There you see her,

Sitting there across the way.

She don't got a lot to say, but there's something about her…

And you don't know why,

But you're dying to try.

You wanna kiss the girl.

Fakir found himself staring at Ahiru while she stared off at the lake they were sitting beside, and he thanked his lucky stars once again for his power, the power that had helped him turn her human again. She sighed, her small chest rising and falling with the breath, fluttering the loose fabric of her flowery summer dress, and something in the way she watched the water made him look away from her for a moment, and follow her gaze out across the sunny and clear lake.

It was the same lake she used to swim in when she had been only a duck, and Fakir found himself smiling at the thought of the little yellow duck she had been, and then felt his cheeks go hot as his mind wandered to the time he had found out she was a duck. He idly wondered if it was then he'd fallen in love with her.

And with that thought, Fakir abruptly snapped himself back to reality. Who said he was in love with her? And yet… he turned back to the flame-haired girl only a foot away, sitting with her hair, in its customary braid, and her dress waving in a warm summer breeze, on an old checked tablecloth, with the remains of a picnic between them; a platter of crumbs, two napkins, and assorted silverware. He had a sudden urge to… to kiss her. Her lips looked irresistible. Maybe I'm delirious, he thought, the heat is getting to me. But no. His heart betrayed him. She was always this beautiful, this irresistible, and Fakir knew it.

Yes, you want her.

Look at her, you know you do.

It's possible she wants you, too,

There is one way to ask her.

It don't take a word,

Not a single word.

Go on and kiss the girl.

He looked back at her. She smiled, but she looked sad. Not a blank sadness, such as the one Mytho had expressed. The feeling of sadness infested her eyes, and he almost couldn't stop himself from reaching over and cupping her face. Perhaps he was the answer to that sadness. If he just…

No. That wasn't his role. It never had been, and it never would be. He was simply her friend. A friend that spent time with her and took care of her, just as he had promised to do. That was why he had brought her on this picnic, wasn't it?

Was it? Well, no. He had wanted to spend time alone with her. He had wanted to simply watch her, like this. It was his own fault he had let his mind get carried away.


My, oh, my,

Look like the boy too shy,

Ain't gonna kiss the girl.


Ain't that sad,

Ain't it a shame, too bad.

You gonna miss the girl.

If he was honest with himself, Fakir knew that she would never think of him as anything more than a friend, and that in a few years, she would fall in love again, and he would have no place in her life any longer.

And he would miss her. Terribly.

If she only knew how much he loved her!

Now's your moment,

Floating in a blue lagoon.

Boy, you better do it soon,

No time will be better.

She don't say a word,

And she won't say a word

Until you kiss the girl.

Fakir turned back to the lake, and began to think.

What if he did kiss her? Here, and now.

It would speed up the process, like dying quickly, instead of slowly, and in pain.

She would reject him, and…


He looked back at Ahiru, still silent, and still sad-eyed.


Don't be scared,

You got the mood prepared,

Go on and kiss the girl.

Yes, it would be better for both of them this way.

Fakir shifted and started to move towards Ahiru.

She didn't see. She was too involved in her thoughts,

And perhaps that was a good thing, Fakir mused.


Don't stop now!

Don't try to hide it how

You wanna kiss the girl!

And he would get to kiss her. Just once.

He reached out a hand to turn her face towards him.


Float along.

Listen to the song.

The song say kiss the girl!


Music play.

Do what the music say!

You gotta kiss the girl!

In one smooth moment Ahiru found her lips being gently caressed by Fakir's, and for a moment she was speechless and surprised, and pulled away, but when she felt his lips leave hers, and saw his eyes start to open, she understood.

He didn't think she loved him. That was why he had never before made any mention of his feelings. It wasn't that they didn't exist, it was that he was scared.

And with that certainty, Ahiru threw her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his.

She could feel his uncertainty then, but only for a moment. When Fakir realized what had happened he wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up in the air, spinning her around until they fell in the grass, still lip-locked, Ahiru landing on top of Fakir.

Autor smirked, and turned to go home. Finally some of his own writing had paid off. Perhaps he had finally found his own form of the power, then, in a song.

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