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"Speech"/ "Different Language"



" Shadows"/ "Demons" / "Gods"

"Spell Incantations"


Dante yawned as he laid on the roof of Yasogami High School. He was really bored. There were no demons to kill for some reason, no kids to tort- train, and no jobs. He's already on brat protection duty, so… "… Who the hell is calling me right now?" He answered his phone. "Yello?"

"Dante, we have a problem."

Dante groaned loudly. "The hell do you mean witch?"

Lolikano growled through her phone. "I mean that The Left Eye is here!"

Dante stared up at the sky, then sighed. "That explains why I'm so bored. No demon from Sparda's side of Hell attacks Umbran Witches. I'll take care of it." He hung up and then groaned. "It's gonna be one of those days, huh?"

Yu looked around in the misty blackness. Occasional streaks of red and blue came through the mist. "So… why aren't you attacking me? Or… going away?"

The shadow looked to his right at Yu. "Because even if you accept me, you still have to accept yourself."

Yu rolled his eyes. "At this point, I don't know where 'I' end and the game begins. Maybe it was a terrible mistake allowing that to happen to me."

The shadow shook his head. "No. I don't think it was. You already have friends and it's only been about two weeks here. No one has tried to bully or kill you out of spite, and you're strong enough to defend yourself. What about that is a mistake?"

Yu shrugged as he looked up at the black sky. "That's true… but why me? It said that I lucked out, but there's no chance that I'm that lucky. Either I'm just an idiot, or-"

The shadow nodded. "Or someone else is pulling the strings."

"Just like usual." He looked over at his shadow. Instead of it being a perfect mirror image, it was heavily scarred, his clothes tattered, and the usual yellow-eyed glow of a shadow just a very dull light instead. He was very hurt. And almost broken. A true reflection of him indeed.

Yu stared at the notification, dumbfounded, then shook his head. "Weird. My power's being finicky for some reason. It's saying that I'm not allowed to have bears in my party."

Teddie growled. "Your power is so mean sensei! What do I have to do to make it accept me?!"

Yu chuckled with a smile. "I'm not sure that there's anything you can do Ted. I'll try to make it see reason." He then turned towards the door, his thoughts going a mile a minute. 'Teddie's a Shadow. He's a fucking SHADOW! H-How is that even possible?! He doesn't know what he is, and he knows what Shadows are, so how the hell is h-'

[Gamer's Mind] has been activated.

He took a deep breath. 'Doesn't matter. As long as he isn't attacking us, he's an ally. And a friend.'

For overlooking the blinding fact that Teddie is of the enemy race, and is still him, you have gained +2 WIS!


A 'Bear'y fine mystery!

Primary objective: Discover what Teddie is!

Secondary objective: Get Teddie's WIS stat to 25 before he figures out for himself!

Hidden objective

Reward: + 10 INT

Yosuke walked over to the other door and pushed it slightly, the doors opening very easily. "We should get going."

Yu nodded and then walked over to the door and his eye twitched slightly. "More stairs…"

Chie growled. "Not again! Is this going to be a normal thing in here?!"

Yu groaned and then began to walk forward. "We've wasted enough time. We only have a few more hours to get to her before we have to call it quits." 'Though time seems to be moving much more slowly in here than out there.'

Yosuke paled. "Crap! Then we need to hurry! Let's go!" He dashed forward and up the stairs, his exhaustion seemingly gone.

Chie's eyes burned with determination as she rushed after Yosuke.

[Deception] has gained a level!

Yu chuckled and looked back towards Teddie. "Come on. We need our support if we're going to keep going."

Teddie grinned and gave Yu a salute. "Yes sir, sensei sir!" He then ran up the stairs after the other teammates.

"You do realize that-"

"I know Pixie. But they needed the motivation." Yu smiled as he walked towards the stairs, then began to dash up them. Half-way up the flight, he cast [Haste] on himself and got a level in it. He reached the top panting again, with Yosuke and Chie trying to catch their breaths.

