Confrontation Against the Second Faction! - The Four Heavenly Kings vs. Adel!

Continuity and Placement: Due to Adel's appearance in this chapter, this is tied between Kamen Rider Ghost episodes 33 and 34.

Author's Note #1:

This chapter will be officially the first time Samus and her party encounter Kamen Rider Ghost's main villain, Adel.

[SPOILER ALERT] Be sure to expect a lot of shout-outs from The Avengers in this chapter. Concerning with the Cain and Abel relationship between Ghost's Alain and Adel, where the latter is in fact the Cain, this makes Adel a potential expy to the Marvel Cinematc Universe Loki. You can interpret Adel as if what Loki would've become the king of Asgard. Adel in this story, just like with the source material of the series he originates, doesn't need to be over-the-top.

Out of the three main characters in this story, Go and Mitsuzane are the only ones who swear very explicitly. Then again, they are the Dante and Nero of this fic, respectively. While Samus doesn't, sometimes she'll always say "What in the galaxy..." or the other way around. Takeru, Makoto, and Alain also do NOT swear, despite them being guest characters throughout the fic.

This chapter will also reveal that Ghor AND Gandrayda believe in the concept of Social Darwinism.

-Samus: Mission Briefing-

After landing the ship in the coast of Nozama City, it was easy for us to access back to the Command Center. We retrieved some of the software interfaces from the Command Center back in the hidden apartment's basement, and we uploaded them into the Mega-Fortress's main command software, so Adam can fully gain control of the ship in autopilot mode like my previous gunships.

(*cues: "Gunship" OST from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption*)

Back in the ship, it seems Mitsuzane is checking the engine room, Go is still hanging around the top deck. Ghor and Gandrayda are either observing around the ship, wherever they're going into.

Once I went into the control bridge area, I successfully uploaded backup interface from the Command Center, allowing us to access communications from beyond.

Few hours later, Adam asked everyone in the ship to gather around below deck on the Briefing Room. The briefing room of the Mega-Fortress somewhat reminded me of the same briefing room back in the G.F.S. Olympus.

Everyone has arrived on the scene - seems Go has been going in so late. Though him and Mitsuzane tend to rub each other the wrong way as if they were teenagers.

"Sammy-chan, what's next right now?", asked the white daredevil of a comedian.

Though our priority right now, as I explained to everyone is to drive the Ganma away from the human society. Considering the fact that I have to set aside my mission of searching for other Kamen Riders for now, I decided that all of us are joining forces with Takeru Tenkuji and his pals to fight the Ganma. In order to win this war - we need to eradicate the warmongers who are responsible for their intent of invading the human world, besides Igor, the main target we will include to eliminate is it's emperor, Adel.

"So, this Adel guy who started the whole thing bringing the Ganma here?", asked Go. Then discovered from Mitsuzane that Adel is also Alain's brother. "No wonder he's a gender-flipped Azula to that deadweight of a Zuko archetype."

"Looks like it harkened back the time with me and Nii-san.", Mitsuzane sighed, all while that the situation between Adel and Alain was also something that he similarly experienced with Takatora.

"Sammy, how much that those ghost hunters can pay us after we kill this Adel?", Gandrayda asked, all while wondering how much cash she can earn for a bounty.

And I thought she considers bounty hunting to be her sport, and now she is greedy for the currency and cash of this world. "Since when you are greedy for cash, Gandrayda?", I raised an eyebrow.

"Alain said that his family wished to create a perfect utopia by putting their plans in motion here.", Mitsuzane pointed out the Ganma's main objective, as implied that he gathered few information from Alain. "I really don't get it, since why would these disillusioned sons of bitches would bother trying to lecture humanity of the concept of perfection. In fact, I don't see anything wrong about craving perfection - the only thing makes it more interesting are every flaws and mistakes a human being can make EVERY. SINGLE. DAY."

