I had no idea what I was doing to be completely honest. I just wanted to write a story where the monsters got more used to life on the surface by giving them some cute kitties. X3

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I intend for this to be fluff! I was pretty much winging everything, so sorry if there's too much dialogue and such.

"I don't believe I am, my child."

"Nope, skeletons aren't affected by stuff like that."

"What he said!"

"I'm a robot, darling, I'm sure I'm not."

"Well, if they shed and get in my gills, yeah, but other than that, no."

"N-Nope, I take all my medications so I d-don't have any allergies."

These were the responses Toriel, Sans, Papyrus, Mettaton, Undyne, and Alphys - respectively - had given Frisk's question months in advance. Now, Christmas was a few days away and the human was planning on getting their adopted family an amazing gift for each of them.

It had been about a year since the barrier imprisoning the monsters in the Underground was destroyed, and the inhabitants of the realm were thus far doing a very impressive and appreciable job in adapting into the world of humanity. Of course things were shaky at first, but now it seemed like almost every human was accepting the monsters - not more than ever since it was the friendliest and most merry time of the year.

Frisk had made sure to bring along enough Gold from the Underground prior just for this occasion, and luckily the currency allowed for Gold as well as dollars to purchase and sell goods and services ever since the monsters resurfaced. Gold down under the earth's surface was also fairly valuable in the human world, so it took less of monsterkind's currency to purchase and sell things.

Now that Frisk had the gifts for their friends, it was time to hide them until Christmas day.

Blue aura shrouded the wreaths as they flew gently through the air to be hooked into nails driven into the wall. Sans' glowing blue hand gently swishes from side to side as he used his magic to place the decorations up, his one glowing blue eye glistening with the gentle power.

"Wowie, you actually did a pretty decent job for once, Sans!" Papyrus piped up as he walked to his older yet shorter brother's side. "Kudos to whoever succeeded in convincing you to do some actual work for a change!"

"In that case, thanks, bro," Sans replied with a smile, subsiding his magic once he finished hanging the last wreath. He blinked and his eye sockets redeemed their small white pupils.

Papyrus glared down suspiciously at Sans. "You mean to tell me that you decided on your own account not to be lazy?"

"I wanted to make the place look nice for our guests," the shorter skeletal monster shrugged nonchalantly. He looked up at his younger brother, expecting him to press his expression of disbelief further on him, but was taken aback to find a smug grin instead.

"And by our guests, you of course mean the ex-queen, do you not?"

Sans' face immediately glowed electric blue in a massive blush and he turned his back on the taller monster, pulling up his hoodie to hide his face. "Y-You don't know anything..."

"Wow, everything looks so pretty!" a new voice - a much younger one - exclaimed. The brothers turned to see their adopted niece/nephew Frisk walking into the living room, their face lighting up immediately like a Christmas tree as they took in the beautiful holiday decorations.

"The perfect background for a certain special someone, eh, Sans?" Papyrus chuckled cheekily as he eyed his brother teasingly, who growled a, "Will you stop that?..." under his breath. Frisk couldn't help but giggle at this.

The human child gasped at the sound of a doorbell ringing, and immediately they sped towards the front door to greet the newcomers. However, they remembered Toriel's - their adopted mother - lesson on checking to see who was at the door before opening it in case it wasn't someone anyone was expecting, so they stood up on their toes to peek through the blinds covering the door's windows.

The movement of the blinds caught the attention of Undyne, Alphys, and Mettaton - who was currently in his EX form - who were all standing outside the door holding food for the dinner later on in the evening, as well as boxes wrapped up in colorful paper and ribbons. They all grinned warmly at Frisk, who in return smirked mischievously.

"Who are you three?" they giggled.

"We're the monsters who befriended your sorry little butt back in the Underground," Undyne replied with a good-natured glare from her one good eye. "Therefore, you owe us, you little punk."

Frisk giggled and unlocked the door before opening it. "Merry Christmas!"

"Right back atcha," Undyne grinned widely.

"H-Hi, Frisk!" Alphys greeted with her usual stammer.

"Happy Holidays, darling!" Mettaton piped up with an affectionate smile.

The three monsters walked in and Frisk closed the door before locking it again. They followed their friends to the living room, where they swapped season's greetings with Sans and Papyrus and discussed each other's recent events.