Why does it have to be stairs?! +1 VIT

Yu chuckled at that. "Okay, guys. Let's keep moving." And he was about to do that when a soft ringing noise came from everywhere.

Yukiko hummed softly. Her voice echoed from the walls. "My Prince will soon come for me…" She then giggled. "I'll always be waiting for him…"

Teddie looked around. "That's weird… her voice is coming from the walls… be careful everyone! She might have more control of this place than we thought!"

Chie growled to herself. "Yukiko, I will save you!" She was about to run ahead again when Yu grabbed her wrist.

Yu shook his head. "Don't fall for the shadow's tactic. Stay with the group." He then saw his [Sense Danger] skill go off, warning him of a group of Shadows heading straight for them. He shifted his stance and his [Elemental Enhancement] to accommodate for the lightning going over the blade. "Remember, we need to conserve our energy as much as possible." He then walked forward and conjured up Izanagi's card. He swiped his hand to the side, shattering it and calling forth his Persona in an inferno of blue flames. Yu smirked and then dashed towards the Shadows that came within visual range of the rest of his party.

Yosuke sighed and then shook his head. "'Conserve energy' he says!" He then ran after Yu and decided to try something different and throw his Hunting Nata's at the nearest Shadow with all of his strength. The blades pierced into a Hablerie easily, though they nearly fell short of their mark.

Chie dashed forward and then dropkicked the same Hablerie, forcing the blades through it and killing it. She landed on her hands and flipped backward, almost tripping up on the landing as she was more focused on summoning Tomoe and having her Persona use the ability [Skull Cracker] onto a Pesce, killing it. She grimaced in pain.

Yu looked at the Natas and figured that he might as well grab them. He sheathed his blade and then picked up the smaller blades and smirked. 'Switch Persona, Pixie'. Izanagi was engulfed in blue flames and in his place was a different card. Yu spun around and slashed that open and instead of an inferno, the flames sprouted from the card and then extended towards the ground and the floor in a spiral. In that spiral formed a small woman with short brown hair wearing blue spandex. She had transparent butterfly wings on her back.

"You called?" Pixie looked around, then smiled and turned towards Chie and held her hands towards her. Her hands became bathed in a soft green light for a moment, then Chie was surrounded in the same light.

Due to your Persona having the innate ability to cast this skill, you have discovered the skill [Dia]

You must learn the skill before you may use it on your own.

Yu smiled. "Thanks, Pixie." He then looked around and saw that the two remaining Shadows, which were Hableries, were charging towards Chie. He dashed over to them and then stabbed both of the enemies from behind.

You have used the skill [Backstab] without meeting the prerequisites! You gained 10% EXP to [Dagger Mastery]

He then smirked and slashed them again as he dove in between the two Shadows. He rolled forward and skidded to a halt in front of Yosuke. He tossed the Nata's back up to Yosuke and then ran at the Shadows again, holding onto his katana. His face became blank as he analyzed the weak points of the Shadows and guessed that their jaws were the most fragile part of their body, so just as he reached them, he cast [Haste] on himself, then dashed in between them while drawing his blade and slashing through the one on the left, skidding to a halt and then sheathed his blade. The Shadow suddenly split in half, blood shooting from the slash as it dissolved.

You have used the skill [Zantetsuken] without meeting the prerequisites! You have gained 10% EXP in [Sword Mastery]

Chie dashed ran towards the remaining Shadow and used its head as a springboard for her to jump into the air. Tomoe appeared behind Chie and then seemed to phase into her body. Chie smirked as she grabbed onto the dual bladed Naginata that appeared in her hands in a burst of blue flames, and she yelled as she fell towards the Shadow and skewered it, the weapon stabbing into the ground slightly. The Shadow quickly dissolved, as did the weapon. "Well! I think that went well!"

