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Chapter 1. A New Day.

"Such a beautiful morning!" Kazuha was looking outside the window in her bedroom. "It's a great day to start the new school year."

Today Heiji and I would be third year high school student; I hoped that our relationship could have some changes. Something good……Something romantic… …

"Ouch!" Kazuha was looking around to find out who hit her head.

"Don't fall asleep while you're walking. Aho!" It was Heiji using his schoolbag to hit her head.

"I'm not sleeping, I'm just thinking, Aho."

"Thinking? What're you thinking?"

Kazuha blushed immediately about what she was thinking a while ago. "Nothing."

"I know what you're thinking."


"You're afraid that you can't graduate from high school."

"Aho. Of course not!"

"Don't stand there dreaming or else you will be late on the first day of school." Heiji was already running.

"Heiji! Chotto made yo!"

Heiji and Kazuha just managed to their classroom before the bell rang. After the spring break, everyone was talking with friends how they spent their holiday. The girls preferred to talk about the boys they met, the clothes they bought, and the up-to-date fashion.

"Minami-chan how's your holiday?" Kazuha asked.

"It's good." Minami blushed deeply after answering Kazuha's question.

"What's happened?" asked by the other girl called Chidori.

"I've a boyfriend now. He's Nakata-kun from Class 3-B. I gave him a valentine chocolate and he gave me back a present on white day. We started dating during the spring break."

"That's great. Where have you been?"

"To cinema, to amusement park. We're very happy together."

"I've always been going to these places with Heiji already." Kazuha sighed.

"What's happened with you and Hattori?" Chidori asked.

"Nothing happened. We're just the same."

"We all know your feeling to Hattori, but what about his feeling? Does he feel the same as you?"

"You should try to let him know your feeling." Minami told Kazuha.

"Heiji! Are you listening to us!" Shingo said. He was a boy with short hair and a sunny smile on his face all the time.


"We're going to meet the new first year girls. I'm planning to find a new girlfriend there."

"You're such a playboy, Kimura. I thought that you are still dating with Yamazaki-senpai before the break."

"That's over a week before." Kimura was a handsome guy with long hair. "Heiji! You should meet more girls, not only with that Kawaii Toyama-san."

"What're you saying?"

"So do you have time after school?" Shingo asked. "We're going to date with some first year girls, with the help by Kimura."

"I can't come. I have a date today."

"With your girlfriend?"

"What girlfriend?" Heiji's face was reddened under his dark skin.

"That Kawaii Toyama-san."

"She's not my girlfriend. She's just my childhood friend. It's more like my sister."

Both Shingo and Kimura were staring at Heiji with unbelief. Unfortunately, their conversation was overheard by Kazuha.

To be continued… …

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