Baron's Ultimate Challenge!, part 3 - The Ultimate Adversary, Lord Baron!

Tribute to: Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Duke and Kamen Rider Knuckle

Author's Note #1:

Lately, I have been recently finding myself brooding, somehow affecting my workout routines in the gym, and even my ideas. Depression aside, the things that has been affecting me are time constraints as well as getting my ideas together. As stated in my previous chapter's A/N #1, I have been depressed for a long time after having quit my job from a call center, and as well as an agonizing writer's block left me an unfinished wattpad story. I felt like all my dreams have shattered, became cold and distant from some old friends I usually ran into. Despite my charisma, in reality I'm spineless inside, which I end up at the mercy of daunting situations, and I am usually cold and alone to the point of staying in the closet. I am doing my best to keep myself together when I openly spoke my situation to some of friends in the gym as well as my boxing coaches. But, despite my situation right now, quitting my previous job doesn't mean it's the end for me, but marks new beginnings of soul searching. To those who read this, and anyone who are also experiencing depression such as myself, talk it out to anyone close to you (i.e., family members, friends, co-workers, etc.) before you would wind up falling apart.

I recently read MsSamusAran's review in the previous chapter, saying that "There are always battles and things that suck, and the only thing you can do when you are going through hell is just keep going." as endless struggles come even at the most brutally hard difficulties, and whatever embarrassing situations you get into, just live it down.

Once again I dedicate this to MsSamusAran, after she learned about my depression and insecurities, I managed to engrave what she said in her recent review. Knowing that time makes a person bolder, no matter how they go that fast.

Remember even in life, despite the difficulty of the hardships, never concede to cynicism and self-destruction. Just be awesome, and take things into the up to eleven, going as far as the level of absurdity.

-Enter Lord Baron-

Kaito suddenly mutates into an Overlord Inves, Lord Baron, much to the horror of the party.

(*cues: "Ranbu Escalation" from Kamen Rider Gaim; Performed by: Gaku Sano/Kouta Kazuraba and Yutaka Kobayashi/Kaito Kumon* A/N #2: "[~~]" indicate both singers, "[**]" indicates Gaku Sano, while "[-]" indicates Yutaka Kobayashi)

"This isn't going to end well." Mitsuzane insinuates that Kaito in his mutated form is a very daunting opponent. "It is strange how he was able to regain his sanity after he ate a Helheim fruit in the past." What he didn't know, that Kaito has sustained a wound from Redyue before that his wound causes him to experience excruciating pain at that time.

[~Ore-tachi ga saikyou no~]
[~Chikara te ni ireta to shite~]
[~Sono ato ni kono me ni wa~]
[~Donna sekai utsuru no ka...~]

Despite the horrific reaction of Kaito transforming into a being of monstrosity, Gandrayda doesn't seem to be shocked at this. "Who cares?" she sneered. "This is getting more thrilling! What's wrong, did you even wet your pants?"

[*Arasoi wa mata arasoi no tane nokoshi*]
[*Toki ga tatsu mama kanashimi no mi wo sodateru*]

That said, though Mitsuzane showed signs of hostility towards Gandrayda just because not only she had put Sagara into stone, but the only thing he can't stand her is her sexually perverse thoughts. "Kaito was right; you're a disgusting freak of nature. I never thought the more you are trying to piss me off that it would make easy overcoming my personal insecurities." Mitsuzane said calmly without wasting his frustration at Gandrayda.

[-Nigetai no nara orireba ii kono BATORU wo-]
[-Risou narabete kanau hodo amakunai-]

Tranquil fury aside, Kaito is left now as a one-man army vs. Samus and her party, and it is on! Samus's party began scrambling, as Kaito finds himself facing Gandrayda.

[*Daremo ga jibun ga*]
[~Mirai wo mezase~]

"I think I want to start with you, handsome!" Gandrayda giggled as she and Lord Baron exchanged fists, before the shapeshifter changes into another Overlord, Demushu. Kaito, as Lord Baron, pulls out Guronbaryamu, a claymore, spade-shaped sword as he goes sword fu against Demushu-G using Sheimu; another sword identical to the Guronbaryamu itself. Lord Baron gains the upper hand, causing Demushu-G to revert back to Gandrayda.

[~Oretachi ga saikyou no~]
[~Chikara te ni ireta to shite~]
[~Sono ato ni kono me ni wa~]
[~Donna sekai utsuru no darou~]

Somehow Gandrayda disappeared, unknown to Kaito, she has an inherent cloaking ability. Moments later, Gandrayda comes right behind Kaito in mid-air, and she starts strangling and clawing Lord Baron, pinning him into the ground.

