Secret Room, Initiative Headquarters.

Willow's legs were flailing as she gasped for breath while staring into Borzan's eyes; the half demon- half machine hybrid was holding her up by one hand before he pulled her in, and then swung his arm to the left before letting go of the young girl. Willow felt herself flying into Faith, who had already stood up before getting hit by Willow's body. The both of them fell onto the floor, Faith groaning while lying on her back, and Willow on her side on top of the dark haired Slayer.

Buffy saw the two crumple to the floor before she stood up straight and thought, 'come on, Tara' before grabbing the console, and then hopping over it, then landing on the other side. She took out a sword by her side and dashed towards Borzan. Laughing, he blocked the blade using his metal arm, and then pushed the sword away before swinging his flesh arm. Buffy ducked and swung the sword once again, leading Borzan to smile at Buffy before he grabbed the sword that was being swung towards his head, and then shattered the blade while tilting his head at the surprised Buffy.

Using the database of fighting styles in his mind, Borzan performed a roundhouse kick that Buffy managed to just block, before stepped forward and swinging her leg towards the side of his head. However, Borzan quickly grabbed her leg with his arm, and grinned. Buffy's eyes opened wide in horror as Borzan grabbed the leg tight while his left metallic hand retracted to form a mini-gun.

"I hate getting my hands dirty," said Borzan as he aimed the weapon at Buffy who was struggling to get her leg out of Borzan's grip. She stared at the barrels of the weapon that was aimed right at her, and then she looked at her leg, and then at Borzan himself. Her mind raced to find a way out of this situation when suddenly Borzan lifted his weapon hand towards the ceiling. Buffy and Borzan then turned their heads towards Willow as Faith jumped over the console, and then, once close to Borzan, she performed a flying kick with all her strength into his chest and pushed him back. That act released Buffy who stumbled back slightly while Faith fought Borzan, with Buffy soon joining her. Willow continued to hold on to Borzan's weapon hand while Faith and Buffy fought him… the former redhead not letting the demon's arm go since she was sure that was his only weapon.

Willow knew Borzan, she knew that the RPG firing at him would take a lot of his magic… that was his main weakness, he wasn't in Hell so he didn't have his full power. On Earth, he had a limit to how much magic he could use… Willow knew this, at least she thought she did. However, that knowledge didn't stop Borzan from using magic to push Buffy and Faith away, with Buffy slamming into Willow, who then lost her concentration as Borzan moved his weapon arm down. Willow could sense his magic, very powerful magic, coming in bursts.. and this time he used magic to pull Willow to him… his hand grabbing tight into Willow's neck again. Willow saw him smile before Buffy, who was lying in the open on the floor, was pulled away by Faith just before Borzan started to fire the minigun while tightening his hold on Willow's neck.

She smelled the stench of the gun powder from the weapon, as well as the stench from the hand that was holding onto her neck. Enraged, Willow used every bit of strength in her to mentally grab Borzan's arm gain when she sensed his magic ebbing away, and then jerk it upwards so that the minigun was firing at the ceiling. It was then that Faith, when the path was clear, jumped over the console she was hiding behind and punched under Borzan's arm, she used all her strength on the elbow, dislocating the arm which then automatically released Willow, who fell onto the floor.

And it was for that one moment, as Willow fell on the floor, with Faith running up to help her up to her feet… that Borzan aimed the minigun at the two young women with a smile on his face. Getting up on her feet, Willow crossed her arms in front of her as a circle of orange energy appeared, blocking the rounds that were being fired from the mini-gun.

"Stay behind me!" screamed Willow, the sounds of the gun firing drowning out her voice in the enclosed room. Faith was holding onto Willow's shoulders and looking with her eyes wide open at the shield flaring in front of them, the flattened bullets that hit the shield falling down onto the floor as Borzan laughed.

"It does not matter if you come with me alive, or dead, It," yelled Borzan, "Hell has your meat in storage for a thousand years. Either way, you were always going to be my personal meal."

