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Chapter Four

Mount Moon

Salvadore walked briskly down Route 3 which was a westerly route through Kanto. From there he would bypass Mount Moon, a place where Brock had said they had watched the evolution of a group of Clefairy into Clefable, though some had remained within the first stage of evolution and had met a man named Seymour who had decided to stay in Mount Moon with the Clefable although the unevolved form was a Cleffa. Like Nidorino and Nidorina, Clefairy needed a Moon Stone in order to evolve into its final stage of evolution and it was a Moon Stone that Salvadore planned on getting. From Brock's mentions of his own travels, Salvadore also knew that Zubat, Geodude, Sandshrew and Paras also lived in Mount Moon.

Route 3 was full of vegetation with bushes on his right side and a mountain. He had decided to head to Mount Moon so he could get a Moon Stone to evolve Nidoran to Nidoking after it evolved into Nidorano. Though that evolution likely wouldn't happen for some time, Salvadore figured it best to be prepared. Deciding it would be a good idea to let out his Pokémon and feed them, Salvadore sat down underneath a tree and set his backpack down next to him. He removed his Pokémon and released them.






"Okay guys, you hungry?" Salvadore asked as he got out three food dishes and began filling them with Pokémon. All his Pokémon gave affirmative cries. Soon the five Pokémon were eating; Charmander with Pidgey, Nidoran with Caterpie and Poliwag by herself. Salvadore hoped he could become as good a trainer as his brother Brock and that his Pokémon would grow to like each other and work as a team. It was what the young trainer hoped. While the Pokémon were eating, Salvadore removed a couple of sandwiches, some sliced carrots and a banana with a bottle of water from his backpack. As he pulled out his banana something dashed in front of him and stole the piece of fruit. "Hey!" Salvadore shouted, getting up and running after the Pokémon. "Please give that back! If you're hungry I have Pokémon food," he called to the Pokémon. Stumbling over a tree root, Salvadore fell on the ground as his other Pokémon ran up to him. Pulling out his Pokédex he pressed a couple of buttons before an image of the Pokémon appeared on his screen, together with a description.

The Pokémon had a round body that was covered in white shaggy fur and a pig snout for a nose. It had red eyes and triangular ears with brown insides. Its hands, two-toed feet, and the tip of it curved prehensile tail were brown. It looked like it was a monkey, only with white fur. "Mankey, a Pig Monkey Pokémon of the Fighting-type. Known for its superior footwork, it packs a powerful punch. This Pokémon is Male and its ability is Anger Point. It knows Scratch, Low Kick, Brick Break, and the egg move Focus Punch."

"A Fighting-Type huh? That might be a good Pokémon to catch," said Salvadore to himself. "Pidgey go after Mankey."

"Pidgey!" Pidgey went to fulfill her master's order.

"Poli?" asked Poliwag.

"I'm fine Poliwag," said Salvadore as he pushed himself to his knees. Knowing that Pidgey would find him, Salvadore and the rest of his team made their way back to where they had been getting ready to eat lunch. He packed the food back up along with his lunch and the food dishes, recalled his Pokémon and after putting the poke balls at his waist, made his way back to where he had fallen. This time, the new trainer walked along the ground so he wouldn't fall again, occasionally glancing up at the sky to look for Pidgey.

"Pidgey, Pid, Gey," called Pidgey as she spotted her Master.

"Did you find Mankey?" asked Salvadore.


"Okay. Lead the way Pidgey." As the dual Normal/Flying-Type flew off, he followed her until he saw the Mankey sitting in a tree and eating the banana. Setting his bag down, Salvadore pulled out a can of Pokémon food and poured a bit into his hand. "Are you hungry buddy? I've got some food here if you want some."

"Mankey!" The Mankey looked at the banana in his hand before looking to Salvadore who was holding the food in his hand. It then jumped to the ground and started walking cautiously towards the human with the Pidgey. Salvadore nodded as Pidgey flapped her wings to stay airborne in case the Mankey attacked. It dropped the banana on the ground and took a piece of food from Salvadore. Finding that it liked the food, it smiled and did a backflip. "Mankey."

"See that's much better than a banana," said Salvadore. There goes the waste of a piece of fruit, he thought to himself. He watched as Mankey took some more of the food until it was all gone from his hand. It then scampered away into the bushes and he recalled Pidgey to her poke ball before continuing on towards Mount Moon. As they left, the Mankey looked from behind a tree at the human who had fed it before following.

