The Chronometal Wars
-A Trip to Townsville-

What could only be called 'The Crash' is over. It's been over for several hours now. The surviving people scramble to find any of their loved ones as the city still lay in smoldering ruin, almost nothing left usable.

"Man... this sucks..." Buttercup exclaims, sitting on the ledge of a broken building aside Bubbles. "Yeah... this place is ruined." She sadly says, Buttercup knowing it's not the city that has Bubbles down; it's the people within it.

"I think we can get this place fixed." – "But that would take years..." – "Well, there's a union of workers who are specialized in demolished cities." Buttercup says with a grin on her face. "W-Wait, you mean... you're actually going to go back to Townsville?" – "Not just me, want to come along?" – "Y-Yes! Yes I do! It's been a while; I can't wait to see our old friends!"

Buttercup stands up, the mid-day sun just starting to go down. Bubbles also stands up, but asks a question: "What about Blossom?" – "I think she's fine here with Dexter... dang lovebirds." Buttercup spits, still kind of uncomfortable. "You still don't like Dexter that much, do you?" Bubbles prods. Buttercup thinks to herself a bit before actually smiling.

"Actually? I think he's alright. He's shown to be a very tough fighter. Hell, if it wasn't for him- I don't think we could have stopped... whatever the hell that was a while ago." Bubbles smiles and laughs. "I'm glad to hear you've finally warmed up to him! It will make it that much easier when he's our brother in law!" Buttercup recoils and blushes-

"Woah, hey! I said he's ALRIGHT not 'I'm comfortable with him marrying Blossom'!" Bubbles laughs and flies away, leaving a flustered Buttercup behind. Buttercup growls. "Stupid Bubbles... sheesh..."

They both fly off and meet up at the ruined yard of the Powerpuff residence, already seemingly under reconstruction. "Whoa, what's all this?" Buttercup asks Blossom as she lands. Blossom scratches the back of her head as she looks over to all of the people repairing the house and yard.

"Well... I told them it was fine and all, but they insisted on fixing our house- because... you know... saving their lives and city and all..." Bubbles and Buttercup look over to the people, Bubbles slightly amazed.

"Wow... after all that happened, they are still working to rebuild? After all the people who got... y-you know... and they are still trying to move on? They are so brave..." – "Yeah, these people remind me of Townsville, believe it or not." Blossom responds.

"About that..." Buttercup interjects. "Bubbles and I were actually going to head down to Townsville to get people to help rebuild Megaville. I figure they owe us a favor or twenty. Uh... you want to come along?" – "Thanks, but Dexter and I are going to stay here and plan everything out... and he's been acting really strange all of a sudden." Blossom says with a puzzled expression.

"I don't blame him... I'm still very uncomfortable with how this all turned out." Bubbles responds. "I think we all are." Buttercup says with a pained expression, before shaking it off. "Well, time's a wasting. C'mon, let's get going!" She says to Bubbles as she fires off. "How long are you guys going to be gone?" – "Shouldn't be any longer than a few days. A hero's work is never done!" – "Haha, true... good bye Bubbles!" – "Bye Blossom!" Bubbles yells as they wave to each other, Bubbles flying away.

They meet up in the air, flying past clouds and looking at the ground below. "Wow..." Bubbles exclaims, pointing down. Buttercup also looks down and wears the same expression.

"Whoa..." A giant pile of deactivated flying robots all piled up outside, only a few miles from the neighboring city. "We really cut it close, didn't we?" – "You got that right. If that fight kept going, these robots could have made it into that city." Buttercup and Bubbles cringe at the possibility of what could have happened if they got in without the people being prepared. "Come on, let's keep going." – "Wait, look at that!" She yells, pointing to a burning building.

Bubbles flies down without Buttercup's consent! "Bub-... bah, damn it!" She stammers before following her into the city.

(Bubbles and Buttercup spend the rest of the day in the city, realizing that even though the robots never quite made it in, the people were still very affected- especially by their long range attacks. The people are very thankful for the work they put into the city to help them. By the next sunrise they take to the sky once more.)

"Well that was one hell of a detour." – "Well, they needed our help." – "Help? It was more of a hero's ceremony. They spent half the day praising us- and while I'm not against getting my dues, we have a bigger problem to solve." – "I know, I know..." – "Look, I'm not mad, Bubbles. But if we stop for every little thing, it could take us weeks before we got the committee to Megaville!"

Still flying in the air, Buttercup calms down a great deal and reflects on what just happened. "It felt nice to be treated like a hero again, it's been a while." – "Too long. There are so many other heroes in Megaville that it doesn't really feel like we are being appreciated, you know?" Bubbles responds with. It was a rather somber question.

