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AN2: I rewrote this chapter four times so I hope it is good and please don't kill me when you see what happens. It's essential for Ash making his choice.

AN3: After Chapter 1, Ash is going to be known as Tao Akiyama, but to his organization and enemies he'll be known as Scorpion. The only people who will know his new name as well as his former self are our favorite Trio, Misty, Gary and Harry.

AN4: Tao's Eevee is going to evolve into Umbreon.

An answer to my own challenge Betrayed.

Challenge Title: Betrayed

By: moonfeather58

Deadline: None

Crossover: Harry Potter/Pokémon

Plot: Betrayed by his friends after Max is found dead between the series of Sinnoh and Unova, Ash Ketchum flees Kanto where he discovers Jessie, James and Meowth about to be killed by Giovani because they bumbled things for the last time. Ash saves them and after explaining his story, finds out the bad trio are the only ones who believe him. Across the worlds, little Harry Potter vanishes from Privet Drive without a trace and ends up in the region Ash is now in, becoming a member of the new organization that the former trainer started after his own betrayal and when Harry turns ten is given his own Pokémon Starter of the region before beginning his own journey to being a trainer. But when Harry turns eleven he is drawn back to the world he was born...only to discover his own betrayal. Yet a twist comes into play when Ash harbors a secret from his time with his friends...what is it and will Harry find himself betrayed again by the one he trusts most in his life?


-James, Jessie and Meowth become part of Ash's new organization.

-Harry Potter is somehow transported to the Pokémon World before starting Hogwarts and must go through his first year as a trainer before joining Hogwarts with his Pokémon at his side.

-Under Ash's leadership, James, Jessie and Meowth become better than they ever were under Team Rocket.

-Ash becomes smarter and rotates his new Pokémon out so they each get battle experience as well as evolving his Pokémon.

-Ash's former Pokémon forsaking him and either turning wild or going with new trainers. Some may end up staying with him but the majority leave, including his herd of Tauros leaving. Pikachu can stay as long as he is evolved into Raichu at some point.

-Harry must return to the Pokémon world to continue training as a Pokémon Trainer in the summer and holidays.

-Harry gains the egg of a legendary bird (Moltres, Articuno, Zapados) and the egg of a legendary dog (Raikou, Entei, Suicune)

-Ash eventually confronting his ex-friends.

-Ash goes to a different region and continues his Pokémon journey with his new organization behind him OR Ash ends up becoming a member of the Kanto Battle Frontier. (Either of these is a requirement so do one or the other.)=Creates a new organization.

-Harry is not a Horcrux and thus does not have Parsletongue.


-Ash gains a Riolu and becomes an Aura Guardian.=no

-Mewtwo joining Ash.=no but he remains a good friend.

-Gary and/or Paul joining Ash's new organization.=yes

-One of his female traveling partners following him into the dark and becoming his girlfriend/wife=yes

-Harry giving up on magic to be a squib and continue through his Pokémon journey without the expectations of the wizarding world after learning how he has been betrayed by wizardkind.=maybe

-Ash really did kill Max and ran to cover it up OR he helped contribute to Max's death in some way.=yes


-Jessie, James and Meowth betraying their new leader Ash.

-Jessie, James and Meowth staying the bumbling idiots they are during the original series (Kanto to Sinnoh).

-Harry joining Voldemort or the Order of the Phoenix.

-Voldemort and Dumbledore gaining the allegiance of Ash's organization in the wizard fight.

-Harry helping the wizards who left him with the Dursleys in the fight against Voldemort.


Rain pounded against the windows of the airplane as it flew over Hoenn. Outside a storm brewed with thunder and flashes of lightning. It was the perfect weather for the dreary mood a young man had at the moment as he left his old home behind. The passenger didn't speak at all and his face was hidden in shadow, his head bowed. His arms were wrapped around an egg canister that held a cream egg with four brown spots on it and at his feet was an Eevee that had been trapped in the airplane after it had wandered onboard looking for shelter from some attacking wild Pokémon. This was Tao Akiyama, formerly Ash Ketchum, of Pallet Town in the Kanto Region.

