Message to RA-1253,

Experiment 93 was a failure. The giant metal warriors are back and they are stifling our plans. The earth will never be ours as long as those machines keep slaying our juggernauts. But i would not write a letter to your highship just to tell you about our failed attacks. No, there is something more. The cyan one is back, the one that had closed our portal in the first place. How this is possible is beyond me, but we must find a way to destroy it. RA numbers 2364 through 2398 are working on a possible solution, but it is a risky one. We have a feeling that we must get the Cyan one alone before we are able to destroy it. I cannot tell you how this attack will begin, nor can i tell you how it will end. All i can tell you is one of those metal titans WILL FALL. I say this without any doubt that we will break their defenses to rubble. We make our turn around here. That is all.