"Marty!," Laura screamed, "What the hell was that?"

"Taxi Cab ... I think?"

"I thought you said all cars in the future fly?"

"They do, but this one was trying to land."

"On top of us?"

"Well they have to land somewhere Laura!" Marty shouted back losing his patience.

"Don't yell at me, it's not my fault you are a lousy driver! Besides I thought you have done all of this before?"

"The Doc always did the flying and I'm not a lousy driver! What do you expect when we just materialized into rush hour traffic?"

Marty and Laura briefly exchanged looks as he pulled the car to the shoulder. Marty turned to face his wife; trying to make the stern "dad face" he had seen George pull in the McFly household so many times as a kid, especially when Marty set fire to the living room rug. Laura turned back slowly and a smile started in the corner of her mouth. Together they laughed smiles huge and shoulders shaking. Edison barked, and they only laughed louder.

"I suppose we should find somewhere to park this thing and get out?" Marty said looking around.

Marty clipped the lead on Edison, and Laura grabbed her purse. They walked to the Clocktower Shopping Mall and surveyed the square.

"It looks just like it did the last time I was here, look Laur, check it out! Jaws19, watch the shark!" Marty pointed excitedly as the holographic shark lunged from the screen.

"Looks fake," Laura said curtly.

"Yeah that is what I thought too," Marty said casting an embarrassed glance the other way.

"Nice jacket man, vintage!" said a passerby as he came out of the mall past Laura and Marty.

"I feel a little out of place," Laura whispered.

"Yeah you will get like that, but I don't think anyone here will notice, I mean they are all running around in spandex for Christ sake."



"How common are Deloreans in the future?"

"That's a funny question, not very; I think Doc had the only one in 2015 why?"

"Look over by the cafe and tell me if I am seeing double."


Marty grabbed Laura roughly by the arm and drug her across the square behind the bushes. Off in the distance Doc and Marty, with Einstein, loaded into the car.

"Wait, I remember this, this is just after Griff chased me across the pond and crashed into the Clocktower."

"Crashed? I didn't notice any broken glass when we were just there."

"Yeah me either, maybe it didn't happen?"

"Maybe we have our dates wrong?"

"Is there a newspaper somewhere?"

"Let's check the trash."

Laura and Marty pulled a paper that was cast freshly on top.


"We should have picked a different date, this was careless," Laura said quietly.

"What? Now this is my fault?"

"Well you knew you were already here"

"The future had changed when the note Jennifer brought back erased! I thought it was safe. Now there are three of me here if you go back to the one that is 47 and living in Hilldale!"

"In Hilldale with Jennifer?!"

"Now is not the time to get jealous over a future that may not even exist!"

"I'm sorry," Laura said solemnly.

"I'm sorry too; we are just off to a rocky start. I don't get it Laur, I mean we were here, but things have changed ... I don't get it?"

"Ok, well I am sure there is a logical explanation for this, let's get the Delorean in for its conversion, and try to keep tabs on the other you and Doc, there's got to be an answer somewhere."

"We can't run into them, if my other self sees me it could create a paradox," Marty said staring to panic.

"Ok ok, calm down, you can't see you, but we can see the Doc if we can get him alone."

"Let's just get the work done on the Delorean and get the Hell out of here."

Marty took Laura's hand and walked in the opposite direction of Doc and the other Marty with their heads down. Soon they were in front of a garage and when they stepped inside a large 1950's style pink Cadillac was parked in the lobby. A young man who looked identical to the Goldie Wilson from 1955 appeared from a back room and extended his hand with a large smile.

"Well hello, hello, hello! And what can I do for you fine folks?" Goldie Wilson the Third said proudly.

"We need a hover conversion done on a 1982 Delorean D-12." Laura smiled back.

"A DMC 12?"

"Yeah, something wrong?" asked Marty.

"No, no, nothing wrong, just that is the second one I have done this month. Bring it in this afternoon and I will have it back to you by this evening. I just need your thumb print here," he said thrusting forward an electronic pad.

"Thumb print?" Laura asked.

"Yeah, he is using it to get payment, how much is this going to cost?"


Laura gasped.

"Ok, that's what I thought."

"You guys ok? The last guy came in dressed like the two of you, and asking odd questions, had a dog like that too, what are you time travellers or something?" Goldie laughed loudly.

"Yeah, that's a good one," Marty chuckled nervously, "We'll be back in a bit."

"Laur why don't you and Edison go wait in the Cafe 80's. I am sure it is safe now, I will bring the Delorean around and meet you in a little while?"

"Safe?" Laura trailed off.