"Shut up!" screamed Willow as she poured more of her telekinesis on the shield in front of her.

Just then, however, Borzan had something slammed into him, and he flew to the other side of the room… both him and the object hitting the wall and then falling onto the floor. Confused, Willow disengaged the shield before she and Faith turned to looked at Buffy, who was just standing still as her hands were clenched into fists, and her eyes were golden in colour. There was something else… something that Willow could feel in her very being; powerful magic was being used.

"B?" asked Faith as she narrowed her eyes at her sister Slayer.

"Buffy?" asked Willow as the blonde Slayer looked at her, and then the three of them turned to a laughing Borzan. They saw him get up to his feet, his eyes focused on Buffy, and then at Willow and Faith, and back to Buffy again as a smile developed on his face.

"Oh the little witch," said Borzan tilting his head while licking his lips, "I can feel her magic in the air, two others with her and… oh…. Interesting."

"This ends today." Willow and Faith looked at each other as Buffy spoke in a voice that seemed to be a combination of her own, Xander, Giles, and Tara all together in one body. They looked on as Buffy took a few steps forward while Borzan stepped sideways and began firing on Buffy herself. Before Willow could raise a shield around the Slayer, Buffy waved her hand and muttered a spell just before the bullets turned to confetti in the air.

And that action left both Willow and Faith stunned. Willow dropped her shield, and narrowed her eyes wondering if Buffy, the combination of all four minds, skills, and powers, could beat Borzan on her own. The former redhead hoped so; she remembered the vision she had in the Summers house of Buffy having those same coloured eyes before they faded away. She remembered Borzan's slamming hand through Faith's chest, and then Buffy's neck being broken… leading to Willow shaking her head off those images.

Willow then watched as Buffy waved her hand once Borzan raised the mini-gun at her and Faith… with Willow immediately putting up the shield. However, she found that there was no need to since Borzan, in a moment of genuine surprise, looked down at his weapon arm as the minigun was forced away, and his 'human' hand took its place.

"Interesting," smiled Borzan as he strode towards Buffy, "oh you and your little friends in your head will make a wonderful mate. Your power, and the power of my 'it' combined will be a gift for Acathla.

"You and your god cannot even begin to understand the source of our power," said Buffy as she and Borzan began fighting, with Willow and Faith stepping back as Buffy was beating on Borzan, punching and kicking him mercilessly until he was pushed against a wall. Borzan, blood already coming out the side of his lips leaned against the wall just as Buffy grabbed his throat, and squeezed, "like we said, this ends today."

"You think you have faced power," Borzan said calmly, "but you have not faced the real me yet. Ask 'it', she will tell you what I…"

"Silence," said Buffy as she smashed her hand into Borzan's chest. Faith pumped her fist into the air and screamed 'yes', while Borzan's eyes went wide in surprise as he looked into Buffy's golden orbs, and then at Willow glaring back at him. He them looked down at the arm that had gone into his chest, the demon feeling Buffy's hand grabbing the nuclear power unit powering his body.

"No, please," begged Borzan, his head shaking, "no… you.. you can't.. I…"

"You will never harm Willow or any of us, ever again," said Buffy just before she jerked her arm out of the cavity, and stepped back. She saw Borzan place his hand on the hole in his chest, and then fall onto his knees. The three of them then stared at the demon falling wordlessly onto the floor… his face forward, with a thud. Willow's heart was racing as Buffy turned around with the yellow case floating over the palm of her hand. When Willow saw the green light glowing from openings in the casing, she thought back to her vision; she was flying over a console after getting hit by Borzan, and the casing was on the floor. It was the last thing she saw after having seen Faith get torn in half.

"No, something's wrong," whispered Willow, Faith looked at her while Buffy uttered a spell in the combined voices of Giles, Tara, and Xander, "no.. no... Buffy!"