[*Joukyou dakai shiteku hodo ni*]
[-…shihai suru hodo ni-]

[~Kiwami Escalation~]

"I think I'm going to enjoy making love with you here!" Gandrayda starts to taunt Kaito in a form of sexual gratification. As Kaito begins to shake Gandrayda off...

"GET! (Uppercuts Gandrayda on the chin) OUT! (Punch to the left cheek)" Lord Baron starts to dish out bone-crushing punches into Gandrayda's face. "OF! (Punch right to the nose) MY! (Another uppercut to Gandrayda's chin) FACE! (Another punch to Gandrayda's cheek)" After dishing out some brutality at Gandrayda, Lord Baron throws Gandrayda into the eastern terminus of the Guardian Tree where Rundas' meteorite is nestled, where Mai is looking on the battle.

(*cues: "vs. Rundas" OST from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption*)

"Mai-san!", Ryugen takes notice at the last moment where Lord Baron hurls Gandrayda straight to Mai.

"Don't worry, I got this.", Go reassures.

*Zutto! CHASER!*

Chaser Mach runs into the eastern terminus to rescue Mai, as Gandrayda gets thrown in the meteorite. "Damn, that was close.", Go took a breath as she takes Mai to a safe location not to get caught in the crossfire.

Lord Baron and Chaser Mach exchanged blows before the former is overwhelmed by Go's unprecedented speed. "My turn, asshole!", Go said smugly, as the Shingou Axe is flying out nowhere as he and Kaito clash their blades, Go seems to gain the edge, however. He inserts Signal Chaser into the Shingou Axe, causing the weapon to say, "Hissatsu!"

After pressing the Signal Push Button of the weapon, "Matteroyo!" After three seconds...

"Itteiyo!" the Shingou Axe goes green light! "FULL THROTTLE!" Go tosses the Shingou Axe at Kaito, who hits it back with his sword, he immediately pushes Go to a corner before Gandrayda and Ryugen Melon Energy Arms come to Chaser Mach's aid. Ryugen and Lord Baron clash with their blades before tripping into an Helheim flora produced by the latter. Mitsuzane is entangled by the Helheim vines until Gandrayda takes form of Armored Rider Bravo.

"Durian AU LAIT!", Bravo-G presses the Sengoku Driver's knife-like mechanism twice moments before throwing the Duri Nokko the flora that tethered Mitsuzane, which ultimately he manages to land safely on his feet.

"What's the matter, Mitsuzane. Are you out of witty remarks?", Lord Baron sneered.

Ryugen regroups with Samus, who somehow readied her Arm Cannon in a fully charged state as evident when one of its shock absorber-like rings somehow separated itself as it stationed itself in the tip of the barrel of the weapon. That said, Mitsuzane locks and loads the Melon Energy Lockseed on the Sonic Arrow, causing the weapon to charge automatically.

Mitsuzane throws a smug remark back at Kaito by saying "Remark this!" both Samus and Mitsuzane aimed and fire a highly concentrated Charge Beam and a charged energy arrow respectively, but when the projectiles were about to reach Kaito, he deflects them by using a telekinetic-like barrier, causing the beam and arrow to dissipate.

"No!", Mitsuzane grimaced.

"How was he able to use telekinetic abilities to deflect our shots?", Samus clarified to the Overlord's ability.

Kaito taunts both Samus and Mitsuzane, "Not so smug now, aren't you?"

Deep Specter leaps above Ryugen and Samus as he proceeds to take the fight. Kaito and Makoto trade blows, much to the former Team Baron leader's amusement. "Interesting... I never seen you this strong in that form.", said Kaito.

Makoto reiterated, "It's because I have friends who truly believed in me much how I believed in Takeru. You will find out what real strength is!"

-Deep Specter vs. Lord Baron-

Deep Specter pulls the Ghost Driver's lever, causing it to loop a chant "Gira gira mirou~!" Within moments, Makoto pushes the lever back, causing the Ghost Driver to proclaim, "Genkai Dai Kaigan! Gekikou Specter! Dead go! Gekidou! Giri-giri GHOST! Tousou! Bousou! Ikari no SOUL!"

Deep Specter goes into an enraged mode, causing him to sprout wings that looked like from the ornaments of the shoulders of his Parka Ghost, and lets out a loud roar that can be heard from a distant.

