Title: Living In Danger
Author: MSKBSwedish
Rating: Mature
Summery: Set four years after the first story 'Midnight Sun'. Buffy and Spike's daughter Linn is now four years old and it's up to Spike and Buffy to protect their little girl from demons and other sorts of evil when the word gets out that the Slayer and the Slayer of Slayers have a child together. Set as M for heavy adult themes at times.
Note: I own nothing of the Buffyverse.

Chapter Six – Unfamiliar

"Do you have the child?" A deep and booming voice came from the shadows of the decrepit mansion. The figure paced back and forth within the shadows, careful not to be seen.

"I do, my love." The woman who had shouted at Linn replied to the shadowed figure. She kept her distance from the figure in the shadows but it took every ounce in her not to pull him to her and kiss him.

The figure stopped pacing and looked out from the shadows. "Where does she rest?" The deep voice asked but this time softer. He seemed pleased with the work of the woman in front of him.

"I have her locked away in the mansion." The woman said with a sly smile.

"And you are sure this is the child, correct?" The man pushed on. He seemed hopeful that his loyal subject hadn't disappointed him.

The raven haired woman nodded her head. "She looks just like that pretty little slayer." The woman's voice began to drip with disdain in mentioning Buffy. "But her eyes." Her voice quickly changed. She almost sounded amazed and in awe. "She has her father's eyes." Her eyes cast down toward the floor as if longing to look in those eyes once again.

"If you are sure that this is indeed the child of Spike and Buffy, we have to understand that if they catch us, they will not stop until we are dead." The man warned the woman who nodded her head in agreement. "We do this once and we do it good and we leave town as soon as we are done."

"I only have but one question, my love." The woman stated as thoughts began to swarm her mind.

"What is it?" He asked in return.

"If we kill the child, that will only anger Spike and Buffy. Don't you think they will find out it was us?" She asked, almost unsure of what they had done.

A devilish chuckle came from the shadows in response. "If you did everything right, they won't find it was us, my darling."

"What does the child's death have to do with Spike and Buffy, Angelus?" The woman asked quietly.

Stepping from the shadows his face was screwed to a malicious grin. "Revenge, Dru. Sweet, sweet revenge."

Buffy looked around her four year old's bedroom. It was once her mother's room and she had no need for the large bed room but the moment she and Spike had asked about what they would do for a nursery, Buffy wanted to use her mother's old bed room. Willow and Tara were getting serious and Willow had talked about moving in with Tara at her apartment. Plus, Buffy saw the bed room as a room her daughter could grow into. It was huge but she would easily grow into it. Besides, how many teenagers could say they have the biggest room in their house?

Buffy pushed her tongue against the back of her teeth as she tried not to cry again. She needed to stay strong. She needed to keep her strength up so she could find her daughter. Getting Linn home and back in her arms safely was the only thing that mattered to her at that moment.

Shuffling around in the room, Buffy focused mainly around the bed and the windows. She looked to see if any of the locks had been broken on the windows. Surprisingly, none had. Whoever had been there had to have come in through the door. The windows were all locked as normal.

It made Buffy feel a little defeated and made her blood boil. It was just another piece of the puzzle that wasn't solved and was going to make it harder for them to find her daughter.

Buffy let her hands drop to her sides and walked over to the bed. She had sat on the bed earlier that day but the multicolored blanket was still pushed back and her daughter's imprint was still there. Buffy ran her hand longingly over the bed sheet.

"Have you found anything, love?" Spike's voice came out of no where from the doorway.

Buffy jumped a little and looked up to see Spike.

"Sorry, pet." He apologized, realizing he had scared her by accident. It was to be expected. Her nerves were on edge.

Spike walked further into the room toward Buffy. The slayer stood up straight and turned her body to face him. She pushed her arms under his and wrapped him into a hug, pressing her cheek against the soft material of his t-shirt. Spike's palms ran the length of the petite slayer's back.

"I don't want to be in here." Buffy murmured into his chest. She sounded as if she were going to cry again.

Spike moved his hand to her chin. He lifted Buffy's head gently. Softly, he placed a kiss upon her lips.

Once the kiss broke, he took the opportunity to speak. "You need to rest." He whispered quietly.

Buffy shook her head while unraveling herself from her lover's embrace. "I can't. Not until she's home." Buffy said firmly.

"Listen to me, Buffy. Making yourself weak and setting yourself up for failure isn't going to bring Linn home." Spike didn't want to argue with Buffy at all but he knew that if she didn't rest, she wasn't going to be in the best shape to fight which was most likely what was going to happen.

"How can you say that?" Buffy was a hair away from shouting at Spike. "How can you be so calm?" Buffy had to turn away from Spike before she tried to strangle him. He was so calm that it angered her.

Spike hated this blame game that Buffy seemed to want to play recently. It rattled the anger growing in his bones.

"You say these things, Buffy. You make these accusations as if this isn't hurting me too." Spike was desperate to get through to her. "You don't understand that she isn't just your child. She's mine too." Spike didn't think Buffy was listening and it only angered him more.

Walking over to Buffy, Spike grabbed her wrist and turned her to look at him. He didn't mean to be so forceful in that moment but his emotions were at their brink.

