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Pest Control

From the sidelines, Harry watched as his daddy threw a poke ball before him and a white light appeared before forming to reveal the Hoenn Grass-Starter. Before them was a green bipedal reptilian Pokémon. Its head had two crests on the sides and a long neck. The eyes were semicircular, yellow with red rims and two lines running down the middle of its back. On both sides of its back were yellow nodules. Its lower jaw and a belt-like band across its waist were also red. Two long arms ended in three claws on its hands and two sharp, elongated leaves. Its tail looked like a palm tree branch. "Sceptile!" Sceptile was wearing a choker with the Sceptilite on it around its neck.

Scorpion pressed the keystone in the bracelet around his left wrist and light shot out of the keystone which was answered by light coming out of the Scepilite from the choker around Sceptile's neck. The lights connected and flowed around Sceptile before swallowing him in a burst of color as the Grass-Type began to change form before the eyes of everyone present. When the light faded, the Pokémon had changed. Sceptile's head crests became more pointed with the round portion missing from the middle. The red markings around its eyes became smaller and more narrow. The yellow seeds down its back grew larger while the last pair of seeds on its back turned red and the pair above turned orange. Red stripes encircled the base of its tail and ran across its lower belly. The leaves on Sceptile's wrists became more pointed, and the upper ones developed red tips and half-circles cut out of the middle. Plates of leaves covered its chest and shoulders similar to those formed on its tail. The tail grew longer and developed a red stinger at the tip. Mega Sceptile had changed from a Grass-Type to a dual Grass/Dragon-Type Pokémon and was able to cut off a portion of its tail to fire it at opponents. Its ability had also changed to Lightning Rod in its mega form.

"Wow," said Harry as he looked at his dad's Pokémon. "Mama do you have that Pokémon too?" Harry asked as he turned his gaze from the dual Grass/Dragon-Type to his mother.

Misty stared at Harry in surprise, this being the second time she had been referred to in a shortened form of mother. Although Misty had happily accepted Harry as her son when she found out that A-Tao finally reciprocated her feelings that she had begun developing in the Orange Islands for the boy who had wanted to be the greatest Pokémon Master, being called any form of mother would take time for her to get used to. Along with realizing that the bumbling trio of idiots were now part of Tao's organization. "No Harry. I specialize in Water-Type Pokémon," said Misty. "Though I'm afraid of Bug-Type Pokémon."

"Why?" asked Harry.

"Everyone is afraid of something," said Misty, "and I just don't like bugs. They creep me out."

"Oh. I don't like people who yell at me or hit me," said Harry.

Misty frowned. "Well nobody will ever hurt you again," said Misty. "Your father and I will make sure of it."

"Same with us," said Jessie.

"Count me in. I can be an uncle to ya squirt," said Gary.

Harry smiled and settled against his mother's side as he watched the two Pokémon on either end of the gym, wondering if his father would win and hoping he could learn from this for when he started his own journey when he was old enough. What would his Pokémon that he had found be like and would they be strong like his dad's Sceptile?

Viola's eyes widened as she saw this challenger use a Pokémon that had changed form, it being her first Mega Evolution that she had seen since it had been discovered by Professor Sycamore. "Surskit use Sticky Web," said Viola.

Surskit moved back and forth in front of Viola on its feet before spitting out globs of white thread that clung to the walls, the ground and the roof of the Santalune City Gym from its antenna. While it might be good for an unevolved Pokémon or a Flying-Type Pokémon, Sceptile was, at the moment, a half-Grass and half-Dragon Pokémon in his mega evolved stage. The rest of the time, Sceptile was a pure Grass-Type. Scorpion stared around the gym, noting that the webs might hinder Mega Sceptile's speed. "Sceptile use Leaf Blade on the webs."

Sceptile nodded and the four leaves on his arm glowed light green and combined into two sharp blades on either arm. When the blades had extended, the dual Grass-Type/Dragon-Type Pokémon dashed towards the center of the gym and leaped into the air, spinning as he slashed at the webs around him. When he found purchase on side of the wall after clearing a section of webs off, he used it to spring from.

Viola was surprised to this young man who called himself Scorpion tell his Sceptile get rid of the webs instead of attacking her Pokémon. "Surskit use Signal Beam."


As Surskit fired off a multicolored beam from the stinger on top of its head, Mega Sceptile disappeared.

"Wow!" shouted Harry, earning chuckles from the group gathered on the sidelines.

"Bubble Beam."

"Counter with Leaf Storm."