After settling down and placing the presents under the wonderfully decorated Christmas tree in the back of the room - as well as greeting Toriel who was busy cooking and baking her own contribution for the dinner - the monsters and human child all sat down at the dinner table to share idle chats and gossips.

"Did anyone hear that ol' Grillby opened up a restaurant on the other side of town?" Undyne spoke up, stirring up a new topic. "He runs it alongside Muffet, and they sell all kinds of food there. I didn't get a chance to check it out yet, but I hear their lasagna's really good."

"I shall be the judge of that!" Papyrus declared proudly, placing a gloved hand on his chest as he stood up from his seat and struck a pose. "After all, the Great Papyrus is the master of all pastas!"

"In that case, what's the name of the pasta used for lasagna?" Sans quizzed with a grin. It grew wider as the younger skeletal monster hesitated for a long while, looking much less confident.

"Ummm..." he finally spoke, sounding very unsure of himself. "The flat and wavy kind?"

The table erupted with laughter almost immediately; Papyrus joined in the merriment, instantly forgetting his brief moment of weakness. Their conversations resumed for about a half hour longer before they heard a call from the kitchen.

"Who's ready for dinner?" Toriel announced. Like a stampede, the monsters and human leaped up from their seats and rushed into the kitchen. The sooner they helped the ex-queen of all monsters bring the food to the table, after all, the sooner they could eat.

As Toriel walked into the living room carrying her famous cinnamon-butterscotch pie, all the decorations on the walls caught her eye and she had to stop in her tracks to take in all the beauty. "Oh, my heavens! The living room looks gorgeous! Who decorated it?"

"Casanova here did!" Undyne barked with a grin, placing her hands roughly on Sans' shoulders and roughly shaking him up. His face flushed blue for the second time that evening and he shooed the aquatic monster away with a low growl.

Toriel giggled as she placed the pie down on the table and sat down next to the short monster before leaning down to plant a gentle kiss on his skull. "Well, I think you did a marvelous job, Sans."

Sans moaned loudly and uncomfortably, his bright blue head sinking down into his jacket. Everyone laughed, and after the flustered monster regained his composure everyone began to eat. There was a large variety of foods on the table, ranging from spaghetti to snail casserole to pocky-stick pudding. And ketchup, lots and lots of ketchup. Frisk was having the time of their life eating delicious food and sharing merriment with their adopted family; they had never felt so happy.

Finally, after everyone had eaten their fill, they gathered around at the Christmas tree to open presents. Frisk got many amazing gifts from the other monsters: a knitted scarf from Toriel; a couple boxes of pocky sticks from Alphys; a make-up kit from Mettaton; a painted rock from Sans; a picture frame of Frisk and Papyrus posing heroically from Papyrus; and a glow-in-the-dark plastic spear from Undyne. Needless to say, they absolutely adored their gifts.

Yet they had a feeling the others would like their gifts for them a little more, and knowing this filled them with determination.

"I'll be right back to get your gifts!" Frisk announced after all the other presents were opened. The monsters exchanged confused glances and murmurs among themselves as the human went into their room to retrieve six small boxes, each one with many holes poked through the cardboard and wrapping paper. They gave each family member their respective present. "I hope you all like it- No, Undyne, don't shake it! It's very fragile!"

Undyne, who held the present up to her ear and prepared to shake it, lowered the colorful box back into her lap with a grumpy pout.

That is, until something in the box meowed.

Everyone fell completely silent in pure shock before another meow was heard. Eager to see just what was in her box, Undyne tore vigorously through the paper and cardboard top, and what she saw caused her jaw to drop.

There, sitting in the box looking straight back up at her, was a black short-haired kitten.

"You got a cat?" Alphys squealed as her girlfriend gently lifted the baby animal out of the box. Hoping for a similar gift, the reptilian monster tore into her present and gasped loudly as there was a kitten in her box as well, its fur white with gray spots dappling its coat.

Without hesitation, the remaining four monsters tore into their boxes and pulled out kittens of their own. Mettaton's was dark gray with white paws and chest; Toriel's was pure white and fluffy; Papyrus' was a tortoiseshell; and Sans' was a medium-haired bluish gray.

"Remember when I asked you all if you were allergic to cats a few months back?" Frisk giggled excitedly. "I wanted to get you all kittens! I heard from a few kids in my class that owning cats keep you from getting lonely, and they'll even help you live just a tiny bit longer. Do you like them?"

