Quick note: Vegeta and Goku still have their tails in this story. Hope you don't mind.

"Is this good?" Goku called from the ground as he held up the wooden beam up against the frame of the house.

"No, a little to the left, Kakarot," Vegeta called down from his place hovering next to the frame with a hammer and a sack of nails. Goku moved a few inches to Vegeta's right. "NO! Your other left, you idiot!" he snapped.

"But I only have one left... " Goku responded with confusion.

Vegeta growled. "Dammit Kakarot! Just move in the opposite direction of where you are!" he barked.

"Jeeze, alright Vegeta," he said moving, "No need to get huffy about it." With that, the beam was positioned perfectly next to the one connecting two of the frames of the house they were currently building. They had been working on turning the temple into a house for months, but the work had been going excruciatingly slow for a number of reasons. The biggest reason being that they didn't know the first thing about building a house to begin with!

"Finally," Vegeta huffed, taking out a nail and positioning it on the side of the horizontal wooden beam. He raised his hammer and slammed it down on the nail, resulting in a large crack splitting through most of the wood. Vegeta's eye twitched with rage. "TA HELL WITH THIS!" he shouted, throwing the hammer as hard as he could. It flew over the temple and landed miles away, an explosion and a car alarm sounded in the distance when it landed.

"Vegeta! That was our last hammer!" Goku scolded as he floated up to eye level with the Irate saiyan, "Now what are we going to do?"

"Don't know, don't care. I'm sick of this little project anyways. Why are we even doing this?!" Vegeta snapped.

"We're doing it for Steven," Piccolo responded, walking up to them, "He needs a place to live and he can't spend the rest of his life sleeping in the back of a van!"

"Yes, but aren't there humans specifically designated to do this kind of work?" Vegeta asked, "I don't see why I should spend my days doing nothing but getting splinters and a headache when I could be out getting rid of those pesky gem beasts. You know, the ones that are threatening the planet that we swore to protect?"

"I'm sorry, but do you want even more of those humans running around the temple for the next few months?" Piccolo questioned, narrowing his eyes at the saiyan, "Because we already have enough of them to deal with, what with the kid's dad and that banshee Goku keeps bringing around."

"Hey!" Goku cried, "Don't say that about Chichi! She's really nice, a great fighter, and an amazing cook!"

"Shut up Kakarot," Vegeta said, rolling his eyes.

"What's with you guys? I thought you liked humans. That's why we protect them, right?" Goku asked. Over the past few years Goku noticed a huge change in his teammates' demeanors about the inhabitants of the world they claimed to protect. Ever since Rose died, they had become much more reclusive and cold towards mankind. Not that they hadn't been reclusive before, but at least they interacted with humans every once and awhile. Vegeta even used to hang out with that Vidalia girl for a while!

"Maybe that's why you do, but we have other reasons," Piccolo responded. Just then, they saw an overweight man with a sunburn walking towards them. "Speaking of humans…" Piccolo muttered as they floated down to meet him.

"Hey, Greg!" Goku called cheerfully as he touched down in front of the much shorter man.

"Hey guys..." the man said nervously, awkwardly waving at the three aliens. "Nice weather, ain't it. How are things going?"

"What do you want, Universe?" Vegeta bit out sharply, arms folded across his chest.

Greg swallowed as the spiky-haired Saiyan glared at him. "W-well, I just thought because you guys have been working so hard that you might want a snack and something to drink! Also, Steven has something to show you," he explained.

"Really? Awesome! Thanks Greg!" Goku chirped.

"Fine. Let's see whatever the boy has to show us," Vegeta said, walking past the balding man. The trio walked up to the van where the little five year old was sitting. The shirt covering him was too big for him, but they didn't have much else for him. Most of the clothes that the three aliens had worn when they were his age either the wrong size, worn out, or both. In the child's lap was an ukulele. He looked up at the three aliens before him both nervously and in awe.

"Hey, Steven! What's up?" Goku said ruffling Steven's hair.

"Stevens been really excited about getting to live with and train with you guys. He even wrote a song for you guys," Greg explained.

"Really? Awesome! Let's hear it!" Goku exclaimed.

The little boy hesitated. Looking down at his feet. "Come on Steven, show them what you wrote," Greg encouraged.

"Yeah! We'd love to hear your song," Goku urged.

"Go on, boy. We'll be disappointed if turns out we walked down here with the promise of a song and get nothing instead," Vegeta said. Piccolo jabbed him with his elbow. "What? It's true!" Vegeta snapped.

With that, Steven gathered up his courage and began strumming his instrument.

"If you're evil and you're on the rise,

You can count on the four of us taking you down

From red ribbon to space invaders

Pick a fight with us, you'll regret it later!

We. Are the Z Fighters!

And we'll always save the day!

Even when we fall

We get stronger anyway!

That's why the people of. this. world.

Believe in:

Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo,

And STEVEN!" the boy finished, pumping his fist in the air.

"Wooo! Awesome job, Steven!" Goku cheered and picked up the boy while Piccolo clapped lightly and Vegeta grinned. Steven giggled as Goku sat him on his shoulders.

"Usually human music just hurts my ears, but that wasn't too bad," Piccolo commented before turning to Vegeta. "What do you think? Was it worth your precious time, oh mighty prince?" he asked sarcastically.

Vegeta rolled his eyes at the Namekian and his tail twitched. "Oh shut up. It was fine," Vegeta quipped, "Now where are those snacks we were promised…"


Hey everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed this story. I have no idea if I'm going to continue this or not, so thanks for reading and have an awesome day!