Buffy raised her head at Willow, her spell interrupted before turning around as Borzan started to laugh hysterically on the floor. He looked up at the stunned expression on Buffy's face, just before she was magically thrown onto a far wall, leaving Willow and Faith alone.

"Get out of here," said Willow as she looked at Faith.

"What?" asked Faith as the power unit fell onto the floor, exactly where Willow had seen it in her vision. Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see Buffy getting onto her feet.. and she knew it was a matter of time before the events in her vision came through.

"I had a vision you died!" screamed Willow as she pushed the Slayer away just before Borzan mentally started to choke the former redhead, and then started to pull her to him. Willow struggled to speak as she rose in the air while Borzan was laughing at how stupid all three of them were. Willow looked at Borzan, and used her telekinesis to hit his face, but to no effect. Willow then felt his mental grip tighten while she gasped as Faith started to dash towards them.

"Only one thing needs to be done to change the future," said a familiar voice as time seemed to stop around the former redhead. Willow, who was still being choked, shifted her eyes to a grey haired woman in a grey jumpsuit, "hello again, Willow."

"A… Ari… el," struggled Willow as she muttered her mentor's name, "I…"

"You can change the future if you wish," said the old woman as she fixed her heavy rimmed glasses, "change something, and the future itself changes. You blocked me out of your mind for a long time, Willow. It's time you faced everything that happened head on… that's what Niko would do as a Galaxy Ranger, and as my student. And I'll be here by your side all the way."

Everything around Willow then started to move again, and Faith was almost onto her. Willow felt herself being flung to another side of the room and, at the same time, she pushed Faith just out of the reach of Borzan's arm.. and flung her out into the hallway. Willow then hit the wall and flopped onto the floor while Borzan screamed.

"I am one of Acathla's lieutenants!" screamed Borzan as he strode past Willow, who was slowly getting to her feet, and towards Faith who was getting up to her feet in the hallway, "and none of you will escape my…"

There was the sound of a thud, followed by a bang, as Willow grabbed the side of a console and got to her feet. She saw Borzan being flung to a wall, followed by the enhanced Buffy dashing towards him and beating on him with one punch and kick after another. In the meantime, Willow turned to Faith, and told her to leave… and seeing the hesitation in the dark haired Slayers eyes, the former redhead screamed that she would die if she stayed, "I saw it! You get ripped apart, leave!"

Faith shook her head, and ran back into the room, ignoring Willow's pleas. At that exact same time, Buffy looked at Willow while attacking Borzan.. their eyes connected and the Slayer could see that Willow was being absolutely serious. Delivering one more punch, Buffy then turned and muttered a spell that teleported Faith to the same room where Tara and the others were being held, much to the surprise of Graham and Riley.

"Faith?" asked Graham, "what are you…?"

"Fuck! Buffy!" screamed Faith, interrupting her boyfriend, before she turned around again, grabbed an axe, and ran towards the secret passage leaving being a confused Riley and Graham. The both of them then turned their weapons towards the door where demons were doing their best to knock it down.

Back in the room, while Buffy's attention was momentarily turned away from Borzan in teleporting Faith out of the room, she found herself being flung into a wall by the demon. Hitting the wall, Buffy found herself being held in place magically and then, all of a sudden, the wall started to morph, with the concrete rippled as if it was a thick liquid. Willow used her telekinesis to try pull Buffy out of the wall, but Borzan's magic was more powerful, and eventually the concrete formed around her waist, hands, feet, and neck before solidifying.

"No!" screamed Willow as she attacked Borzan telekinetically. However, Borzan started to laugh just as the former redhead found herself unable to move after Borzan pointed a hand at her. He then turned to Buffy and mumbled a spell, and the Slayer screamed for a few seconds, as did Tara, Giles, and Xander, before her eyes returned to normal. Buffy was panting as she hung on the wall, with Willow looking back at her with her eyes widened in shock.

"You accessed the power of the Slayer," said Borzan as he pulled Willow towards him while staring at Buffy, who was now looking at him while trying to get her hands out of the restraints, "I broke you and your friends up… now it's just you."

