Survivor of the 66

Chapter 1

The Game


Is it success through ones trials, or is it the impact made through the said journey? Strength, power... or perhaps sharpness and will of the mind. What is true greatness built upon?

For years he looked on from afar in admiration of the one who he believed to be the greatest of all. He idolized them, even modeling his own décor in their image. But it wasn't until recently that this cemented level of thought was brought into question. What if the one he looked to in awe was not the greatest of all?

His fists clutched at the thought of it. There was no way anyone was greater than his knight of shining armor. Even then the challenge had been presented, and he was braced with confidence that the greatest through his eyes would be the final one standing once the trial at hand came to a close. The open of a door from behind alerted him, glancing over his shoulder he found that it was only a colleague of his.

"You're finally here, good. I was beginning to wonder how much longer I'd have to wait."

The door fell shut as they made their way toward him. They stopped just feet short of him before finally speaking. "And have you gathered all the necessary Intel?"

He nodded. " I have."

They couldn't be any more pleased to hear this. "Do not stop there. I want to know who you have chosen to challenge your self proclaimed champion in this contest of survival."

He couldn't hold back a grin. "They are many. So once this is all over you too will see that Batman is the greatest of all throughout the many universes."

"You delude yourself Bat-Mite. Even in his own realm of existence it is a highly debatable stance. But make no mistake, once this is done you will come to see there are those greater than a man who chooses to dress in a bat suit to engage in his obsessive war on crime."

The grin from before quickly faded only to be replaced by a look of disgust. "You take that back!"

They smiled in light of his uproar. "If you have so much faith in your dark knight then my words would prove futile. But enough about that, please give the honor of sharing with me those that you will assemble for this.. tournament."

There was now an excitement to be expressed. "Yes of course. Through my searches throughout the multiple universes I have found the greatest challengers possible to compete in this ultimate game of survival." By this time he levitated into the air as he pressed on. "For each group I have given a name; the first, group Dimension Awesome."

"Dimension Awesome?"

"Yes, Dimension Awesome. It is home to a group of mutated turtles who I have selected to compete."

"Oh kaay.. and what are the capabilities of these mutant turtles?"

"They can walk on two legs, they can talk, oh.. and get this, they're ninja's!" Bat-Mite exclaimed excitedly. "They call themselves the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! And they even love pizza, how sweet is that!"

The opposition brought a palm to their face before shaking their head. "Turtle ninjas.. He's really trying to set it up to where Batman does win," they muttered under breath. Sighing they inquired further on the matter. "That is Dimension Awesome. What of the others?"

"Hold onto you bat poles, because we're just getting started," noted Bat-Mite proudly with the puff of his chest. "The next group I have named is Dimension Sea. This group is a band of pirates known as the Strawhats. They are led by a man by the name of Monkey D. Luffy, a formidable competitor. Their skills and abilities range with each member of their crew, but make no mistake they will be excellent challengers in this game. It is evident by the many enemies they have bested out at sea in their world."

"Abilities.. would I be right in assuming they're not entirely human?"

"Some of them, yes." Confirmed Bat-Mite.

"I'm intrigued," admitted the one across from him. "Please continue."

He did just that as he dropped back down to ground level. "Then we have Dimension Style."

"Style.. interesting choice for a name."

"This group of competitors aren't very notable in the area of physical stats. But from a mental standpoint their group collectively as a whole probably has the edge over any of the others. The person who I have ranked as the number one from their world is a boy by the name of Kudo Shinichi."

"Ranked number one, by what do you mean by that?"

"That will be explained in due time. Rank between each group will play a significance in this game," Bat-Mite revealed. "Next is Dimension Z. This group in some ways is the opposite of the last, at least in terms of physical prowess. Some of the fighters from their world, namely the one called Vegeta; have strength comparable to that of Superman, possibly even stronger."

"What's that?!"

Bat-Mite smiled in response to their reaction. "Of course we won't know for sure until the game begins. This leads to the next group, Dimension Moon."

"Just how many groups will be in our challenge?"

"We're almost done," replied Bat-Mite. With that he went on with what he was to say. "The Sailor Senshi as they're called, they are substantially powerful. None even more so than the one who ranks number one of them all."

"And whom might that be?"

"Sailor Moon, and also their leader," Bat-Mite relayed with the tilt of his head. Following this he hovered back into the air as if to prepare for a finale. "Last but not least, Dimension Caped Crusader!"

Their eyes rolled. "I can't imagine who could be representing from that group."

"Batman, Batman's little helpers.. being Justice League of course. And of course some other random heroes and villains who will serve as fodder to the one who will ultimately win this game of survivor."

"You have no respect."

"I'm entitled to my own opinion," nagged Bat-Mite pointing down at the opposition.

"Do you have an exact count for how many will be competing?"

"Ummmm, let's see here," pondered Bat-Mite as he began counting off on his fingers. He stopped without warning after only a couple seconds. He lightly chuckled. "I can't recall. Too many to remember off of the top of my head. It is over fifty if that helps."

"That is quite the cast. And you truly believe Gotham's Batman will prevail through that many odds?"

"Of course he will, he's Batman after all," Bat-Mite smilingly conveyed. His arms then fell to his hip with a readied look to be seen. "And now that we've got the drop down covered, it is time to assemble the combatants!"

To Be Continued