He has a point, besides the fact that he considers himself to be a flawed human beings for the sins he committed in his past; I believe that every human beings here in this world create a lot of flaws of their own. Nothing more and nothing less.

Then, Mitsuzane turns his attention to Gandrayda, "Since you really want his [Adel] head for bars of gold, why show it Alain to double your pay?"

The shapeshifter shrugs out Mitsuzane's metaphor, "Oh, come on. I was not talking how much they can pay us, but this 'perfect utopia' thing, is getting WAAAYYY out of hand.", Gandrayda, similar to Mitsuzane's earlier filibuster, that every flaw an Earthling makes every single makes them interesting. "This is like where you are in the world who fights to survive alone, might makes right, right?"

Mitsuzane then catches the pun, this is likely due to the fact that Kaito Kumon possessed that familiar Social Darwinist the only thing can beat perfectionism. Though there is a vibe of Inferiority-Superiority Complex; according to Mitsuzane, Kaito Kumon is one of the few persons that him and Kazuraba Kouta have met with such philosophy.

"Much like how Kaito feels about despising the weak, I don't see anything wrong about 'survival of the fittest' either.", the young Kureshima deduced to Gandrayda's earlier statement. "Like with this perfectionism crap, the only thing makes more interesting is all weaknesses and flaws of lifeforms here on Earth. Hands down."

Ghor also agrees. "It's very accurate to describe every humans in this planet. Even extraterrestrial beings like ourselves - Gandrayda, Samus, and myself feel the same way. I gotta hand it to you, kid. Sometimes, the cycle of cynicism is what fractures humans towards each other. In my opinion, each time humans make mistakes, the results are heavy for them to take it."

"Everybody's opinions really stand out on how they view of humanity as a whole.", Adam commended. Despite my two fellow hunters felt the same way, this planet really meant something amazing for them.

"HURRAY FOR SOCIAL DARWINISM!", Go jubilantly shouted. Only for us to glare at him, leaving him utterly speechless. "I'll be quiet now."

Both Mitsuzane and the other two hunters end up agreeing, seeing the fact how their ideals that compare and contrasts perfection are many ways that contradict the Ganma's ideals.

Once the alarm flared up, it seems a satellite feed began showing us an incoming threat. The monitor shows a man wearing a black shoulder cape with a white uniform similar to the Ganma's high ranking military. Looks like it must be...

"Adel.", Mitsuzane figured it out.

"Say, are we supposed to deal with this asshole now?", the white Kamen Rider with a mouth clarified.

"Probably yes." I replied with a nod. "That being said, it looks like the Ganma are facing another 'third-party' threat other than Takeru and his gang."

Then, the white Rider with a mouth continued, "Hey, Mitsuzane-kun, how about you start giving him a piece of your mind?"

"Hey! Who do you really think I sounded like? Robert Downey, Jr.?!", Mitsuzane goes into breaking the fourth wall. "I might be an expy of Tony Stark for the majority of this story, just enough rubbing in the Tony Stark references on my face! I don't have beard to grow but I already grew up a spine!"

Well, the human mind is the most dangerous weapon to be exact. So, we began planning on our attack...

-The Emperor Arrives-


An eye-shaped portal opens, and what emerged from it are Ganma commandos, Ganma Superiors, as well as the Grand Emperor Adel, and his general, Gyro.

Gyro orders the soldiers to attack all humans in sight. Causing civilians to run away and escape from the onslaught. The Ganma commandos even cornered the escaping humans, before they are drawn into the attention of the Ganma emperor, who coerces them to kneel before him.

"I said...", Adel deepened his baritone before bellowing out a loud boom to make the innocent bystanders to... "KNEEL!"

The people dropped to their knees for the emperor. Gyro, who stands besides Adel observes them to make sure no one plays a hero.

"Is not this simple?!", the emperor said. "Isn't this your natural state for mere mortals like yourselves? The unspoken truth of humanity, that you desire for a perfect world and subjugation. I, the Grand Emperor of the Ganma, will rule both two worlds. In my power, I will rebuild this forsaken world under my image and create it anew without war and conflict. Anyone who opposes my will are deemed unnecessary and shall be subjected to execution."

