This story takes place the summer of Harry's 16th birthday. Lupin never left Hogwarts so he is still the DADA professor. Sirius never died and that is all of the story line that I had changed. Harry still went to the hall of prophecies, but Sirius was caught by Lupin before he could fall into the veil. That is all!

July 31st :

11:39 pm

Harry looked at the clock on the night stand and blinked. The Dursley's had left the first week of the summer holiday, he was left alone in the home he was tourtured in for years. He stood shirtless as he counted the scars that covered him. There where whip marks, burn marks, and slashes all over his body. Hedwig flew through the open window, hooting quietly to him. "I know girl, im tired too." There was a shimmer and Hedwig grew, her body slimming and her beak shortening. Where once a snowly owl stood there was now a Strix. When she had changed the first time Harry had hit the books, wanting to know just how Hedwig had disguised herself. Strix's, he had found, where of the time of the greeks, bringers of ill owmen who, according to the rumors in the text books, ate human flesh to gain their magical ability. Harry hadn't asked her if that was true, he didn't really want to know. But he knew that she could protct herself. Harry felt her magic wash trough the room and shivered as the magic clashed with is.

When he looked to the mirror again he saw what he really was, his eyes no longer deep emerald, but Ava Kadava green, his hair longer, his body a little paler. It wasn't very drastic, but if he was what he thought he was going to be, he'd wake up tomorrow morning with a whole new life ahead of him. He knelt down onto the bed, his body tingling as he counted.











When he reached one he smiled, "Happy birthday to me." Where his last words as his body confulsed in pain.

When he awoke he heard the caw of a very amused Strix. Harry opened his bright green eyes to see Hedwig cooing at him and flying above his head. Sitting up he felt something very odd, he was shorter. He didn't know how he knew, but his balance was way off and he felt lither, smaller. Harry stood up to face the mirror and smirked, there in the mirror was a very different person.

His eyes had stayed the same bright ava kadava green, but his hair fell longer and sleeker, curls falling to his knees. His body was not only shorter, but slimmer too. His once bulky awkward muscle thinned until he looked agile, like a cat. His teeth where sharp little points at his canines and where pearly white. In short he looked like a tiny little fairy. No not fairy, imp.

"well Hedwig, I think my theory was correct." Hedwig cooed again, and it sound faintly of laughter.