Chapter 15

"Fellas," the pyromaniac muttered, glancing from the elder speedster to the younger and back again. "We've got a problem."

"Why do I get the feeling I'm not going to like what you guys have to say?" Kid Flash muttered as Captain Cold jumped to his feet.

"Where have you clods been?" The other Rogue demanded. "We've been trying to contact you for weeks-!"

"The big monkey's base blocks out transmissions unless they come or go through the communications console," Weather Wizard explained, stepping all the way inside and closing the bar's door behind him. "Which includes our phones. But that's less of a problem right now than the orders we were given an hour ago..."


"The Society knows about these kids," Heatwave said as he gestured at the teenager in the room. "And we were sent to make an offer to the rest of the Rogues: ten thousand dollars for anyone who participates in making a big enough ruckus that it draws both speedsters to Keystone."

The younger of said speedsters groaned. "They want to capture us, then. That's why they went after Zatanna, isn't it?"

"Guess so."

"Hold up a second here," Flash interrupted. "You guys are involved with the alliance of supervillains that been giving us headaches lately?"

Again, the room was filled with shifty looks.

"Alright, fine, forget I said anything - let's move on the the subject of whether any of you want to take up this offer or not."

"...Could use the money," someone near the back of the room muttered.

"I'm not going to say anything against that," the elder speedster immediately said. "I mean, I'd be kind of annoyed if you guys went and trashed any homes, or mom and pop businesses, or hurt anybody, but I get taking up a job offer with a guaranteed paycheck. Just, let me get Kid back to the League, and then we can all go on to business as usual, okay?"

He grinned at the many murmurs of assent.

"It won't end with us, though." The brief upswell of good cheer died away again with Weather Wizard's words. "Sooner or later, the Society will get its hands on one of these visiting kids, and use whoever it is as bait to catch the rest of them."

Kid Flash scowled. "They try, and they'll find out just how bad of an idea it is. Heck, in our dimension, my friends and I took out the entire Justice League when they got brainwashed last winter! I'd like to see anybody in this world manage that!"

Several eyebrows went up at the teen's declaration.

"The heck happened to bring that about?" Chuck the bartender asked the question on everyone's mind.

"Long story, starting and ending with Vandal I-Love-Trench-Coats Savage and Klarion the Creepy as Heck Witch Boy."

He muttered a string of foul words about the pair, prompting more than a few Rogues to shout, "Language!"

"Like a bunch of mother hens, I swear," Flash chuckled. "Okay guys, seriously, I gotta get Junior back to safe lines. Give me ten minutes before you start the fireworks, alright?"

"Sure thing, Flasher."

"Good t' meet ya, pipsqueak!"

"Feel free to drop by again before you head home, y'hear?"

"Yeah, and give us the details about that battle with the brainwashed League!"

"Thanks, fellas," Kid Flash beamed at them all, before he and Flash both zipped out the door. It didn't take long for the Rogues to become serious again after that, and direct their gazes to the two newly returned members, ready for a full explanation.


"These tactics aren't working."

"Don't worry, I've got something else planned that's bound to get the results we want..."


"Tsunami Alert, people," Mister Terrific's voice rang out through the hall's of the Watchtower. "We've got a fifty foot tall wave heading for the Chilean coastline and getting higher by the minute - at least four towns are in the red zone, maybe more."

Heroes with rescue and recovery experience hurried to the deployment hall and its zeta platforms, while others headed for the javelin bays to join in on the aid delivery effort. Communications personnel and government liaisons got themselves where they needed to be too, as members of the medical staff readied their supplies.

In one room, though, there was a stand-off.

Tim, Billy, and Mary braced themselves in front of the doorway, while Artemis, Raquel, and Robin attempted to stare them down.

"Look," the blonde archer growled. "We can help. We all know the adults are going to need it, so why don't you twerps turn around and we can all go."

"Not until we know if this is another attempt to draw you guys out into the open," Tim stated. Even with the Batson twins growing more nervous by the second, he refused to back down.

...At least until the door behind him opened and Batman started barking orders.

"Rocket has been requested to assist with the air evacuation - Billy, take her to the zeta platforms with you. Mary, show Artemis to Javelin Bay Three-A, she's going to help with provision hauling. Both Robins, with me."

At that, they all scattered into the hallway. Hurrying alongside Tim and his mentor, Dick frowned. "Where are the rest of our Team?"

"Kaldur'ahm has already teleported down to the Chilean coast with Aquaman to try and limit the tsunami's impact - they'll have constant contact with the Watchtower, and at the first sign of a problem, we have a team ready to beam directly to their position. The Zatara's and Miss Martian are on their way to a nearby hospital that's getting ready to house evacuees, along with seven other League members."

"Supers? Speedsters?"

"Also en route to the disaster zone - they'll meet up in Panama and continue the rest of the way together."

Robin hummed an acknowledgement as they entered a hangar with only one aircraft present: the local version of the Batplane. "Where are we headed to, then?"

"Isla de Pascua. Also known as-"

"Easter Island?" Tim piped up. "Why?"

"Because that's where the tsunami originated."

Both boys exchanged wary glances before climbing aboard the black jet after Batman.