After the Doctor had started the Tardis, and dropped Neffi and Riddell off together, the five remaining passengers relaxed as they could feel themselves being transported.

It took a few mere minutes for them to travel into space so they could make Brian's request come true. He sat in the doorway of the Tardis, taking in the view of Earth, in all of it's beauty. As Grace joined him, she laid on her stomach, and shared at it's glory. Rory and Amy also took in the wonder while the Doctor played with the controls.

He finally took a seat, thinking about God knows what. Nobody could ever tell what the Doctor could be thinking, when suddenly, Amy sat down next to him.

"You know, I always think about what it would have been like for me to travel with you when I was seven", said Amy

"Oh, great more guilt", said the Doctor, sarcastically.

"I'm serious. I wondered where you would have taken me. Granted, my fantasies have changed, but I still love the idea of seeing new places."

"Oh, but you'll already have that with your mate. What would you need me for?", said the Doctor, smirking.

Amy playfully nudged him. "Exactly. I missed my chance."

"Because of me."

"I've gotten over it. You have another kid now, who despite being another species, has the same dreams as I do. I can tell", she said, as the two of them stared at Grace, giggling as she ran around the console over and over again.

Rory grabbed her, so she could face him. "You might want to take it easy, you're still not quite used to legs yet."

Trying to catch her breath, not that she cared of course, Grace gazed up at him. "Are you kidding? First I meet the most amazing person ever, then I turn human, I got to save my home, now I'm in a spaceship with an alien, who for some reason thinks a bow tie is cool-"

"They are cool!", interrupted the Doctor.

She ignored him. "And now I used my new limbs to swim in a pool and actually run, Rory! Now that I have my legs, I just can't stop!", she exclaimed, then continued to run around the center of the Tardis.

Shrugging, Rory sat back down next to his father who chuckled.

"She reminds me of you as a kid", said Brian.

"Well she does have a bit of my DNA, so there's that", said Rory.

After a few more minutes, the ship materialized in front of the Pond Household. As hugs were exchanged, Amy had run into the house to grab a pair of dark blue pajamas for Grace, and other clothes she had saved from when she was little, and left them on the Tardis for her.

Seeing as the Ponds were home safe and sound, the Doctor showed Grace a bedroom for her in the ship that was big enough for her. There, she changed out of her dress and put the pajamas on. Once she was dressed, she felt the ship disappear, and saw they were back in space, letting the old girl rest.

The pajamas were a little big on her, but she appreciated them nonetheless. Taking a seat next to the Doctor, she relaxed against him, as he put his arm around her. The one thing she noticed were his eyes, everytime she looked into them, they seemed tired and old.

"You know", she said, twiddling her hair on her finger. "This is a lot more uncomfortable than it looks. It's very hot."

"You get used to it. Better than having a ginormous chin on your face", the Doctor said, scratching his chin. She giggled, causing him to laugh, then sigh in exhaustion.

Grace also felt tired, and slowly laid down, resting her head on the Doctor's lap. "Doctor?", she asked.

"Yes, little one?", he asked , gently stroking her hair, in a very affectionate way. She immediately sat back up, laying against him, staring straight into his eyes, as he did to hers.

"You know I have a lot of questions. About you, what some things are, about everything. I didn't even know what stairs, books, even humans were, until you told me about them. So, if you get annoyed with me, I'll get it."

He smiled at her. "No, that's what you and I have in common", he said, his voice calm and quiet. "I'm almost finished learning about humanity, yet you're just beginning. We have to always keep learning. That's the only way we can grow."

"I really am happy I'm here. I do want to see the world, and discover new things. I just don't want to get my hopes up", she said, beginning to doze off.

"Trust me, you won't be disappointed."

"I know. Because this day has been the greatest day of my life!",she said. The next thing she knew, she quickly hugged him as he hugged her back.

After a few more minutes, the Doctor realized she had fallen asleep against him, her head resting on his shoulder. He couldn't help but stare at her. It surprised him, yet scared him how blindingly trusting she is. He thought he wasn't the right person who she should be trusting. If only she knew what he had done in the past, all the lives he ruined. But also all the good he had done, and possibly will do in the future. After he kissed her head, he only knew one thing at that moment: he would never let anyone or anything ever hurt this little girl. He wanted to show her all the good that the world had to offer.

Only time would tell...

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