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Chapter 2

Lovino trembled as soon as he saw the three vampires that tormented him. He wondered briefly if Vlad had intended to give him to them, at least until he nudged him behind him, shielding him with his body.

He glanced to his tormentors to see that all three of them looked hostile, and that they were glaring at Vlad. Lovino gripped the other's coat out of fear.

"We'll be taking our human back now," Gilbert said, walking forward.

"I don't believe he's your human anymore," Vlad calmly stated. "Now, if you'll excuse us, we'll be leaving."

"Do you really think you can just walk away with our property?" Francis asked. "In case you haven't noticed, you're outnumbered. Now give him to us, and things won't get ugly."

"But that's what you want, isn't it?" Vlad asked. "Or at least, that's what your friends are hoping for. The Teutonic Knight and the conquistador. I know that you two at least are hoping for a fight."

Antonio and Gilbert looked surprised, and Francis arched an intrigued eyebrow.

"You know who we are, I presume?" Francis asked.

"Of course," Vlad responded. "The Bad Touch Trio. A trio of vampires notorious for sexually abusing their victims."

Lovino's breath hitched, and he tightened his grip on Vlad's coat. He had hoped that Vlad didn't know about that. He had hoped that no one found out.

"Well," Antonio said, "you know who we are, but we don't know who you are."

"I tend to keep my presence quiet," Vlad said. "I don't need to have a title or reputation to boost my ego."

"So in other words, you're either really young or really low on the food chain," Gilbert said.

"Be careful of making assumptions," Vlad said. "It might just end badly for you."

Lovino didn't know what to think. The words and even the tone used were casual, but the four vampires were tense, as though they were waiting for someone to pounce first. And the Italian knew the odds were stacked against Vlad. It was three against one, and since Vlad used magic, he would most likely be weaker than the other three. Somehow, he didn't want anything to happen to this vampire.

"Just give us back the human, and things won't get ugly," Antonio said. "We'll even let you have a bite."

"Thanks, but I have no intention to drink this human's blood," Vlad said.

"You're not like those lame vampires that humans used to write about, are you?" Gilbert asked. "The ones that would rather feed on animal blood than humans'?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, but no."

"Look, just give him to us," Francis said. "Since apparently you have no need for him."

"Need has nothing to do with it. You are not getting near him again."

"Are you sure you're even a vampire?" Gilbert asked. "Because if you are, then you're a freak of nature."

"It doesn't matter," Antonio said. "He's weak. We can easily take our pet back."

Vlad inclined his head so that he could see Lovino out of the corner of his eye. The Italian's attention was immediately drawn towards Vlad.

"When they start moving, I want you to run towards the cross," Vlad said.

Lovino looked over towards the large cross near the altar and nodded his head. He subconsciously gripped the rosary around his neck.

"Looks like we get some fun in," Gilbert said.

Antonio and Gilbert suddenly moved at a speed that no human could accomplish. Lovino stumbled when Vlad pushed him towards the cross, but he quickly regained his footing and ran towards it. Vlad then moved so that he was in the way of the two vampires, and managed to grab both of them by their arms and pushed them to the ground, twisting their arms behind their backs.

"I should probably have mentioned that one of the people I hate the most is very fond of war, and has been present for just about every war in human history," Vlad said. "If you're going to start a fight with someone like that, make sure that you can continue the fight."

Lovino had managed to reach the cross, and he was watching the scene with wide eyes. He had experienced first-hand how strong Antonio and Gilbert were, and to see Vlad pin them down so easily…

Lovino cringed when he heard two popping sounds, followed by pained screams. Well, it would seem Vlad had dislocated their shoulders. Not that Lovino felt sorry for them or anything.

Vlad released the two vampires' arms, looking towards Francis, who looked as though he was about to pounce on Vlad himself.

"I know what you are," Vlad said. "A 'sanguine souven'. A vampire that can examine one's memories by drinking their blood. Are you hoping to do that to me?"