"Holy SHIT! He just went Super Saiyan! He just went FUCKING SUPER SAIYAN!", Go exclaimed out of exaggeration, making a Dragon Ball reference.

Deep Specter and Lord Baron started brawling. When their punches collide, it caused a sonic boom, and was powerful enough to knock Samus, Mitsuzane, Go, Mai, and Gandrayda back of the radius. While Makoto and Kaito are clashing, it transitions into that of a bar brawl, wrestling, and even no-holds barred beatdowns.

Makoto and Kaito proceed to punch one another, countering blow-for-blow, before one final punch from each knocks them back. Deep Specter glides forward afterwards and grabs Lord Baron, then flies upward and drags him through the northern terminus at Ghor's meteorite. Kaito attempts to escape, but Makoto pushes him back with one hand and continues until Kaito is forced through the ground.

Makoto then lands on the ground, while Kaito is pinned into the ground. Deep Specter starts beating the hell out of Lord Baron senselessly and to the point he starts snapping one of his horns. Moments later, Kaito pushes Makoto back, and immediately summons an army of Inves to stall Chaser Mach, Ryugen, Gandrayda, and Specter himself. This allows Kaito to buy some time to fight Samus.

-Samus vs. Lord Baron, the Grand Finale!-

"Samus, leave the Inves to us!", said Mitsuzane, as the rest of the party began cleaning house.

The bounty hunter proceeds to face to face against Kaito.

"It's just you and me now, woman. Let us settle this to see who is the strongest!", Kaito proclaimed.

Samus starts firing her Power Beam at Kaito, all while avoiding the Helheim flora he has produced to use as an offensive against Samus. She jumps in the air firing a five-round seeker missile at Kaito, who quickly deflects it. When she lands, Lord Baron starts swinging his sword, one strike after another at Samus, who is beginning to lose energy drastically after taking sword slashes from Baron's Guronbaryamu.

What's taking the Athena Suit so long?! Samus quickly pondered to herself in grimace, as how much more she's going to take hits from Lord Baron's attacks. As her HUD states that she only now has 10 out of 15 units of energy tanks left.

The huntress starts charging her arm cannon again, within moments as the charge reaches its apex, she fires her Charge Beam. Unfortunately, like before, Kaito was able to make the shot ineffective as he was able to dissipate the charged shot with ease.

"Is that all you got, Samus Aran?!" Lord Baron taunted.

Samus decides to take it into close quarters, when she attempts to land a kick at Lord Baron, he somehow dissipated into a thick fog. And that fog starts to envelop Samus and drags her around the air, bumping her around Gandrayda's meteorite, then at to the Guardian Tree itself. Samus performs her Screw Attack to escape from the fog, and lands safely on the ground.

Much to Samus's chagrin, it seems she only has 6 out of 15 energy tanks left. This could be bad. While fighting Inveses, Mitsuzane takes notice that Samus has taken a lot of damage.

"Sammy-chan! Use this!", Go tosses the Shingou Axe at Samus, which she catches it with her left hand. With it, she swings the weapon the axe at Kaito who is able to block it with the Guronbaryamu. The space warrior seemingly gains the upper hand until the former Team Baron leader pushes her back.

"Samus!", Ryugen quickly takes notice as Samus is in a pinch, all while distracted fighting Inves, Makoto manages to shield him in a nick of time. "Thank you, Makoto-san."

Kaito continues to deliver punishing strikes at Samus, who is entirely in a pinch. When Samus manages to parry Kaito's blade, with both arms, it even reaches through her shoulders. Moments later, Lord Baron delivers a powerful slash at the bounty hunter. Leaving her with just one pint of energy in her tanks.

Samus drops to her knees as she is in the verge of defeat. "This. Is. OVER!", said Kaito. Unfortunately, he spoke to soon.

Kaito pauses as he began to take notice of an amorphous, pearl-white colored puddle behind Samus. The sentient liquid begins to assimilate itself into the fallen bounty hunter's armor.

"There it is!", Mitsuzane exclaimed.

Mai runs to Mitsuzane's side, as the young Kureshima notices that it is Samus's new suit which she can summon telepathically. "What is that, Micchy?", the Woman of the Beginning asked.

Mitsuzane begins to explain this, while looking on where Samus's new suit begins to assemble. "That's the suit that Samus designed and built by herself, and that puddle right there is actually a liquid smart metal, she can summon it telepathically. She calls it the Athena Suit."

"Athena Suit. Not a bad name. No wonder you're so lucky that you have her.", Mai commented.

