milk, was a bundle of pink stared blankets with a tiny face poking out of it. Sitting on top of the bundle was a letter. For getting the milk the woman who was soon to be a mother picked up the bundle that held the baby. Not knowing what to do she called her husband as she walked into the living room.

"What is it Petunia?" Vernon asked. Annoyed at what ever it was that was that was further disrupting his morning routine.

"It's- It's a baby!" Petunia stated lifting the bundle for her husband to more properly see. Petunia unwrapped the bundle some more lifting the child out of the blankets some more.

"Don't touch it Petunia!" Vernon hissed. "You don't know where that thing could have come from! Probably some drugged up woman who couldn't care for her child any more and is trying to push her burden onto us."

Petunia looked hesitantly at her husband. The child seemed healthy except for the nasty gash that was on her forehead. Petunia walked over to the couch that was unoccupied by her chunky husband and laid the child down on one end and sat herself on the other.

Not knowing what else to do and her husband giving her no other instruction she decided to open the letter that was still attached to the bundle. The letter was penned out in green ink and was on parchment. Knowing immediately what that meant she hurried to open the letter.

Dear Mrs. Petunia Dersley,

I regret to inform you that your sister and her husband have been killed at the hands of a mad man late on the night of March 19th. As of this moment you are the only two living relatives of their only living child, Primrose Lilly Potter. Dew to the sensitive nature of your sisters untimely death it is in the best interests of Rose if she is to be placed in your care. It was your sisters sacrifice that allowed young Rose here to live and it is the blood that flows in your veins that will keep this child safe.

I know that you haven't gotten along with your sister over the last several years, and asking you to take in her child is allot to ask, but you are this child's only hope. Know that this child is set to to grate things and your taking her in will be what will probably save the world some day. Please find it in your heart to take care of this child. Provide her a room to sleep in and food to eat. Allow her to live.

If you do these things I will guarantee your protection from anything that might try and get their hands on your niece. As well a monthly upkeep will be sent to you to help ease the burden of raising this child.

Hoping that you are well,

Albus Dumbledore.

Petunia read the letter twice. Her sister dead? That horrid husband of hers dead wasn't much of a loss, but part of Petunia was hoping to be able to one day make amends with her sister. Now that she is dead that doesn't seem to be like much of a possibility any more. Looking across the couch to the child that was laying there she found that she had the blurry eyes the preceded tears. Her niece. She passed the letter to her husband who was asking what was going on and she unwrapped the now awake baby. This child Primrose was the last piece of her sister that still existed and that meant that she was something to be treasured.

Her husband didn't share her thoughts apparently, "That freak sister of yours reproduced?" Vernon Dersley sneered. "And now this Bumblefore fellow, who is also probably just as abnormal expects us to just care for this thing? Like we don't have our own things to worry about. How do these people expect us to do something like this?"

Vernon's shouting had startled the babe, who up to this point was content to look around the new surroundings that she found herself in, and with a wail she announced her displeasure. Vernon however took this as evidence that the child was unstable. "See Petunia look! The little freak is crying for no reason! We should just get rid of her now and pretend that we never got her, or this letter."

"Babies cry Vernon, in a few short months we will have our own baby that will cry for all sorts of reasons. Are we to get rid of our son because he will cry for things for probably the first year, or longer of his life?"

Vernon was stunned. This was the first time in his life that anyone who he has thought worthwhile has ever disagreed on something with him. Everyone who he has ever had more than one conversation with all held the same morels and principals as he did. Everyone else was some left-wing hippy trying to convince us normal people that doing drugs and social programs are the best thing to move this country forward. Both Vernon and Petunia both agreed that Petunia's freaky sister and her husband were good for nothing. The two of them had always agreed on everything. Now Vernon didn't know what to think about his wife anymore.

"Fine then, just make her shut up then."

Petunia nodded her head toward the kitchen. "Breakfast is on the table." she told her husband in a dismissive tone.

Vernon had slowly began the task of chewing his food and he piled it into his mouth. The Saturday morning was normally a peaceful one. This weekend the original plan was to start gathering the furniture that they would need for their sons room. They have already painted the bloody thing, that was the first thing that Petunia had insisted that they complete when they found out that she was pregnant. Now that the baby was coming in only a few short weeks away Petunia was now insisting that the rest of the room be ready in the off chance that the baby was to come early. Of course it was a preposterous idea! No Dursley has ever arrived early. We show up on time. But if it would satisfy his wife Vernon would go to the store and get a crib and whatever else a baby would need the whole three ruddy months early.