"Remember how happy the people of Townsville were when we saved them day after day?" – "Yeah, haha... remember that time they took us for granted and we stopped being a hero for a day?" – "HA! Yeah, I do! I'm sure they appreciated us every bit more after that." They both give a contented sigh, reminiscing about old times as they continue zipping past the clouds.

"Hard to believe that was over eight years ago..."

(Several hours pass and the sun has reached its peak height.)

"I'm thirsty..." Bubbles exclaims. "Yeah, I could go for a drink. Come on, let's stop by this shanty town real quick."

They both land in a pretty rural town in the middle of the scrub-land. The people stare at them, people who just fell out of the sky and walked into the local store. They pick out some drinks from the fridge as someone walks up to them.

"Are... are you two the Powerpuff Girls?" A little boy asks Buttercup. "Yeah, we are. Why?" – "I heard about you guys on the TV! You guys saved that city! You're heroes!" Buttercup blushes a small bit. "Yeah- yeah I guess we are. Always nice to uh, meet a fan!" The kid runs away smiling to his dad saying all the way- "I met heroes! I met heroes!" Bubbles and Buttercup take their drinks to the counter and rummage in their pockets for money.

"No charge, girls. All on the house thanks for what you did down there." – "Oh, thanks!" – "Thank you!" They both exclaim as they walk out of the store with smiles on their faces. On the outside, the fresh air hits their face and Buttercup takes a deep breath. "Oh yeah, I could get used to this again..." They fly back into the sky, looking down at the people waving and cheering for them once again. They continue flying for Townsville.

(Several more hours pass, the sun has started to set.)

Buttercup yawns and shakes her head as they continue to fly through the clouds. "Are you tired?" – "Nah, nah... I'm fine for a few more hours..." – "You look very tired..." – "I'm... f-fine, okay?" She says, shaking her head. "Okay... maybe I'm a little tired..." She chuckles. "I see a hotel down there on the outskirts of this town. Come on, let's sleep the day off." Bubbles insists as she drags Buttercup down who is no longer objecting- and is instead yawning all the way to the ground.

Bubbles takes their packed money out and uses it to pay for a one night stay in a moderately cushy room, still holding Buttercup by the wrist. She seems to be completely clocked out.

They enter the room and Bubbles sits Buttercup down on the first bed.

"Are... you okay?" – "Y-Yeah, just a bit tired. I... didn't get any sleep last night." – "What? I slept like a rock! You mean to tell me that you flew two entire days without any sleep?!" – "Look, I had a lot on my mind... I don't think I'll get any sleep tonight either..."

Bubbles looks worried as she sits by Buttercup, who is looking down at the floor, deep in thought. She looks so tired, but her mind won't let her sleep.

"What are you thinking about?" Bubbles asks. Buttercup just shakes her head. "It's nothing, okay? I'll try to get some sleep. Please don't worry about me." – "Oh... o-okay..." She says, still worried as she gets up and walks to her own bed.

"Good night, Buttercup." – "Good night..." Bubbles turns all the lights out and covers up, which makes Buttercup remember something.

"Remember when you couldn't sleep without a nightlight...?" – "Yeah... remember when you constantly punched in your sleep?" – "Ha, I think I still do it... I keep waking up and finding strange holes in the wall."

They laugh the nostalgia filled night away as Buttercup finally feels comfortable to let her eyes shut without her thoughts poisoning her mind, but they creep into her dreams...

'I'm worried about Blossom...'
'Dexter is acting very strange... I think it's getting to her.'
'I don't think he said a single word to any of us since what happened...'
'He's always looking in random directions, deep in his own stupid thoughts...'
'Give me a break, Dexter. We were all there; we all experienced what happened... didn't we?'
'I think so. So suck it up already, pansy. Be strong, be a man...'
'Don't let my sister down or so help me God...'

(A full Buttercup-esque 11 hour night of hard sleep later...)

She yawns and stretches, getting that 48 hour adventure out of her bones and rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She hasn't slept that good in years. She smacks her lips and looks around the room, noticing Bubbles isn't here. It's raining a bit outside, the sound of it almost lulls her back to sleep, but she's up for good it seems.

"Huh... wonder here she went." She says to herself. She sits on the bed, her feet touching the floor and looks over to the bathroom. "Man, I slept in my clothes... I need a shower." She walks up and enters the bathroom and starts the shower. She starts removing her clothing as she notices something on the sink counter.

"A note?" She says to herself. She picks it up and reads the top.