(*cues: "Don't lose your mind" from Kamen Rider Drive; Performed by: S.S.P.D. ~Steel Sound Police Dept.~*)

Samus begins rebooting her suit's system to make way for the Athena Suit's activation. As the amorphic puddle began to assimilate itself allowing Samus to suit up as the Athena Suit is then assembled right before Kaito's eyes.

[~Don't Trust donna machine demo~]
[~Saishin no shinka mo~]
[~You know command wo dasu~]
[`Maindo ga hitsuyou~]

Main Power Restored.
System Check Initiated.
Energy Recharge Complete.
Chozo Battle Suit ver. SA1-4468-VM6-P Mk. XVII Type "Athena"
Main computer: Online
Targeting system: Active
Psionic Link: Active
Arm Cannon: Active
Missile Launcher: Engaged
Armor: Engaged
Morph Ball: Engaged
Boost System: Online
Morph Ball Bomb Module: Online
Power Bomb Generator: Online
Self-Regeneration System: Online
Screw Attack: Ready
Soul Trigger System: Online
HUD Suite: Online
Adam AI System: Active
Rider Suit Systems: Disengaged
Ammunition Modules: Deployed
Flight Pack Shoulder Binders: Engaged
Seven Swords System: Online

"Safety systems online.", said Samus as the Athena Suit's systems are online. "It's about time you showed up, Adam."

[~Nejireta jidai miwatasu sekai zetsubou shitatte~]
[~Massugu atsuku hashireru kokoro mamotte miseru sa~]

"It looks like you put up quite a show there, Lady.", the AI said.

Moments later, Go, Makoto, and Gandrayda managed to dispose all the Inves. And then regrouped with Samus, and the flight pack binders for the Athena Suit began to attach on to Samus's shoulders a la 00 Raiser.

"A new suit? Cool.", said Makoto.

"Lookin' good, Sammy!", Gandrayda whistled at the sight of Samus's Athena Suit. Now, it's back to the five on one situation. As Samus and the other three Kamen Riders stand before Kaito in their strongest forms - the Athena Suit, Ryugen Melon Energy Arms, Chaser Mach, and Deep Specter.

"Did you built a god or something with that suit?", Kaito said, as he is left speechless at the mere sight of Samus's new suit; from the orange colored Varia Suit to the pearl-white chrome finish Athena Suit, as the name implies, Kaito thought that suit is being named over a god.

[~Mayoi areba sugu nottorareru~]
[~Kimi ga kizuita rekishi wo kurasshu saseru na~]

"I don't know, Kaito.", Samus said smugly. "Building a so-called god can't be too hard. I mean, as the most renowned bounty hunter in the galaxy; I'm just an alien woman from the future trapped in the now, a mere prisoner raging against the slow crawl of human evolution. In fact, I'm not playing God. All this time... I've been playing human!"

[~Top Gear de Drive~]
[~Everyday you try~]

The linear patterns on Samus's suit changes from light purple to crystal clear blue as she enters Soul Trigger, a timer-activated powered up state that lasts for three minutes.

[~Kimi no kokoro ni tayasuna~]
[~Full gauge no passion Let's take action~]

Samus charges at Lord Baron at full speed, breaking through his defenses and knocking him back. Kaito tries throwing a large explosion at Samus, but it didn't done a trick as the suit has a self-recovery mechanism. Suddenly, Gaim's Musou Saber comes flying out of nowhere and starts flying around and attacking Kaito, followed by the WizarSwordGun, Drive's Handle-Ken, Fourze's Barizun Sword, Gan Gun Saber, OOO's Medajalibur and lastly, W's Prism Sword began floating around Samus.

"Samus, let me introduce to you, the Seven Swords System. In short as the S3. The Soul Trigger also grants you to use all seven sword weapons of the eighth generation Kamen Riders to aid you in combat", said Adam.

"It's not going to work!", Kaito shouted at the very moment he charges again towards Samus. Only for him to be take hits from the attacking floating swords. When Lord Baron attempts to strike Samus with the Guronbaryamu, she is protected when all seven swords created a barrier around her.

[~Hajimaru Life danzen Alive~]
[~Zenbu furikiri~]

The Musou Saber and Medajalibur started launching themselves Kaito all at once, with the Gan Gun Saber and WizarSwordGun followed after, then came the Handle-Ken, Barizun Sword, and Prism Sword afterwards. Samus quickly dodges all of Kaito's attacks with ease. Within moments, Samus parries the Guronbaryamu and snaps it in half, emulating how Kouta did in his climatic battle against Kaito. Samus stabs Lord Baron with the upper half of the blade, which stays in place.