Adel continued, "All of you are made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel."

Within moments, the emperor is interrupted by an individual sporting a white jacket with purple tron lines and rugged pants - it's Mitsuzane Kureshima! As Gyro recognizes him as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Samus Aran.

-Adel vs. Mitsuzane-

"Kureshima Mitsuzane.", Gyro muttered. As Mitsuzane walks towards the Ganma emperor.

Mitsuzane makes his presence known to the Ganma emperor with dissonant serenity. "Wow, such passionate ideals, very impressive.", he claps sarcastically, much to the ire of Adel, who is trying to keep his cool up.

"How dare you interfere with my perfect plans?", Adel asked Mitsuzane in anger.

Mitsuzane sneers at him in return, "How dare me? How dare YOU trespass in this world!"

Much like his younger brother Alain, Adel does not take sarcasm too lightly. Seeing Mitsuzane Kureshima as one of the most despicable beings who are a foil to his plans.

"Uh...", the young Kureshima swiveled around to take in around nearby people on either side of him, answering rhethorically. "Shakespeare in the park?", while gesturing to Adel's attire, he asked in exaggerated formality, "Doth mother you weareth her drapes?"

When he hears the word 'mother' coming from Mitsuzane's mouth, the emperor seems ticked off. "This is beyond you, worthless mortal. The moment you anger me is you are challenging my power. Anyone who dares to oppose my perfect world shall die."

(*cues: "Quadraxis" OST from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes*)

Mitsuzane laughs with a fit of sarcasm, "A perfect world? Don't make me laugh! You sending your guys doing your dirty work for you, all while getting their asses kicked by those three misfits.", he sneered again - with the "misfits" he's referring to are Takeru, Makoto, and Alain. "Speaking of those three misfits, those three guys are not the only ones who get in your way, but we are."

An infuriated Gyro doesn't too kindly to anyone disrespecting Adel right in front of him, as he attempts to walk right towards Mitsuzane and pulls out his Ganma Ultima Eyecon...

"Gyro, stay out of this!", Adel asks his subordinate not to get involved, as it's a confrontation of two men only. The Emperor walks towards Mitsuzane, face to face, locked in a stare-down.

Mitsuzane still retains that smug look on his face as he is confronted by the Ganma's emperor. Adel, however, after getting receiving ends of the former's sardonic jokes still keeps his cool. Also, Mitsuzane reminds Adel that he's not only one trying to tick him off.

Samus Aran and Gandrayda suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Adel also thought Samus was supposed to be in her suit of armor. Samus asked the civilians to leave immediately so they can deal with the situation without casualties.

"And I thought you are supposed in your battle suit, Samus Aran.", the Ganma emperor greeted, considering the fact that he comes facing the intergalactic bounty hunter for the first time.

Samus doesn't have any time for pleasantries, all while pointing her pistol at Adel, "Adel, I will give you the chance to comply with options - Surrender and withdraw your forces from this world at once. Or, face total xenocide of your race!"

"I will answer to no one but myself!", Adel believes he'll never back down for the sake of his ambition, and doesn't care if the Ganma will be eradicated.

To Mitsuzane's amusement, even though Adel is of royalty, he provokes him into dueling him. "How about it, Napoleon? If you prove that you deemed yourself to be worthy of ruling humanity, you have to go against us first before those three deadweights; let's settle this like civilized gentlemen - mano-e-mano!", he snarks as if he meant business.

"Fine. If this is what you wanted, Your actions will send you to your doom, Kureshima Mitsuzane!"