Lovino's eyes widened. If that was true, given how many times Francis drank his blood… How much did he know?

Francis's mouth curled in a snarl. He stepped forward slowly.

"You seem to be well informed, mon ami," Francis said. "How did you know of my talent?"

Vlad smirked.

"By the way you had your fangs elongate the moment I told you that I have no title," Vlad explained. "Your curiosity was piqued, and you wish to know more. But are you sure that's wise?"

"And why wouldn't it be?" Francis asked.

Vlad smirked, before he bit into his wrist. He held up the bleeding wrist for the French vampire to see, who took a nervous step back, eyes wide.

Vlad's blood wasn't red, but silver.

"How is that possible?" Francis asked.

Vlad said nothing, but allowed some of it to drip onto Gilbert's skin. The vampire immediately hissed, shrinking away.

"So, your blood is toxic to vampires," Francis said. "You're going to be tricky. And I find it hard to believe that you don't have a title."

Vlad smirked.

"Only a few have given me titles, but what they are and who gave them to me, you'll need to find out on your own."

"It won't matter," Antonio said, before he leapt up, his arm having had time to heal.

Vlad managed to block the Spaniard, and threw him towards the door. Francis's eyes widened before he stepped out of the way, and Antonio collided with the wooden door.

Vlad then turned to regard Gilbert, who was trying to get closer to Lovino, who kept his eyes on him, speechless. Vlad snarled, before he picked Gilbert up by the back of the shirt and threw him as well.

"I seem to recall you thinking that I was weak," Vlad taunted.

The other three vampires snarled, and Antonio and Gilbert made their way to their feet.

"You know, we still don't know your name," Gilbert said. "It's rude, you know?"

Vlad cocked his head to the side, seeming to think it over.

"I'd rather not," Vlad said. "You can never be too sure who might spread the word."

"Why, do you have any enemies?" Gilbert asked. "Because I'd love to meet them."

"Some of them dwell in heaven, others in hell," Vlad said. "And one side regards you as filth, the other as weaklings."

"Then what makes you so special?" Francis snarled.

"That's my little secret," Vlad said.

Lovino looked over towards Vlad. He remembered the other's comment about angels and demons. Did Vlad really make an enemy out of both of them? And if so, then on what side of the spectrum did Vlad belong to?

"I think you're an arrogant arschloch," Gilbert said, before he pounced again.

Lovino watched with wide eyes as Gilbert transformed into a large white wolf with red eyes. Vlad simply smirked before he pounced as well, and he too transformed into a wolf, except his fur was more of a golden colour, and his eyes were red as well. The two wolves clashed, and it was a cacophony of snarls, growls and snapping teeth. Eventually the two wolves jumped apart, and they transformed back to their original forms.

"So, you're a wolfwalker as well," Gilbert said. "And yet I've never heard of a wolf with golden fur and red eyes. You must like to keep a low profile. But what I can't see is why."

"To each their own," Vlad said, before glancing towards Lovino. "Now I would prefer it if you would kindly leave, before things get ugly."

"What if we like ugly?" Gilbert snickered.

Vlad sighed, looking towards one of the windows. The other vampires looked as well.

"Eleven," Antonio said. "Do you think we should continue until dawn?"

"It's a long way back to your home," Vlad said.

"It doesn't matter," Antonio said. "We're not leaving without our pet."

Lovino was startled when he heard what time it was. How could time have flown so fast?

Vlad sighed, before he looked back towards Lovino. He then looked towards the vampires, a glare on his face.

"It would seem that you refuse to leave, and there's no way that I'm giving him to you," Vlad said. "And I know that you're not just going to let us leave, and I'm tired of playing around."

"Agreed," Gilbert said.

Vlad smirked, raising his hand. The other vampires tensed themselves to pounce, but froze when a sound met their ears. Lovino could hear it as well. It sounded like the flapping of hundreds of wings.

The windows shattered as hundreds of ravens flew through. The three vampires' eyes widened before the birds started to attack them. Vlad smirked, before he turned to walk back to Lovino.