But now with this niece of theirs in the house he supposed that Petunia would want to get some things for her too. This is where Vernon wanted to put his foot down. Where would they house this girl? They had a four bed room house to be sure, a room for the two of them, a room for guests, and a room for Dudley. However the young couple had plans for a second child of their own someday. No this child was ruining all of their plans that they have made so far.

They bought this house in mind that it would fit all of their needs for the rest of their lives. Now this unwanted child that was being pushed on them they had to change those plans. But surly Petunia still wanted the same things that he did right? Vernon knew his wife. He knew that he could convince her that keeping this child wasn't for the best and it would be better for everyone involved if they just shipped her off to the nearest (or better yet the furthest) orphanage.

He would go out today, just as planed and get the things that are needed for his sons room. He would look into getting a second hand crib or something for the girl and they would place it in the empty room for now. He would call his sister Marge tonight and invite her to stay. To help show and convince his wife that she was wrong to keep the inconvenient tot.

While Vernon's mind was all plotting how to get rid of the girl. His wife in the next room was feverish trying to think of how best to keep her. She knew that her husband had only temporarily conceded defeat into letting the girl stay. Petunia was happy to see that she was able to calm the girl down. Now that she was sated she held the girl up to get a good look at her.

The babe in her arms had dark curly hair that seemed as unruly as her Father's was. Her eyes were the same green orbs that her and her sister shared. Besides that the rest of her face seems to be a perfect mixture of both of her parents. Rose seemed to be a bit over a year old. God when was it that Lily sent out the card telling her about the birth of her daughter? For the life of Petunia she couldn't remember but that didn't matter too much. Petunia kept all of the cards and letters that her sister had sent her over the years in the back of her closet in a hatbox. She would just check latter to find out exactly how old this child was.

Then a wave of fear came crashing down over her. Oh god what if this child was like her sister and her husband? What if she could do all of the same things that they could? How were they supposed to raise a child that was such a freak? How could she convince Vernon, the most normal man who she has ever met to raise her? The very reason that she had married her husband was for the simple fact that he was to the very definition of normal. Now Petunia was welcoming in a child that stood for everything that she had been running form her entire life.

How she wished that her parents were still alive so they could take care of rose in her stead. But they had died last year in a tragic car accident. What of the girls paternal grandparents? Surely they would rather have her in steed. Petunia couldn't believe for the life of her that her sister would even want her to be responsible for her child. 'What was she thinking giving her to me?' Petunia knew that she loved her sister but at the same time Petunia had done everything in her power to push her sister as far away as humanly possible.

But then she thought back to the letter, "The only family that she has left." that is what it said. Wasn't it considered the 'normal' thing to do when your sister dies is to take in her children? Isn't that what is expected of her? Well that settled it then. She would try to keep her.

Vernon, now finished with his breakfast got up from the kitchen table and started walking down the hall pausing for a moment at the cupboard under the stairs. It was at that moment slightly open just enough to bring the cupboard to the for front of his mind. Not rely paying attention to what it was that he was doing he opened it. On the floor was enough space to put in a camp bed, if one chose to do such a thing. The hooks on the door were adequate to store the mop and broom that were really the only things that occupied this space so far. They still had one box in here left over from moving in here that still needed to be unpacked, filled with Petunia's old cloths that she had from when she was young. Holding on to them in the hopes of some day passing them on to a daughter of their own.

This seemed like a sign to Vernon. 'Why not keep the little runt in here if they had to keep her?' he thought. 'After all she didn't need to take up much space, and Petunia has been lax on the house work since she has become pregnant. Who knows? The little brat might be of some use in that regard some day.'

Yes the more that Vernon thought about it the more that he liked the idea. 'No one has to know that she is even here! We have just practically gained our selves some permeate free labor. And Petunia couldn't even argue because I will explain to her that the little runt should pay her own keep some how. If we were supposed to be taking care of her until she is an adult that is several years of work ahead of us, and several thousand pounds in in supplies, why it would be arrogant of us not to teach the girl the importance of hard work.' a dark grin grew on Vernon's face as he walked into the room that his wife was now with the child that would be Vernon's new toy.

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