Hours after Biff was a crumpled mess on the floor Doc returned to the train and started stripping anything of value from the inside compartments and loading them into the Delorean.

"You are sure this is what you want to do?" Doc asked.

"We're sure," Marty said answering for himself and Laura.

"You'll need money," Doc said more as a statement than a question.

Laura and Marty exchanged a desperate look, "We hadn't thought of that Doc."

"I'll sort you out before..." Doc choked on the words.

"Thanks Doc," Marty said gripping Doc's shoulder warmly.

"Anything I leave behind, that I can't get in the Delorean, I want you to destroy you understand, burn it, dismantle it, do whatever you need to, but don't leave a trace of anything lying around."

"Ok Doc."

"I mean it this time Marty, not a single thing is to be left behind, if I can't pack it, you destroy it, and there are no exceptions this time, we have done enough damage."

"I promise Doc."

"Where will you go? What will you do?"

Marty looked over his shoulder where he could see Laura busying herself with their few possessions scattered about the train from the boot of the Delorean. "I don't know Doc, I always wanted to see the world, maybe we'll leave the country, try somewhere completely new, we wanted to travel, just because we can't travel through time anymore doesn't mean we can't give up on our dream."

"You're not the kid that wandered into my garage all those years ago looking for parts for his amp anymore."

"Remember the puzzles you set up to have your new assistant solve?"

"Would you believe those weren't puzzles, just how my mind works?"

"Yeah Doc, I would believe that."

"Still no one else but you ever understood all that."

"I am not sure I understand it now, but at least I can follow along nicely," Marty chuckled.

"You know this is the last time we will see each other again, if things weren't bad before they are a 100 times worse now, and if I make it back to Clara, I can't risk leaving her again."

"I know Doc, believe me I know," he said glancing back over at Laura.

"Things ok between you two?" Doc asked as he continued to load the Delorean.

"Yeah, I love her Doc; I guess you forgive when you love."

"I didn't mean to get involved, she didn't want to tell you, and maybe she was right not to."

"It's ok Doc, you did it because you care. You are like the dad I always wanted, but somehow never ended up with," Marty smiled again reflecting back on George McFly and how he had been a friend in 1955, and a nerd in 1985, dead in 1985A, and then after all was said and done a successful writer who seemed to forget he had a third child.

"And Laura?"

"What about her?"

"You know she cares."

"Oh yeah, I know she does, she is stronger than the two of us put together."

"You think so?"

"Doc she has been on her own since she was 17."

"That doesn't make her strong."

"No, but making her a Brown does."

Doc stopped and smiled back at Marty. A closed mouth nodding smile choking back and swallowing a few tears.

"You know Doc this doesn't get any easier the more times we have to do this," Marty shrugged.

"I know Marty," Doc said solemnly.

"We'll miss you," Laura said stepping forward taking Marty's hand.

"I'll miss both of you, more than you can ever know," Doc said taking them up in a tight hug.

All three of them closed their eyes tightly as a few rouge tears escaped. Doc pulled away first and wiped his eyes with a handkerchief and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"It's time," Doc said bravely, "wish me luck!"

"Good luck Doc," Marty said shaking his hand.

"Good bye Emmet," Laura smiled weakly.

"Right kids, stand back!"

Marty and Laura stood back as Doc opened the gull wing door to the Delorean and climbed inside. He turned to his two best friends through the driver's side window and gave them a thumbs up followed by a broad brave smile. The Delorean rose gently into the sky, started to gain speed, and disappeared with three sonic booms in the distance leaving a smoky trail of two tire tracks imprinted in the air.

"Do you think he made it?" Laura asked staring upwards.

"We'll never know will we?"

"I guess we live our lives hoping for the best."

"You know we will never see our friends or family again?"

"Doc was my family."

"I am going to miss him Laur; it's for good this time."

Laura put her arms around her husband's neck and kissed his cheek. She held him long after the Delorean and Doc disappeared.

"You know Laur, we have the knowledge now, it doesn't have to be a Delorean this time."


The two exchanged a warm glance followed by a soft chuckle, walking back to the train together, being left with thoughts of figuring out what to do next, Edison trailing tail wagging behind him.


Officer Reese and Officer Foley stood over Biff's crumpled body in the alley. Officer Reese bent over to check his pulse.

"Yeah he is still alive," Reese confirmed.

"What do we do with him?" asked Foley.

"Take him home."

"Where am I? Who are you?" Biff started to stir.

"You're ok, you got a little tranked but we are going to take you home."

"Where's Doc Brown, and the time machine?"

"Time machine?"

"Yeah Doc Brown invented a time machine in a train, it's on the edge of town, he came back from 1985, and has Marty Mc..."

"You are a little delusional Mr. Tannen, I see here on your medical alert bracelet we are supposed to contact your grandson Griff?"

"No, don't call Griff, we need to go after the Doc, and the time machine! I am telling you they are travellers from 1985, and they drugged me, please you don't understand!"

"Oh I think we understand perfectly," said Reese in an understanding motherly tone.

"What shall we do?" asked Foley.

"Have him committed, clearly he is off his head," whispered Reese.

Foley shrugged as they lowered Biff's head and bent him into the back of the police car.

"Are you taking me to the time machine? Are you taking me to Doc?" asked Biff frantically.

"Yes, Mr. Tannen, we are taking you to see a 'doc,'" smirked Reese.


Somewhere over Hill Valley in the later part of the 1800's three sonic booms were heard accompanied by a flash of light and a silver streak. The Delorean set down gently in the yard beside the barn as evening dusk started to settle in over the valley. In the distance two young boys ran from a large white farm house to the vehicle.

"Father!" the two young men shouted.

A man, a little worse for wear in futuristic clothes, opened the door of the Delorean and put his arms around the two boys. He walked with them quietly as they bombarded him with a series of questions until he reached the front porch. There in a periwinkle blue dress with a large bustle stood a woman with a friendly smile. She opened the screen door and stepped out to greet them.

"Well Emmet, are you going to tell me where you have been and what happened to the train?"

"Clara, boys, am I happy to see you," smiled Doc, "Let's go inside, you won't believe the story I have to tell!"