"That should keep them busy for a while," Vlad said. "I think we should take you back to your family, alright?"

Lovino looked up with wide eyes, before mutely nodding his head. Vlad picked him up, cradling him in his arms, and Lovino started to squirm.

"Trust me, you don't want to be in any other position right now," Vlad said.

Lovino was confused at first, until something filled his vision that had him widen his eyes again. Vlad had wings, with feathers darker than the night sky. Lovino absently reached out to touch one, and it shrank slightly away under his touch, as though it was sensitive to sensation.

"You probably want to see your brothers again, am I right?" Vlad asked.

Lovino looked back towards him with wide eyes, and he nodded, seeing the boyish face with its smile. Vlad held him tighter before spreading his wings.

Lovino yelped when Vlad took flight, and he threw his arms around the vampire's neck. The other moved fast, and Lovino had to hold on for dear life. Vlad flew through one of the broken windows, and Lovino couldn't help but let out a laugh when he realised that his tormentors were left behind, but then a thought occurred to him.

"Can they follow us?" Lovino asked.

"No," Vlad said. "Not by sky. Wings are very rare among vampires, and it's usually a mark of power."

Lovino was silent for a moment.

"How powerful are you?" Lovino asked.

Vlad sighed, pulling the Italian closer.

"Stronger than those three combined," Vlad said. "And strong enough to protect you from any other vampire."

"Why? Why would you do all this for someone like me?"

Vlad smiled softly.

"You shouldn't look down on yourself like that," Vlad said. "There's more to you than the eye can see. You just need to be brave enough to look for yourself."

Lovino didn't say anything, until a thought occurred to him.

"How do you know which direction to go?" he asked.

"I heard the name of your hometown when I was sifting through your memories," Vlad said. "And fortunately for you, I've been there before."

Lovino scowled.

"Don't ever go through my memories again, bastard," he said.

Vlad chuckled, and Lovino hid his face into the other's chest.

"Alright, I won't do it unless I have your permission," Vlad said. "Or if there's something wrong and I need to find out what it is."

"No. Don't even do that. What makes you think you're going to be around for that?"

"Because I have a promise to keep."

Lovino looked up towards Vlad's face, and he saw that the other had his eyes fixed on the earth below. His face was relaxed, and Lovino felt himself relaxing into his arms.

It was silent for a while, until Vlad adjusted his body. Lovino looked down to see that they were near the ground, and that Vlad was about to land.

As soon as they were on the ground and Vlad's wings disappeared, Lovino forced himself out of the other's arms, feeling a little disoriented. Vlad placed his hand on his arm in order to keep him steady, and after a while Lovino recovered from the disorientation.

Lovino looked around, and he could feel a lump forming in his throat when he recognised his surroundings. He was in front of his old house, standing on the soft green grass. He was pleased to see that his brothers hadn't neglected his tomato plants. The sight was enough to bring tears to his eyes.

Lovino walked towards the front door, as though in a daze, and he leaned against the wood, revelling in the familiar smell. He didn't think he would miss it, but he did.

He looked around for the spare key, only to find that it wasn't where it was meant to be. He wondered if his brothers had started to take precautions.

Lovino swallowed nervously, looking back towards the door. There was only one thing left for him to do, and there was a lower chance of him being allowed inside. He sighed, before he knocked loudly on the door, knowing how deeply his brothers could sleep.

"Feliciano, Marcello!" he called. "Please, open up! It's me. It's really me. I'm back." And he whispered: "I'm back."

There was no response, and Lovino started to wonder if his brothers were still there, and if they were still alive. He was starting to feel afraid.

"There's someone on the other side," Vlad said. "I think he's being cautious."

Lovino looked back to see that the vampire was looking around the street. He seemed to be keeping an eye out for any other vampires. Lovino turned back to the door and sighed.

"Feliciano, it's really me," Lovino said. "Fratello, please, open the door. I just… I've missed you."

