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Here's Chapter 73 for you!

I feel like I should put a warning on the final scene (Spoiler: it's a kissing scene). I know some younger people who read this might find it uncomfortable so just a warning.

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Hermione is woken up by the feeling of fingers running through her hair. She opens her eyes to find Draco fully dressed, lying on top of their covers with a content smile on his face.

"Good morning, my dear." He greets her, making her blush and bury her face in her pillow.

"What's happening?" She mutters in confusion.

"It's the thirtieth of June." He answers, which doesn't clear up her confusion. She lifts her head up to convey such with a stare. "It's the day of our date." He reminds her.

"I assumed our date was tonight." She admits, turning onto her back.

"When Draco Malfoy takes you on a date, it isn't just for the evening, you get a whole day of his undivided attention, a whole day dedicated to you." He tells her. "And to start off your date day, he has cooked you breakfast in bed." He turns climbs off the bed to lift the tray off his bedside table.

"Does he also spend the day talking about himself in the third person?" She questions him as he places the tray on her lap.

"No, he does not." He smiles at her. "Here we have scrambled eggs on toast with a croissant, raspberry jam and freshly squeezed orange juice." He gestures to the tray.

Hermione stares at the tray for a moment. "When did you go shopping?" She asks, picking up her fork to eat her eggs.

"This morning whilst you were sleeping." He admits.

"The greengrocer doesn't open until ten o'clock on a Thursday." She points out, taking a bite.

"I wouldn't go there." He frowns. "He stares at me like a hawk every time I go in. Why would I ever steal anything?" He shakes his head. "I went to that Muggle supermarket we went to." He admits.

"Well, thank you, this is delicious. Have you eaten?" She asks him, cutting up a piece of toast.

"I haven't had time. I've been planning our date day since half past six." He tells her.

"Here then, have a bite." She turns the fork towards him.

"No, this is your breakfast in bed." He leans away from the fork.

"If I want to share my breakfast in bed with my husband, I will. Now, have a bite." She offers him the fork again to which he takes the bite with a sigh.

"I don't want anymore." He tells her.

"You will eat half my croissant." She warningly tells him.

"I will do no such thing." He makes to stand up.

"You are not leaving me to eat breakfast in bed on our date day." She grabs hold of his hand.

"I'm already regretting asking you out." He sighs, leaning back against the headboard and crossing his ankles.

Hermione continues to eat her eggs on toast and takes the quiet to take in Draco. He's remembered what she told him about rolling his shirt sleeves up. They really do make his arms look great. She quickly averts her eyes from them before she's caught staring. Her eyes scan down the entirety of his body, taking in the black waistcoat buttoned up and his black trousers and dress shoes. She must remember to tell him how much she loves it when he dresses like this. If he were to throw on a long robe jacket, she would most likely fall for him on the spot.

"I hope you don't mind," He starts, making her jump slightly and blush for staring. "but I was looking through your wardrobe and found a black dress with a white collar. You don't have to wear it if you don't want to but it would compliment my outfit well and by your staring, I'm going to make the assumption that I look good today." He stares at her out the corner of his eyes.

"You look good most days, Draco, as I'm sure you're aware, but even more so today." She admits, placing down her fork as she's finished her eggs on toast and moving onto the croissant. "It's the waistcoat and rolled up sleeves combination." She adds as she spreads the raspberry jam inside the croissant.

"I shall keep that in mind." He smirks.

"I'm trusting you with this information. Don't use it for evil." She warns him as she offers him half the croissant.

"Would I ever, my dear?" He laughs as he takes the half.

"Darling, need I remind you of the many times you've played on my affections for you." She stares at him for a second before taking a bite of her croissant.

Draco nods with a smile. "I promise to only use my powers of attractiveness for good." He eats his half croissant.

When they've finished, Draco takes the tray away and orders her to get dressed and washed before meeting him downstairs. She does as he instructed, pulling out the black dress with the white collar that Draco had mentioned, then getting dressed and washed. By the time she's made it downstairs, Draco's stood in the living room wearing his leather jacket with his hands behind his back.

"Good morning, Athena." She greets their owl, who seems to be getting bigger every day recently.

Hermione walks over, finger reached out to stroke the top of Athena's head, when Draco holds his hands out to reveal he's holding a dark blue, velvet box. She stops in her tracks to stare at the box.

"What's that?" She asks, nervously.

"It's a present." He smiles sincerely at her.

"I can see that, but why?" She questions him.

"Today is our first date of hopefully many, tomorrow is our one-month anniversary and to be honest, I shouldn't need an excuse to buy my wife a present." He thrust his hand out a little further for her to take the box.

"Thank you, Draco." She whispers as she takes the box in shaking hands.

"Are you going to open the box or just stare at it?" He teasingly asks her.

Hermione nervously chuckles as she opens the lid to reveal a pair of emerald and diamond drop earrings.

"They're beautiful, Draco. Thank you." She throws her arms around his neck, pulling him into a tight hug which he returns by wrapping his own arms around her waist and pulling her closer.

"I'm glad you like them." He mutters in her ear.

"I love them." She replies, pulling away to press a kiss to his lips. "I'll be two minutes." She tells him as she runs upstairs into the bathroom to put her earrings in. She then takes her wand out and with a quick mutter of a spell, her curled hair ties itself up so she can see her earrings.

"Beautiful." Draco smiles when she returns downstairs.

"They are, aren't they?" She tucks a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

"I wasn't talking about the earrings." He mutters as he pulls her into a passionate kiss.

Hermione's taken slightly by surprise by the kiss but quickly returns the affection she feels from Draco's lips, running her hands up his arms and wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. She feels one of Draco's hands holding the back of her head whilst the presses her closer at the small of her back. The kiss doesn't last long enough for either of them when Draco pulls away.

