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A Synopsis of The Saga Series

Authors Note: If you are familiar with The Saga, skip this and proceed to next chapter.


The Saga Series started one year after all the digimon had been reunited with their Tamers. A young teenage girl named Lindy Rose, was employed to babysit the youngest Tamers, Ai and Makoto Haruki. Within the first day, the three were saved from a rogue digimon by Impmon-Ai and Mako's partner. From then, Lindy was thrown into the world of digimon and met several Tamers while continuing her job. One night, a digimon attacked Ai. Lindy saved her but was almost killed. Fortunately, a wish from Beelzemon was heard by a mysterious digi-gnome and she was saved. A side effect from the wish was that she actually became a digimon at night. She labelled herself a hybrid and from there, struggled to accept the fact that she was no longer normal.

Not long after, Lindy had to confess to her family that she was a hybrid and changed unwillingly at night. The next morning, she discovered her family abandoned her. They called her a monster and wanted her to get 'help'. Lindy ran away only to be captured by a man named Yamaki who also took Impmon, Ai and Mako. Fortunately, they escaped.

When Ai and Mako's parents came home, it was revealed what had happened to Lindy. As well, Impmon-who had been hiding from the parents sight-chose to introduce himself. Sympathetic to Lindy's predicament, Tai and Yuki Haruki accepted Lindy into the family, making her their temporary foster daughter.


Within the next few months, it was revealed that Yamaki had not kidnapped Lindy and the others. The Tamers were on high alert for some imposter that looked like Yamaki while the real one had wanted to talk to Lindy, peacefully. He offered her a spot on a new project called Shield: a database composed of Tamers, digimon, from around the world.

Markus Rose, Lindy's uncle was found murdered near the Haruki residence sending Lindy into a state of rage and despair. This caused a complete change into her digimon self as she dark digivolved into Deciliousmon, an psychotic, mega digimon. After several failed attempts to stop her, Beelzemon was given a fatal blow by Deciliousmon, leaving him to die. Lindy fought off the evil side of her, changing into Hopemon, her true ultimate form. Hopemon used the same power of the mysterious digi-gnome, changing Beelzemon into a human-a hybrid with the same curse as her. In the human form, the name Ian was given so he could help blend in.

It turns out that D-Reaper was trying to make a comeback and was after the hybrids because they were completely foreign to the programming it was given. As well, it wanted revenge on the Tamers. Jeri, an ex-Tamer, was kidnapped to the digital world. A few days and a group was set up ready to go into the digital world to rescue Jeri. With a digi-port, a device that could actually control portals to and from the digital world, the Tamer's had solved their problem how to travel. Unfortunately, Kazu broke it-sending the opposite team consisting of Impmon, Ai, Mako, Lindy, Takato, Guilmon, Henry, Terriermon, Suzie, and Lopmon in the other world.

In the human world, Rika, Renamon, Kazu, Gaurdromon, Kenta, MarineAngemon, Ryo and Cyberdramon were in charge of defeating D-Kenta, the D-Reaper's puppet. After Ryo was injured, Kazu managed to help Gaurdromon digivolve into Andromon and help defeat it. The injury of Ryo caused a decision to revoke Yamaki from his chair as leader of Hypnos.

In the digital world, the group had a lead that Jeri was captured at Code City, a sort of metropolis of the digital world. They travelled there after defeating D-Ai, D-Mako and faced D-Suzie in a bet to win Jeri back. Once they won, they took a break at the Lost Village-a place where all the digimon in the group lived when they were first sent back. Jeri told Takato she needed a break from their relationship. She was still very hurt from losing Leomon and felt like she was useless. Takato, heartbroken, told Jeri he was there for her, and respected her wishes.

