Chapter 12.  And then...

"This's just another tragedy involving a love triangle."  Shinichi was discussing the case with Heiji, "a letter was found in Tsubasa's room."

          "You mean Tsubasa-san committed suicide herself.  She loves her non-blood-related brother, Kazuma, but he didn't reply her love.  Tsukasa loves her also, and she was too puzzled about it?"  Heiji asked Shinichi.

          "Actually Kazuma loves Tsubasa also, he just too afraid to admit it." 

          "Aho!  If only he told this to Tsubasa, this'll not happen.  Then, why did Tsukasa capture Kazuha?"

          "He thought that Tsubasa had come back, and he didn't want her to leave him again."

          "I should punch him harder as he made Kazuha so afraid!"

          "In fact, you should thank him, he made you and Kazuha together."

          "Shinichi!  When'll you stop discussing with Hattori-kun?  We're leaving now!" Ran was already pushing Shinichi to the door.  Kazuha and Heiji were looking at each other; their faces were flushing deeply.

          "Hey!  When'll you two want to stop staring at each other?"  Shinichi was looking at them with another sly grin on his face.  They left the villa of Ikeda's after solving another mystery.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

          "Kazuha-chan, how are you?  Are you coming for Heiji?"  Shizuka was welcoming Kazuha to her house.

          "We've a date today."  Kazuha's face blushed slightly as she admitted going out with Heiji.

          "Heiji is probably still sleeping in his room, as he came back late last night with Heizo.  They'd a difficult case to solve last night."  Kazuha was quite depressed to hear this, "doesn't he remember we have a date today?"

          "Daijyoobu, he's excited about the date, though he feels too embarrass to admit it."  Shizuka comforted her future daughter-in-law at once, "you look kawaii today.  I think that Heiji would jump out of bed immediately when you wake him up."  Kazuha was wearing a white sleeveless vest and a skirt with small flower-patterned on it.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

          "Heiji!  When're you going to wake up?"  Kazuha entered Heiji's room, she spotted that Heiji was sleeping peacefully in his bed.  Her face was reddened as she noticed Heiji was only wearing a pair of shorts.

          "Aho!  Wake up now!  Don't you remember we've a date today!"  She found out that Heiji was murmuring something, "what're you saying?"

She got herself closer to Heiji's face, and heard that Heiji was whispering her name.  "Are you dreaming of me?"

          Kazuha was staring at Heiji's sleeping face, and she suddenly remembered what had happened last time when she tried to wake Heiji up.  Immediately, Heiji's hands were around her waist and pull her into his bed.

          'He's on top of me again!'  Kazuha blushed deeply and she tried to push Heiji away, "Aho!  Get off immediately!" 

          "Kazuha."  Heiji whispered her name once again, and he started kissing her neck and then down to her shoulder.  Kazuha started panting heavily, she thought that all her energy had drawn out and she could not push him away.

          "Heiji, stop dreaming!  Chotto, where's your hand touching?"  Heiji made her even more embarrass by sliding his hand underneath her clothes.

          "Aho!  Stop it!"  Kazuha thought that her whole body must be flushing deeply, she only wanted Heiji to wake up immediately.  What made things worse was that she noticed his hand was trying to undo her bra.  His hands moved forward and up…

          "Aho!  What're you doing?"  Her words were cut off as Heiji put his lips on hers.  Kazuha's mind was empty now, and she could do nothing but bit Heiji on his lips.

          "Ouch!  That hurts!  Kazuha!  What're you doing here?"  Kazuha was glad that Heiji was finally awake.  "Aho!  That's my question."

          Heiji examined Kazuha in detail, her expression was a mix of fear, embarrassment, and shyness.  He also found himself on top of Kazuha and one of his hands was underneath her clothes!  He could even feel the heat of her back.  Her clothes were also in a mess; one of the straps had fallen off her shoulder.  "Are you trying to attack me while I am sleeping?"

          "Aho!  It's the other way!"  Kazuha thought that it was more embarrass now as Heiji was awake, "do you want to stay like this forever?"

          "It seems that I'd a very good progress while I was sleeping, let's continue it now."  Heiji did not wait for her answer and started kissing her neck again.  His hands were also moving around underneath her clothes.

          "Pervert!  Get off immediately!"  Kazuha used aikido to throw Heiji out of the bed.

          "Ouch!  How can you do that to me?  I just want to tease you a bit.  Aho!  Who wants to continue this with okaasan staying here!"

          "You mean you want to continue if obasan was not here!"  Kazuha dressed herself up properly right away; her heart was skipping so fast that she thought she might even get a heart attack. 

          "Aho!  You know that I don't mean this.  I need to change my clothes now, can you leave now?"

          "No.  I want to stay here, as my whole body must still be blushing deeply, I need to cool down a bit before I leave your room. Or else obasan might guess what had happened.  I won't look at you as I'm not a pervert."

          Heiji was changing his clothes, "ne Kazuha, I apologize for what I had done to you.  I don't mean to make you afraid.  May be I'm just too tired."

          "Heiji," Kazuha's face was still blushing deeply.

          "I'll not force you to do anything that you don't want.  I just want you to know that my desire to touch and feel you is real, my feeling for you will be the same always."  Heiji blushed slightly when he tried to tell Kazuha his feeling for her.

          "Dai-suki Heiji!"  To Heiji's surprise, Kazuha had her hands around his chest and holding him tightly. "I know that from the way you touch me, arigatoo Heiji.  I'm afraid, but I'm just not ready for it."

          Heiji caressed her gently, and whispered in her ear, "You smell nice.  Let's continue it next time."  Kazuha pushed Heiji away at once, "pervert!" 

          "That's close."  Heiji could almost press Kazuha on the floor.

          "Aho!  Finish cleaning up immediately, don't you remember the date?"

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

          "Itte-kimasu." Heiji and Kazuha were finally leaving for their first official date.

          "Chotto!  Heiji!"  Heiji was walking on his own while Kazuha was following him from behind. 


          Kazuha had her hand holding Heiji's tightly, "then, we look like a couple now.  How can we start our date walking on our own?"


          "By the way, what're you dreaming?  I heard you whispering my name."

          "I've forgotten already.  Which movie are we going to watch?"  Heiji tried to change the topic; he would never want Kazuha knew what he was dreaming of.

The End

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