Muggle hunting in America

Summary: what I think would happen in Voldemort and a few followers went 'muggle hunting' in the United States.

January 21st, 1980 11:00 PM

Northwest Indiana, United States

John Walker was lying in bed next to his sleeping wife reading a novel when he heard a loud bang from downstairs and people talking in loud whispers. He shook his wife awake quickly shushing her questions and pulled her over to the closet. He opened the door revealing what would normally be found in a closet and a gun safe. After quickly entering the combination he took out his Mossberg 500 and loaded 7 12 Gage shells, he then grabbed an M1911A1 from the shelf inside the safe loaded it and stuffed it in the waist band of his pants.

Now fully armed john turned to his wife and said "Honey I want you to hid in here, don't come out no matter what." After his wife nodded her agreement he went over to the bed side table where there was a phone and quickly called 911 telling them about the home invaders and that he was staying in the bed room ready to defend himself. John then took cover behind the bed and aimed his shotgun at the door ready to defend himself and his wife from any threats.

After several minutes of listening to what he now believed to be three or four people moving about downstairs her heard them start to come up to the second floor. After another minute the door began to open and his hands tightened on the weapon as a tall man with pasty white skin and black hair entered the room with what looked like a stick in his hand. When the door was fully opened John pulled the trigger sending a shell of '00' Buckshot into the chest of the man who collapsed backwards. Behind the first man were two other men and one woman he quickly pumped the shotgun, chambering another shell and fired once more, the spread from the shell killing one of the men and wounding the woman, another shell finished off the woman and wounded the third man. As john pumped the shotgun a fourth time he heard a loud 'Crack!' and believing that he was being fired upon by the remaining man ducked down behind the bed, and fired blind into the doorway, when he didn't hear any more return fire he peeked above the bed and saw that there was no sign of the third man, it was as if he had disappeared. Outside john could hear police sirens and he thought to himself, 'I'll just tell the cops there were three of them, if I mention a disappearing man they'll think I am crazy.'

John Walker never found out that the people he killed were magical or that he ended one war and prevented another, or that he prevented the deaths of a young couple in England that just found out they would be having a son at the end of July.

A/N well there you have it folks, my un-edited one shot of Voldemort's demise at the hands of an armed citizen defending his home and family. If anyone was wondering the other three people with Voldemort were the LeStrange family.