The door opened, but only a crack. Lovino felt his heart drop when he noticed a chain, but was pleased to see that his brothers had become more careful in his absence. And he couldn't help but feel relieved when he saw the amber eye peeking from the other side, full of hope and disbelief.

"How do I know that you're really Lovi, and not a trick by the vampires?" Feliciano asked.

Lovino chuckled, before he held up the rosary.

The door closed briefly before it was opened again, and Lovino stumbled slightly when Feliciano launched himself at him, arms around his neck.

"Oh fratello," Feliciano said. "I've missed you. You were gone so long, and we didn't know if you were alive or dead. Did the vampires get you?"

"Si," Lovino said sadly. "They did."

Feliciano pulled away, looking his brother over, a sad look on his face.

"Not to interrupt your touching family moment," Vlad said, distracting the two, "but you might want to do it inside."

Feliciano yelped when he saw Vlad, and Lovino turned back to regard his brother.

"It's okay," he said. "This one's nice. And he knows Nonno."

"Really?" Feliciano asked, looking at Vlad. "Did you save my fratello?"

Vlad smiled and nodded, before his smile fell and he looked into the distance.

"There are dangerous vampires not far away," Vlad said. "You need to go inside, now."

"Fine," Lovino said, walking inside the house, his brother with him. "Are you coming?"

"Vampires can't enter without a formal invitation," Vlad said.

"Fine. Come inside, then."

Vlad looked down the street one more time before sighing. He walked inside, closing the door behind him.

Lovino looked around, drinking in the familiar surroundings.


Lovino turned to see Marcello standing there, eyes wide.

"Ciao," Lovino said, smiling with tears brimming in his eyes.

Marcello launched himself at his older brother, and Lovino wrapped his arms around the younger as though he would never be able to see him again. He felt Marcello cling onto him, and the younger trembled. Lovino looked over his shoulder to see Vlad standing there, watching the scene.

"It's okay," Lovino whispered. "He's on our side."

"Are you sure?" Marcello asked.

"I think so."

"Grazie," Feliciano said, speaking to Vlad. "You brought our fratello back to us."

"It's no problem," Vlad said, smiling.

Lovino pulled away from his younger brother, only to sway on the spot. Marcello grabbed him before he could fall to the ground.

"Fratello, what's wrong?" Marcello asked.

"He's been through a lot," Vlad explained. "He needs to sleep."

"Alright," Feliciano said. "It's a good thing we kept your room clean, hey Lovi?"

The three vampires left the church, their hair dishevelled, clothes torn and cuts covering their skin. But nothing compared to the furious expressions on their faces.

"That bastard," Gilbert muttered. "When I get my hands on him…"

"I don't think cher Lovino should be our first priority anymore," Francis said. "That vampire had wings."

Antonio grinned.

"Then if we manage to kill him, we'll get a little boost in power," Antonio said.

"Fine," Gilbert said. "But where is he?"

"He went with Lovino, si?" Antonio said. "So where would be the first place to go?"

"Lovino's old home," Francis said. "I wonder if his brothers have the same delicious blood as him."

"There's only one way to find out," Gilbert said. "Lead the way, Franny."

Romulus had retreated to the roof of the church, and he had seen Vlad and Lovino's escape. Other figures clad in white had joined him, looking at the place where the other two had disappeared.

"You saw what I saw, si?" Romulus asked.

"That's right," one of the others said. "And I think we might have a solution to our vampire problem."

"'The hope of the world rests in the hands of those between two planes of existence'," another quoted. "Who could be better?"

Originally the time that Antonio stated would be midnight, but then I figured that it would be impossible for time to move that fast. But basically, since most of this was Lovino's POV, his perception of time is out of balance, since he spent three months without being aware of how much time is passing, and because while he was imprisoned his mind tricked him into thinking that time was moving slower, and now that he's free it's tricking him into thinking that time is moving faster. Plus he's tired, so his perception is out of whack.

And everything will eventually be explained, including who the figures on the roof were (if it wasn't obvious) and what they saw.