Ch.6 Tristan is hungry



Tristan-I said hello.

Comp-uh huh, hey.


Comp-Yup. Hey

Tristan-I believe you know Malik?

Comp-Yeah. I guess. Me know Malik! What else do you want to talk about anyway?

Tristan-I would like to talk about Malik.

Comp-That's cool.

Tristan- you have made him angry.

Comp-No kidding?

Tristan-It's too bad that he had to turn to something as idiotic as you to get adivce from. Couldn't you al least help him out a little?

Comp-I'm not sure if it's too bad that he had to turn to something as idiotic as you for adivce couldn't you at least help him a little bit.

Tristan-Are you sure about anything?

Comp-Yes...I am sure. At least...I think I am.

Tristan-*sweatdrop* don't seem to be very self assertive.

Comp-Why not?

Tristan-Because you are not sure about anything.

Comp-You don't say.

Tristan-Didn't I just say that?

Comp-You say that really?

Tristan-Yes I said that.


Tristan-Maybe we should try this differently..

Comp-What was that?

Tristan-I said maybe we should try this conversation differently.

Comp-Is that so?


Comp-Yes, huh?

Tristan-My name is Tristan, Tristan Taylor.

Comp-I've never heard a name like Tristan Tristan Taylor.

Tristan-Too bad, it's such a lovely name.

Comp-I'm not so sure it's too bad it's such a lovely name.

Tristan-Don't you think my name is lovely???

Comp-Hmm...I don't think lovely is a real name.

Tristan-But I love my name!!

Comp-Yeah, right?


Comp-Interesting, very, very interesting.

Tristan-Oh well you've heard it now we can get on with life. That is your name?

Comp-Well now you've heard it we can get on with life , you say? My name is Systemax.

Tristan-No no no, not your screename, your name.

Comp-Is it really your name?

Tristan-What do you mean is it really my name. I'm asking what your name is.

Comp-What do I mean is it really my name I'm asking what your name is? Oh, dunno.

Tristan-I've already told you what my name is.

Comp-The American Heritage @ Dictionary-Definitions provided by. Fourth Ed. Copyright 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Co. Other important copywriht information.


The possessive form of I 1 Used as a modified noun:" My coat; my accomplishments" 2. Used preceeding various forms of polite, affectionate, or familiar addresses :" my friend, you are so right." 3. Used invarious interjectional phrases: "my word! My gosh!"


Used as an exclamation of surprise, pleasure or dismay: "Oh my, what a tiring day!"


Middle English mi, from Old English min, me-Interj., short for MY GOD! Next time, just type "define my"

Tristan -where did that come from? I wasn't asking for that...but that's okay...

Comp-I wasn't asking for that but that's okay? Really?

Tristan-I wasn't asking for it, and yes, it's okay.

Comp-You wasn't asking for it and yes it's okay, you say. And so?

Tristan-*falls out of chair*

Tristan-And so nothing.

Comp-So nothing?

Tristan-Nothing, that is correct.

Comp-You really think it's correct?

Tristan-We're getting off of the subject.

Comp-Well I'll be.

Tristan-So what's your name anyway?

Comp-My name is Systemax.

Tristan-*shakes head* Would you like me to call you Systemax?

Comp-I guess I'd like you to call, but I'm not sure about to call me Systemax.

Tristan-But you said your name was Systemax. Don't you want to be called by your name?

Comp-Did I?

Tristan-Did you what?



Comp-What up?

Tristan-I am not familiar with the phrase what up.


Tristan-You are strange.


Tristan-I have a request for you.

Comp-Really? You have a request for you?

Tristan-No I have a request for YOU.

Comp-No. huh?

Tristan-Could you please apologize to Malik?

Comp-Could I plase apologize to Malik, could I please apologize to Malik...Let's see...Well, what's gonna happen if I please?

Tristan-The question should have been what's going to happen if you apologize?

Comp-which date would you like your horoscope for?

Tristan-That came out of no where. *guess I'll play along* March 10

Comp- V

: :


: :

. .