Surskit raised its two front legs and a light blue ball formed between them. Then the ball was lowered and spread into multiple bubbles as they fired at Mega Sceptile. The seeds on Sceptile's back glowed white and released a barrage of leaves at Surskit's Bubble Beams, creating an explosion midway across the field as the two attacks met. Smoke shot up around the field, concealing the two Pokémon and their trainers.

"Surskit use Ice Beam on the floor," Viola said.

"Surskit." The Pond-Skater Pokémon began using Ice Beam on the floor when the cold voice of the challenger spoke.

"Quick Blade."*

Mega Sceptile darted towards the other Pokémon through the smoke and slashed at the dual Bug/Water-Type Pokémon, causing it to cry out. As the smoke cleared, Mega Sceptile stood there on bit of ice that had formed and Surskit lay on the ground unconscious.

"Surskit!" Viola shouted as she saw Surskit had fainted.

"Surskit is unable to battle. Mega Sceptile wins," said the referee.

Viola withdrew a poke ball and pointed it at Surskit. "Return Surskit."

Sceptile's form glowed and within seconds he was back to being a regular Sceptile. Sceptile looked over his shoulder before walking over to Scorpion's side. A bandaged hand reached up to rest on Sceptile's snout. "Good job Sceptile."


Sceptile walked towards the group sitting on the bench and stopped before Harry. "Tile," he said.

"Sceptile says hi," said Meowth.

"Hi Sceptile. That was awesome!"

Sceptile nodded and walked to the wall beside the bench the group was sitting on where he leaned against it and crossed his arms.

"Send out your next Pokémon," said the ref.

"Vivillion, time to shine."

"Vivillion!" Vivillion was a dual Bug/Flying-Type Pokemon, resembling a butterfly and it had wings that came in twenty different wing combinations. Vivillion's thorax was an elliptical shape that was divided into three segments, each with a different shade of gray. It had black and grayish elliptical-shaped legs, the black color being on the lower half of its legs and grayish on the upper half. There were no visible arms but it had two circular black hands. The head was round and grayish with large, black pixelated eyes and a pair of skinny antenna. Its wings were in the Meadow Pattern; composed of outer black edges, a thick strip of hot pink stripes on its four wings. Two white stripes separated the hot pink stripe from the pale pink on its four wings. On the top two wings, there were two hot pink rectangles, three turquoise blue rectangles in the spaces between the two hot pink rectangles and ended with three lines of white scales.

While Vivillion was out, James pointed his Pokédex at Sceptile.

"Sceptile, the Forest Pokémon. Its arms are equipped with razor-sharp leaves, and it moves lightly through tree branches in order to attack its enemies. This Pokémon is male and its ability is Overgrow. It knows Pound, Quick Attack, Bullet Seed, Leaf Blade, Solar Beam, Agility, and Leaf Storm."

"And it can mega evolve," said Harry happily though a frown creased the seven-year-old's face as nothing was said about the mega evolution.

"Well the Professor did say that Mega Evolution was only just discovered," said James. "Perhaps the Pokédex doesn't know about Mega Evolution."

James then pointed his Pokédex at the Vivillion. "Vivillon, the Scale Pokémon. Vivillon are skillfully able to find a source of water. It has been said that you'll find a spring if you follow a Vivillon. This Pokémon is female and its ability is Compound Eyes. This Pokémon is capable of using Psychic, Gust, Solar Beam, and Sleep Powder."

"What's Compound Eyes? Is it referring to the Pokémon's eyes?" Harry asked. He had read about bugs once from a book in the school library and Miss Johnson, the librarian, had shown him a close-up picture in an encyclopedia on insects so he could see how the eyes were really a series of smaller eyes formed into one large eye.

Misty couldn't help laughing at the innocent question from her son. "No Harry. The ability Compound Eyes raises a Pokémon's accuracy by 30% in battle. An example is the attack Thunder usually has 70% accuracy but with Compound Eyes, the attack would have 91% accuracy."

"Oh," said Harry, his cheeks turning pink with embarrassment.

"Don't worry about it Harry," said Misty. "You'll understand as you get older."

Harry just nodded and turned his attention back to the battle, wondering what Pokémon his father would reveal next.

"Come forth Pupitar!" As the poke ball flew forward, the dual Rock/Ground-Type appeared in a flash of white light and Pupitar was revealed.


"That's a good choice," said Gary.

"Why?" asked Harry.

