''Congratulations Donatello, a most timely use of woo wei'' said Splinter in reference to the revered act of doing nothing as three of the Turtles celebrated their victory back at the lair.

''I knew the key to stopping Sagan wasn't through a physical battle...he'd still have everyone's secrets in his head ready to spill no matter how much pain he'd go through physically. Everyone had a troubled mind, it was just a matter of making him face up to his own mind''

''Any idea why he targeted the charity?'' asked Leonardo.

''Not really my business, I'd obsessed too much with him as it is...what mattered was that I bring whatever troubles he had with the Professor and life in general to the surface. All the little trolls that had taken their toll on him in less quieter times brought to the surface ten fold and allowed to dance for longer than necessary''

''I don't know, I feel like we missed out on a big pay off. We used to put a permanent frown on these phonies, now all we do is talk them to death'' Raphael complained.

''I suggest you do not mistake passiveness for world weariness Raphael...there will come a time where your skills will be in great need again, though possibly not in the way you would wish''

''Yeah, well I could really go for a burning building than a burning brain'' said Raphael.

At April's apartment, a weary reporter entered her abode feeling the sand in her eyelids weigh her down. It had been a trying evening full of interviews and reporting the lead story straight afterwards.

And on top of that, she had an appointment to keep.

She opened the window to let in the cool evening air, crouched down on the floor, and waited for Michelangelo to show up.

When he did so, she waved warmly at him.

''What's up? You know what time it is'' she said, her words slightly slurred as the midnight hours took their toll on her body.

Michelangelo gently caressed her cheeks and hair with his right hand, before crouching down to where she sat.

''It's time alright'' he said.

He urged her to open her eyes.

April did so, and was surprised at what she saw...a small diamond ring.

''It's not much, I kind of found it at that antique store where you bought that hamster'' said Michelangelo, ''You said it was the cutest thing''

''Besides you?'' April said, smiling and close to tears as she marveled at the diamond.

''The guy recognized me, he cut the price and asked me to go before his antique mirrors cracked, the same wisecracks as before...some things don't change with time''

''Don't you ever change with time Mike'' said April.

''I have to babe, I saw first hand where that Cuma guy was willing to go, he wanted to talk to you and I just had this gut feeling it had everything to do with us. I can't let you go into that kind of world unprotected, without anyone to fall back on publicly, so we gotta make it public, I gotta give you that protection and I can't do it the way I am now''

''You don't have to make a statement with this Mike'' said April.

''I needed a reason, this is as good an opportunity as it gets...will you cease it with me babe?'' Michelangelo said, confidant of the answer.

''This is the best story I could ever own with you, yes Mike, I'll marry you''

On the moon, Shredder, Krang, Shreeka, Rocksteady and Bebop stood assembled around a crystalline rock which glowed brightly.

''Your prize in the tournament?'' said Krang.

''Yes, you can see my handsome features imprinted within it's structure. My territory marked'' said Shredder.

''And for once it ain't a lamppost'' muttered Krang.

''Don't mock me Krang, ultimate power could be ours within moments now that we have this prize''

''And what's the prize catch?'' asked Krang.

''Come Krang...all these years of battling the Turtles, for once wouldn't you like to be in charge of how it all began?''

''I don't like riddles Shredder''

''Then let me press down on the crystal and give you the perfect answer...but remember, we have a very brief window, a day or so, to ensure our new reality remains that way''

''A chance to bring your kind of order to the day is a rare opportunity, you should take it Krang'' said Shreeka.

''So long as Netflix still carries George and Marsha, I don't see what harm can come in rewriting reality'' Krang said, catching on.

''Do you want me to push down, or do we all do it together?'' said Shredder.

''Shredder, sharing isn't something that you're used to'' Krang replied.

''I like to think this won't reflect so badly on me'' Shredder said smugly as he admired himself in the crystal's captive reflection of himself.

''Gee, the boss sure knows how to put the manners in maniacal'' said Bebop.

The villains all piled their hands on top of one another in formation, gave each other assuring looks, and gently pressed down on the crystal.

An ignition of sparks, a flash of blisteringly hot light, and a new picture fell into place.

A new order to the day.

All in part to a well mannered way.