Both Adel and Mitsuzane fight! Just as Adel throws a palm strike at Mitsuzane, the latter somehow manages to spin jump above the emperor's head, allowing to sneaks up to him and suplexes him. As Adel stands up from that, he continues keeping up. The emperor gains the upper hand, though Mitsuzane is able to take hits from Adel's palm strikes and stiff kicks and easily avoid them without a little to no effort. Unknown to Adel, it seems Mitsuzane has been trained thoroughly by Samus when it comes to taking too much punishment from his opponents as well as improving his agility and nearly-acrobatic as possible.

Meanwhile, Gyro fights Samus and Gandrayda. Much like how she trained Mitsuzane with acrobatic and endurance, the bounty hunter almost avoids all of Gyro's blows with a little to no effort. Gandrayda then transforms the Joker Undead and summons a platoon of DarkRoaches to take down the Ganma Commandos and Ganma Superiors.

Mach arrives on the scene as he base jumps down to the kill zone.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU MOTHERFUKERS!", the white Kamen Rider with a mouth shouted, booming his voice to the point he chews the scenery.

Then, comes Ghor in his armorsuit. Much to the relief of the three who are fighting the Ganma.

"Don't you feel the power...", Ghor taunts Adel. "Soon, we will destroy your world, INCLUDING YOU!"

Ghor fires salvos at missiles from his suit at Adel, though he almost hit Mitsuzane as well, who manages to avoid harm's way. But the two combatants continued brawling anyway.

"Ghor, he doesn't hear you!", said Mitsuzane. As he makes fun of Adel's previous statement that he doesn't care about his world getting destroyed. Then, Mitsuzane himself turns his attention to Adel all while getting into a gridlock.

"Reflect upon your foolishness and die!", said Adel.

"Prove it, tough guy!", Mitsuzane throws another one, "After I punch your teeth down your throat, the only thing I'm going to do next is rubbing it in to your younger brother's face how I'm going to kick your ass to the ends of the Earth!"

"You brag about defeating me to my brother. Do you think that a mere imperfect being like yourself can accomplish such a thing?"

"Well see about that...", said Mitsuzane as he puts on his Genesis Driver and pulls out his Melon Energy Lockseed. "Once I'll present to him your testicles as a gift for him!"


"Henshin!", Mitsuzane shouted as he transforms into New Generation Rider Ryugen Melon Energy Arms.

*MELON ENERGY ARMS! (cue Japanese techno music.)*

"Samus, catch!", Mitsuzane throws the Sonic Arrow to Samus, allowing the bounty hunter to use the weapon as Mitsuzane continues taking on Adel head-on fist to fist.

As he and Adel continued exchanging blows, he continues mocking the emperor's 'perfect world' filibusters, "You know what, I don't see any problem about perfectionism. In fact, what's interesting are the flaws of every human being in this planet. We all act based on our different beliefs, and that always leads to mistakes sometimes."

The emperor laughed, "So you acknowledged that? Then fix the error that is imperfection."

Mach comes to intervene, "The asshole you're facing here has a point! Seems a full-tilt retarded motherfucker like you are not into Social Darwinism after all."

Samus follows afterward, triple teaming Adel in the process. Then, the Athena Suit is summoned as Samus eventually wears it. To Adel's surprise, it is one of the shadows that was in his nightmare.

(*cues: "Ghor" Boss Battle OST from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption*)

Moments later, a monolith emerges from the ground, and the said monolith took a humanoid form, which in fact looked like Adel.

"What's that, your understudy?", Mitsuzane still thinks that's still a joke.

-Ganmaizer Electric vs. Athena Suit!-

"Wrong! These will guide me to the source of power... The Ganmaizer!"

When Samus scans the 'doppelganger' that formed from the monolith, her visor starts to declare that the threat level of the Ganmaizer they are facing right now is at omnipotent levels.

"Be careful, Lady. That thing is not just a doppelganger of Adel in a jumpsuit. Observe that the threat assessment of the target is at nearly omnipotent levels.", the AI's synthetic baritone warns the hunter about the Ganmaizer. "But, if we can do something about this thanks to the symbiotic nature of this armor."

