If it gives you solace, In my version of the end he simply gave up and waited, waited for the inevitability of his death sentence to come to fruition the next day. For his last request, a bottle of anything so he wouldn't feel the pain as they forced the life from him, and in the last whisper of his final traces of life, he was finally at peace with his mind.

Much to my surprise - SillyCritter made a second part to this, a happier ending. If you're interested, its at s/11772455/1/In-His-Name

Thank you so much for your support and attention! I've never had so much praise for my writing and I'm SO glad people like it!

EDIT: I've scratched up a fanon string of dimensions in my spare time and I'll be using it as a point of reference for C-148's dimmensions and the like. Look out for it on my Deviantart in the future! (RAYDquit)