"On any other occasion I would continue this course of action, however, as today is our date day, we really should get going." He tells her, pressing a chaste kiss to her lips then guiding her towards the front door with a few more kisses.

"I don't mind being a few minutes late to whatever you have planned." She admits, standing up on her tiptoes to take his lips in her own again.

"Neither do I but I'd rather not get on the wrong side of a certain somebody who's doing a favour for me today at twelve o'clock and since it's half past eleven now, we really should get going," Draco explains between kisses.

"Fine, fine, my curiosity is getting the better of me." Hermione sighs backing away to pull her jacket and boots on.

Draco locks their front door behind them as they leave, then takes Hermione's hand in his as they walk towards the gate.

"Do I get any clues about where we're going?" She asks.

Draco thinks for a moment. "You are friends with the person who's doing me a favour." He tells her.

"And what do you need to do in return for this favour," Hermione asks.

"Name our first-born child after him." He says straight-faced.

"Excuse me." Hermione frowns, pulling on Draco hand to make him look at her.

"That was a joke, Hermione." He laughs. "He hasn't named his price yet." He adds.

Hermione sighs. "That's dangerous, he could ask you to do something illegal." She points out.

"Is there something you're not telling me about some of your friends?" He quirks his eyebrow. "The only illegal thing this person's going to ask me to do is procure an illegal book for him." He smiles as he reveals another clue.

"Percy?" She frowns as they reach the gate.

"I see the book clue was a clue too many. Don't any of your other friends read?" He asks, gripping her hand tighter just before they disapparate to Diagon Alley.

"Not as prolifically as Percy does." She answers as he leads the way towards Flourish and Blotts where no doubt they'll find Percy. "Plus, you were probably right with that being the only illegal things he would ask of you." She chuckles.

"Good because I do not want to be any further on the Minister's bad side." He half-jokes with a laugh as they come to the bookshop. Draco checks his watch before pushing the door open. "After you." He gestures.

Percy is stood behind the counter pricing up a customer's items. There's a queue of six people waiting to be served and about twenty other people milling around on the ground floor and on the staircase. It's the same every Thursday since the shops don't open until ten o'clock. Everyone comes down as soon as they open and then usually have lunch in Diagon Alley since it's usually around that time that they finish their shopping.

Draco catches Percy's eyes with a wave. The other man nods and points upstairs, signalling that they should head up there. Draco takes hold of Hermione's hand, leading the way through the crowd of people and up the stairs, where they're even more people sat at the tables reading or browsing the bookshelves. Draco checks his watch again then guides her over the decree section.

"What are we waiting for?" She asks him as he pretends to look interested by the blurb of a book.

"What do you mean?" He asks.

"You keep checking your watch." She points out.

"We're waiting for twelve o'clock." He tells her.

"What happens at twelve o'clock?" She asks, looking around curiously.

"You'll see in two minutes." He smiles, replacing the book on the shelf and sitting down at an empty table, gesturing for her to do the same.

Two minutes later, a clock begins to chime twelve times. A voice she recognises from her early Hogwarts years rises above the rest of the people in the shop.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it's twelve o'clock. We will be closing for a half an hour break. Please vacate the shop in an orderly fashion." Percy informs everyone and a few groans can be heard throughout the shop.

Hermione makes to stand up but Draco places his hand atop hers, keeping her seated. Once everyone has left, Percy climbs halfway up the staircase so he can see them.

"You have until half-past twelve." He says. "And no funny business." He points seriously at Draco.

"I owe you, Percy." Draco smiles.

"Yes, you do." The other man shakes his head as he walks back down the stairs. A few seconds later, they hear the bell above the door ring as Percy leaves the shop, locking the door behind him.

Draco stands up, arms spread wide. "Here you go." He smiles excitedly at her. "We have twenty-five minutes," He says, checking his watch. "To shop without other people getting in the way. You can have whatever you want." He tells her.

"Are you serious?" Hermione laughs, looking around the shop. "It feels so wrong being here without any other customers or staff." She admits.

"You're wasting your time. You should be shopping." Draco sits down upon a table, watching her.

"I can have whatever I want?" She asks, narrowing her eyes.

"Within reason." Draco nods.

Without hesitation, Hermione rushes down the staircase over to the stationary section near the till. She flicks through a few leather-bound notebooks, quills and inks. She places the items she decides upon on the counter before walking over to the fiction section and browsing through the new muggle section that Percy had told her he was installing into the Diagon Alley shop. She spends nearly fifteen minutes browsing every book on the three shelves before deciding upon a new release from last year by a Neil Gaiman called Stardust. She places it on the counter with her other three items.

"You have five minutes," Draco calls from where he's sat watching her at the top of the staircase.

She doesn't know how long he's been sat there watching her but she doesn't care. She hasn't even looked at the Transfiguration section, which she figures she ought to look at any new releases since she'll be the apprentice teacher in September. She chooses the most recent copy of the magazine 'Transfiguration Monthly' just as the bell above the door rings, announcing Percy's arrival.

Draco finally stands up, joining her by the till with the items that she wishes to buy.

"Is that all you want?" Draco asks her. "I did say you could have whatever you want."

"And this is all I want. I'm not greedy, Draco." She reassures him.

"That's fine by me." He shrugs, pulling out his coin bag.

When they leave Flourish and Blotts, after exchanging a few words with Percy, with their purchases, Draco takes her hand, guiding her further into Diagon Alley. They chat as they walk down the alley, gazing in the windows of some shops, going inside for a browse of any shops that took their fancy. Draco frequently checked his watch to ensure they were keeping good time, not wanting to be late for whatever their next meeting was. At quarter to four, Draco stops dead in the middle of Diagon Alley.