Yu nodded and took a look at the battle log to see that he had gained three levels in [Dagger Mastery], one in [Sword Mastery], 168 EXP, 710 Yen, 2 Big Incisors, and 1 Idea Paper. "Yeah, considering that we didn't get hit." He looked back up at Pixie and waved at her.

Pixie waved back just before she dispelled herself.

Yu looked back at Teddie, who briefly had stars in his eyes. "So any idea where we need to go from here Teddie?"

Teddie blinked, then hummed a bit. "Give me a minute to sniff out the area Sensei!" He then began to sniff the air.

Yosuke deadpanned. "Oh my god, he's actually sniffing out the area."

Teddie smiled and then opened the door right next to them to reveal the stairs.

The group groaned loudly.

Dante chuckled as he casually walked up to Bayonetta, seeing her finish her recent slaughter of Angels. "Hey there, witchy!"

Bayonetta groaned and then looked back at Dante. "Hello, Devil spawn." She slammed her heel into the ground, making a much larger foot come out of a portal and crush another angel.

Dante pulled Rebellion out and twirled it a bit. "See, you get it right, unlike that other bitch. Tell me, why the hell are you here?"

Bayonetta smirked as she popped a red rose lollipop into her mouth. "Well, I am currently trying to take a vacation, however, these ugly creatures are keeping me from enjoying myself." She looked behind her and dodged out of the way of a Compassion angel and killed it. "As you can see, they are fairly weak, but still a nuisance."

Dante smirked as he stepped out of the way of the body. "Well, I don't want to step on your toes, but Angels are bad for business. And seeing as they hunt you, that means that you gotta go."

Bayonetta scoffed. "I'm not the only one they're hunting. There's a grey-haired boy that has killed a fair few of their ranks. They'll be after him now as well."

Dante groaned. "That idiot…" He then slashed through one that was going after Bayonetta. "So you're saying that instead of doing the smart thing and running away, he decided to kill them?!"

Bayonetta shrugged as she simply backhanded another flying angel. "To be fair, I don't believe that he knew the ramifications of his action. But on the plus side, that's one more person who's fucking with those disgusting creatures up there!" She heard the groaning of a centaur-like angel who was dragging itself towards her. She walked over to it and kicked it hard in the face. "Oh shut up!"

Dante snickered. "You treat them the same way I treat demons."

Bayonetta stepped on the Angel's face and ground her heel against it. "How's that working out for you right now?" She then fired the pistol on her leg, executing the angel.

Dante shrugged. "I can't complain about much, except for the fact that I have to pose as a school teacher. But yeah, I'm still gonna have to ask you to leave so I can get to work, okay?"

Bayonetta yawned as she stared at Dante. She then smirked. "Why don't you try to make me?"

Dante grinned as he stepped into a more laid back battle stance. "Just what I wanted to hear!" He then appeared behind Bayonetta in a flash of silver and began to attack her at blinding speeds, but with the Umbran Witch dodging all of his attacks. "You've gotten faster!"

Bayonetta smirked as she dodged Dante's attacks, then snapped. "No touching~" The world became purple and she flipped over the Son of Sparda and threw her hands into infernal portals, swapping out Prelude and Minuet from her Love is Blue set, which Rodin named, and drew Shuraba and smiled.

Dante closed his eyes and a pulse of silver energy came from him. The silver mixed with the purple. Dante also became surrounded by a dim silver light. "I thought that you learned from the last time that this trick doesn't work on me!" He dashed towards Bayonetta and then slammed Rebellion down towards her, being blocked by her katana.

Bayonetta smirked. "Of course I learned. I simply wanted to get that speed of yours out of the picture." She then heard Dante's coat shift slightly. She quickly shifted into a swarm of bats to dodge a bullet from Ebony. She reformed a few feet from the demon hunter. "That was a dirty trick." She then snapped and portals opened up around her feet to replace Toccata and Nocturne with a set of lightning Durga.