-To Buttercup.
The Kidnapper-

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" She yells, putting her clothes back on and reading it further.

"If you want Bubbles to live: come to Townsville: TODAY. The ruins of Mojo's Lab. Tell no-one of what you read here or why you are coming to Townsville. Come alone. Come ready. Destroy the note: I will know if you left a paper trail or not- and that won't be good for Bubbles."

"Who the... what the... fuck..." She stammers, absolutely stunned. She crumples up the note and burns it with her laser vision, making sure not to leave a paper trail.

She looks over to the clock on the wall. It's just about 7:00 AM. The sun is coming up, but the rain makes it seem dark outside. She runs out of the building without saying anything, zipping and dodging all of the people in the halls!

She fires off into the sky as fast as she possibly can! The rain hits her face, but she is not blinded by it. She bursts through the morning sky without a second thought in her mind other than:

"Please be okay..."

She goes so fast, she nearly blinds herself to the world around her, before she realizes she's lost. She lands and talks to random people asking for directions to Townsville.

She does this several times across the span of several hours, as she can't seem to stay on course; she isn't paying attention to the world, only the goal. As if the entire world is a blank canvas, the only thing with color is Townsville...

She flies and flies, but she hears something off in the distance... something like a woman screaming and a monster howling! She instinctually starts to go for the noise, but she looks at the sun. Is it really starting to set again?! She hesitates, huffing through clenched teeth as the screaming continues.

"Fuck... I'm so sorry!" She says under her breath as she ignores the screaming and continues to Townsville. She feels a deep pain in her chest... she probably just let someone die... She begins to cry as she flies faster and faster, the pain- excruciating.

As she flies on, she hears gunshots... howling... screaming... yelling... she ignores it all. Every little thing. People who need a hero won't find one in her, not right now.

"Who could have done this?!" She thinks to herself. "Mojo's Lab? What is Mojo? Could a giant monkey sneak into a hotel and snatch away a superhero? I don't think so... what about Him? He's the root of all evil. He could easily have done this- but then why leave a note? Why not something more personal? Was it the Gangrene Gang? No... Same problem as Mojo... Who? WHO?!"

The sun sets, but the rain picks up... almost blinding Buttercup... but she gets some solace...

The horizon... it's the Observatory! It's Mojo's lab! Townsville!

She lands on the outskirts, remembering that she isn't supposed to be followed or not to tell anyone why she's here. She has to sneak into Townsville... if anyone sees her they would likely call attention to her. After all: She's a Powerpuff Girl.

She can't go in from the air. Too many searchlights tonight. Townsville is smart, evil could come from anywhere- it's always prepared.

She nears the city limit and notices a homeless person on the street. He looks up to her and she gets an idea. She takes all of the money out of her pocket, an amount roughly equal to $300 and gives it to him. He seems ecstatic, but she wants something in return.

"I want your coat." He happily nods and gives it to her before skipping off. She has no time to feel good about herself. She has to save Bubbles. She puts on the coat and every part of her that screamed hero is gone in an instant.

She runs down the wet, puddle strewn streets of Townsville, dodging people and making sure not to make eye contact. She looks at a clock... 11:40. Twenty minutes until tomorrow...!

She runs down as fast as she can while still blending in, running a red light and having someone spit obscenities at her. She nears the center with mere minutes left on the clock. She runs up the tower as fast as she can, before she notices a searchlight is about to see her.

She takes off the trench coat and flies the rest of the way up the staircase and enters the building. Every light is on to her surprise. It seemed completely dark from the outside.

She walks in before she begins to run through the doorways into the central lab. When she bursts through the door, she meets a sight that both relieves and terrifies her.

Bubbles... But attached to a strange machine!

A strange being walks into view of both of them, Bubbles seemingly hysterical, needles so close to her skin she can feel it. He looks human, but his entire face is covered in a cloth. His skin is slightly metallic and has a faint orange pigmentation.

"WELCOME, BUTTERCUP. TAKE A SEAT IN THAT CHAIR OVER THERE AND I WILL MAKE YOUR DEATHS PAINLESS." – "As if! Give me back Bubbles and I promise I won't give you more than a couple dozen broken bones!" – "YOU ARE IN NO POSITION TO BARGAIN, WEAKLING." – "Weak?! What did you say?!" – "YOUR SISTER, BLOSSOM IS NOW THE STRONGEST, BY FAR. YOU ARE WEAK." – "What are you talking about?!"

The being flips a switch as giant monitors activate all around the room. Images of Blossom and a giant white explosion cascading across the outskirts of Megaville- which seems to be repairing itself surprisingly fast.