"We need to head back this way." He tells her as he turns around and drags her back the way they came.

Five minutes later, Draco stops outside the new restaurant that opened on the anniversary of the end of the war, appropriately called 'Victoria'. Harry had been invited to the opening night and he had taken Ginny. She later complained to Hermione how expensive the menu was and that the restaurant was so exclusive that even Harry had to wait five weeks for the next available table.

Hermione looks at Draco confused. "Are we eating here?" She asks.

"Yes, the owner offered me a table whenever I wanted. I simply asked her this morning on the way back from shopping." He explains as they enter the establishment.

"I'm amazed by your apparent power to get whatever you want," Hermione says as they wait to be seated by a very smartly dressed waiter.

"It's all about who you are and who you know. I'm a Malfoy and my family have many connections around the world. Even after everything, the Malfoy name still holds a lot of power in the upper-classes." He explains as they're seated at their tables.

"Your menus, Mr and Mrs Malfoy." The waiter bows as he places their menus in front of them.

"Upper-classes, plural?" Hermione asks curiously.

"Yes." He nods uncomfortably. "There's the lower-upper-class. Those with new money, such as yourself, who came into money through hard work or investments." He starts to explain.

"I am not in the upper-class." Hermione interrupts him.

"If the rumours about how much compensation you received from the ICW are true, then you are a part of the upper-class," Draco informs her.

"I thought that money came from the Ministry." Hermione frowns.

"The Dark Lord was a global threat and you, Harry and Ron put an end to his reign of terror. Rumour has it that every Ministry within the International Confederation of Wizards donated a percentage of their taxes to the compensation cauldron. It was then divided between those who the ICW deemed deserved it most. Harry, being a part of the upper-upper class since his money is old, received less than you, and Ron, being a part of the lower class, received more than you. However, I do believe he divided his compensating between his siblings and gave his parents a large sum." He finishes his explanation. "Although, you could be considered upper-upper class since we're married and the Malfoy's money is as old as you can get in the Wizarding World." He adds picking up his menu.

"I tried to refuse the compensation but the Minister wouldn't allow me to. I've only ever used that money once to pay for your hospital bill." She admits, picking up her own menu.

"I'm sure the ICW would be pleased you put the money to good use." He smiles at her over the top of his menu.

"Mr Malfoy, good evening." A very beautiful woman greets Draco. "I'm so glad you took me up on my offer of a table."

"Pearl, lovely to see you again." He shakes her hand. "Your restaurant certainly lives up to my expectations." He compliments her establishment.

"That means a lot coming from you, Mr Malfoy." She smiles, hand to her chest.

"I doubt you've ever had the pleasure of meeting my wife, Hermione." Draco gestures to her.

Hermione smiles up at the woman, trying not to let her jealousy show.

"No, I don't believe we have. Although, I am a big fan of your work during the war. Thank you." Pearl reaches out and shakes her hand enthusiastically.

"Thank you." Hermione shakes her hand back with an unsure smile.

"Now, both of you put those menus down. I'll have the chefs cook you something special. A thank you for everything you've done for me." Pearl winks at Draco, taking the menus away.

"What exactly did you do for her?" Hermione tries to ask calmly but the harshness of her voice gives away her jealousy.

Draco smiles at her. "I testified against her father, Gilbert Gibbon. Pearl was his only child but lived with her mother. She hasn't seen him since she was fifteen and found out he was a former Death Eater." He explains.

Hermione nods, understanding Pearl's thankfulness.

"A bottle of our famous Victoria wine." Pearl returns, pouring them both a glass each. "On the house." She adds with a wink to Hermione before leaving.

Draco picks up his glass of wine, gesturing for Hermione to do the same. "To us." He toasts, holding his glass out for Hermione to clink. "To us." She nods with a soft smile as she clinks their glasses and takes a sip.

"I can see why this wine is famous." Draco agrees, taking another sip then placing the glass down. "I spoke to David this morning." He announces.

"When?" Hermione frowns, wondering when he had time to go shopping, arrange the private shopping with Percy, book a table with pearl and then speak to David.

"I called him on my phone whilst I was shopping. He was brushing his teeth." He explains. "I asked him about Sophie's birthday and he said as long as we organise everything and makes sure the magic room is secure, he's fine with whatever we do." He tells her.

"That's great. I'm sure Sophie will love the magic theme." Hermione smiles, taking Draco's hand in her across the table. "I was thinking, we could make it a fancy-dress party and ask people to dress up as wizards and witches. It's a good way to bring the muggle and wizarding worlds together. Plus, Sophie will love the opportunity to wear her cloak." Hermione chuckles.

"That sounds perfect." Draco smiles. "Does this mean you're going to help me plan the event?" He asks.

"It's not an event. It's a quiet child's party." She tells him.

"Is that not an oxymoron?" Draco laughs.

Hermione rolls her eyes. "I'll help you organise the muggle side of the party but everything else is down to you. It's your idea." She tells him.

"Fair enough. Do you think she would want to invite any of her school friends?" He asks.

"I'm sure there'll be a few children she'd like to invite. I'll ask her tomorrow night who her school friends are." Hermione suggests. "Are you going to the library tomorrow?"

"Yes, I had hoped that we would have found at least one of the Malfoy's so David and I would have a lead to work on tomorrow." Draco sighs.

"How far through 1942 are you?" She asks

"I'm halfway through October." He answers.

"So, you have two and a half months left, you should be able to work through that and find Peter Malfoy tomorrow before we go to David's. I'll join you and try and get to August 1943." She says. "We'll find someone tomorrow. I'm sure of it." She smiles.

"Good evening," A waiter announces his appearance. "A creamy salmon carbonara for the Madam," He places the dish in front of Hermione. "And lamb meatballs with harissa and couscous for the Sir." He places the dish in front of Draco. "Enjoy." He bows before taking his leave.