Salvadore continued on Route 3 towards Mount Moon, unaware that the Mankey he had fed was following behind him. The new trainer wondered if he would end up meeting Ash Ketchum, a boy that according to his brother Brock, was on his own journey to be a Pokémon Master. It was an unlikely possibility but Salvadore wouldn't mind battling against the Ketchum child when he grew stronger and had more experience being a trainer. As far as specializing in a certain group of Pokémon…well he wasn't too sure if he would. He knew that his older brothers both specialized in Rock-Type Pokémon and that the Cerulean City Gym Leader specialized in Water-Type Pokémon. Each Gym specialized in a certain type of Pokémon though to Salvadore's knowledge there was no Dark-Type Gym and no Dual-Type Gym in existence. Salvadore shook his head at that. Maybe Brock or Forrest would know how to start a gym. He could be the first Dark Gym though he wasn't sure how many gyms were allowed within a region.

Mount Moon had changed from his brother's own visit a two and a half years ago. Ash Ketchum would be on the fourth leg of his journey, somewhere within Hoenn. The lights that Team Rocket had put up to disrupt the cave Pokémon's biological clock and freak them out were gone. Now there were no Zubat flying out of the entrance to Mount Moon as Salvadore stood before it before removing Charmander's poke ball. "Charmander, let's go."

"Charmander," Charmander said as he was called out.

"Charmander can you light the way in here?" Salvadore asked.

"Char," said the fire lizard and started walking, the little flame on his tail lighting the way in front of Salvadore. The Fire Lizard Pokémon made the flame on his tail higher so there would be more light in the cave as they walked through it. Charmander would do what he could to protect his master from the wild Pokémon that lived within the cave. As the light of Charmander's tail faded into the darkness, Mankey approached the cave entrance outside Mount Moon.



Salvadore pulled out his Pokédex to scan the Pokémon before him. Paras was an orange insectoid creature that had a segmented ovoid body with six pairs of legs. The two foremost legs were large and had sharp claws at the tips. There were five specks on its forehead and three teeth on either side of its mouth. It also had circular large eyes and two red and white mushrooms on its back.

"Paras, the Mushroom Pokémon. Rare mushrooms grow on its back. Paras has qualities of both Bug and Grass Pokémon. This Pokémon is female and its ability is Dry Skin. It knows Scratch, Stun Spore, Poison Powder and the egg move Bug Bite."

Salvadore watched the dual Bug/Grass-Type Pokémon scuttle out of sight of Charmander's tail which had a small flame burning on the back, signifying its health. "Probably frightened of being burned," said Salvadore to himself.

"Char," Charmander said sadly.

"Let's go. Paras isn't a Pokémon I'm interested in truthfully," said Salvadore.

Charmander and Salvadore continued on down the tunnel before reaching a fork. Charmander looked up at Salvadore as if to ask "What now?" Salvadore sighed as he looked around him, wondering which way to go when a Zubat flew out of the right-side cave and used Supersonic on Charmander. Zubat was a blue, bat-like Pokémon. Salvadore saw it had no eyes or nose but that the inside of its ears and the undersides of its wings were purple. It had two long thin tails, and two teeth on its upper and lower jaws.

Charmander was hit with Supersonic and became confused, causing the ten-year-old to curse himself for not paying attention and swiped at Zubat with his hand, causing the Pokémon to fly away and perch on the ceiling. Removing his bag from his shoulders, Salvadore opened it up and pulled out a Persim Berry, a pink berry known to cure Confusion. "Here Charmander. Eat this," he said as he held the berry in front of Charmander's mouth, unsure if his partner could hold it or not after being becoming confused. Charmander took a couple of bites and was soon able to finish off the rest himself.

Seeing the Zubat still sitting there, Salvadore looks up at it. "What do you want there?"


Pulling his Pokédex out again, Salvadore pointed it up at the Zubat. "Zubat, blind Pokémon with supersonic powers. Zubat live in caves and hate to fly outside in daylight. This Pokémon is female and its ability is Inner Focus. It knows the moves Leech Life, Supersonic, and the egg move Gust."

"Are you better Charmander?" Salvadore asked.

"Char," said Charmander as he smiled upon finishing the Persim Berry. Salvadore put his hand on Charmander's head and closed the flap on his bag before hoisting it once more on his shoulders.

"Maybe a Zubat is useful in here."



"Calm down you two," said Salvadore to the two Pokémon. "Zubat can you help us out?"


"Cool," said Salvadore. "Do you know where I can find a Moon Stone here? I need one for when my Nidoran male is a high enough level to become a Nidorino."

The Zubat released its claws from the roof and flew in front of Salvadore and Charmander before heading left. Gratefully, the trainer and partner followed the wild Pokémon through the tunnels until they reached a large cavern with no ceiling above it. Instead they saw clouds flitting across the sky. Before Salvadore could thank Zubat, the Pokémon turned around and winged back towards the darkness of the cave. "I guess we'll have to find our own way out buddy." Charmander began walking around in search of the Moon Stone, one of many different evolutionary stones. Eventually, Charmander found one inside a hole in the wall and called out to his Master.

