Lily Potter collapsed to the floor. She knew this was it for her...She just prayed for her Harry's safety...

Why she wasn't gone yet...was a miracle. The killing curse was an instant effect...

Lily had been settling down for the evening with her husband, James, when he had sensed the wards fail. He knew...that Voldemort was coming for them. He shot up.

"LILY! He's coming! Take Harry upstairs!"

She had run upstairs with her baby. James...James was dead... And Voldemort was coming for her next...

The babe in her arms sensed the tension, and was looking around in confusion as she rushed into his bedroom. Nowhere to run...nowhere to hide...she was cornered. Dozens of thoughts ran through her mind.

'How did he get the password?!'

She had no more time to think. Voldemort was in the room. And he looked triumphant. He laughed gleefully and twirled his wand. "Potter..." He said smugly.

She held the baby closer...

"Voldemort...please...don't...don't do this."

A hissing noise filled her ears, piercing her heart with fear.

"It'ssss too late for that..."

"NO!" Lily screamed out. She had to protect Harry! Without a moment's hesitation, she dropped down and covered him with her body as Voldemort cast his spell...

She was hit...and now she was here. Slowly dying...would Harry be okay...? he had to be...

he was much too precious..

'I love you...Harry...'

Her eyes slowly closed...

"...almost done?"

"Yes...She should be waking up any moment now..."

A pair of soul piercing red eyes slowly opened up.

A young redhead looked around her confinements. She saw she was in some sort of tube...Her eyes narrowed and she grinned maliciously.

She was awake...she wanted out. She scanned around and noticed the two people who had spoken, watching her.

"Hey..." She said with a grin. "Let me outta here. Now."

"All in good time, my dear... All in good time..."

5 years later...

Scharlachrot had been raised as a powerful warrior, surpassing even the greatest of soldiers. But her entire life, the insane redhead felt...something in her life was missing.

No matter how many people she cut matter how much stronger she became...something in her was empty. Gnawing at her, demanding she find it and fill the void.

And it was making her very angry and frustrated. She was taking it out on anyone she could get her hands on. But that didn't make her feel any better either!

She huffed loudly as she stormed out of her home, practically on fire in her fury. She was going to punch someone...hard. Really really hard.

She stepped out into the cool fall air. She wrapped her cape around herself as she stormed down the streets of London, looking for someone to attack.

Little did she know, the void was soon to be filled...

Farther away, a young boy rushed around, putting dishes say and zipping to do his chores. If he didn't get them done...he was in trouble.

He had already been beaten last night, and his back and leg hurt horribly as a result. He didn't want another beating! They hurt so bad!

And when he made chores harder to do...and then he got beaten more and more...

It was a torturous cycle of pain. Day in, and day out.

He sniffled. He wanted to cry. He wanted to cry so bad. But he wasn't allowed to do that either. He wished he could be happy... Every time he closed his eyes, he remembered red hair and snuggles. It made him happy...and sad...

One day...he wanted to find that red hair. And get hugged...yeah...that'd be great...

But for now...He had to go and do the yardwork...He hurt so bad...But he still limped for the door regardless. It had to get done...

He opened the door and stumbled out onto the lawn. Whenever he was out here...he conducted running away. Like...a lot.

But his uncle would find him. And then there would be more beatings. He didn't want more beatings... So he stayed...

As said before...eternal cycle of pain. Harry felt that everything he did ended in a beating. He wasn't good enough...ever.

He felt wet in his eyes. Sniffling, he wiped them. He couldn't cry... He had to do the chores...


Scharlachrot strolled, feeling ever so closer to something punch worthy. She was in Surrey, on a street called Privet. Yes...soon.

She hated the Privet Drive snobs. They were so prim and perfect and stuck up... She had seen them many times after she had left her previous 'employers', and she wanted to punch them so bad.

She was gonna start with the Walrus on number 4...yeah...he wouldn't be walking for a whi- was that a kid sitting on his lawn raking leaves and watering plants?

She frowned, for some reason finding herself unable to look away from the kid. Did she...want to punch him? No...She absolutely did not want that...But...why couldn't she take her eyes off him? What was this strange warmth? And she felt some kind of negative emotion...but she wasn't angry...