"Well, it smells delicious," Hermione announces, picking up her fork.

"Mine smells spicy," Draco mentions, picking up his fork.

"That'll be the harissa." She points out. "Do you not like spicy food?" She asks, realising she doesn't know.

Draco stares at her as though the answer should be obvious. "I've never tried anything that smells this spicy." He finally answers.

"Just try it." Hermione chuckles, rolling her eyes as she takes a bite of her salmon pasta. "This is amazing." She hums with enjoyment.

She watches in amusement as Draco takes a bite of his spicy lamb meatballs and can't hold back her laugh at his recoil. With a flick of her hand, their dishes swap place son the table.

"I happen to enjoy spicy food." She admits, eating the half meatball that Draco had left on the fork. "Oh, this is hot. It's great." She smirks at Draco who glares at her.

"My eyes are watering." He tells her, taking a bite of the salmon dish. "I much prefer this salmon." He nods as he chews.

When they've finished their meal, Pearl arrives at their table. "Are you enjoying the dishes?" She questions them with a smile.

"The meatballs were delicious," Hermione tells her.

Pearl laughs. "I should have known you would have such a delicate mouth, Mr Malfoy." She comments, making Hermione laugh along with her to hide her pang of jealousy. "Was the salmon to your liking?" She asks.

"Yes, it was lovely, Pearl." He nods with a frown.

"Could I interest you in pudding?" She smiles at them encouragingly.

"I'm afraid not, we have other plans for dessert," Draco tells her.

Pearl raises her eyebrow suggestively. "Okay then, I'll have the bill brought over to you and you can go get to your… dessert." She winks with a chuckle as she leaves.

"I didn't mea-" Draco begins to say but Hermione shakes her head.

"She knows, she was just teasing you." She laughs.

The bill is brought over to them with a couple of mints and two cups of coffees. Before Hermione can see the price, Draco has written down the tip, his vault number and handed his vault key over to the waiter, who takes it away to the till.

"How much was it?" Hermione asks curiously.

"I gave them forty galleons. Tip included and a little something for the wine." He answers, taking a sip of his complimentary coffee.

"Draco, I don't like to have too much money spent on me. You've already bought me these earrings and everything from Flourish and Blotts." Hermione says quietly so none of the other diners can hear her.

"Hermione, I think you're underestimating how much the Malfoy's are worth." He whispers back, leaning over the table. "We have far too much money to know what to do with it and if I want to treat my wife on our date day, then I will." He tells her, leaning back in his chair, ending the conversation.

Hermione nods as she picks up her coffee. "This conversation isn't over." She tells him. "I won't have you constantly paying for everything because you have more money than me." She mutters, taking a sip and finishing her coffee.

Draco finishes his coffee just as the waiter returns with his vault key.

"Thank you, sir, for your generosity." The waiter bows then walk away.

"Shall we leave?" Draco suggests, standing up and pulling on his jacket.

He helps Hermione into her own jacket then takes her hand as they leave, walking towards the alleyway.

"We need to disapparate to our next location." He tells her with a soft squeeze of her hand.

"Lead the way." She smiles, squeezing back.

Draco disapparates them in onto a small hill near the coast, which coast, she doesn't know but in the distance, she can see a red and white lighthouse.

"Is this the right place?" She asks, unsure.

"Yes, it can get quite busy during the summer so I thought it would be safer to disapparate a little further away than usual." He explains, leading her towards the path at the bottom of the hill.

After a few minutes of nervous silence, Draco finally speaks up again.

"Hermione, the Malfoy's are one of the oldest Wizarding families in the world, and so is our money. The first Malfoy dates back to before Hogwarts was established. Armand Malfoy brought the family to England from France during the Norman invasion. He was King William's closest friend and provided services to the King and was paid plentifully." He explains as they finally make it onto the path.

"Is this the Malfoy family history lesson I was promised?" She jokes as they begin to walk towards the lighthouse.

Draco smiles. "I just don't want money to become an issue between us. Everything that's mine became yours a month ago when we got married. We are now the richest couple in the world." He winks at her.

"It's not really your money though, it's Malfoy money." She points out as they walk past a couple of thatched house on a muggle street. If she had to guess, she would say they were in a small village in the west country, Cornwall perhaps.

"With Lucius in Azkaban and mother living in Malfoy Manor, I am entitled to sixty-five percent of the money in the Malfoy vault." He tells her, leading her down the street.

"Okay, so it is your money." She sighs. "I still don't want you spending too much on me."

"It's our money, Hermione and if you would open a family vault with me, you would have access to it." He tells her.

"I have my own money, Draco. I have enough to live off for the next three hundred years. I don't need anymore." She tells him.

"I'm assuming you're living modestly for these next three hundred years?" He rhetorically asks.

"Draco, I don't want your money." She tells him with a forceful stare, telling him to stop pushing her on the topic.

"You want three children, yes?" He asks her suddenly. "That's what you said you wrote in your questionnaire."

"Yes." She answers hesitantly.

"Well, I must insist on opening a family vault when our first child is conceived. Our children will be born into the richest family in the wizarding world. I know how that status and wealth can get to a child's head." He explains.

"Fine," Hermione sighs, stopping Draco in his step and pulling him to face her. "For our future children, we can open a family vault. However, we will teach our children to have an understanding of status and wealth so they aren't irresponsible with it. I want our children to kind and modest." She tells him with a warning expression.

"With you as their mother, of course, they will be." He smiles at her, earning an eye roll in return. "I'm serious." He tells her, bringing his hand up to her cheek and pulling her into a kiss.

"Alright," Hermione mutters, pulling away. "Are you going to tell me where we are."