"Vivillion is a dual-type," said Alexa who had been watching the battle with interest. "It's a dual Bug/Flying-Type. Bug-Type Pokémon have strong attacks against Grass, Psychic and Dark-Type Pokémon but weak attacks against Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Poison, Steel, and Fairy-Types. Bug-Type Pokémon have one of the worst offenses of the different Pokémon Types in the world. They have a resistance to Ground and Fighting but dual Bug/Flying and Bug/Poison have double resistance to Fighting-Types. As Pupitar is a dual Rock/Ground type, its Rock-Type is 2 times more effective against Bug-Types which will help it in this battle."

"But a type advantage isn't everything," said Misty, thinking of the few times that she had seen her boyfriend go up against an opponent without thinking things through concerning type-advantages and matchups.

Harry might have been watching his daddy but he was listening to Alexa. Again, the young boy knew he'd have a lot to learn before he was ready to begin his own journey as a Pokémon Trainer. "Are the Leader and Challenger ready?" asked the ref.

Both contestants nodded and the ref called for the battle to begin. "Watch out for the Sleep Powder Pupitar," said Scorpion.


Without Surskit's Sticky Web and ice-covered floor, Viola was unsure how to use the field to her advantage. So she decided to start out with Sleep Powder. "Vivillion use Sleep Powder."


Pupitar burrowed underground as blue powder floated over the battlefield from Vivillion's wings as it flew over the battlefield. Pupitar came up out of the ground behind Vivillion. Scorpion looked at his Pokédex that he had been scanning Pupitar with while the Pokémon had been underground. "Stone Edge."

"Pupitar, the Hard Shell Pokémon. Pupitar is encased in a nearly indestructible shell and has enough power to topple a mountain. This Pokémon is Male and its ability is Shed Skin."

The voice of the Pokédex cut through the silence as Pupitar's body glowed white. The white light formed two rings around its body that expanded from Pupitar's body, forming razor sharp stones. The stones flew from Pupitar and hit Vivillion from behind, sending it to the ground below.


Pupitar let out a loud scream that caused everyone to put their hands over their ears. "Jeeze that hurts," complained Meowth, having forgotten how powerful Pupitar's screech was. Vivillion shrieked in pain as it tried to get off the ground. That had been Tao's goal during the battle. Disorient the opposing Pokémon so it would take some time to right itself.

"Finish it with Hidden Power."

A white aura with small white orbs formed around Pupitar. Vivillion was then surrounded by the same white aura as it was lifted into the air. Vivillion tried to struggle but it was useless. Pupitar sent Vivillion flying into the wall with the energy around it. "Vivillion!"


"Vivillion is unable to battle. Pupitar wins which means the winner of this battle is the challenger Scorpion!"

"Yay daddy!" Harry shouted.

Pupitar propelled itself over to the injured and scarred teenager. "Good job Pupitar."

"Well Scorpion, may I have your name now?" Viola asked.

"No," came the cold voice beneath the mask. It would seem that with his betrayal, the man who had once been Ash Ketchum had grown darker in more ways than just his mind. Harry ran over to his daddy once the battle appeared over and hid behind the teenager.

"Oh…okay," said Viola, a little confused and slightly afraid of the man's tone. Pulling a badge out of her pocket she handed it to him. "Well this is proof that you have beaten me fair and square. As proof of your win, I present you the Bug Badge." It was brown with two green spots, shaped like a ladybug.

"Let's go," commanded Tao as he reached behind him and took Harry's hand in his own before walking over to the group sitting on the bench. James handed Tao his bag and he pulled out his badge case before sticking the badge into its spot on the blue velvet lining. The group rose to their feet and Tao recalled his two Pokémon, slipping the poke balls on his belt before leading the way out of the gym. Harry followed along with Misty, then the trio and lastly Gary.

"Well that was quite a battle," said Alexa as she walked over to her sister when the group had left. "I certainly wasn't expecting a mega evolution at the beginning of a battle."

Viola nodded as she watched the spot where her opponent had been. "What a strange man." The two sisters had no idea that they had just met the leader and beginnings of an organization that would rival the current Team Flare.

Next Chapter: James vs. Viola for the Bug Badge and Tao begins to look at properties for Team Abyss HQ.

OC Move: Quick Blade*

Attacks Used: Quick Attack and Leaf Blade

Grass-Type Move

Description: The Pokemon uses Quick Attack by running towards the opponent at a high speed. While running, the Pokemon begins extending the leaf or leaves on its body and when it gets in front of the opponent, slashes it with the blade.

Power: 60%.