Samus starts slashing Kaito with all the seven swords all at once, resembling the Omnislash. It still did not make Kaito yield to defeat. The other three Kamen Riders regrouped with the space warrior.

"Samus, how about we finish this altogether?", Mitsuzane suggested. To which Samus agrees which it is a good idea.

[~Tatta hitori demo~]

Ryugen (Melon Energy Arms) and (Chaser) Mach activate their respective belt's Squash and Full Throttle functions...


*Hissatsu! Full Throttle! CHASER!*

...After Samus charges her arm cannon, "Adam, time to route the Charge Beam power to the leg hydraulics!", she said in a commanding voice as the Charge Beam's power is being routed into the suit's boots.

[~Top Gear de Drive~]

"I'll show you my way of life!", Makoto proudly exclaims just as he pull and pushed the lever of his Ghost Driver, initiating an Omega Drive finisher. "Kyokugen Dai Kaigan! DEEP SPECTER! GIGA OMEGA DRIVE!", said the Ghost Driver as Deep Specter began focusing spiritual energy into his feet.

[~Ushinau mono nante nai~]
[~Ima kimi dake ga ugokidaseru no nara Don't lose your mind~]

All four jumped in the air for a four-way Rider Kick. Starting with Deep Specter unleashed his Rider Kick at Lord Baron, followed by Chaser Mach, then came Ryugen Melon Energy Arms, and lastly Samus herself. Kaito is engulfed in the explosion in the aftermath of the four-man attack.

"End of the line.", Mitsuzane closes the battle in four simple words, as he, Go, Makoto, Samus, and Gandrayda stand tall.

And Gandrayda herself adds another one-liner, "Fatality!" all while licking her lips in a rather seductive manner. So much for Mortal Kombat.

-Samus: Post-mortem Celebration-

(*cues: "Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior (SSBB)" from Super Smash Bros. Brawl*)

Go pulls his helmet out, while still donning his Rider form, and starts jubilantly celebrating after we manage to topple Kaito Kumon together. "WEEEEEE DIIIIIIDDDDDD IIIITTTTTT!" he shouted. And he starts pulling out something from his bike, which happens to be a bottle.

"Is that champagne?!" Mitsuzane said in a look of disbelief. "Why did you brought champagne anyway?!" Strangely enough, looks like Go loves doing this whenever he takes pleasure of celebrating a successful mission of sorts. And I also heard in racing sports as seen on TV, winners of said competition began to shake the bottle before spraying the bottle on the onlookers. Don't tell me Go is going to...

...Makoto and Mitsuzane undid their transformation forms, and Go proceeds to shake the bottle causing its contents to be agitated and sprayed it right at us as if he won a race. Much to the chagrin of both Mitsuzane and Makoto, it seems Gandrayda loves getting herself rained on that alcohol.

Mitsuzane snarked and shrugged as if it was no big deal."As if he literally one the race, not to mention we were just fighting Kaito." Then he turns his attention to Go, "Are you trying to get me into another hangover, senpai?"

(*cues: "Main Menu" OST from Metroid Prime*)

After that, Go grabs a cup and pours some champagne on it and gives it to Mitsuzane. But, since he has struggles with alcoholism. Instead... he decides to give the cup to Kaito out of pity. As I walked beside him, I had my helmet dissolve in a liquefying fashion due to the Athena Suit being made of a sentient liquefied metal.

Kaito however has an expression between discouragement and acceptance after defeat. All while comparing me to Kazuraba Kouta, and to an extent himself.

"Kaito, you can have this.", said Mitsuzane as he gives him the cup of champagne to his once arch-enemy, as a reconciliation. Mitsuzane implied he had to do it out of abstinence from drinking alcohol and most likely out of respect.

He reluctantly accepted the drink and immediately glugged the drink instantly. As both him and that woman on his side, going by the name of Yoko Minato, who is formerly Takatora's employee as mentioned by Mitsuzane earlier. It looks that said woman is very loyal to Kaito as if she treats her as if she was his queen.

