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"You smell good."

Kagome jumped, feeling a nose nuzzle in her neck as a muscular male body slid up behind her in the bed, "What?" She blinked, surprised at the close contact, "What are you doing, Sting?!"

"I can't resist it anymore," Sting felt his fangs ache, "I know the Master told us not to have any contact with you, but damn – your scent..." He could feel her shiver against him, "I'm surprised Rogue isn't in here."

"Just leave," Kagome buried her face in the blankets, "I don't think that 'captors' should be touching their 'captives' in this way." She had to physically resist her Reiryouku, which was simmering just beneath her skin due to the threat it perceived.

She had no idea what it would do to a Dragon Slayer.

"If you would just agree to officially join Sabertooth," Sting sighed, "I don't understand you. You're not weak and you would be treated right if you joined."

"Are you blind?!" Kagome frowned deeply, ignoring his closeness, "Haven't you seen how your Master treats his guild members?! Sabertooth is not a guild," She stated, feeling Sting's body stiffen behind her, "I simply want to go home."

Why would the Shikon and the well want to send her to this world?

"You're not leaving," Sting growled, "I'll tie you down to this bed if I have to," He began to drag his fangs down her throat and smirked when she shuddered and her delicious scent seemed to spike. It took everything out of him not to bite down on her sensitive skin, "Are you in heat?"

'Humans don't go into heat, stupid,' Kagome thought, choosing to ignore the sensations as she closed her blue eyes, 'I want to go home.'

She would have much rather to have bled out near the well than being picked up injured by Sabertooth, but she should have known it was her luck that she didn't just die and instead become a captive of the guild until she agreed to join.

'But as long as Jiemma remains the Master, I will never join,' Kagome thought, 'As long as Sabertooth values power above all else...'

Sting scowled and ripped himself away from the unmoving girl, seeing that she was being stubborn for the moment. Besides, he had enough honour not to force himself on the unwilling, "You will come around soon," He got up from the bed, "The Grand Magic Games start in a few days," His smirk returned at her glare, "If you cheer for us, you can leave this room."

'As if,' Kagome stared at the wall, hearing Sting leave said room and shut the self-locking door, 'I hope Sabertooth comes in last.'

She would escape.

It was only a matter of time.