Borzan then turned to Willow who was standing next to him, and trying her best to move; it was as if her whole body was tied with steel rope.

"Hell is coming," said Borzan as stroked the back of Willow's head while she looked at Buffy. She wanted to say something but found she couldn't move her lips; as if there was a vice holding her mouth shut. Willow shifted her eyes to Borzan, and then to Buffy again, "and I will make you, my It, a deal. I will keep all of your souls in your bodies… they will be the ones who will be tortured and harvested for food. The pain they feel will be exquisite... but you won't. You won't feel any pain… but only if you become one of Acathla's jailors again."

"Will?" asked Buffy when she noticed tears welling up in her best friend's eyes as she trembled, "Acathla's Jailer? I…. what's that?"

"She never told you?" asked a grinning Borzan as he looked between Buffy and Willow, "oh my, you haven't, have you, It?"

Borzan then turned to Buffy, and told her that Willow was one of Acathla's Jailers for a hundred years. He then explained that she was sickened by it at first, but she soldiered on and eventually, she was very good at her job.

"At what job?" asked Buffy, continuing to look at Willow, who was being forced to continue looking at Buffy's face.

"My dear Slayer," said Borzan as he walked back to Willow, and ripped the top section of Willow's short, revealing the brand on her chest. He then leaned in and licked Willow's neck, leaving the young woman to whimper in fear while closing her eyes, before he turned towards Buffy, "the brand is given to those who torture human souls in Hell."

"Will?" asked Buffy, her eyes open wide in shock, "I…"

"One soul after another," said Borzan as he looked back at Willow, and caressed her cheeks, "she used to puke for the first few session, but all of that paled to what she did as she went on. Making the souls scream for hours upon hours before they died and were resurrected… just as she was when we harvested her organs."

Borzan looked back at Buffy and told her that Willow would extend a human's pain, "and she'd like it. Did you know, there was one time she ripped out the heart of a human soul with her bare hands? It was simply exquisite.. and the heart was delicious too."

Borzan laughed while turning back to Willow as Buffy looked at her best friend. She couldn't imagine her doing the things that Borzan said she did. Buffy then heard Borzan telling Willow that if she stood by him, if she became Acathla's Jailor once again, then he would let her torture Buffy, Faith, Giles, Joyce, and all the others who betrayed her. The Slayer then saw a black dagger appear in Borzan's hand. He then turned to Willow with the dagger in his hand, and told her that she would be allowed to begin the torture early while he took care of Faith and the others.

"I will leave them unconscious, as should you with Buffy," said Borzan, "so when Hell comes to Earth, their souls would remain and… and you will have your fun. Remember, It, no more pain while your body is harvested.. and you get your vengeance for all eternity."

"Will," whispered Buffy as the former redhead looked straight at her, "I.. I.. I'm sorry about everything that…"

"Look at her beg, It," said Borzan as he let go of his magical hold on her, "look at her beg for forgiveness. She fears you, and…"

"Will," said Buffy interrupting Borzan just as Faith ran into the room with an axe in her had. Willow and Borzan turned towards Faith, who dashed towards Borzan.. leaving the demon waving his hand and then flinging her into a wall. The concrete formed around her hands, feet, waist, and neck.. just as it did for Buffy before Borzan turned to Willow, and handed her the jagged dagger.

"No pain?" asked Willow as she stared at the dagger, and then at Buffy, Faith, and finally at Borzan, "no pain?"

"None at all," said Borzan as he stroked her head, "I will even take out the brand on your shoulder; the one you received after betraying me. You get no pain, and you get to do what I've seen you enjoy doing… despite what you think about it. I know you enjoyed it, my It. You get to torture the people who betrayed you… the people who looked down…"

"We never looked down on her!" screamed Buffy, "you… you…"

"She enjoyed it," said Borzan as he walked towards Buffy, "I could see her humanity being chipped away every time she made them scream. You should see the room covered in blood and filth when she would torture them. While she held on to a little bit of her humanity then… she has no reason to now. Hell is coming here, and all of you are coming along for the ride. She will become the creature I believe she could be… a creature of anger and vengeance… and she is mine. She has always been mine since you and your friends sent her down to hell."

