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On a Fairy Tail binge...

'A fairy?!'

Laxus immediately hid his large body behind a tree, peeking out only a moment later to confirm what his eyes were telling him.

A woman.

'She...' The blond swallowed thickly, feeling heat begin to build up in him at the rather alluring sight before him, 'She's beautiful.'

It was wrong of him to not take his eyes away from the scene of her bathing in the hot spring, but the combination of her beauty, the glittering fireflies floating about, and the moonlight illuminating the surroundings, Laxus found himself mesmerized.

For the first time since he had been expelled from Fairy Tail, he felt peace despite the other arousing emotions that were beginning to well up.

'Could she be a fairy?' Laxus wondered, and was a bit frustrated to find that hesitation was holding him back – something that would not have stopped his old self, 'Do fairies even exist?'

The Lightning Mage had to physically hold back a groan when she stood and turned in his direction, 'I...' He licked his suddenly dry lips and felt both disappointed and relieved when he noticed her long black hair was covering her breasts from view, 'I shouldn't be watching like some... some sad pervert!'

He fled.

"Oh?" Kagome blinked, looking in the direction in which the man had been standing behind a tree, "He's gone..." She said and moved towards the edge of the hot spring to where her tattered yellow backpack was sitting, "I was hoping to ask him some questions."

Well, hopefully the sight of her naked body didn't scare him off, 'Well,' The Miko smiled as she started to dress herself, 'His aura is pretty unique. I suppose I can just follow after him.'

Maybe it wasn't so bad falling into a whole different world no thanks to the damn Shikon.