"Hörnum." He states, as though she should instantly know where they are, then takes her by the hand and continues their walk further into the village.

"And where exactly is Hörnum?" She asks, smiling at a woman who walks past them up the hill.

"It's a village in the South of the island of Sylt which belongs to the North Frisian Islands and can be found off the north coast of Germany." He answers.

Hermione's eyes widen as she glances around again. "We left England. I've never disapparated outside of the United Kingdom before." She tells him excitedly.

"Really," Draco frowns in disbelief. "Not even to France or Spain?" He asks and Hermione shakes her head. "Lucius used to take me all over Europe on business trips when I was a child. I'll have to take you to more places." He tells her, squeezing her hand as they start walking again.

"So, what are we actually doing here?" Hermione asks after a few minutes of comfortable silence.

"We're going to get some dessert from a café on the beachfront, then walk along the beach towards the lighthouse, where there'll be a surprise." He answers with a self-satisfied smirk.

Hermione smiles as she squeezes Draco's hand between both of hers excitedly. "This is already turning out to be the best date I've ever been on." She admits.

Draco's face falls. "How many dates have you been on before?" He asks, trying to act nonchalant.

She chuckles at his reaction, turning his chin to face her. "There's no need to be jealous, Draco. I went on three dates with Viktor Krum, to the library, the lake and into Hogsmeade. Then I kind of went on one date with Ron into Hogsmeade but that didn't end well. To be honest, after breakfast in bed, this date was already top of the list." She assures him, making him smile. "So, if we're talking about dates, how many dates have you been on before?" She asks a nervous twitch in her stomach making her feel sick.

"Ah, well, I… you see… there was a war going on… and I was busy with exams and… Death Eater duties… and other things… so…" Draco stutters through an excuse.

"Draco?" Hermione interrupts him. "Is this you're your first date?" She asks in disbelief, her stomach flipping.

"It very well might be." He admits quietly.

She stares at him for a moment. "Then what was all that about showing me what it's like to date Draco Malfoy?" She asks him.

"Am I not showing you what it's like to date me?" He questions her in return as they make it to the beachfront.

"I had just assumed that you had shown other people what it's like to date Draco Malfoy." She admits.

"No, the closest I've had to a date is when Blaise took me out the day before the ceremony." He jokes with a snort.

"I remember that day. He ditched you for a eucalyptus tree her named Fern." She laughs.

"We're here," He tells her, suddenly stopping in front of a small café.

Draco leads her to a small table in front of the café's large window. "I'll go in and order." He tells her, leaving her to sit down.

Hermione glances out to sea, still amazed by the simple fact she's sat outside a German café on a German Island. She can't wait to tell her Mum, who's wanted to visit Germany for years. Draco returns a few minutes later with two cups of coffee.

"Arvin's going to bring our dessert out." He states as he places their drinks on the table and takes his seat opposite Hermione.

"Arvin?" She raises a questioning eyebrow.

"He's our Kellner. I spoke with him this morning when I ordered our dessert." He admits.

"I don't know how you managed to do everything this morning before I woke up." She shakes her head in confused admiration.

"I was only here for fifteen minutes." He shrugs, sipping his coffee.

"Herr Draco und Frau Hermione," A man whom she assumes is Arvin announces his presence. "Das ist Zimt-Zuckerbrot." He places a plate with a loaf cake of some sort. "Ein traditionelles friesisches Nachtisch." He speaks proudly with a smile.

"Danke, Arvin. Es sieht lecker aus." Draco says with a smile.

"Genießen Sie bitte." Arvin bows his head, before heading back into the cafe. Hermione stares at Draco until he looks back at her.

"Since when do you speak German." She asks. "I'm an upper class, pureblood who was raised by an elitist father. I speak a few languages fluently and more conversationally." He admits, cutting up the loaf of Zuckerbrot.

"Such as?" Hermione prompts him.

"That would be telling." He smiles. placing the knife down. "Zimt-Zuckerbrot." He offers, holding the fork out to her.

"Which would be?" She asks, looking at the loaf. "Cinnamon sugar bread." Draco answers.

Hermione wraps her hand around Draco's holding the fork, bringing the sugary bread towards her and dragging the slice off with her teeth. She lets go of his hand as she chews, allowing him to take a bite himself.

"Very delicious." She comments, picking up another slice with her fingers. "How do you say that in German?" She asks, taking a bite.

"Sehr lecker." He tells her.

"Sehr lecker." She repeats, finishing her slice. "We're going to have to come here again. I don't think I could live with only eating this once." She admits.

"Of course, whenever you want and I'll come get you a loaf." He smiles lovingly at her. A warm fuzzy feeling spreads through her chest making her heart feel heavy at the thought of Draco loving her. She knew he loved her. He had told her on many occasions but that look on his face moments ago is what she needed to see for the realisation to sink in that Draco Malfoy loves her. Suddenly, it's too much. She stands up abruptly, making Draco jump slightly.

"I'm just going to the bathroom." She announces as she walks into the café.

Arvin looks up from behind the counter at the sound of the door opening. "Gibt es ein Problem, Frau Hermione?" He asks her.

"No, nien," She says with a polite smile. "The Zimt-Zuckerbrot is sehr lecker." She tells him, remembering what Draco had told her.

"Danke, Frau Hermione." He smiles as he nods.

"I need the bathroom." She tells him but he continues to smile, looking confused. "Toilet?" She questions hopefully.

"Ah, die Toilette." He laughs, pointing over to a door beside the counter.

"Danke." She thanks him before rushing into the bathroom. Inside, she locks the door and pulls out her phone. The time on the display screen reads half past seven. Without much thought, she calls the only person she can talk to about this. Her Mum. She answers on the fifth ring.