Trying to find a way out, D-Takato attacked the group. He revealed information that D-Reaper was going to strike soon. The group managed to delete, him but it caused a warped portal landing the whole group in Toronto, Canada. Fortunately, Lindy met her old friends and managed to get them to Niagara Falls, her old hometown. The comfort of her home made Lindy feel conflicted with wanting to stay home in Canada or go back to Japan. A helicopter delivered by Yamaki was sent to pick them up and bring them back home.

While back home in West Shinjuku, Lindy was told about the red card, a special aide that would help her achieve mega form and help defeat D-Reaper. However, she needed a few things such as a D-Arc, and partners. Ai and Mako were the most likely choice as Lindy felt such a strong connection to them and the twins were so attached to her. Lindy did not want to be someone's digimon. She wanted to be free of her curse and go home back to her old life.


This caused Lindy to be sent to an alternate reality by an Ancient One named Azazel to teach her a lesson. In the other reality, Lindy was normal and Ai was changed into a hybrid from the attack. As well, Takato and Guilmon were killed from D-Reaper sending the group into a blood lust for Lindy as she was responsible. After seeing her new rich life and was reunited with her old family, Lindy learned that she became the poster child for the Anti-Digimon Association, a group focused on getting rid of digimon completely. Disgusted, Lindy tries to convince Beelzemon she's not like that and she was a different person. During the battle against Erika Rose (Lindy's aunt), the blonde tried to save Ai's life, again. This caused Azazel to appear and give Lindy a sense of clarity of who she was and what she was destined to do. Not be a puppet-but a protector. Lindy was sent back and unlocked herself as Ai and Mako's other partner digimon.

Sketchbook Again:

The Tamers were preparing for the showdown against D-Reaper. Henry and Terriermon told Yamaki to send all the Tamers they could find to help for the battle. Yamaki in turn, gave them a disk to watch only after the D-Reaper was defeated. In the final battle, Lindy digivolved into Lindenmon and had her data altered so she could penetrate the force field of the D-Reaper. There, she managed to hit it's unstable core, causing a huge explosion. The only thing left of Lindy was her necklaces and her green bandana. It was believed that she died saving everyone.

As well, Yamaki was killed by Erika Rose who was working with Omoto, a rival of Yamaki who fought to be the new leader of Hypnos. The hunting for any digimon or hybrids had started. Ian was left with Takato telling him that he still had to help save Jeri.


Months passed and everyone was still heart broken over the two deaths and Jeri going missing, again. As well, digimon were hunted by the Anti-Digimon Association (ADA). The digimon were hiding out below Hypnos in Sector 7. Yu, an aide of the Tamers, managed to locate Jeri at Rolling Meadows facility in Canada where he assigns Takato and Impmon the task of retrieving her.

In Canada, Lindy's friends were new Tamers. Marianna was partnered with Tiguramon and had to help her group find a new hiding spot for their digimon so the ADA wouldn't take them. There was Cam and Agumon, Katrina and Bowmon, and Luke and Bakemon.

In Japan, Takato and Impmon had used the digi-port to go to the digital world so they could take a short cut to Canada. The two arrived and met up with Lindy's friends. The group explained that they were going to a party at Erika's Rose's abandoned mansion. They suggested looking around to find anything aiding the two in infiltrating the Rolling Meadows facility. The mansion was a trap. ADA, and police swarmed the place. Takato realized that Ai and Mako had stopped believing in Impmon-preventing him to digivolve.

During the infiltration of Rolling Meadows, Takato and Ian were ambushed by Jeri, who was wearing a battle suit that pumped her full of drugs. This caused her to have a psychotic episode and attack the Tamer and hybrid.

Successfully, they got the suit off Jeri and rescued her. Takato opened the digi-port and everyone escaped to the digital world, including the Canadian Tamers. Takato, Jeri and an ADA guard reactivated the portal and became separated from Impmon and the Canadian Tamers.

Ally-an un-partnered teenager-was almost killed while they battled in a Gabumon village, but Bakemon digivolved into Phantomon by a crest that Luke unlocked. Tiguramon explained there were many crests including hope, power, loyalty, passion, and honesty.