Dante smirked and put Ebony into his coat, then Rebellion on his back. "Yeah, well this is what happens when you fight monsters from another dimension. You get dirty." His arms became demonic for a split second as he changed his weapon to black gauntlets and greaves that were outlined with white. He ran over to Bayonetta and began to punch at her, a dim flash of light coming from the limb that hit the witch's weapons.

Bayonetta pushed Dante away from her and then quickly shifted her hand weapons to the fire Durga set and she smirked. "Come now, fighting these creatures that call themselves angels is much dirtier work than demon hunting." She then dashed at him in her panther form and snarled ferally as she pounced at Dante, shifting back quickly and slashing at the grey-haired man, a smirk on her face.

Dante blocked the fire claws with a different set of gauntlets, the claws being blocked by a flaming dragon head. "Oh, that's bullshit!" He kicked Bayonetta hard in the stomach, a pillar of flames coming from the kick. "My guys bleed a lot, and that blood doesn't go away! Do you know how many times I've had to get this coat cleaned?" He ran towards Bayonetta again and threw another punch at her, which was blocked by Bayonetta wielding two energy blades.

Bayonetta chuckled. "Yes but angels cause much more collateral damage, and it gets boring trying to keep that from happening. Then there are the people that they kill with that damage, knocking down buildings and such." She then drew a demonic seal in front of her, then smirked and drove the blades into the ground. A large beam of green energy came from the seal in front of her, sending Dante flying. She slowly stood and then snapped and switched her lightning Durga to Odette, a pair of skates that left a trail of ice under the blades. She opened a portal under her and dove under it. She then fell out of the air above Dante and landed in a low crouch, ice spikes being forced from the ground around her, which impaled Dante.

Dante groaned as he swapped weapons again and then broke the ice spike with a triple nunchaku weapon called Cerberus. "Damn it! Why do I always get stabbed from behind?! Do you know how many impalements this coat has suffered?!" He pushed himself off of the half spike just as it shattered. He then began to attack Bayonetta so fast that he was leaving after images of himself. And that wasn't just the Doppelganger that he had go behind the witch. "And if you want to talk collateral damage, look at what happened with that giant statue demon!"

Bayonetta groaned as she blocked as many of Dante's attacks from hitting her with her energy blades. "Yes, but that was a one-time thing! For angels, that's every day!" She suddenly began to spin on the tips of Odette, making another portal and then falling through it to get behind Dante, then used the momentum of the spin to hit Dante many times in the back. She watched the Doppelganger dispel and then smirked. "Can you say the same about your lowly demons?"

Dante grabbed onto Bayonetta's ankle and threw her far away with ease, and then dashed towards her at his top speed. He pretty much flickered to where Bayonetta would land and smirked. Once she fell close enough, he began to wail on her with a flurry of attacks faster than the witch could follow. He then slammed the weapon into the ground and caused ice spikes to shoot from the ground and impale Bayonetta. "Not so fun on the receiving end, huh?" He then switched over to a pair of gauntlets that were primarily metal but had purple flame decor that faded into red. They connected to a piece of metal on his back that seemed to resemble a pair of hellish wings. He rolled his shoulders and a mask came up over his mouth and nose as he reeled back for a punch, the saw on the shoulder of his weapon spinning violently. The center of the saw flashed and he immediately hit Bayonetta hard with a rising uppercut, shattering the spike and sending her into the air. "You had enough?"

Bayonetta spun around into the air and landed on her feet, the hole in her chest already closing. She popped a green lollipop that had six leaves on it into her mouth. "Not even close! We haven't even reached the climax of the battle!" She smirked and then a purple light came from the witch, briefly blinding Dante. The light faded and she was surrounded by a purple glow.

Dante stared and then sighed. "Really? Your big transformation is that you glow? That's not really that exci-" He was interrupted by a punch to the face by a very large hand coming from a portal. "Okay, I guess we're doing this!" He quickly drew Rebellion from his back and then cried out as demonic energy pulsed from his body. He breathed heavily as lightning coursed over his body. He looked up at Bayonetta, his body now much more reptilian in nature, his arms and legs red and black with spikes protruding from them. His face was now red with more spines growing from the sides of his head outward. His coat now appeared segmented and had a likeness to insect wings. He saw a portal open up in front of him, and a very large fist came from it. He held his hand out and caught the fist with ease, the wind around them becoming a raging gale due to the force of the attack. He suddenly grabbed onto the fist and began to drag whatever was attached to it through the portal. "Come on out!"