"Yes, I'm here, Hermione. What is it?" She asks, sounding distracted.

"Are you busy?" She asks, not wanting to interrupt her if she's busy with Lauren and Craig. "I'm just tucking the kids into bed." She says. "I'm just going to put you down for a second." She adds, placing her phone down on the bedside table. "Goodnight, little Lauren. See you in the morning." Hermione hears her Mum singing on the other end of the line before she picks the phone back up.

"I'm just going to put Craig to bed then my ears are all yours." Her Mum tells her.

Hermione closes the toilet lid and takes a seat whilst she waits. A minute or so later, she can hear her mum walking down the stairs with a sigh.

"Right, I'm all yours. What's the matter?" She asks.

"Draco loves me." She states. "He told me two weeks ago but it's only just sunk in. I don't know if I didn't believe him or if I didn't believe that he believed it but the way he just looked at me, Mum. He loves me and I don't know what to do." She rambles on. "It's only been a month since we got married." She burst out laughing. "How ridiculous is that, Mum? We're married and I've only just realised my husband loves me and I don't have a clue how I feel about him. In the Muggle world, people would think I'm crazy, or stupid." She laughs.

Her Mum is silent on the other end of the phone for what feels like ages. "So, you say you don't know how you feel about him, but it sounds to me like you love him too." She tells her.

"Yes, yes, I do, but am I in love with him because he is definitely in love with me?" She asks.

"I can't answer that for you, Hermione?" Her mum tells her. "Where are you? Do you want to come over and talk about it with a cuppa tea?" She offers.

Hermione laughs again. "I'm in Germany." She announces.

"Germany." She repeats. "The country?" She questions.

"No, Mum. The town in Gloucestershire." She rolls her eyes. "Yes, the country. Well, actually, we're in Sylt, an island in the North Frisian Islands which can be found off the North of Germany." She remembers what Draco told her.

"No need to give me attitude, Hermione." Her Mum scolds her. "What are you doing there?"

"We're on a date." She admits.

"Okay," Her Mum elongates the word. "Draco took you on a date to a German island?" She clarifies the situation.

"Yes, we're at a café eating cinnamon sugar bread and I've been gone for five minutes now so can you hurry up and tell me what I need to do before he starts wondering what I'm doing in here." She sighs in frustration.

"First of all, you need to calm down. Take a deep breath. Then you're going to go and finish your date with Draco."

Hermione takes three deep breaths before standing up. "Okay, I can do that." She nods.

"Right, now hang up the phone and go back to him." Her mum tells her sounding amused.

"Yes, bye, Mum. We'll come visit you soon." She tells her before hanging up.

She takes one more deep breath before unlocking the bathroom door and making her way through the café to the door. Draco smiles at her nervously as she sits down opposite him again.

"Are you alright?" He asks her.

"Yes, thank you." She returns his nervous smile. "Are you alright?" She asks, cringing as soon as she says it.

Draco chuckles awkwardly. "Yes, I'm great. Did I say something?" He asks with a confused frown. "Was it my offering to buy you more loaves because we've already talked about h-" He starts.

"No, Draco. I was talking to my Mum." She tells him truthfully.

"Oh," he sighs in relief. "What did she want?" He asks.

"She wanted to confirm that we had Sophie's party under control. David had called her earlier to tell her your 'great idea'. Mum isn't sure about the magical part but I reassured her we know what we're doing." She lies, not wanting him to know that she was freaking out due to the fact that she returns his feelings that seem to be much stronger than she originally thought.

"I'm glad you have so much confidence in me as I'm not sure how I'm going to pull everything off." He admits.

"Draco, you have a week to get everything organised and figure out what you're going to do in the magic room. You'll pull it off and Sophie will love it." She assures him, picking up the final slice of the sugar bread. She tears it in half then hands a piece to Draco.

Once they've finished eating and drinking their coffee, Draco stands up, holding his hand out for Hermione to take, which she does. He keeps hold of her hand once she's standing and leads her down to the beach.

"I hate the feeling of sand in my shoes," Draco states when they reach a set of steps leading down to the beach.

He sits down on the top step and proceeds to take his shoes and socks off. Hermione laughs as she follows him in sitting down and taking her own shoes off.

"Or do you just love the feeling of sand between your toes?" She asks him with a raised eyebrow as she places her and Draco's shoes in her bag.

"To be honest, I'm not that big a fan of sand but I do enjoy the sinking feeling when the tide comes up to your feet." He admits, making Hermione laugh even more.

"That is the cutest thing you've ever said." She tells him, taking his hand in hers as they stroll down the soft sand towards the sea.

Draco frowns down at her. "I would hope there wasn't much competition for top spot. I try not to make a habit out of being 'cute'." He scoffs.

"Oh, Draco, you are so very cute sometimes." She teases him. Draco attempts to ignore her, huffing as he looks out to see.

"Right now, with that little scowl on your face. Very cute." She points out, earning a glare from her husband which just makes her laugh.

When they make it to the tideline, they pause to watch the tranquillity of the tide slowly moving in and out, getting closer to their bare feet each time it comes in. They stand there without saying anything for what must be half an hour, simply enjoy the closeness of their other half. Finally, the tide reaches their feet, washing past their ankles and pushing wet sand over their feet. Draco was right about the sinking feeling. It was strangely enjoyable. Hermione casts her gaze away from the sea to glance up at her husband. His eyes are closed as the warm sun kisses his face. He looks completely content as the tide washes over their feet once again, sinking them further into the sand. He smiles and in that moment, Hermione knows. She closes her own eyes, as tears threaten to spill down her cheeks, and lets her feelings take over her body. Her hand grips tighter onto Draco's, never wanting to let go.