The kid looked so an old relative...or a friend...but she didn't know him. She was so confused...

She frowned. Not thinking about it a second longer, she jumped into the yard.

The kid heard her coming, and whipped around. He gasped as she zoomed closer and he fell back, squealing.

Sharlachrot simply grinned. "Hello, little tiny child." She said in an eerie tone. "Come here." She made her way over to him.

Harry shook his head and started to crouch away in fear...before he remembered that everyone hated him, and wanted to hit him. And that was he stopped moving away and approached.

He squeezed his eyes shut as the lady moved her hand forward...

Scharlachrot narrowed her eyes as her hand made contact with the boy's head...and that's when it all came back...The times before her soul had been transferred to this new body.

All these new! Warmth..? Happiness...but overall, love. She remembered a man...a man she loved. James, his name was. She loved him...but then there was a new person. This boy!

Somehow she knew... This boy was her son.

Then she squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth. The memories...They were returning at full force! It was making her head scream out in agony!

She clutched her head and crouched down, releasing Harry from her grasp. She shouted out a bit in pain...and then it all stopped.

Her eyes widened. While she WAS pissed off over that amount of pain...She found that anger quickly replaced with heartbreak as she looked at her child. She remembered holding such a happy little baby...But this boy...He looked...broken...

Them...the Dursley's... could she have let that happen to him?! She started to laugh a laugh of anger. A sadistic sounding laugh.

It started out as a chuckle. Then it slowly got louder, to the point where practically the whole neighbourhood could hear her.

It terrified Harry, who started to crawl away from her. This weird lady was...well weird. It put cold heavy dread in his stomach.

"Wait...Come back..." She spoke softly, looking at him. The madness was gone, replaced with sadness and longing.

He froze and slowly turned around. She wasn't angry sounding anymore...she sounded nice...

Harry looked at her Red hair?

His eyes widened in recognition. Slowly, he toddled his way over. Scharlachrot was in front of him in seconds. She snatched him up and held him tightly against her bust. Harry looked up at her with his huge green eyes.

"M-Mama...?" He said in a soft, shaky tone. Scharlachrot closed her eyes and teared up.

"That's right..." She said before kissing his head. "Mama's back. And she is NEVER leaving you again..."

Harry gasped. Then, in proper fashion, he teared up. Then the tears fell, splaying across his face. He let out a wail, and Scharlachrot began to cry as well, uncharacteristically.

"It's okay..." She said softly, stroking his back. "I'm here now..."


The boy let out a strangled noise as the voice of his tormentor cried out at him. Scharlachrot looked up at the foot to see Vernon Dursley, breathing hard. His face was a sick purple...and he was very very fat.

Her eyes narrowed in recognition. "YOU." She growled furiously. "YOU did this to him..."

It was at that moment,

Vernon knew...

He f*cked up.

Scharlachrot set Harry aside, then dashed at Vernon, screaming.

Vernon yelped and tried to run, but his leg was caught by one of Scharlachrot's chains. He tripped and fell on his face. Then Scharlachrot flipped him over and pinned him down. She was grinning viciously.

"Tell me EVERYTHING you did to my baby, so I can pay you back tenfold." She purred.

"Y-Your baby?!" Vernon scoffed, before Scharlachrot punched him in the face.

"YES! It's me, Vernon. It's Lily." She growled. Vernon froze.

"No...You look nothing like her, how could you POSSIBLY be Lily?!"

"MAGIC." She replied through gritted teeth.

Vernon growled at the word. He tried to struggle, but Scharlachrot punched him again. And again. And again...


"WE BEAT HIM WITH F-FISTS!" He cried out. "SOMETIMES WE'D W-WHIP HIM, AND-" Soon, Vernon had told her everything. From burning him on the stove, forcing him to drink chemicals, even STABBING HIM IN THE SHOULDER... THEY HAD TORTURED HER DEFENSELESS BABY BOY!

Scharlachrot was just a stew of emotions. Anger, Hate, as well as Sadness and hopelessness. Anger and Hate at Vernon, but Sadness and Hopelessness to her poor poor child...

"...Die..." She breathed out.

"Wh-What...?" Vernon squeaked.

"I...said...DIIIIIIE!" Scharlachrot roared, primal fury taking over.

