a/n: There are a few changes to the story line but I tried to take as few liberties as possible. Set after Fast 4. All familiar content of both Buffy and Fast and Furious belong to their respective owners.

Chapter 1: A Secret Sister

Everyone in the Toretto family had seen the work of Brian's mysterious connections. When Fenix had crashed into Letty's car, there had been a black SUV waiting right there to pick her up and whisk her away. A body from a nearby morgue with less then adequate security had been left to play her part until it was safe. After the cops had caught up with them and Dom had been arrested, it had taken only one phone call and 8 hours after Dom's sentence to 25 years, to get him back off the prison bus and fully cleared.

And one week later, the family was settled back in at house number 1327. Vince had come out of the woodwork and was mildly harassing Brian again and Letty had rolled up on her rebuilt 1970 Plymouth. Tension ran high for the first couple days while the lies and cover ups got smoothed over but eventually, the waters calmed and life was back to normal.

It was Sunday. The sun was just at the point where the heat of the day was enjoyable rather than oppressive so sunday dinner was being set up on folding tables in the backyard. Roman and Tej had come down to meet the clan and join the barbeque. Mia and Letty were making trips between table and kitchen bringing plates and bowls of food, Brian setting the table and sneaking Mia a kiss on the cheek every time she walked passed.

"None of that, lovebirds, we still need plates," Letty nagged, a smirk prominent on her face. Brian snapped Letty a cheeky salute and went up the stairs to at a time to retrieve plates.

"Alright, food's done. Sit yourselves down," Dom hollered, turning off the grill and putting the giant plate of ribs and steaks on the center of the table. The mix of plastic deck chairs and folding wooden chairs were shuffled as everyone settled in; Dom at the head with Brian's spot then Mia to his left and Letty then Vince to his right. Rome and Tej brought up the other end. Everyone got comfortable, setting drinks and elbows on the table.

Brian quickly returned from the kitchen with a roll of paper towels and took his seat.

"Hey buster, pass me a beer" Vince smirked at Brian who had just sat down. He rolled his eyes and reached behind him to the cooler.

"This boy be hungry, let's eat." Rome let out a laugh and reached for a tortilla chip from the bowl in front. Those in the Torretto family all hid smiles.

bzzzt bzzzt

Dom's brow raised at Brian's phone, and Brain swore as he passed Vince his Corona and tried to wrestle the phone out of his jeans pocket. Meaning only to turn it off, Brian glanced at the caller id and froze.

caller: Wolfram & Hart

"Brian?" Mia asked, all eyes were on him. Interruptions to dinner were rare and often very important.

"Ah, go ahead and start without me, I gotta take this." He stood up and walked to the side of the house to get some privacy.


"Is this Brian O'Connor?" It was an unfamiliar female voice, the kind you expected to hear in seedy bars and at street races. He shuffled his feet over the gravel.

"Yeah, who's this?"

"Faith Lehane, I'm a sister slayer of Buffy's." Brian stopped his fidgeting and froze. He glanced back at his family and saw them looking his way questioningly and quietly talking. He scrubbed his jaw with his free hand and stared at his shoes.

"You still there candyman?"

"What? Y-yeah. Is Buffy ok? I haven't heard from her for a couple months."

"None of us are 5 by 5 but we'll pull through. When were you last filled in?"

"It was a couple weeks after she'd been brought back. I was working and my badge had enough people breathing down my neck to keep me from heading to Sunnydale."

"There is no Sunnydale anymore. Our last big bad had some major mojo. Everything within the city limits was pulled into the hellmouth before it closed. A crater and bodies are all that's left."

Faith broke everything down. The events leading to her reuniting with the Scoobies, becoming a white hat, the First, Caleb, the baby slayers, and the last battle. Brian just leaned against the house for strength staring blankly out onto the street as he listened.

"What's happened to Buffy?"

"They pushed her too far. She lost too much in that fight and now with the stress gone she's desperately trying to come to terms with her realizations." There was a humourless laugh. "She can take on broodiness in her men but she can't do it herself."

"So what's the call for? Did she say anything?"

"We're staying at the Hyperion Hotel under the graciousness of Angel while Giles and Red sort out there plans to head to England and rebuild the Council with baby slayers in tow. And they'll have to pick up the others that were called worldwide and set them on their shiny path of destiny." There was a pause while two people talking in the background walked passed. "Listen. Buffy needs some time around family. And lately, these guys haven't been a shining example. Dawn included."

"Dawny too? Did the politics of managing a group go to their heads?"

"Got it in one."

"How is she really Faith?" A sigh.

"She's struggling. Nightmares are a problem. I was hoping you could come pick B up and shower her with brotherly love until she has her fight back."

"I take it sooner the better?"


"I'll be there in half an hour."

"Over and out." And Faith hung up.

Brian's dad Hank had never really been around during his childhood. Years later he found out it was because he'd had a second family. He'd wanted to hate them but after meeting his half sister and seeing the similarities in their situations, he knew he would care about his step family regardless. He and Buffy had kept in contact regularly, keeping no secrets.