The Ganmaizer started firing electrokinetic projectiles at Samus, Ryugen, and Mach. While Mitsuzane continued dealing with Adel.

"With the Ganmaizers, there is nothing you can do to interfere with my plans!", the emperor mused. Just as him and Ryugen are about to land a punch, their fists collided, causing a booming noise.

"Adam, commence capture.", Samus asks Adam to disengage the Athena Suit, leaving her with her default Varia Suit. That being said, the Athena Suit somehow took form of amorphous puddle.

"Purge... Eliminate...", the Ganmaizer said in a computerized voice synthetic to that of Adel's as it continues firing electrical projectiles at Samus and Go. As the puddled form of the suit somehow at the feet of the Ganmaizer, the liquefied form of the Athena Suit began eating away the attacking Ganmaizer, as the Athena Suit is formed around the Ganmaizer eventually restrains them from control.

Adel didn't saw it coming when the Athena Suit captures one of his Ganmaizers. "You... How did you able to..."

"You see, the Athena Suit is symbiotic exoskeleton I designed thanks to the technologies of Ghost's and Necrom's Rider systems.", said Samus. As Mitsuzane, Go, and Gandrayda are perfectly that Samus is prepared to anticipate it. "Considering the suit's sentience, I can control it telepathically not only to use it, I can use it to imprison my opponents and restrict their movements to only what I desire - including your so-called artificial gods!"

The Ganmaizer trapped in the Athena Suit continued struggling, the suit enters into Morph Ball mode. Causing the suit in Morph Ball mode to wiggle as the Ganmaizer attempted to struggle. The Athena Suit's Morph Ball shakes for three seconds. And a second later, it stopped shaking.

"You cur...", the emperor said with an angry expression. Before he gets a receiving end of a punch to the face by Mitsuzane as he takes advantage of a distracted Adel who react so surprised when the Ganmaizer gets captured by Samus's Athena Suit.

"If we can't thinking about killing gods, why bother poaching them?", seems Mitsuzane pulls out another joke at Adel's expense.

After that, the Athena Suit dematerializes, presumably having absorbed something from the Ganmaizer it just captured, Samus decides to let it go anyway.

"You will regret the day of interfering with my plans. Until then, farewell!", Adel doesn't have any time to play anymore as he and Gyro retreated.

The party eventually learns that the Athena Suit also absorbed fragments from the Ganmaizer, meaning that a thorough research needs to be done first. Also, this is the first time Samus gets familiar about the creature called a Ganmaizer.

"Now, I can brag this to Alain without feeling any shame.", said Mitsuzane, as he's fully aware that Adel is Alain's brother. The next time he faces Adel again, it's personal.

To be continued...

Author's Note #2:

- This is the first time Samus encounters a Ganmaizer. The Ganmaizer they faced this chapter is the Ganmaizer Electric.

- Keeping the fact that the Athena Suit is based on the Endo-Sym Armor from Superior Iron Man, the Athena Suit also has the ability to imprison Samus's enemies with it. And the concept of that is based on how the Ing can possess anyone light world creatures in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

- Samus using the Athena Suit to capture the Ganmaizer Electric and using the suit to transform in Morph Ball mode to further restrain it is similar to capturing a Pokemon in both games and in anime, as implied with the Athena Suit's Morph Ball mode containing the Ganmaizer Electric started shaking for three times.

- The confrontation between Mitsuzane and Adel is also ironic; as both of them had a tension against their respective brothers - Takatora and Alain - being them as foil to their goals in their respective series.

- With Mitsuzane throws the line "Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?" at Adel, it's an ironic foreshadowing to episode 45 of Kamen Rider Ghost, where the backstory of Alain's family reveals that they have a loving mother. That being said, the death of their mother lead Emperor Adonis intent of creating a perfect utopia, and is succeeded by Adel in his own madness.

- Then again, the scene involving Adel, and his subsequent confrontation with Mitsuzane are mostly a shoutout to The Avengers. Tony Stark vs. Loki everyone?