"Do we like them?" Papyrus shouted, one of the largest grins the human had ever seen stretched across his face. "Human, are you kidding? This is the coolest gift I have ever gotten! I can't believe the Great Papyrus has a cat!"

"Oh, my child, this was so thoughtful of you!" Toriel exclaimed. "This must've cost you a fortune!"

"Not really, it was only 100G each, and I still have plenty left over," the human replied with a smile. "I was lucky to have found these six kittens. I actually found them at an animal shelter and today would've been their last day before... well..."

The room fell silent save for the occasional meows from the kittens before Alphys spoke up again, hugging her new pet close. "O-Oh, I'm so happy you rescued them, Frisk!"

"That was awfully kind of you, sweetie!" Mettaton agreed. "But do cats require a lot of care? I fear I won't be able to spend much time with this little one during my shows."

"For once, I agree with him," Sans grunted. "You know me, Frisk, I'm not that productive."

"Well, cats don't typically take a lot of care," Frisk explained. "They only need food and their litter boxes to be changed, but other than that they're just fine on their own playing with toys. They also sleep a lot, about eighteen hours per day, so that'll keep them busy."

"Eighteen hours! Now this is my kind of pet!" Sans grinned widely as he held up his kitten, who mewed loudly in response. "Hmm... I think I'll call you Comic. Y'know, just so when people see us walking down the street they can go, 'There goes Comic Sans!'"

"Oh, Sans, that is absolutely terrible!" Papyrus exclaimed. "I will not allow you to call this innocent kitten a name with such a sinful purpose! I forbid it!"

"Let him be, Papy-dear," Mettaton chuckled affectionately before turning to his own kitten. "I'll name you Glamour! I'm certain you'll love that name, I know I do!"

"What are you gonna name yours, Al?" Undyne asked the reptilian monster, who was busy nuzzling and petting her kitten, giggling as it began to purr loudly.

"W-Well, I was originally thinking of naming it Mew after my favorite anime Mew Mew: Kissy Cutie," Alphys admitted shyly, "b-but I think I'll name it Justice instead, in honor of y-you, Undyne."

"Aw, Alphys, you're so sweet! In that case, I'll name mine Tokyo! It's the capital of Japan, and that's where anime is made. So I'm naming it after you!"

"What a c-cute name!" the reptilian monster cooed, blushing up a storm.

Frisk giggled, feeling a happy warmth stir within them. Everyone absolutely loved their new pets, just as they had expected. When Toriel hadn't spoken, they turned to her. "What's wrong, Mom?"

"Honestly, I'm not sure if I want to name this little one Cinnamon or Butterscotch," the goat monster replied indecisively.

"How about Cinna-Scotch?"

Toriel's face lit up immediately and smiled at her adopted child. "That is a wonderful idea, my child! Oh, thank you!"

The child giggled in response before turning to Papyrus. "And your kitten? What will its name be?"

"How about Pasta? No, Noodle! Wait, wait, Spaghetti! Rigatoni? Macaroni? Linguine?" The skeletal monster rambled on, trying and failing to decide on a name for his kitten. "Oh, it's just too hard to decide! There are so many wonderful noodle types out there and only one cat to name after them! Help me, tiny human!"

"Hmm... Well, it does have a lot of reddish-brown in its fur, kinda like sauce..." Frisk trailed off thoughtfully. They saw as Papyrus' face lit up as an idea struck him.

"Marinara!" he exclaimed, startling everyone but Frisk in the room. "Frisk, you are so incredibly smart! Thank you!"

"In fact, one could say they were a..." Sans began with a sneaky grin.

"Don't you dare!" Papyrus warned.

However, it was too late to stop the pun-loving monster. "...bone-afide genius!"


Frisk, along with Toriel and Sans, laughed as the others just shot dirty looks at the older skeleton brother. "Anyway, I think those are all amazing names for your kittens. Comic, Marinara, Cinna-Scotch, Glamour, Justice, and Tokyo."

"The names really do roll off the tongue quite nicely," Toriel commented with a soft smile to her kitten, who mewed back. She lifted up frisk gently to place them in her lap, and she hugged them. "Thank you so very much for these wonderful gifts, my child. I will cherish my dear Cinna-Scotch for as long as she lives."

"Yeah, thanks a bunch, punk!" Undyne piped up loudly. The remaining four monsters delivered their own euphoric thanks to the human child.

"And thank you all for your great gifts," Frisk grinned bright. "Merry Christmas!"