Impmon found Ai and Mako were waiting for him at a hideout. The twins were taken to the digital world by a man with yellow eyes after Sector 7 was compromised. They found out Lindy was still alive, but trapped somewhere. The following morning, the Canadian Tamers all snuck out, each having their own motivations and reasons.

When Ally and PJ were rescued, Impmon was able to unlock the power of becoming Beelzemon as Ai and Mako's bond with him healed. The Canadian Tamer group once united, captured DemiDevimon, a trickster that caused all sorts of trouble in the digital world. He confessed a portal for Canada was located nearby.

Beelzewomon attacked the group, explaining it was her job to kill them. Beelzemon bought enough time for the Canadian Tamers to go home and he destroyed the portal. He found out Erika Rose was behind the ADA, Beelzewomon, and the plan to influence all the world leaders to make digimon and Tamers illegal.

Back with the original Tamers, Rika had narrowly escaped Omoto's infiltration of Sector 7. She with the help of Henry, snuck in the new Hypnos, freed the captured digimon, and encounter an unconscious Lindy. There, Rika learned that she had to step up as a leader and planned a final showdown against Omoto. One group was going to distract everyone in the building, while a small team would go in and take out Omoto.

However, the final showdown turned out to be against an insane Erika Rose who held Ai and Mako hostage. Erika blamed her niece Lindy for becoming a hybrid and let her hate and fear of digimon fuel her plan to destroy them. She killed Omoto and Yamaki, saying they were disposable allies. Rika saved the day by knocking out Erika from behind before she could shoot Lindy.

The Canadian Tamers hijacked the Summit and convinced all the world leaders that the bonds between Tamer and digimon were sacred and could not be severed without disastrous consequences.

Takato and Jeri escaped the digital world and confessed that with time, they could continue their relationship. Jeri talked to Impmon saying that eventually he would have to confess his past to Lindy if he wanted to be with her. Impmon agreed, but told Jeri he was not ready yet to tell the twins or Lindy.


It had been four years since Surfacing and Lindy had moved to St. Catharines, Canada to start her first year of university. At the Lapp apartments, she meets her friends, the Canadian Tamers along with two new digimon partnered to Ally Short and PJ Kennedy. An intelligent Gazimon, and an anxiety ridden Kunemon.

In the Digital World, UltimateChaosmon was starting to gain power and sent digimon to Japan and Canada to take out the descendents of the Holy Angels, Royal Knights, and Great Demon Lords. With every failed attempt, the final decision was to capture the prophet, and kill her.

Both Canadian and Japanese groups were dragged into the digital world where they battled Lillithmon, and Lucemon Chaos Mode, two Demon Lords. It was revealed they were double agents and want to vanquish UltimateChaosmon. The large group was split between rescuing the Holy Knights, recruiting the Holy Angels, and protecting the Seer, Gazimon.

Along the way, the world of chaos and the prejudice between three great groups caused internal conflicts and feelings of hatred. PJ and Kunemon were jealous of his friends for being part of a prophecy, Lindy found out about Impmon's past, and a rivalry between Rika and Marianna emerged.

It was only when Lindenmon and Beelzemon were sent into the future, they learned that with the arguments, it caused their downfall, making UltimateChaosmon the ruler of both worlds. There they met Leon, their son. Leon told them to get their act together and stop all of this from happening. Takato and Guilmon prevent PJ and Kunemon from joining forces with UltimateChaosmon.

The final showdown begins, and the final array of Demon Lords, Holy Angels and Knights emerge, taking out UltimateChaosmon. Beelzemon unlocks the final crest-the crest of life.

Lindy and Impmon gave up their human forms to save Takato's life from a stray attack. The Ancient Ones saw this and fixed the problem by giving Lindy and Impmon the power to control their curse. They take away UltimateChaosmon to be locked up again and everyone goes home.