"My name is Emma Swan and I'm single as fuck." She looked directly into the camera as instructed as she said her line. As soon as the camera's recording light went off, her eyes wandered over to the man that sat a few feet away from her with his own camera as he spoke his name (Killian Jones) and the same line she was told to say. Well, this is going to be interesting, Emma thought to herself.

She blew out a breath of air as she gets up and is motioned over to a table where the next bit of filming was going to take place. This was all Mary Margaret's fault that she was even here. Sure, she needed the money, but when she'd agreed to do this she didn't know she was signing up to be married to a stranger for a week.

The interviewer sits down across from her as Killian takes the seat beside her. "Okay, guys," he starts as the camera begins to record once again, "So here's what's going to happen. You're going to be married for one week."

Killian breathes out slowly as he shakes his head. "I have never had to plan my life around another person. I don't know if I'm ready for this." He chuckles somewhat awkwardly as he crosses his arms over his chest.

"Just imagine doing that for the rest of your life."

Emma gasps a little at Kyle's statement, bringing her head to her chest. "I think I just felt my heart skip a beat at the thought of that."

The interviewer laughs at her confession. "Well, you only have to do this for little while, so don't freak out too much. What you're going to do is eat, sleep, and live together for a whole week. You will need to communicate on a daily basis and coordinate meals. And you will have to do two nice things for each other that are completely unplanned."

Out of the corner of her eye, Emma noticed Killian lift his hand and rub his forehead. Clearly, he wasn't liking the sound of having to share a confined space any more than she was. "So one thing each?" Killian asks for clarification, but to his dismay, Kyle shakes his head.

"No, that's two things each for the other person. That means learning things about each other and using that information to do something nice."

"Simple enough." Emma says with a painted on smile.

Kyle laughs again. "Then let's get started on this. A camera will be in the apartment at all times, so I want you to act as naturally as possible. You will also do a video diary each day of the marriage."

"Let's do it." She glances over at Killian after he speaks to find his lips formed into a smirk.

Great, he's a cocky bastard. With an accent. So he probably thinks he's all that and a bag of chips.

"Then, I now pronounce you man and wife."

The camera shuts off and she stands, shaking a smirking Kyle's hand before she turns to Killian. "I'm warning you now, don't fall in love with me."

"I think it more appropriate to tell you not to fall in love with me." He smirks in her direction. "After all, I am devilishly handsome, not to mention charming." A chuckle bubbles from his lip at the near sneer he receives in response. "You can follow me home"

"Why does it have to be your home?" She asks as they make their way out of the building and into the parking lot. "I have a perfectly good apartment of my own."

"Well, love, I am the man of the house. It is my job to provide a roof over your head. Therefore, I think my place should be our little nest for the next week."

And there is that smirk again. I swear it's a permanent fixture on his face. But he does make a good point. Damn him. She sighs and runs a hand through her hair. "Alright, then I guess I will need to go to my place first and get a few things."

"Definitely make sure you pack something sexy to model for your husband."

If he keeps this up, this week will surely be my own personal hell. Emma rolls her eyes and goes to her car, but before she gets in, she calls out over her shoulder to him. "Don't think you're going to get lucky this week." Your charm sure as hell isn't going to work on me.

Emma pulls the few bags she packed for the week out of the trunk and walks to the door of Killian's home- their home. For a week anyway. She knocks on the door, and a few seconds later, her "husband" pulls it open. He stares at her for a couple of moments before she finally speaks. "Well, are you going to carry me over the threshold?"

He gives her a look as though she had grown another head. "No, I'm not carrying you over the threshold. I believe you're perfectly capable of walking."

He walks back inside before she huffs lightly and follows behind him. Carrying her own bags. "A real husband would have carried my bags for me."

"Well, I'm not your real husband, so those rules don't apply to me."

The cameraman is already there and set up in the living room, filming their bickering. Oh, he just gets more infuriating as time goes on. She glares at his back as she drops her bag in the middle of the living room. "For all intents and purposes, you are my husband for the next week. You have to treat me like you would treat your real wife."

A tiny scoff comes from his throat before he turns to face her. "I'm only doing this because they were offering money for this little experiment. I didn't want to get the real feeling of being in a marriage." He pauses before that smirk of his is back in place. "Unless, of course, you want to feel as though this is a real marriage. I wouldn't be opposed to certain aspects of being husband and wife."

She rolls her eyes as she picks up her bag again. "Can you just tell me where our room is?"

"Our room?" She could just tell by the look on his face, that the 'aspects of begin husband and wife' he spoke of where definitely running through his mind right about now.