Then the banana man continued clarifying me about the power of my suit. "What made you so strong?" he asked. To which my answer is simple. "I was raised by enlightened bird-humanoid beings called the Chozo, I have lost so many loved ones back in my world, I destroyed numerous planets infested with evil beings. I lived in a life of sadness and solitude. You can say that I also fight to protect those who can't defend themselves and avenge those who we lost. Ever since I stumbled into this world, those men behind me and Mitsuzane here made me find so many meanings as a person behind in this mighty space suit, where a new world comes new beginnings. Me being put into the line of defense of this world. And, as I said before, just because I'm a woman, even without this Power Suit I'd be powerless. Even without wearing my suit, they don't call me as the most renowned bounty hunter in the galaxy."

Mitsuzane helps his long time adversary stand up in a show of respect while I shake hands with him out of respect. And Kaito said, smiling, "You are truly strong. You have my respect." then he turns his attention to Makoto. "Use that strength of yours to seek out a power for your own." Then Minato walked towards Kaito as if she was loyal to him, well that reminds me...

"Mitsuzane, if you run into Zack. Tell him, that I'll be always watching him.", Kaito continued.

"Mitsuzane-kun, give my regards to your brother.", Minato continued. As she and Kaito finally disappeared, presumably returning to the afterlife.

-Samus: Post-mortem, Phase Two-

After Kaito Kumon (and Yoko Minato) once again returned into the next life. I began asking Mai about the meteorites being compatible with the luminary Eyecons.

"Eyecons?", the Woman of the Beginning raised her eyebrow. But, I iterated to her that not just the Eyecons that each of those meteorites yield, specifically those Kamen Rider Eyecons that has been embedded on Gandrayda when their meteorites first collided here. But, the luminary ones used by Takeru and Makoto.

"And yet, one of Makoto's Eyecons come to react with Gandrayda's meteorite, which is the reason she is revived as a living being."

Mai finally comes to see it coming, "I see, those Eyecons that has the influence of historical figures. It seems that Ghor and Rundas wants to fight that ghost boy."

That means... It finally comes together! Since Makoto's Eyecon caused to Gandrayda be resurrected, if any of Takeru's Eyecon's can revive Ghor since he was able to unlock the meteorite upon transforming into Grateful Damashii. As for Alain... It has to be one of two of his Eyecons that can bring Rundas into the living. That means, those three must battle them.

"Makoto, if in case the problem with the Ganma is getting more challenging for you and Takeru's gang. I have a proposal", I said.

"What's that?" he clarified.

"You need to bring Takeru and Alain here. Since one of your Eyecons caused Gandrayda to revive her, it appears that Takeru needs to fight Ghor, Alain has to fight Rundas, and you need to go one-on-one with Gandrayda."

"Well, ain't that interesting." Gandrayda smirked. "Am I going to spar with this handsome man?" And I don't know what kind of romantic fixation Gandrayda is into. Makoto agrees. However, that will be next time, as Makoto left the scene for now as he receives a call from Takeru as they are into another phenomenon-related case.

I deactivated the Athena Suit afterwards, as it disperses, it takes form of an amorphic liquid shape as it returns into the Command Center, leaving me with just the Zero Suit.

"Samus... Kaito was right all along, for a woman, you're so strong.", Mai commended. "Continue fighting, galactic warrior. Kouta and I will be rooting for you from a distance. You too, Micchy. Take good care of each other."

Mai later returned to the Planet Helheim as she opened a zipper-like portal through the Guardian Tree after wishing us luck.

To be continued...

Author's Note #3:

- The way Makoto (Deep Specter Gekikou Mode) dragged Kaito (Lord Baron) into the ground and into one of the meteorites also evokes the fight with Hulk against Iron Man in the Hulkbuster Armor in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

- And the way Samus defeats Kaito with the Athena Suit is a reminiscent to Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor from Screw 's DEATH BATTLE, at the same time she also says "I'm not playing God, all this time... I've been playing human.", which happens to what Tony said when he suits up with the Endo-Sym Armor, as the Endo-Sym itself what inspired me designing the Athena Suit.

- In the TV series proper of Kmen Rider Ghost, when Deep Specter does his Omega Drive, it says "Genkai Dai Kaigan!" (Limited Eyes Wide Open), in actuality in the DX Deep Specter Eyecon, that said phrase initiates Gekikou Mode. Here, when the Omega Drive is activated in this chapter, it's "Kyoukugen Dai Kaigan!" (Extreme Eyes Wide Open), which is in fact true with the DX Eyecon itself.

- The Seven Swords System/S3 of the Athena Suit resembles Vergil's Summoned Swords from Devil May Cry 3.

- Gandrayda transforming into Demushu is rather fitting, as Demushu's weapon resembles that of Lord Baron. Not to mention, Kaito sees Demushu as his equivalent.