Bayonetta dashed over to Dante and then hit him very hard in the face with a spin kick. Though Dante didn't budge, she smirked and held her hand to the side. "Alcrete!" A very large chainsaw appeared in her hand, fully revved up and running. She then drove the blade into Dante's back, causing him to bleed. She also witnessed Dante release Madama Butterfly's hand. "I don't think taking a lady's hand without her permission is good for your health Dante!"

Dante growled and grabbed onto Bayonetta's leg and then slammed her hard into the ground. "Enough cheesy retaliations! I'm ending this!" He then raised his clawed hand into the air and stabbed down at Bayonetta. He then smirked as he pressed his claws against her chest. "Do you give up yet?"

Bayonetta looked at Dante, then his claws and sighed. "Very well! I admit my defeat." She then kicked Dante in the crotch just as he shifted back. She pushed the stunned man off of her and dusted herself off. "Never come in contact with my chest again or I won't hesitate to kill you."

Dante looked at his hand, then shrugged. "Yeah, I can live with that." He then jumped up onto his feet. "So, you don't plan on leaving, do you?"

Bayonetta smirked. "Of course not. And I don't believe you plan on leaving either."

Dante nodded. "I'm on a job. Can't leave until it's done or Trish will take my cards and go shopping." He looked around and saw a mass of Angels had been avoiding them throughout the fight. "..." He shot one in the face with Ivory. "The hell are all you looking at?"

Bayonetta placed a hand on her hip as she looked the crowd over. "They need to learn a lesson in spying, wouldn't you say Dante?" She opened portals around her hands and feet, retrieving her Love is Blue set and smirking.

Dante sighed and then spun Rebellion around a bit. "Yeah, they do." He then rushed towards the crowd alongside Bayonetta, finally able to enjoy himself for once.

The Investigation Team were panting heavily as they reached the top of the stairs of the fifth floor. Even with them conserving most of their energy, avoiding battles as much as they could, and taking small breaks within empty rooms, the stairs are the major problem of this dungeon. Yosuke looked up at the ceiling. "Yukiko? If…you can hear…us…please…let this torture end soon!"

Yu looked at his Inventory and then sighed. "Teddie, you can navigate us back here, right?"

Teddie chuckled. "Well, this world changes from day to day, but I think that in cases like this, if you leave the castle and come back today, then you'll be able to return to the same floor!"

Yu nodded, then pulled out a Goho-M and crushed the small orb. A bright light enveloped the party and they returned to the entrance of the castle.

Chie glared at Yu. "Why did you do that?! We were getting close! I can feel it!"

Yu sighed. "We're going back in, but we should rest up in a safe area. Besides, I need to do something very important and I don't think that we can do it in there." He turned and began to walk towards the entrance.

Yosuke shrugged and began to go with Yu.

Chie gawked at Yosuke. "Yosuke, what are you doing?! We need to get back in there!"

Yosuke looked back at Chie. "He's right. We need to take a break longer than five minutes. And that castle isn't exactly safe. We should do it where we can leave this place easily."

Chie thought, then sighed. "We're coming back though, right?"

Teddie smiled at Chie. "Don't worry Chie-chan! When Sensei promises to do something, he does it!"

Chie smiled softly after a moment. "Right." She then followed the group to the entrance.

Yu immediately walked towards the blue ethereal door and entered the Velvet Room. He sat down in his place and smiled at the four residents. "So, any progress on the whole 'personae are imprisoned and tortured inside of me' thing?"