"Will," whispered Buffy, looking at Willow over Borzan's shoulder while she gripped the hilt of the dagger tightly in her hands, "I… I know you can't forgive me so easily… I know that. If… if you want to tor.. torture me for my mistakes, then do.. do it."

"Buffy!" screamed Faith as she struggled to get out of her restraints.

"Just, just don't harm the others," said Buffy as she looked directly at Willow, "Will, you're right… I should have killed Angelus, and I cannot change that. It's my fault… not Giles, or Xander, or mom, or Faith, or…"

"Then they will all die, Slayer," said Borzan, "they die now… starting with me ripping Faith in half."

Borzan then turned and ambled past Willow, who was still staring at Buffy, as a tear fell down her eyes while she remembered meeting the Slayer for the first time. Willow remembered meeting Xander for the first time, and then Giles, before she looked down at the dagger, and knew what she needed to do.

"Borzan!" yelled Willow as she, in a fluid motion, turned around just as Borzan did… all the while lifting the dagger from her hand with her telekinesis and into the air, and then letting it fly while Borzan's magic was at its low point. The blade screamed through the air just before it entered the human section of Borzan's head. The demon screamed in pain, his hand reaching for the dagger as Willow telekinetically broke the restraints that held Faith, and then she turned to Buffy and broke her restraints. Faith fell to the floor, and then ran towards Borzan, whose back was to her, and kicked the back of his knees and started to attack the still screaming demon. Buffy and Willow then went on a combined attack, Willow keeping him distracted by mentally punching him while Buffy grabbed the dagger and pulled it out of the head. She then slashed him from the front, while Faith picked up the axe she ran in with and plunged it into his back.

Borzan arched his back and screamed out loud before turning to grab Faith. But she ducked as Buffy threw the dagger at Faith, who grabbed it in mid-air before plunging it into the hole in the demon's chest.

"Get back!" screamed Willow as she mentally grabbed the dagger, and then started to slice all of his organs from the inside out, including the heart that was keeping Borzan while. The sharp dagger sliced through all of his organs as he screamed in pain while Buffy and Faith got back.

"How does it feel?" hissed Willow as she glared at Borzan screaming in pain as he turned back towards her, "this is what you did to me! The demon that entered through my throat and fed on my organs, the many times you killed me.. the pain I felt… do you feel my pain! I DESPISE YOU!"

Buffy and Faith heard squishing sounds from inside the cavity as Borzan continued to scream while black blood was pouring out of the hole in his chest. And then the screaming stopped when Willow shot the blade up into his throat.

"Die, Borzan," growled Willow as her eyes turned black in rage, "die… die… die.. die!"

The knife, covered in black blood, was then forced through his throat, and through his oesophagus, and through the back of his mouth, and then through his brain. The dagger shot out of the back of his skull… leaving a huge hole behind. Borzan rolled his eyes to the back of his head before falling forward, leaving Willow panting as blood trickled down her nose. Her eyes returning to normal, she turned to Buffy and Faith, who were looking back at her; then Buffy rushed to the young woman and hugged her while whispering that she was sorry.

"I did so many things, Buffy," said Willow as he voice broke, "I.. I tortured so many that… I.. I don't know.."

"We're here," said Buffy as she held on to Willow, "we'll help you to get through this."

"We need to burn the body first," said Faith as Buffy looked at her while Willow was crying on her shoulder.

"Get to Tara," said Buffy "she has everything we need, and then we evacuate who we can and get out of here."

As Faith ran through the hallway, Buffy held tight to Willow.

"It's over, Will," she whispered, "it's finally over."