Her blue-specked grey eyes were stormy as it welled with tears. Her dark ebony hair swirled around her face in the dark purple of her spiritual power. Kagome was on her knees in the middle of a clearing trying her best not to cry. She didn't love Inu-Yasha anymore but she still couldn't take seeing them together .She tried to keep her powers in as it fluxed uncontrollably because of her raging emotions. Kagome couldn't keep her tears in any longer. She looked up to the Kamis and screamed, "Why! Why did you do that! You knew we were close but you still did it." Her heart broke as she remembered the night's previous events.


It was a warm and cheerful night. It was just a few weeks after the final battle and Kagome had yet to make the wish. Sango, Miroku and her had set up camp and they sat and waited for Inu-Yasha to return. Ever since the battle, Inu-Yasha started being nice to her. She thought it was strange but didn't question it. Don't bite the hand that feeds you she thought. She went and sat down next to Sesshomaru, who had stayed back from the battle, he had joined up with them a month and a half before the final battle. Over the days, they became friends or as Sesshomaru preferred, "acquaintances". He thought her simple sword techniques and in return, she told him about the future.

"Hey Sesshy!" she said happily.

"Miko I told you to call this Sesshomaru, Sesshomaru-sama, at least when we are in public"

"And I told you to call me Kagome. Ka-go-me, what's so hard in that?"


"Do you know where Inu-Yasha is?"

"He isn't anywhere near here"

"I'm gonna look for him"

" …"

Kagome got up and left the campsite heading south. She was going to sit Inu-Yasha for making them wait. In her musing, she was oblivious to the Shinidamachū. She didn't even notice the barrier. She continued walking until she heard Inu-Yasha grunting and chose to follow the noise. She didn't think much of it 'maybe he is fighting a boar you-'. She was about to finish the thought when she heard flesh slapping against each other sickenly. 'Maybe he's just masturbating,' well, until she heard a low moan. 'It could be someone else'. She continued until she finally reached a clearing. She used her miko powers to quiet her movements and enhance her abilities. Nobody except Sesshomaru knew about it, mostly because he was the one who taught her how to do it. She jumped up into a nearby tree branch and looked into the moonlit clearing. Her breath caught in her throat at the site before her. Inuyasha and Kikyo were fucking each other, in a clearing, close to where the inu-tachi and Sesshomaru were staying. It seemed as though they were in the middle of mating. She sat on the tree branch in disgusted fascination. Kikyo talked throughout the whole thing and she screamed her pleasure in banshee like pitches. Also, Inuyasha, Inuyasha looked as though he was in deep pleasure. His face was at the oddest angle. His strokes were uneven and rough. Kikyo kept going like; "harder," "faster," "keep going." It was disgusting.

She was about to leave when they reached there climax. Inuyasha and Kikyo lay panting on the forest floor. She decided to stay a while to see what may happen. Call it morbid curiosity if you like. Kikyo looked up and into the tree where Kagome was hiding. Kagome pressed herself against the trunk in order to remain hidden and continued to watch. Kikyo looked at Inuyasha and asked,

"Do you love me?"

Inuyasha didn't see where Kikyo was looking and didn't sense Kagome nearby, mostly because he was getting ready for another round of rutting. He was playing with one of her nipples.

"Of course I do. Was there ever a need to ask?"

"Do you love me more than my copy" she looked straight in the direction that Kagome was hiding for this. She wondered if Kikyo could see her.

"Why would I want the copy when I could have the real thing? Kagome's gonna give me the jewel so I could do whatever I want with it. I have no use for her now. She was just a shard detector, and now that the jewel's finished. All I got to do is ask and I'll get it. She is a very naïve girl." Kikyo looked directly at Kagome and smirked.

"Let's stop talking about the bitch and just fuck"

"Gladly" and they continued.

She felt like puking while tears stung at her eyes. She jumped from her perch and started running blindly. She didn't care where she was going, as long as it was far from that scene. She didn't notice that she was more agile and quicker than an average human was, even if she had enhanced powers. She finally stumbled and fell into the clearing where she tried to stop crying.

End flashback

Her spiritual energy became volatile every minute she thought of the disgusting half-breed. She thought everything could've been so different. She was actually considering wishing for what he wanted. She let out a shuddering breath. That's when she felt it. Someone was watching her. She looked up.

"Who's there?"

"Just somebody who wants to help" a male voice said. It had a silky quality to it and Kagome swore she heard it before. The voice made her feel safe.

"Who are you and why would you help me"

He stepped out of the shadows. He was a kitsune youkai with short wavy, black hair like hers that reached his shoulder. He was extremely tall and had bluish-purple eyes. He had two navy blue stripes running across his cheeks.

"I am an ally. You may call me Natsu." He sat next to her.

"I'm going to help you because you need it. You're wondering what to do with the jewel because you were going to give it to the half-breed and you found out he was using you. In addition, since tomorrow, you were leaving and you were going to make the wish he wanted on the other side of the well whatever he may have wanted. Now since he has betrayed you, you don't know what to do." He sat next to her.

"How do you know this?" she said leaning her body slightly away from the stranger.

"Ever since you came to the northern lands I have been keeping an eye on your group, you in particular. When you go back in your time, train, because I can tell you will need them when you come back. I will seal the well in a way that you can only break it if you train well enough."

"Well you're quite the efficient stalker."

"Hey! I'm not a stalker! I'm just trying to be nice, an maybe make a friend." He laughed.

Kagome looked at him. He had a strange familiarity about him that she just couldn't place. She knew that he meant no ill will towards her. She could try for friendship. She has never been wrong with whom she trusts.

"What about the wish?"

"It's up to you. You can make more than one wish. Just do it in a way that encompasses both. Can I ask you a favour?"

"Anything in context"

"You are wiser than you look priestess"

"Kagome, Higurashi Kagome."

"Kagome-san, When you make your wish make the lord of the western land, Inu no Taisho, revive."


"Well it's for my own personal gain. Plus it just might help you when you return, maybe." He looked slightly anxious and played with the grass next to him, tearing it up absentmindedly in his anxiety. She knew he meant well and she had a feeling that she just had to trust him.

They sat under the stars and spoke when Kagome suddenly stood up.

"I have to go. The others will start to worry"

She walked to the edge of the clearing and turned to watch him.

"I know what to wish for know"


"For Inu no Taisho to revive and all others who were innocent killed by Naraku and wish to return"

"Nice wish"

She turned around and continued walking. She nearly missed what Natsu said.

"You are very special. The faster you realise it the faster you will succeed. Just know that if you ever need an ally, I Natsu of the northern palace and the north will fight beside you."

In addition, with that she walked back to the campsite feeling a bit lighter. Everyone was already asleep. She planned for the next day while getting into bed. She fell asleep with a smile on her face. Sesshomaru noticed it and that she had another males scent on her person. Something told him that tomorrow; someone will make a big decision.