Once the explosion dies down, both Bubbles and Buttercup can see a being walk out of the crater. It's Blossom! But... she looks weird... she has white hair and white armor... kind of like what Dexter was wearing a while ago...


"She's... the strongest...?" – "YES." He says as he nearly teleports to Buttercup and grabs her by the throat. "AND YOU ARE WEAK, HELPLESS. I WILL MAKE YOU WATCH AS I INJECT BUBBLES WITH- THIS!" He holds up a phial of strange liquid, it says- Antidote X. "SHE WILL BE HUMAN... THEN SHE WILL DIE- AND YOU WILL WATCH!"

"N-NO!" Buttercup yells and squirms, but he is overpowering her. He turns her around and forces her to look at Bubbles as a needle goes into her skin! She is bound and muffled so she can't scream! "NO! DAMN IT!" Buttercup yells as she fires her eye vision at the injection device, breaking the first phial!

The man growls and throws her to the side, causing her to crash through multiple objects and break others. He forgot she could do that... Before he gets another chance to speak, she fires out of the wreckage and hits him in the head as hard as she can, but all it does is knock the cloth off and hurt her leg severely!

She falls to the ground and grabs her leg before he once again picks her up, this time with both hands. She squirms to get free as she looks at his face.

"Wait a minute... are you...?!" – "THE DREAD DRAGON! BUT I AM MORE NOW... WITH THE POWER OF THIS NEW LIFE THE KNIGHTS GAVE ME, I AM IMMORTAL!" He roars as he squeezes her with all his might, causing bones to snap and her to let out a blood curdling scream! Bubbles tries with all of her might to fight out of the chair, but it's made out of Nano-Steel! She can't break free! She can only look in horror as her sister is crushed to death!

"FINALLY, I CAN FINISH WHAT I STARTED ALL THOSE YEARS AGO! DIE, PATHETIC WORM! MODEL D-2 REIGNS SUPREME!" He roars as he squeezes her harder and harder, his iron face contorting into a toothy smile.

"That's MY pathetic worm!" A deep angry voice booms across the lab, before a red energy smacks Model D-2 into the wall and through it. Buttercup falls to her knees, barely conscious and coughing up blood. She looks up, but her vision is so blurry she can't make anything out, only a faint red coloration. She passes out on the ground.

Bubbles' eyes go wide at her savior, but she can't say anything completely bound and gagged like this.

"YOU...! WHY ARE YOU HELPING THEM?!" – "Come now, you said it yourself: They are helpless. What's the fun in killing a defenseless target? Pick on someone your own size!" The red man playfully exclaims as he enters a battle stance!

Chronometal D-2: The Dread Dragon charges the man down and they engage in a battle of brute strength! They both try to overpower one another, neither giving an inch! The Dragon's large maw attempts to bite down on the Man's shoulder, but the man's own shoulder morphs into a kind of carnivorous maw itself!

Claw and claw, fang and fang, power and power! They constantly match each others strength to the man's surprise.

"EVEN HIM SHUDDERS AT THE POWER OF THE CHRONOMETALS!" – "So... this is a... Chronometal... F-Fascinating...! So powerful...!" Him lets out, barely able to keep the Dragon at Bay.

A small amount of red energy escapes him and enters Buttercup. She coughs up blood and regains consciousness shortly after, barely able to stand up. She gasps and wheezes as she finally gets a good look at the person who's helping!

"H-Him...?!" – "Don't just stand there stupid girl, help your sister!" – "NOT TODAY!" The Dread Dragon roars as he overpowers Him and throws him to the side before he engages Buttercup who is in no position to do anything!

Before he bites down, a deep red mist enters Buttercup and she feels as good as new somehow! Without questioning it, she uses her hands to hold the top and bottom jaws in place! "This... power...!" She says to herself. "GRAHHH!" She roars as she twists the Dragon's Head and forces him to collapse on the ground. She runs as fast as she can to Bubbles who seems to be tied up rather nicely.

Bubbles tries to mutter something about it being 'unbreakable' as Buttercup completely decimates the machine and carries her out without so much as any effort. As Bubbles goes free, red mist fades from Buttercup and Him is on the ground, panting.

"Are you okay?" – "NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN, GIRL!" He yells as he points to the Dread Dragon, charging them all down! Him can't move and Bubbles thinks that retreat is the best option from this attack!

"Hold him off!" – "What?!" – "Him can't run! We need to help Him! HOLD HIM OFF!" – "O-Okay...!" Bubbles reluctantly agrees. They both muster every bit of strength they can find to hold of the rampaging Chronometal! He is so much stronger than them, but Buttercup is fighting with everything she has, as if she were fighting to save Him as if he were family...! This caring protective demeanor she is wearing inspires Bubbles to do the same! They both somehow manage to force him back a few feet!