She unleashed every single combo imaginable upon him. Her screams mixed with his, and his body turned into a bloody mess. Right before Scharlachrot finished him off however...she remembered her baby was crying.

She slowly turned to look at him...and much to her shock, he was slowly toddling over to her. "M-Mama...Don't kill Uncle Vernon..." He squeaked out pitifully.

Scharlachrot bent over and lifted him up when he got close, not wanting him to waste his previous energy.

"But Harry, he hurt you!" She said protectively.

"I...I don't want him dead..." Harry insisted. "Please, mama...?"

Scharlachrot sighed and nodded, giving him another tender hug. If anyone who knew her saw her doing this...they would have to pick up their jaws off the floor.

"Okay..." She said softly. "I'll...let him live..."

Harry hugged her as best as he could, his small arms incapable of wrapping around her entirely. Scharlachrot could only cuddle him closer, while contemplating what to do.

'I have to get him out of here...But first...I need to see that sister of mine...'

She set Harry on her hip, then stalked towards the door...MENACINGLY. The door went down with a single kick. A shriek could be heard, allerting Scharlachrot to her presence.


Feb 3[And vice versa for any humans that want to go to their world.]

She grinned as she looked around. "Where are you, my BELOVED sister?!" She said heatedly. "Come out now or it'll only be worse when I find you~!"

Harry shuffled in her arms.

"P-Please don't kill Aunt Petunia..." he whispered

"I won't. I'll just hurt her immensely." Scharlachrot assured him, rubbing his head lovingly.

Harry cooed at the feeling, laying his head on her bosom once again. Scharlachrot grinned and continued walking along, sniffing out Petunia, slowly but surely.

"Tuney, get out here." She said sternly. "I have a bone to pick with you."

There was a scuffling noise, and the clicking of a door. Scharlachrot turned around slowly, looking towards a closet that Petunia seemed to have been hiding in. The horse faced woman stepped out slowly, looking down at her feet.

Scharlachrot stomped over and grabbed her by the cuff of her shirt. "Hey, sis." She said, baring her teeth. "Thanks SO much for TAKING CARE of MY SON."

Petunia blinked. "Your son...? He's ...He's Lily's brat! You look nothing like Lily!"

Scharlachrot pulled her closer.

"You're my older, adoptive sibling. Every day you'd pick on me for who I hung out with. I don't know how I'm here Petunia...but I am. And you are In a lot of trouble..."

She grinned maliciously. "I'm going to enjoy beating you...I've always wanted to do it you know. I just never realized it until today."

Petunia visibly started struggling, attempting to escape the grasp. But Scharlachrot delivered a one handed punch into her face, shattering her nose and spraying blood everywhere. The woman crashed to the ground, and Sharlachrot began to step closer.

"You always were a total bitch." She hissed quietly before licking her lips. "I'm gonna make you beg for mercy!"

She kicked, HARD. Petunia screamed out.

"How does it feel to be completely helpless?!" she demanded

Another kick, harder this time.

"HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE ABUSED BY FAMILY?! HUH, YOU STUCK UP LITTLE BITCH?!" Scharlachrot was losing her temper completely.

Petunia couldn't even respond, she was in so much pain. After 5 minutes of straight kicking, Scharlachrot finally stopped. Petunia was a bleeding mess...

"I would kill you...But the child you abused and tortured doesn't want me to. Be grateful to him. He's the reason you get to live."

She spat on Petunia...then kicked her one more time, knocking the air from her lungs before walking out off the house, slowly. She felt...content. The void had been filled...she had her son.

She looked down at him. He was looking sadly at his ex-aunt. She gently grabbed his chin and had him face her.

"She is EVIL. Don't feel bad about it." she told him gently. Harry nodded at her...then the happy feeling of having his mother back returned, and he hugged her tight.

"Mama...I missed you..." He said with a whimper. "I wanted you back so bad...I thought you were gone, mama..."

Scharlachrot rubbed his back comfortingly and kissed his head.

"I'm back now though. And I'm never leaving. Ever." she promised.

He buried his face into her chest. "Mama..." He said softly. "My mama..."

Scharlachrot grinned.

"That's right...your mama."

It was a joyous reunion indeed.