Salvadore went over to Charmander and looked at the hole in the wall that was the height of a small Pokémon which forced him to get on his knees to see into the place. As he looked in he saw a smooth edge against the rough surface of the cave wall. Salvadore managed to get two fingers into the hole and snag the smooth edge before withdrawing a gray stone with a black edge it. He turned it over in his hand and once more removed his backpack before putting the stone into the front pocket. "Thanks Charmander."

The Fire Lizard nodded and Salvadore decided he might as well finish his lunch here. It seemed safe enough to rest here. Standing up, he walked over to the center of the cavern and sat down before removing his poke balls. While his Pokémon came out, he pulled out their bowls and refilled the bowls with Pokémon food. Once they were eating, he pulled out the rest of his lunch and began eating as the Pokémon happily ate and the group relaxed. There would be many nights spend under the stars and many days of traveling before their journey through Kanto was done.

Salvadore counted the Pokémon he had. Five Pokémon of different types. Brock had been the one to make Salvadore his lunch and like everything Brock made, it was as good as ever. Salvadore pulled out his Boulder Badge and examined it under the light coming from the sky above though it had been a hard battle even with being lucky enough to receive a Poliwag from Nurse Joy. The ten-year-old wasn't dumb. He knew that he wouldn't be as lucky as he had been to receive a Pokémon needed for a battle. "I know Misty specializes in Water-Type Pokémon so I can't use Charmander as he'll be at a disadvantage," said Salvadore to himself. "Poliwag is an option because she's also a Water-Type and they'll be evenly matched that way. Let's see…big brother said that Misty had a Goldeen, Staryu, Horsea, Corsola, and Psyduck with her when they traveled together but she's also in the possession of a Gyrados, Dewgong, and other Pokémon she can probably use for the battle."

He pulled out his Pokédex to see what information there was to be had on Misty's main Pokémon, first finding Psyduck. "Brock said Psyduck didn't know how to swim when he was traveling with Misty and Ash."

"Psyduck, the Duck Pokémon. Psyduck suffers frequent headaches and can exhibit mysterious attacks when they become especially intense."

"Got to make sure that it's head doesn't get bit," said Salvadore to himself. Next he looked for Goldeen and a white goldfish with orange markings and a horn on its head appeared on the screen.

"Goldeen, the Goldfish Pokémon. Goldeen's caudal fin is admired by many for its beauty as it billows very much like a ballroom dress, giving it the nickname "The Water Queen". A strong swimmer, it is capable of swimming nonstop up fast streams at a steady speed of five knots per hour."

"Why would you take a true Water-Type with you on a journey when you're mainly traveling over land?" Salvadore asked himself but only found his voice echoing in the open roofed cavern. Caterpie came over to Salvadore and curled up on his Master's lap before going to sleep. Salvadore smiled down at the Worm Pokémon, knowing the cute Pokémon sleeping in his lap would evolve into Metapod and then Butterfree later on.

Salvadore put his Pokédex on the ground and continued his lunch. He was the only child in his family so far that wasn't being held back from his dream of becoming a Pokémon Trainer and Coordinator without having other obligations. Brock had been forced to take care of his siblings and hadn't gone on his dream to become a Pokémon Breeder until he was fifteen. Although Brock was now in school to be a Pokémon Doctor, his greatest wish had been to be the world's best Breeder during the majority of his own travels. Forrest had been given the title of Gym Leader by Brock but their parents came into their lives off and on, preferring to go on vacations and shopping trips. He figured he owed his success at being able to escape the life of his chaotic family to his older brothers who had encouraged him to follow his dreams.

Salvadore would take upon the name Iron Ghost when in his contests though he wasn't sure about his battles. But he did plan on taking on every league and Grand Festival in the Pokémon World. Not only would he get to catch new Pokémon, he would be able to see new places and make new friends and rivals on his journey. It was something he had looked forward to for years.

"Mankey?" questioned the pig monkey Pokémon as it wandered around the cave system, having gotten itself lost, while looking for the human who had fed it earlier. The Pig Monkey Pokémon stumbled and fell to the ground. Pushing itself up, it looked behind it to see what had caused it to stumble in the first place, but it was dark and the Pokémon wasn't able to tell what it had tripped over. If it had, it would have seen an odd stone with a weird shape. Unintentionally, the Pokémon had found a Dome Fossil. The fossil harbored a Pokémon that, when revived, would be a very rare find indeed.

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