Him takes a breath and rises to his feet again, his power somewhat restored. "Him, good to see you back to nor-" Buttercup tries to say as the Dread Dragon's Maw crunches down on her! Only her bottom half is dangling out as it overpowers Bubbles and throws her through a wall, causing much of the lab to come down around them!

"N-No!" Him stutters, finding himself protective of Buttercup! He rushes for the Model D-2 and bashes her out of his mouth and then musters whatever strength he has left to blast him away, even for a moment!

"Buttercup! ANSWER ME STUPID GIRL!" He says as she shakes her limp body. Her body is mangled and punctured... she's... dead...

"No... Not today my Buttercup, you saved my life... now I shall return the favor!" He says as he forms into a shape of pure energy and enters her body. Her stopped heart lay still...

Her brain is not giving off any signals...

Her lungs refuse to fill with breath...

But then... all of a sudden... her bones snap into place and she gives off the biggest gasp of her life! Her clothes turn from green to brown and she is hyperventilating, unsure of how to react as she views the exploding ceiling from the floor. She hears Bubbles scream and she immediately rushes to her feet!

He is about to bite down on her which makes Buttercup's eyes go wide! She jumps at him and retracts her fist as far as she can!


YOOOOOOUUUU!" She yells as loud as she can as she puts all of her power and then some into a single attack, completely blowing the Dragon's head clean off and causing an explosion to blow them all away!

The battle finally goes into a calm...

Buttercup, although recently killed and completely blown away by the attack, finds herself perfectly able to get up after this attack. She looks around and sees Bubbles on the ground. Before she goes to her, she nears the Chronometal on the ground. She musters her strength and smashes it to pieces. Then she runs over to her and makes sure she is okay. She turns her over and looks into her eyes.

"Are you okay, Bubbles?" – "Yeah... I'm... f-fine..." She says, weakly as Buttercup's clothes fade from brown back to green. Buttercup helps Bubbles to her feet and they turn around to leave this forsaken place.

Him is standing by the door. They near him and Bubbles is the first to talk.

"Th-Thank you..." She says simply before leaving the room. Buttercup stays however- looking into Him's eyes. "What is it, girl?" – "Thank you so much, Him." She says with a big smile on her face, making him almost feel uncomfortable.

"D-Don't mention it... but uh, thanks for what?" – "For what? You saved my life! You gave me the power to save my sister! But... if you don't mind me asking... why? Why did you save us? I mean- I thank you from the bottom of my heart... but... why?"

Him looks away, almost blushing. "W-Well... because you are all MINE to kill, not his. And besides, Blossom isn't here. It wouldn't be fair otherwise." Buttercup's head cocks to one side and she wears a half forced smile.

"Is that REALLY why? It can't be... you risked your own skin to save me." – "And you risked your life to save mine..." – "Yeah... I guess I did, didn't I?"

"Buttercup, you coming?" Bubbles yells from outside. Buttercup frowns and turns to the door.

"I guess this is goodbye again..." She walks away in a somber mood. "Wait, why do you seem so sad about this? I'm evil! Don't be sad that you're leaving me, stupid girl!" – "Oh, it's not that... it's just..." She looks at the floor. A broken phial in her vision. It reminds her of how powerless she just felt.

"When you gave me that power... I felt so in control... before then I was feeling so helpless. He was going to kill Bubbles in front of me... he was going to kill me in front of Bubbles... neither of us could do anything... and to top it all off, apparently Blossom is gaining a new kind of strength back home. I feel like I can't do anything to protect us anymore..."

"Oh... I see..." – "But when you gave me that power...!" Buttercup says, looking into Him's eyes with tears growing in her own. "I felt like I could conquer the fucking world! I saved my sister and for the first time in such a long time I felt like I could actually protect the ones I loved, with my own two hands! Him..." She says, still deeply looking into his eyes- but this time he doesn't relent.

"What would it take for me to have more of this power? Your power? The power to protect my sisters?"

Author's Notes: And THIS is the end of the First War. This part bridges the gap between the First and Second Wars, explains Buttercup's situation, and also explains what Buttercup and Bubbles were doing by the time the Second War was going on. This trip of theirs took about 2 days, and you will see Bubbles and Buttercup's return in the Second War in about that time as well. Thanks for reading!

Just remember, most of the other stories are rated M, which means you will have to change your filter, or check my account to see them.