"Yes, we have to sleep in the same bed. That's what Kyle said. And it's just to sleep. So don't go getting any ideas. Speaking of, do you snore? If so, I'll sleep on the couch."

Killian huffs out a breath that she could clearly tell was annoyance before he turns and walks down the hall. Emma takes that as her queue to follow him again. "So where am I putting my stuff?"

"Just find a place." He looks at everything in her arms. "Why did you bring so much anyway?"

"I'll be here for a week. I needed the necessities." She lays her purse on the bed. The unmade bed. Her nose wrinkles at the sight of the messy room. "Do you ever clean this place? Or make your bed?"

"You never stop nagging do you?" His tone is nonchalant, but Emma could tell he was ready for her to shut up already.

She takes a slow breath in through her nose. This is going to be a long week. I can feel it. She leans down and opens her suitcase to pull out her toiletries bag. "I'm just going to put my things in the bathroom."

I guess we should learn to start getting along, or this will just be unbearable, Emma thinks to herself as she walks past him.

Later that evening, after Emma had cooked them dinner and they had eaten, the man running the camera clears his throat. "I think it's about time we get the first video diary recorded."

Emma nods her head and stands up. "Let's get this over with." She follows the man back to the bedroom when he indicates for her to do so.

After everything is set up, she gets seated and looks into the camera lens to wait for her queue. When he gives it, she straightens up a little more before she speaks. "Well, I guess the first day has been eye opening. I can truly tell how good I am at being a single person. I honestly hope I don't kill him before the week ends." She shakes her head as she laughs. "At least he's good to look at. I really can't complain about that."

Emma tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. "I'm actually looking forward to a date night. I don't think I've been on a real date in about three years. Hopefully this will be more fun than awkward."

When the cameraman tells her she's got enough for today, she steps out of the room. "Alright, your turn, Killian."

He nods and heads back to the room. As soon as he closes the door behind him, Emma presses her ear up against the door to listen. The sound is a bit muffled, but she can make out the words well enough.

"So, you want to know what I'm thinking after day one? Well, she's already a typical nagging wife."

I don't nag! Emma thought with a frown. What's wrong with wanting a neat house?

"She's complained about how I live. But I was a bachelor before this. I think it's perfectly normal for me to live this way." She hears him pause a moment.

Probably to fix his hair, she thinks as she continues to listen.

"Anyways, I think I can handle her for a week. And I least I got paired with a hot wife."

Emma rolled eyes, sensing his smirk even through the closed door.

"However, I feel by the end of the week, we may just want the other to shut up. She did mention we have to go grocery shopping because I don't know how to properly stock a kitchen. Her words, not mine. This should definitely be interesting."

After about an hour of watching television together, Emma stands from the couch. "I think I'm going to get ready for bed."

"Sounds like a great idea." Killian stretches a little and stands as well. He follows her into the bedroom, and pulls his shirt over his head.

Her eyes trail down his chest before she quickly averts them, fighting to keep the blush from coming to her cheeks. She opens her bag, and pulls out her tank top and shorts that she packed for pajamas and looks around a moment before she decides to go change in the bathroom.

"Why don't you just change out here? I am your husband after all." The suggestive tone was clear in his voice as he spoke causing her to roll her eyes once again.

Emma didn't even need to turn around to know he was wearing that smirk again. "I am not changing in front of you. Sorry, casanova." She closes the bathroom door behind her, and changes her clothes. She piles her dirty clothes in the corner of the bathroom and grabs her toothbrush.

Not a moment later, Killian knocks on the door. "Come on, love. I have to brush my teeth."

"You'll have to just be patient." She says back as she turns the water on and proceeds with her nightly task. She hears him huff which causes her lip to turn up in a smirk and when she's done, she turns off the water and opens the door, walking past him into the bedroom. "The bathroom is all yours."

When Killian was finished and he walked back into the room, Emma stood at the foot of the bed, just staring at it. "I should inform you, I'm a bit of a cuddler when I sleep."

Of course he is. That just makes this all the more better. "Which side do you sleep on?"

"The right."

"Well, I sleep on the right side. If I don't, I can't sleep at all." Emma finally turns to face him as she talks.

"That seems quite the shame." He says before moving to the aforementioned side. "If you need help getting to sleep, I would be happy to oblige."

She climbs into the left side of the bed, covering herself with the covers. "Of course, you would." The words come out of her mouth in a mutter and she's not sure whether Killian hears them or not, but he doesn't make another comment as he slides beneath the covers beside her.

"Goodnight, Husband."

Emma feels the bed move slightly as a small laugh comes from his mouth. "Goodnight, Wife."

Let the countdown to the end of the week begin.