"Shall we walk further down the beach?" Draco suggests and Hermione opens her eyes to find him watching her with that look of adoration and she's rendered speechless so she simply nods.

Quietly, they set of strolling down the beach, the tide still lapping at their feet. They see a few local people and holidaymakers, who nod in greeting as they walk past but neither party converses with the other, happy to smile and be on their way with their family or friends. Eventually, at quarter past nine, they make it to the lighthouse, where Draco said there would be a surprise. He leads her over to another set of steps leading up to the beachfront and glances around to make sure no one is watching before removing his wand from his pocket. He gently taps her feet with his wand and they dry instantly, allowing her to step back into her shoes whilst Draco dries his own feet then pulls on his socks and shoes.

"To the lighthouse?" She questions as she stands up, waiting for Draco as he ties his shoes.

"Yes, it closed at nine but the owner's left me the key to the door." He takes a key out of his pocket to show her as he stands up.

He holds out his hand to her, which she takes, then guides her up the beachfront to a path leading up the side of the hill that the lighthouse is situated upon. Once they reach the lighthouse, Draco struggles with the key before sighing in defeat and taking his wand out to open the door, muttering "Stupid key."

Inside, they are met by a curved staircase around the wall leading up to the two balconies and the massive light. Draco gestures for Hermione to walk up ahead of him as he quickly locks the door behind them before following her to the first floor.

"Wait there!" He calls to her as she's about to carry on up to the next floor.

"Why?" She turns around to question him.

"I need to check something first." He rushes past her up to the second-floor balcony where a picnic basket resides beside the door.

With a quick wave of his wand, the basket turns invisible. "You can come up now." He calls down the stairs to Hermione.

Hermione joins him on the top balcony and glances around for whatever it was Draco needed to check on but she can't see anything. Looking up from the balcony floor, her gaze catches upon the view of the thatched cottages of the village of Hörnum and the North Sea. She shuffles closer to the edge, leaning against the balcony's railing.

"This is beautiful." She sighs in awe.

"Care to sit and watch?" Draco asks her and she turns around to find he has spread out a picnic blanket on the balcony in perfect view of the horizon over the sea. Hermione doesn't know if her heart will ever stop beating this fast since she came to an understanding of her feelings and if she were honest with herself, she's perfectly fine with that as it provides constant reassurance that her feelings are real.

"I'd love to." She smiles broadly.

As she lowers herself beside Draco onto the picnic blanket, he lifts his arm up for her to cuddle into his side then wraps his arm around her. They sit quietly, for the most part, only speaking to exchange comments on the changing view as the tide reaches the almost up to the steps they had sat on and the sun moves further across the sky towards the horizon where the sea meets the sky. Just as the sun is beginning to set, Draco removes his arm from around Hermione, sending a chill down her spine.

"What are you doing?" She whispers as not to disturb the peace.

Suddenly, there's a loud pop, which makes them both jump and then laughs.

"Champagne?" Hermione guesses.

"Yes," Draco chuckles. "I'm always caught off guard by the pop." He admits as he pours two glasses and then passes one to Hermione.

"I thought it would be nice to end our date with a glass of champagne as we watch the sunset." He says, wrapping his arm around her again and pulling her near.

"The perfect end to a perfect date." She sighs, sipping her champagne flute as she looks out to sea.

Draco hums in agreement as he leans in closer to Hermione, enjoying her presence and his glass of champagne. It really is the perfect end to a perfect date. Once the sun has set and their champagne has been drunk, the lower themselves down to stare up at the stars above them. It reminds Draco of their first argument when he had bought her fish and chips to apologise. They had set on their doorstep beneath the stars to eat and Draco had pointed out the different constellations, even though he knew she already knew them all having been in the same astronomy classes at Hogwarts. He reminds Hermione of that night and she laughs.

"I wondered if you had forgotten that I sat on the table beside you but decided to let you carry on talking since you sounded so passionate." She smiles, turning her head to face him.

"I love the sound of your voice when you're talking about something you love." She admits.

Draco blushes at the compliment, turning his gaze back up to the stars. He clears his throat and points up at a constellation. "As you know," He smiles. "That is the constellation of Aquila, which is Latin for eagle, and was named after the bird that carried Zeus and Jupiter's thunderbolts in Greek and Roman mythology." He explains then proceeds to go into detail about the different stars and the history behind the constellation.

At midnight, the bells of Hörnum's church rings out twelve times.

"It's officially our one-month anniversary," Hermione mutters, shuffling closer to her husband on the picnic blanket.

"Did you ever think we would make it a month?" Draco asks jokingly.

Hermione laughs. "I didn't think we would be this close after only a month." She admits.

"Well, we are pretty close right now." He wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

Without thinking, Hermione leans in, capturing Draco's lips, and his yelp of surprise, in her own. The kiss doesn't last long as a chill wind whips through the balcony, sending a shiver down her spine. She tucks her face into the crook of his neck, pulling the warmth of Draco's body closer.

"It's getting cold." He states, hugging her closer. "Do you want to go home?"

Even though Hermione loves lying under the stars, wrapped in Draco's arms, and the thought of staying there all night is tempting, but the idea of going home to their house together is even more so.

"Let's go home." She stands up, holding her hand out to help Draco up.

Draco waves his wand to tidy up then follows Hermione down the staircase, leaving the basket and blanket in front of the door for the owner of the lighthouse, along with the key, as instructed, after locking the door from the inside. Taking Hermione's hand, they disapparate back to the estate.

Since it's nearly half past twelve when they get to their house, they head straight to bed, after greeting and feeding Athena. Hermione can't stop smiling as she brushes her teeth in the bathroom mirror or when she changes into her pyjama, well aware that Draco is watching her from his position in their bed, or when she climbs into bed, straight into Draco's open arms.