Igor chuckled. "Unfortunately no, however, we have encountered a being that I have personally taught, and she has her own room of the soul. It's not just coincidence that you happen to possess the color of green as well as blue." He then waved his hand and the door to Yu's right became green. "They would like to have a word."

Yu looked at the door, then nodded as he reached for it. He opened the door and then looked around to see that it was a green elevator. "… Huh." He then stepped out of the blue limo and into the elevator to see a woman with long black hair, very fair skin, and some burn marks reaching up from her torso and onto her neck.

The woman chuckled. "Welcome to the Verdant Room. It's been some time since we've had a visitor. Please-" She gestured to a blonde haired man wearing a white dress shirt, black dress pants, black shoes, and a green vest with a green bow tie. The man snapped and a chair formed from the ground. "- take a seat."

Yu stared at the two, and then hesitantly walked over to the chair and sat down into it. "Quick question before anything else. Why are we going down?"

The woman smirked. "That is because while Igor and his assistants assist your journey through your murder mystery, we are here to assist into your decent."

Yu's eyes narrowed. "Into what…?"

The woman looked up at Yu to reveal her lavender eyes. "Why, into the Abyss, of course."

Mitsuru slowly set the file that she had received on Narukami Yu. It looks like he legally changed his name six years ago, and that his life before and after the change was… undesirable to say the least. Despite the scars that Narukami revealed to her, Akihiko and Aigis, it seems that his parents weren't the only point of grief in his life. Constantly bullied, even at Gekkoukan, to the point of physical violence. Though while it was bad there, it was much worse when he was in junior high. He seemed to transfer schools at some point, though the dates lined up with the deaths of ten children. Those children were burned to a crisp, though from the autopsy, it was like they were struck by lightning.

There was a knock on the door. "Kirijo-san?"

Mitsuru looked up from the file and then sighed. "Come in, Aigis."

Aigis walked into the office and then closed the door directly behind her. "All supplies are ready for transport to Inaba."

Mitsuru nodded. "Very good Aigis. You are to leave immediately. When can you be expected to depart?"

Aigis closed her eyes for a moment. "My arrival is dependant on several factors, but I would estimate to arrive within four hours, if I leave immediately."

Mitsuru hummed, then nodded again. "Very well, you are to leave as soon as possible. The mission will be complete when the eradication of the Shadow nest in Inaba has been carried out."

Aigis nodded, then turned to walk out.

"And Aigis?"

The automaton girl turned to Mitsuru. "Yes, Kirijo-san?"

Mitsuru sighed again. "Just be careful."

A red-headed woman with her hair up in a ponytail walked around the shopping district of Inaba. "So, I'm in a place called Inaba in Japan." She sighed, exasperated. "That's… great… always wanted to get out of Seoul." She looked around and then sighed. "At least there shouldn't be too many people in the Abyss here."

Lolikano was watching the girl from above with a snicker. She lowered herself down on her broom and then uncloaked. She spoke to the girl in Korean because she could. "Hey! Why's a Korean in Japan?"

The girl flinched, then created an Illusion Barrier to punch whoever spooked her with a fist of fire. She hesitated when she saw who it was. "T-The Witch of Slaughter…"

Lolikano nodded and hopped off of the broom. "So, let's just hope that you speak Japanese because I don't think that you'll be leaving soon. You're here for a reason, and that reason needs to be punched in the face when they show up."

The girl sighed. "Yes, I speak Japanese, I was taught as a child."

Lolikano clapped her hands. "Great! Let's get you registered for school then!"

The girl glared. "No. I am not going to go to another sch-" She froze as she felt the air grow cold.

Lolikano was looking at the girl with a sweet smile. "Did I say you had a choice, little girl?"

The girl shivered as the flames on her hands were snuffed out. "I-I…"

"Excuse me."

The two looked to the side to see a blonde girl wearing a Yasoami High uniform. Her eyes were an impossible blue and she wore a red ribbon around her neck. There was also this odd headband that she wore.

Aigis stared at the two. "Do you two know where Yasogami High is?"

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