And when Buffy's destiny had reared its head, she had run to Brian. Despite an overall sense of confusion, he had believed and supported her. It was a shame her parents hadn't been able to respond with the same openness After her two week stint in the psych ward they had promised to kept their secrets close to the vest.

He snapped his phone shut and stuffed it in his pocket. Then did some cathartic swearing. If only he'd know his little sister had needed his help, then he would have gone. But with being on the run, bringing down Verone, working for the FBI and going after Braga, he wasn't really sure what he could have done.

"Everything alright?" Brian started and looked up into Dom's slightly worried face. He must have come up behind him and heard the end of the conversation.

"No." They walked back to everyone else and he fell into his seat. Dom sat and stared into his face, searching for any signs that their family was in trouble.

"My younger sister is in LA. She needs somewhere to go to just relax and be safe for a while." Everyone could hear the question hidden in his statement. There was a shift of unease around the table.

Brian had never mentioned a sister. He never really talked about his family at all.

"Family is always welcome Brian," assured Dom. They all nodded, curious to meet her and wondering if she was anything like their buster or a total cali princess.

"A sister? She a cop too?" Letty joked.

Brian looked at her in surprise and suddenly laughed. "Oh god no. She started her record about the same time I did, although for better reasons." He chuckled again.

"I'm going to pick her up, I should be back within an hour." He turned to Mia and rested his forehead against hers. "I'm sorry about dinner."

She smiled in understanding. "That's ok. We'll eat and get the couch prepped for her. And when you get back you can do the cleaning up and she can tell me embarrassing stories about you when you were younger." They all laughed at that. Brian grimaced then grinned and kissed her briefly.

"I'll be back in a bit." Then he got in his car and was speeding towards downtown.

Mia sat in deep thought for a moment. "I didn't know he had a younger sister."

"My homeboy's got two younger sisters, real Cali princesses," Rome said, taking a bun and ripping it into little chunks and popping them in his mouth. All eyes turned to him with eyebrows raised.

"Figured," whispered Letty, rolling her eyes and taking a swig of her beer.

"You knew?" Tej was surprised.

"Don't chu look at me like that! I grew up with him. His dad wandered, got himself another wife. Buffy's a couple years younger than him, probably about 24 or 25 now. Dawn is about 16 years old." Rome continued after stuffing bread in his mouth. "That girl is a fighter, doesn't take shit from anybody. Doesn't matter if she's only 5 foot 7 or something."

"Who names their kid Buffy?" Vince snickered.

"She might be a blondie but she can whup your ass." Rome piled food on his plate. "And if he looked like that, then something bad happened. I'm eatin' before she gets here and drama puts dinner on hold."

Dinner was quickly wrapped up and leftovers put away.

Mia stood in the kitchen trying to focus on putting away leftovers but really just working herself deeper into her thoughts.

A hand stroked her arm and she jumped before realizing it was only Dom. His eyes crinkled just a bit but then he matched his expression to the small frown on her face.

"What is it Mia?" he asked. His voice was comforting and she leaned into her brother. He wrapped his thickly muscled arms around her with surprising gentleness.

"I had no idea he had a sister. Let alone two." She shrugged. "I guess it isn't a big deal and I know he isn't really open about that kind of stuff but..."

"But you thought it would have come up?" Dom finished. Mia sighed and nodded her forehead against his shoulder. He gave her a brief squeeze.

"From what I've overheard and put together from a couple different conversations, Brian's sister is involved in something dangerous. But I don't think illegal. If it wasn't for the regular and easy contact, I'd think she was military. It has been referred to as "her duty" whatever it is." Dom paused.

"We both know that Brian wouldn't bring any trouble here if he could help it. I'm not going to worry until she gets here."

Mia nodded again and stepped out of his hug. "Thanks Dom." He smiled and helped her cover bowls in cling wrap and package up food for later.

Vince intercepted Dom on his way out of the kitchen and jerked is head to steer him outside.

"Should we be worried? The shit isn't known for being honest," Vince hissed. Little barbs towards Brian's undercover work often still came up with him. And while Dom had not forgotten, he had forgiven and moved on.

"Family Vince, you never give up on family. And right now, his needs someplace safe. This house will always offer that."

Vince opened his mouth, about to retort, when the sound of Brian's import could be heard coming up the street. Dom shot him a look and went around the house to wait in the driveway for their arrival.

Brian's blue supra pulled into the driveway and all members of the house waited either at the front or lingered in windows to catch a glimpse. When the passenger door opened, no one was entirely sure what to think. She was on the short end of medium height, with shoulder length gold blonde hair and the same light California tan that her brother sported. She had typically pretty features but her green eyes were tired and listless. She wore ratty black lace ups on her feet and light jean capris that had been washed soft. She was also wearing one of Brian's shirts, a long sleeve black waffle knit pullover. It was light but probably better than whatever she had on underneath.

Brian got a large heavy canvas duffle bag out of his trunk and slipped it over his shoulder. Glancing at Dom, he gently steered his sister with a hand on her back.

"Buffy, I want to to meet my family, the Torettos," he introduced.