A/N: A little Kensuke scene that popped into my head one day. Not too long, but fun to write.

Ken's POV.

"The Games We Play"

Stand up and face me; you can't keep unintentionally hiding from me like this. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to catch you if I'm careful.

I reach out, but you laugh and dodge under my arms. To you, everything is a game. If I kiss you, you think I am playing and though you often reciprocate, it is always insincerely. You like all games; and to you, cuddles and kisses are included in the entertainment category. Affection is also a game, and you play it both often and well.

Again I reach for you, this time catching you about the waist and pressing a chaste kiss to your cheek. Even if only playing, touching you is precious, and I take every chance I have to do so. You giggle and return the embrace, wrapping your arms around my neck and nuzzling against me. You breathe gently against my throat, and I press my lips to the underside of your chin as a delighted laugh bubbles up past your own.

You purr faintly when I touch you again, letting my fingers trail across your arms as you place a light peck on the tip of my nose and tickle my ribs. This feeling . . . God, how I love it. Not even actually sexual in the traditional sense, just so soft and warm and soothing.

My precious, lovely Daisuke . . .

I have the upper hand for the moment, pinning you to the couch, but it is short-lived. You easily upend me and replace me as the dominant force. I am not sure how, but you always seem to win these little wars, even though logically speaking I ought to be stronger than you. I am, in fact; yet you can defeat me so easily in all matters of importance. What use is a good test grade when lives are on the line? What use is a martial arts belt when a well-placed haymaker will do the trick?

I pull you down atop me; pressing another chaste kiss against your lips. One of this game's unspoken rules: everything is innocent. No tongue, no sexuality- nothing but laughter and caresses and gentle, gentle feelings. This is all about comfort and assurance- that we understand each other; that we are as close as blood but still not enough so that such touching is forbidden.

You chuckle warmly and I desire more than anything to be even closer to you. I want to be inside you; maybe get you inside me too. I know I can't have that, though, so I just bury my face in your shoulder and listen to your heartbeat, that precious one so perfectly attuned to mine.

"Can I kiss you some more?" you ask hopefully, and I nod silently. As if I would ever, ever say no.

A grin from you, and your lips descend upon mine in a clumsy, childish manner. For all the practice we've had, we've certainly never gotten any better at it. Perhaps if we broke our unspoken rules we might, but I don't dare to presume so much, and you don't seem to need any more than what little I have to give you anyway.

Giggling, you pull back and bump your nose against mine lightly. "This is my favorite game, Ken," you whisper, and I feel so happy.

"Mine too," I say softly, and you grin so widely that your eyes are almost hidden in half-moons, burrowing into my chest and breathing in deeply, as if you find my scent pleasant. Do you? I know I love yours.

Then you look up at me, and your eyes are startlingly serious as you say, "Do you want to play it forever?"

"Yes," escapes my traitorous mouth before I can even begin to decipher your words.

And then you kiss me again, and this time it's so much more than a game.

* ende *

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