A/N: A little epilogue based on a scene in Music and Lyrics.

"Fakir! Hello?" Autor knocked on Fakir's door again, wondering once again why he bothered, "Are you even awake yet?!"

Almost before he could finish the last question, came Fakir, wearing only his customary black pants, his finger to his lips, and his eyes very awake.

"Shh!" he hissed, and Autor rolled his eyes.

"I'm only being as loud as I am every mo-mpph!" he said, at the same volume level, until Fakir slapped a hand over his mouth "Mpphhh?!" Autor queried indignantly.

"I slept with Ahiru," explained Fakir, as calmly as if he were explaining that the answer had been "b" and not "a" on a test.

Autor's eyes seemed to widen to the size of dinner plates, and Fakir removed his hand cautiously.


Fakir grimaced and replaced his hand sharply over Autor's mouth, Fakir's eyes darting to either side of the thankfully empty hallway, before looking behind him, into the room. He breathed again. Whatever he saw had apparently satisfied him.

"Remember where we are, Autor," Fakir hissed, and once again removed his hand cautiously, though poised to replace it again.

"This is horrible, Fakir! This is very bad…" Autor whispered, looking from one side to the other, until he saw Fakir's face, taken by a smile as he leaned against his doorframe, his eyes looking up at the ceiling, though obviously seeing something else.

"Unless… you're happy about this," Autor shot sarcastically, taken aback by his friend's unheard-of smile, "In which case I couldn't be more pleased for you. Who cares if it's completely against the rules. It's true love, right?"

Autor sighed, seeing that Fakir hadn't been listening. "Do you want me to cover for you?" he asked, slapping a hand on his forehead.

"Yes," Fakir said, then abruptly turned when they heard a thump and an "oww" coming from inside the room.

"I think she's up now," said Fakir then, and flashed a smile at Autor before closing the door and returning to his lady love.

Autor snorted at the closed door, attracting the attention of one of the other boys, just coming down the hall and blinking sleepily at Autor. It was the Chihuahua boy, and one of the worst gossips on campus. Autor wasn't mad enough to tell him what happened, but…

"It's a sign of the apocalypse," Autor explained, "Fakir was smiling and cheerful."

The boy's eyes were suddenly awake, and it took him only a split second to scurry off to start another rumor, not noticing Autor's own smile, almost as rare as Fakir's.

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