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--Eternal Blue Memories--

-Chapter Six-

"Okay, I've seen Hiro do this often enough, I just hit the enemy with my weapon till they die. Simple enough." Ruby was talking to herself as she made her way out of Taben's Peak's safe area toward the monster infested spots. Despite what she told Nall she decided she couldn't wait until the next day to try out her sword so she set out to find some local monsters straight away. Besides, she reasoned to herself, it's not like there is anything really dangerous around here.

In her defense, she really had no idea how to gauge a fight in this new perspective and she neglected to seek help from her ancestor. That was something she would be sure to not forget to do in the future.

Ruby entered one of the floors that most commonly contained creatures and taking out her katana walked cautiously around looking for something to battle. Seeing one of the open treasure chests that she and Hiro opened long ago she walked up to it remembering how that almost always drew out resistance.

Her hunch paid off, when she got no more then a few feet from the chest a spectral entity came flying through the wall, startling Ruby and causing her to give a small shriek.. On seeing Ruby there, the enemy turned its attention to her and engaged in battle.

Ah! A Dream Leech, I remember those. Ruby thought in trepidation. Pushing down her anxiety she told herself. No matter, it's still a creature from way past in our journey, I'll bet I can take it out in a single hit. "Yaaah" She yelled as she swung her sword at the ghostly enemy.

The Dream Leech easily evaded the clumsy strike and before ruby could prepare it retaliated by playing a haunting note on its flute.

"Auugh" Ruby cried out as she felt almost all her magical reserves drain dry. I always thought it didn't hurt them to have their magic sucked out like that. Gritting her teeth she tried to swing her blade again, but she was still too slow and the specter ghosted away from her strike with an eerie giggle.

Letting out a hideous "Boo!" the specter attacked Ruby again. It's eerie powers attatched pain to it's haunting call taking the novice fighter by surprise.

Feeling hurt and exhausted, Ruby was beginning to get frustrated. Why can't I hit this creature? Just as she was about to try attacking again the Dream Leech let out a shriek of pain as a white orb blasted it out of existence.

Looking to where that orb came from she turned around and to her surprise found Nall standing there with a frown. Oh oh... Now was another one of those times when Nall could make her feel like a little child. "Uh.. Hey Nall, what brings you here? Hehehe?" She asked him with a nervous smile. I screwed up.

After coming to from Ruby's angry blast earlier Nall had gone in search of her to apoligize in hopes of getting on her good side again. After looking in her room and her most often used hangouts coming up empty he realized she wasn't there. Accessing his aura he felt her own responding below. Battling exhasperation with worry he ran down the stairs to find her. Seeing her engaged in a one-way battle with one of his tower's indiginous monsters let his exasperation and annoyance win out. She lied to me.

Nall was having none of her innocent act. "What, are you doing down here Ruby?" He asked her restraining his urge to yell.

"Just testing this sword." She said to him, although her tone left it sounding more as a question then an answer.

Having his last patient synapse snap Nall yelled at her. " You said you were going to start tomorrow! You lied to me Ruby."

Now feeling a little guilty she told him. " I meant to, but after you wouldn't wake up I got bored and wasn't ready to sleep yet. Sorry." Now indignation creeping in she added. "What's the big deal anyway? Hiro and I took care of these guys easily even when we first came through. It was just getting lucky dodging."

"Ruby, you have no experience fighting as a human. You have to start much smaller and work your way up. Yes you and Hiro had no trouble back then, but you didn't do any real fighting!"

Wilting in acceptance she said. "Okay fine... I get your point. So, now what?"

Inwardly cheering his luck in having her in an agreeable mood Nall gave her a Healing Nut. "Here, this'll heal your injuries. I suggest you go to sleep now and seek guidance from your ancestor's spirit, she'll help you understand battling more. Then tomorrow morning I'll come with you and we'll train you."

I must have really blown it, now he's insisting he accompany me. Ah crap... well it's not that bad, it's only for a few days. Maybe it was time she started trying to reign in her impulsive nature some more, it wasn't as harmless anymore. No Hiro around to help out, she was on her own for once... or at least she would be after Nall was convinced she knew how to fight. "Okay Nall, your right." She gave him a hug saying. "Goodnight."

Not much time later Ruby was sleeping restfully in her room, her red aura glowing around her unmoving form as she relived the previous Red Dragon's human fights. She went to sleep asking those before her for help and they were answering. Unlike when she first became one with the aura this time she would remember these battles upon her awakening and it would go a long way towards helping her catch up to Nall in terms of skill. The Red Dragon's having always been more prone to fighting then the more reclusive White Dragons, she was recieving the benefit of their experiences.

Days passed and Ruby quickly gained an admirable level of skill, thanks largely to her heritage. In addition to becoming adept at weilding her katana she also learned how to mimic magical spells using her aura. She currently only had two spells under her belt, but was sure with more practice she could get even more.

Her first spell she liked to call flame shackle, she summons chains of fire and uses them to bind the enemy into place, making it much easier to score a hit as well as dealing damage periodically. The other spell she had control over was a weaker version of the Red Dragon Anger, she copied Lemina and just called it Burning Rain since it was essentially the same thing.

Nall finally deemed Ruby fit to battle on her own when she was able to successfully defeat several of the monsters in a row on her own. He was impressed with her progress, it was only a few days ago when she couldn't even hit a single Dream Leech and felt faint after being hit by it once. Now however he had witnessed her take on each of his base's monsters even when grouped and she could shrug off the hits as if they were mosquito's.

He had greatly enjoyed spending these last few days with Ruby, but all good things must come to an end. With that final demonstration of her skill she had proved that she could handle herself now. far.

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