NOTE: This takes place after "Turtles Forever" and is book nine of a ten-book series. The other books in the series include: "So Long, No Thanks For All The Fish", "My Seer, My Secretary", "Raphael Counts 'Em All", "The Lotus and The Sun", "Mutants and Miracles", "The Flies That Came To Dinner", "The Dreggs of Society", and "A Radical Portrait of Dimension X"

Also be sure to read the short story "The Order of the Day"

The events of the last three books and the short story are VITAL to understanding some of the developments that occur in this and future books in the series, so be sure to read it before continuing. Thank you.


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The truth.

The truth is very hard to find.

Especially when a lie is so much more comforting.

Or so one of my miserable mutant lackies would say.

The truth.

It's what reminds us of our convictions, and yet a lie can do that oh so easily too.

The truth.

The end of something, and in the same way, the beginning.

In the context of these events, these moments, it is the beginning of the end.

The truth.

When it is persistent, it can leave you elated.

Or hurt.

Even broken.

That's what it's aiming for here.

The breach. The bursting of banks.

From that emerges a flood of emotion and psychological compromise.

From there will come the outreach of hands, crying for mine to take theirs.

Clutching for a release from the flood.

To control what they say and think.

They will all plead for the lie to take hold.


I'm sure I've said this before.

Why do I need to remind myself now?

Ah, but of course.

This is not so much a log entry, but a confession.

A confession to the generations that follow.

A curious bunch.

The ones who will want to know when it all began.

When it all began to crumble.

When they find this entry will stand as the last piece of truthful testimony in creation.

They are most welcome to it.