"You seem to forget that you weren't the only one who cares so much for that little girl that it's ripping me apart inside too." Spike's eyes held so much hurt for the daughter that was taken from them suddenly. He looked and sounded like he would cry. "For someone who never believed I could ever have a child, that I could never get that chance or ever be something more than just a sodding evil vampire to wreak havoc on the world..." Spike was beginning to lose his grip on his emotions now. "You have no idea what it means to have it taken in an instant."

Spike's grip lessened on Buffy's wrist and Buffy's face softened as well. As much as she wanted to be angry with him right now, she knew he was right.

"I'm sorry." Buffy reached up and cupped his face. She took a deep breath which was shaky and labored. "But I do know how you feel, Spike. I grew up dreaming of a time when I could have it all. The car, the house, the husband, the children. To have it all. Like you, I was mortal once, in a sense. I was fifteen when I was charged as the slayer. From that moment on I hated the idea of children and a family because I knew what hid in the shadows. The monsters that were on my doorstep at every chance they got." Buffy's eyes matched her lover's eyes. Both hazy and glittered with speckles of tears that were soon to run down their cheeks.

"When Giles told me that I was to have a baby with you and that child would be killed for the greater good, I was so angry!" Buffy's tears fell one by one as she spoke. "I felt like I was being toyed with. I hated him, I hated you." Buffy took a deep breath. "But I realized that I didn't hate anyone but myself. I was going to have to do the most grueling thing that a woman could ever do. I was going to have to bare a child and watch that child die. I felt like I had to live the horror that I feared I would put my mom through." Buffy had to stop to hold back a sob that threatened to make it's way out.

"Then you happened." Buffy couldn't help but smile. "You proved to me that you truly loved me. That you loved our baby girl because you made it possible for our daughter to take her first steps. Say her first words. Feel the love of two parents who love her more than life itself." Buffy wrapped her arms around Spike again as their tears wet their skin.

Pressing his forehead to her's, their emotions mirrored one another. "I just wish that you would understand that you're not alone anymore. You're not the only one who is hurting." Spike sniffled as he pulled her tight against him. "We both had lives before this. We have lived three lives in these times. I was an innocent human before becoming a vampire. You were an innocent human girl before you became the slayer. Then fate brought us together." Spike slipped one hand to cup Buffy's cheek to look deep into her eyes. "And fate gave us our little Linn."

He was right. Buffy nodded her head as her eyes clouded with tears.

"You're just always so calm, Spike. You're so calm and that makes me so mad because I can't be. I can't think rationally. My first instinct is to react." Buffy gripped the vampire's shirt in her hands.

"I know, love, but to handle this situation we have to think clearly. One wrong move and..." Spike couldn't even mutter the words that almost formed. He couldn't imagine seeing his child lifeless and unresponsive.

"I know. I know and I'm so sorry." Buffy buried her head in Spike's chest and let out a sob.

The couple stood there. Their tears falling upon one another as they tried to hold it together but needing that moment with one another to feel the things they felt.

Soon the tears began to subside. Mainly because Buffy had probably cried most of the tears possible out and Spike was starting to regain his right mind.

Spike pulled away slightly and looked down at Buffy. "I'm going to look around outside to see if I can try and find something that might help while it's still dark out. Will you please at least lay down for a bit, love? If not for yourself or for me but for Linn."

Buffy slowly nodded her head. "Will you lay with me? Until I fall asleep?"

Spike's response was to pull away. He laced his fingers with Buffy's and lead her back down the hallway to their bed room. He shut the door behind them to give them their privacy.

Inside the room Buffy and Spike laid down on the bed. Buffy crawled under the blankets while Spike stayed above them. Buffy reached over to grab Mr. Teddy, Linn's bear that Buffy had sat on her nightstand only a few mornings before. She tucked the bear into her arms as she laid down with her face buried in Spike's neck. He secured his arms around the blond and used one hand to run his fingers through her hair. He knew it would help calm his lover at least enough to try and rest.

Tonight was an odd night. The moon was hidden behind clouds which Spike could feel. While it hardly rained in Sunnydale, the night smelled dewy and damp. It was going to rain so he needed to react quickly. He had come outside to try and find some sort of clue of who could have taken his child from her bed unexpectedly. He was still kicking himself for not knowing or hearing. Damned his heavy sleeping. Since becoming a father he found that he slept lighter than before but that morning he was knocked out cold.

Standing on the front porch to the home he had called his own for the last four, almost five years, Spike put his hands on his hips and looked around. There had to be something that would give away a clue. Anything at this point would be better than wandering in the dark as they were now.

Spike searched for the rest of the night outside. He checked the bushes. He checked the backyard, front yard, along side the house. Nothing. Nothing to put his curiosity at bay.

Feeling defeated Spike turned his attention back inside. Something suddenly didn't smell right. Literally. He didn't understand why his senses didn't pick up on it before.

Following his nose, Spike found his way up to his daughter's bed room. He smelled something familiar. All too familiar. The smell was so strong in that moment while standing in the doorway to his four year old's room.

The bed. Spike shuffled over to the bed and inhaled deeply. It was stronger than ever. He bent forward to search for what the smell was coming from. He wondered if his own daughter's scent and Buffy's had drowned it out before but now, it was clear as day.

There it was. The clue.

Spike laid his eyes on one long black strand of hair that laid untouched on Linn's bed. His fingers grabbed the single strand and he lifted it to his nose to get a good waft of it. "Drusilla." Spike growled as his vampire overtook him.