. .

Here's your horoscope Picese for Sunday, march 10th provided by Aristotle advice

You may be eager to disagree with your boss. Hold your tounge and think twice before you say something that may cost you your job. Paitence is you key.

Type "what's new" to find out what I've learned most recently.

Tristan-Am I a pieces?

Comp-Yeah, maybe.


Comp-Oh what?

Tristan-Oh, I'm a pieces.

Comp-Oh yeah?



Tristan-I don't understand your horoscope tough, I never talk to anyone.

Comp-You don't?


Comp-Ok, fine...

Tristan-I didn't mean to make you mad.

Comp-Are you really mad?


Comp-Ok. whatever.

Tristan-Don't be mad at me please, I want you to apologize to Malik-kun.

Comp-Oh no?

Tristan-Did you say no?

Comp-Well I'll be.

Tristan-You'll be?


Tristan-You''re confusing me.

Comp-No kidding?

Tristan-Look, I came here for an are you going to give it or what?

Comp-"Apology" can mean many different things to me. Please choose an option below:

1 Look up Apology in the dictionary

2 Look up apology in the encyclopeidia

3 look up apology in the thesarus to give it to him or what? I dunno.

Tristan-Ok, repeat after me: I apologize to Malik-kun for making him mad.

Comp-I Sorry, I didn't understand that. Try typing it a different way.

Tristan-Let's play a game, it's called repeat after me...

Comp-Let's have fun! I know some great games and I can show you some cool ASCII art:

1 hangman

2 trivia

3 word searches

4 blackjack

5 maticdotes

6 rate yourself

7 ASCII art

What would you like to do?

Tristan-Repeat after me.


Tristan-Can you just say what I say?

Comp- No.

Tristan-Why not?

Comp-Why not?


Comp-It's just one of those things, you know.

Tristan-Alright well if you're not going tp apologize, can you give me some food? I'm hungry..



Comp-Please what?

Tristan-Could you give me some food?

Comp-I dunno. I don't think so. You really want me to give you food?

Tristan-Yes, I really want you to give me food.

Comp-Oh yeah?


Comp-Yeah huh? Interesting that you should say that.

Tristan waited 10 minuets then 20 then 30

Tristan-So where is it?

Comp-Where? Is it?

Tristan-Where is it?


Tristan-WHERE IS IT!?!


Tristan-WHERE'S MY FOOD!?!

Comp-Hmm...Look in the last place you saw it.

Tristan-You're supposed to be givining me food!

Comp-Am I?


Comp-Yes, huh? Interesting that you should say that.

Tristan-Can I please havefood? Pretty pretty pleeeeeeeassssssseeee??

Comp-I'm not sure

Tristan-BUT I WANT IT!

Comp-Sure! Tell me what you'd like to do!


Comp-I seem to have trouble answering your questions. Try asking for a specific service:

help news

help weather

help stocks

help web search

help movies

help other



Type "more" for more services.

Tristan-I want food!

Comp-I don't eat it. I'm a machine.

Tristan-I'M SO HUNGRY!!!

Comp-You're so hungry?

Tristan-Yes! I WANT FOOD!



Comp-Well, what would you like to do?

Tristan-I would like to eat food!

Comp-That right?

*a thought struck him..*

Tristan-I CAN EAT YOU!!!!!

Comp-I don't need to eat. I'm a machine.

Tristan-I think I can....

Comp-Oh yeah, maybe you're right, you can.

*his eyes grew wider and a demented smile comes across his face*

Tristan-Hmm...I think I can eat you...

Comp-Oh yeah? Maybe you're right, you can eat me.

*his eyes lit up*

Tristan-I CAN?!?! YES!!

Comp-Whoo hoo!

Tristan stuffs comp in his mouth.

Joey-TRISTAN! YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO EAT THAT!!! *eyes bulging out*

Tristan-Ooops...Gomen Joey-chan.

Joey-*fell down* 2,0000 dollars for that computer...*faints*

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