As a flash of lighting briefly lit up the plane's interior, the form of Tao was revealed. Bandages were wrapped around his hands and lower arms that clutched the precious egg tightly to his chest. His head had bandages wrapped around it and his face…his face was heavily burned on one side. "Vee?" asked the Evolution Pokémon when she saw her master wake up with the clap of thunder.

"I'm fine Eevee," Tao said, his voice hoarse from a combination of disuse and crying. "I still…Pikachu," he said sadly, unable to finish his thought as a fresh wave of pain seemed to stab right through his heart when he thought back to what had happened sixteen hours ago.


Pain was the first thing Ash Ketchum felt when he finally came around to the land of the living once more. He felt something cylindrical and cold, something that felt like glass, in his arms as he stirred. Opening his eyes, he saw an egg case in his arms with a cream egg that had four brown spots on it in his arms.

Looking down at his arms, Ash saw they were covered in bandages from his hands to his lower arms. He stared at his bandaged arms and hands in confusion before hearing a commotion outside and set the egg case on the floor, turning around to look out the cell window. He saw a crowd of people outside, picking up poke balls. "Wait! Are those my poke balls?"

Moments later May, Caroline, Officer Jenny, and his own mom stopped in front of the cell that Ash was in.

"May!" Ash shouted. "What are you and your mom doing here?" Neither person answered him. Instead they just stared at him with cold eyes.

"May? Mom?" Ash asked, hoping somebody would tell him what was going on. As he didn't have access to a mirror he had no idea about what he looked like at the moment. "Will someone tell me what is going on? Why are my Pokémon being stolen from me and why am I in jail? Where's Pikachu?" Ash asked. "Please? Please just tell me what is going on."

"Don't pretend that you don't know what's going on Ash Ketchum," said May as she stood there with her mother's hand on her shoulder. "You know what you did!"

"But I don't! You have to listen to me!" Ash shouted.

"Shut up murderer!" shouted May, tears streaming down her cheeks as she glared at her ex-friend. "How could you do that to me?! How could you do that to Max?!"

"I…I don't…" Ash started but was cut off as the door opened and May rushed in before slapping Ash across the scarred part of his face. Ash yelped in surprise as he held his cheek, pain exploding at contact and making his eyes water.

"Don't pretend that you don't remember what you did to my brother Ash! I thought you were my friend but that was a lie obviously! I'm going to take great pleasure in taking your Infernape as my own in compensation for killing my brother! I guess you taught your Pikachu to be evil like you are. Why else would Max have died of a heart attack?"

"But I…" Ash started as he tried to remember how he had ended up in jail. He remembered May going on towards Johto after finishing up the Hoenn League and Max heading home, saying goodbye to Brock as they split up to go to their separate hometowns and meeting Pidgeot in Viridian Forest where he was given the Pidgey egg of his old friend. For some reason though he couldn't remember anything past being given Pidgeot's egg. It was like there was a fog over his brain that prevented him from remembering anything recent.

"I'm telling you I don't remember! And for the love of Arceus will someone tell me where is Pikachu?!" Ash shouted.

"Your Pikachu is dead," May said. "It was put down after it shocked everyone who tried to capture it. I even helped put it down with my Blaziken. It wasn't any match for my friend after it was weakened in battle. Even your Bulbasaur evolving into Ivysaur to save the other Pokémon didn't help. He died alongside Pikachu."

That was the wrong thing to say to Ash as he narrowed his eyes in angry. "You…you killed…Pikachu and Ivysaur?!"

Ash stood there in shock, angry tears streaming down his cheeks and falling to the floor. "You'll pay May! You don't want to believe me when I say that I don't remember what happened to your brother or how he ended up dead? Fine! But don't expect me to help you ever again!"

"Come on May," said Caroline as she steered her daughter out of the jail. Ash then looked to his mother.


