Author's Notes:


Metroid, Kamen Rider, and all the characters and elements, (C) Nintendo, TOEI, TV Asahi and Ishinomori Productions respectively.

Continuity and Placement for each characters:

Samus: For Samus, as Metroid Fusion is chronologically the latest entry of the Metroid series, the events of the story take place after Fusion itself.

Kureshima brothers: For both Takatora and Mitsuzane, the events of the crossover story takes place after the Movie Taisen Full Throttle. Micchy in the other hand, was last seen in Gaim Gaiden: Knuckle.

Gou/Mach: For Go, it takes place likewise after the Chou Movie Taisen Genesis.

Takeru/Ghost AND Makoto/Specter: Most events of this story takes place during and within Kamen Rider Ghost itself.

Rating: M due to probable scenes of graphic violence, blood, and/or nudity; especially in the Trans-Fusion sequences.

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