"What are you smiling at?" He asks, her smile reciprocated on his face.

"I'm just happy." She blushes, ducking her head against his shoulder.

"I'm glad." He chuckles, nuzzling his face into her hair. Hermione presses a soft kiss to the crook of his neck, making Draco shiver. She chuckles at his reaction, glazing up through her eyelashes at him.

"I lied to you." She admits, still smiling which send Draco mixed messages.

"About what exactly?" He asks, sounding nervous as his body shift awkwardly.

"About the conversation, I had with my Mum on the phone. I called her." She tells him.

Draco frowns. "Okay, I wouldn't say lying about who called who is a big deal." He laughs it off.

"Why did you call her?" He asks, hugging her closer again.

"I was a little freaked out." She admits.

"I realised you loved me." She adds when his frown deepens.

Draco looks down at her in confusion. "What gave it away, the multiple times I told you?" He half-jokes.

"It was the way you smiled at me. I realised that I hadn't been convinced when you first told me, I mean we were making out and you just blurted it out in the heat of the moment, but then you told me you would buy me sugar bread whenever I wanted and you smiled at me and I felt loved and it finally sank in that you actually loved me so I called my Mum." She realises she's rambling and stops to take a steadying breath.

"What did you tell her?" He asks, relaxing slightly.

"That you loved me and I didn't know what to do. We've been together a month and how crazy would that sound to a Muggle, that we're married and yet I've only just realised you love me." She laughs nervously as she reiterates what she told her Mum. "Then I realised something else, you didn't just love me, you're in love with me and there's a big difference between the two."

Draco blushes. "I haven't told you that." He states.

"But it's true, you're in love with me, aren't you?" She asks, sounding unsure.

He nods with a sigh. "I know you're not there yet and my feelings might be growing too fast but I blame you completely. You're very easy to fall in love with." He closes his eyes in embarrassment from admitting his feelings.

Hermione beams as she presses her lips to Draco's in a long but chaste kiss, surprising him. She takes a deep breath before she speaks again. "I love you, Draco."

Draco's eyes snap open. "What?" He asks breathlessly.

"I came to the realisation that I love you. Mum told me to hang up the phone and go back to you." She sits up, turning to face Draco. "Then you had to take me down to the bloody beach. I finally knew I loved you and everything was fine but you had to be all cute and show me how the tide makes your feet sink into the sand." She rants at him.

"I don't understand, do you love me or not?" He asks, sitting up beside her, his heart waiting to sink or sore depending on her answer.

"The sand, Draco." She repeats. "The look of content-ness on your face as you stood there, eyes closed, taking in the sun as we sank into the sand, hand in hand. You have never looked so beautiful and I let that feeling of content take over me and I knew. I didn't just love you but I was in love with you too and I held onto your hand tighter, never wanting to let go." She finally gets her feels across.

Draco stares at her for a long moment, blushing deep red as her words rush around his head. "Contentness isn't a word." He points out after a long silence.

Hermione's face falls. "I know, I should have said contentment." She snaps. "I confess that I'm in love with you and that's all you're going to comment on?" She asks rhetorically.

"There was a lot of information and I was still processing the fact that you loved me and then you tell me you're in love with me and they are two different feelings because on the scale of love I would say being in love is much higher than just loving and it's finally sinking in that we're both in love with each other and we're sat here arguing over grammar when we should be expressing this love for each other." He states.

"And how would you like to express your love for me?" Hermione smiles flirtatiously.

"By kissing you more passionately then I've ever kissed you before." He answers straight out.

Hermione's slightly taken aback but it doesn't take her long to answer. "Do it then."

Before she has time to prepare herself, Draco pounces, pressing his lips firmly against hers and not wasting any time in licking his way into the warmth of her mouth as he lays her down on their bed. Hermione gasps in surprise as his tongue gently brushes against her own, despite the urgency of the kiss. She fervently kisses back, her hands on his hips, pulling his weight down onto her, needing to feel the warmth of not only his mouth but also his body. Draco seems to feel the same way as one of his hands finds the hem of her pyjama shirt, where he breaks their kiss only long enough to pull the offending item of clothing over her head and press the warmth of his bare chest against hers as their lips meet to continue their exploration. Breathlessly a few minutes later, Draco breaks their kiss again, rolling to lie beside her as they both catch their breath.

"I think we need to stop." He says through ragged breath.

"I don't want to," Hermione tells him, swinging a leg over his body to straddle his waist. She leans forward kissing her way from his ear and down his neck. Draco's eyes close as his head falls back in pleasure. Suddenly, Hermione changes her course and begins to press soft kisses down his chest. He places his hands on her shoulders pushing her away gently.

"I really think we should stop." He repeats, hoping she'll understand what his wide eyes are trying to convey.

"I want to express my love for you." She tells him, begging him with her eyes to ask her how.

Draco gives in and asks, "How would you like to express your love for me?" He repeats her earlier question with a smile.

Hermione leans forward, pressing her lips against his ear. "By consummating our marriage." She whispers seductively.

Draco's breath catches in his throat as the soft brush of her voice against his ear send his blood running south. He pushes her away from him again to look at her. He takes in the sincerity in her eyes and the soft smile on her swollen, from kissing, lips.

"Do it then." He softly smirks at her.

Hermione's eyes widen as her smile broadens. "Really, you want to?" She asks his consent.

"I'd love nothing more than to make love to you right now." He admits, voice purring as he leans up to taking her lips in a gentle kiss as he mutters, "I love you."

"I love you, too." She smiles against his lip, hands moving down his chest towards his hips.

Whilst they're both nervous about having sex for the first time, knowing that their love for the other person is returned helps the nerves to dissipate into arousal as they take this next step in their relationship together.

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