"Shut up Ash. I didn't raise a murderer. The Ash I raised was a kind and loving boy, a little immature yes, but he cared for his friends and loved Pokémon. You're no longer my son and not fit to be a Pokémon Trainer." With those parting words she left the cell, leaving a stunned Ash behind.

"Officer Jenny?"

"Mr. Ketchum, you will never be allowed to call Kanto and Pallet Town your home ever again and are unfit to be a Pokémon Trainer," said Officer Jenny. "You have two choices. You can either leave Kanto and never return or you can be charged for your crime and be sentenced to jail for the rest of your life. As it is, you will never be allowed to rejoin the Indigo League and are hereby stripped of all your badges and trophies you won in the Kanto Battle Frontier and Indigo Plateau. I have a one-way ticket you can take right now and I'll take you to the airport myself so you can get a ride and leave."

"What if I refuse to leave?" Ash questioned.

"Then you will be charged with the murder of Max and sentenced to life in jail. That egg will be taken from you."

The betrayed and former trainer's eyes burned with rage as he heard the Officer threatened to take his Pokémon egg away. Making his decision Ash took the ticket out of Officer Jenny's hand and scrunched it up in his fist. "You'll all pay for what you did to my Pokémon and myself," Ash said.

Officer Jenny nodded and handed Ash a poke ball. "Your mother requested that I give you this poke ball and I'll let you keep the egg with you."

Ash looked at the poke ball, wondering who had decided to remain with him. Putting the poke ball into his pocket he followed Officer Jenny out of the jail and to her police car. Ash got into the side car and held tightly to the egg case, trying to avoid the attacking Pokémon and rocks that were thrown at him as Officer Jenny hightailed it out of Viridian City. Once they were out of the city, she slowed down and looked at Ash. "I'd suggest you get some new clothes and avoid getting into any trouble," said Officer Jenny as they drove. Ash just ignored her and remained in silence for the rest of the drive to the train station. When Officer Jenny stopped in Saffron City, Ash scoffed at her and got out before pulling out what little money he had left and went to get some clothing. It was while he was in the dressing room that he discovered his face was scarred. Horrified at his appearance, he bought a full facial skull mask and got the train to Goldenrod City where he hopped a plane to an unknown region called Kalos.

~End Flashback~

With his life behind him destroyed, Tao had abandoned his old name just as his friends and mother had abandoned him. Instead he had taken a new name, Tao Akiyama, and would attempt to capture Pokémon and enter the Kalos League. But he would get them all back. They would all pay for not believing him but…why couldn't he remember what had happened?

Tao couldn't believe it. His Pokémon were gone. On the way to Saffron City, he had been told not all of his Pokémon had been taken by other trainers. Some had been turned wild. Tao wondered if that was because they hadn't wanted any other trainer except him. It seemed he would never know now that he had been exiled from Kanto.

"Attention all passengers. We will be stopping in Slateport City to refuel. Passengers may disembark and explore the city as long as they are back in two hours," came the pilot's voice over the intercom.

Tao frowned and slipped his mask on as the plane began to land, recalling Eevee to her poke ball and slipping it in his backpack before making his way to the Pokémon Center to have the Pidgey egg and his two Pokémon checked over. Along the way he heard three familiar voices begging for help which surprised the teen. Curious, he made his way towards the building and slipped through the door. What he saw surprised him and he clutched removed the poke ball containing the friend from Kanto as he saw the trio of bumbling idiots chained to a wall with six fully evolved Pokémon in front of them. Well what do we have here? Tao thought to himself, his eyes narrowing behind his mask. Unbeknownst to him, he was about to find out the friend who would follow him into the darkness and back out.

Next Chapter: The Pokemon from Kanto is revealed and helps to rescue our favorite trio where they make their way to Kalos to start Tao's new organization, Team Abyss. Also, our little hero ends up in the Pokemon World but how did he get there? Stay tuned.