Qui-Gon Jinn walked down the Temple corridors with Anakin Skywalker. Anakin had just been knighted the day before, and the two Knights were enjoying one last day together before Anakin went off on his own. Qui-Gon burst with pride for the twenty-year old Knight, even though it was unbecoming for a Jedi to feel such an emotion. Anakin would be Qui-Gon's legacy. He was the Chosen One, and he would do great things with his life. Even greater things than Qui-Gon could ever imagine. Qui-Gon had never been so happy in all of his life.

Well, once. But Qui-Gon didn't really want to remember all of that. When he finally realized that Ken was really Obi-Wan Kenobi, and that his former apprentice was with him again. But all of those dreams that Qui-Gon had had were dashed when Anakin's punishment and enrichment were over, and the two had been sent on a mission. Contrary to Mace Windu's promise that he would see the man again, Qui-Gon had not seen or heard from Obi-Wan in two years.

But now was not a time to focus on the past. This was a time of celebration, of rejoice and merriment. Qui-Gon was ecstatic for Anakin, and only wished that his time with the boy had been longer. Anakin had been selected as a Knight earlier than most due to his extraordinary skills. The anger that had held him back in his past appeared to be gone, and all was well with the Force. Qui-Gon was anxious to see what Anakin's destiny truly was.

"Master?" "Yes, Anakin?" "What was your first mission like?" Qui-Gon stroked his beard, recalling the memory from many years ago. "I was sent to a planet called Ebon as a negotiator. Unfortunately, things didn't exactly go like I had planned. I made a lot of mistakes on that first mission. But I learned." Anakin laughed, even though he was certain that his inner nervousness appeared on his face. Soon he would be off on his own for the first time. Tomorrow morning, he would take his first steps into the galaxy as a Knight.


The next morning, Qui-Gon stood on the takeoff platform from the Jedi Temple, waving goodbye to his Padawan.