Scharlachrot hugged Harry like her life depended on it as she made her way back home. She couldn't stand the thought that he had been tortured while she was gone... It made her feel like a huge failure, as a mother. A failure like someone who had let down an entire nation. That's how awful she felt. She knew that she had to make up for it... She was going to catch up with her baby. She would spend time with him, play with him, take care of him...Finally, she could be there for him. And she intended to take advantage of this. She immediately hugged him tighter, and in response he giggled. " about we eat when we get home?" She asked

He smiled brightly. "Really?" He asked. "I get to eat?" He sounded so sincere and so hopeful when he asked that...It broke her heart.

She nodded, smiling with a sadness that he didn't detect. "Of course we can eat when we get home. You can eat WHATEVER you want, I promise." He clapped his hands joyfully. Finally! Food! She laughed, and noticed her home was in sight. "What do you want to eat?" She asked, playfully.

"Oh...Um...It's okay...Whatever you have is fine..." Harry replied softly and shyly.

Scharlachrot grinned. "I'll make you something AMAZING." She promised. Harry's mouth watered...

Little did he know his mother was very bad at cooking. ABYSMALLY so in fact. But...he honestly just wanted to eat, more than anything in the world. He was shaky, cold, and extremely thin. Sometimes he felt so weak, he would black out for a few minutes. So eating sounded great. It didn't matter what he was eating. He would take it eagerly. And he was gonna get it from his mommy! Who was...alive? "M-Mommy...?

Scharlachrot tilted her head as she smiled at her son. "Yes, honey?" She replied tenderly, kissing his forehead.

"H-How are you here...? Aunt Petunia told me you died in a car crash...'

Scharlachrot realized that she had...a LOT of explaining to do. Too much to summarize... "Uh...when you're older, dear."

He looked down. "Okay...I'm glad you're not dead...I missed you..."

Scharlachrot adjusted him on her bosom and smiled. "I'm glad I'm not dead too." She kissed his nose. "Now let's get you fed." She said, stroking his cheek gently.

Harry cooed, and they entered Harry's new home, together, for the first time in years. Harry looked around in awe. After the organization that had created her new body had disbanded, Scharlachrot had fallen on hard times. However, with the help of her fellow creation, Weiss, she had managed to get a job as a waitress, eventually earning enough money to get her own home. It was small, but they called it Cozy. There was 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a large kitchen, and a living room. She'd have to let Harry sleep with her... And wash times would have to be separated. Then again, sleeping with Harry was good. It would allow her to spend more time with her regained little boy. And she only had a few sets of clothes anyway. She didn't think she needed very many, in fact she usually just stuck with her standard outfit of her cape, bikini top, daisy dukes and boots. So maybe separating the laundry wasn't necesarry. "It's so pretty mama..." Harry spoke, looking around the front Hallway. Sharlachrot grinned.

"Thank you sweetie." She cooed, stroking his hair. "I do try." She entered the kitchen, setting her feet on the linoleum. Moving swiftly, she placed Harry on the Island and moved to the fridge. "Let's see..." Harry smiled after his mama. He looked around at the was pretty, with oak cabinets, a steel fridge...but it was kinda messy too. Papers were laying around here and there, the dishes weren't washed, and the counters needed dusting and general cleaning. Harry fidgeted uncomfortably. He didn't like messy things. It made him uncomfortable. He wanted it to be clean. He reached over and started organizing the papers, shifting them around. He wanted to slide off the counter...but it was so far down, and he didn't want to get hurt. So he stuck to cleaning the island. He was using a small cloth he found nearby. It wasn't clean, so he couldn't do too much. And that bothered him. Scharlachrot turned around, holding some leftover takeout, and blinked. "Harry? What're you doing?"

"It's all dirty...I want it to be clean..." Harry explained softly. He looked guilty, like he did something wrong. "I'm sorry...Should I stop?"

Scharlachrot approached, and gently gave him a hug. She could put to two and two together... "Did the Dursley's make you clean all their stuff?"

He nodded. "Uh-huh...But it's okay. I like things clean...Can I clean this up? Please?" He gave her puppy eyes.

Scharlachrot had to idea how to respond. He looked so hopeful...she couldn't take this away from him! "You can...but I have to help."

He smiled brightly. "Okay!" He said, overjoyed. He would have help! He didn't have to make things clean by himself anymore!

Sharlachrot grinned and patted his head. "There's a good boy." She cooed. "But first let's eat. You must be starving!" Harry held his stomach and nodded, eyeing the food with an almost dripping mouth. He was practically drooling at just the sight of the box. Scharlachrot grinned broadly and picked him up, carrying him into the living room. He was sitting on her lap to have his supper. Then she facepalmed. She had to warm it up first! So she reluctantly turned around and put the chicken in the microwave. Harry smelled at the air. The fragrance of the chicken...It was delicious... After it finally dinged, Scharlachrot grabbed the bucket out of there, and went back to the living room. She plopped down on the couch, grabbed a leg out of there, and held it out to Harry. "There. There's food." She said with a grin. Harry took it slowly and took his first bite. It made him smile. Scharlachrot snickered and put him on her lap. "you like that? Keep eating then. It tastes better as time goes on." She coaxed. He nodded and took another bite. In seconds, the entire chicken was gone. Scharlachrot smirked. "Well, seems someone was hungry." Harry nodded, his eyes giving off a pleading look. "More?" She asked, giggling.

"Yes please..." He said softly. His tummy growled again, confirming his need for more nourishment. She grabbed a wing out of the bucket, the handed it to Harry. The starving child dug right in, chewing at it with ferocity. Scharlachrot chewed at her own chicken wing, smirking at her son. Oh how happy she was to have him back... Eventually, Harry had finished his wing, and was holding his stomach. "T-That was good..."

"Full?" Scharlachrot asked. "Or are you still hungry?"

He nodded. Scharlachrot laughed, "Which is it, Full or Hungry?"

Harry giggled up at her, looking sheepish. "Y-Yes...full." He giggled.

Scharlachrot nodded. "Right. We'll have some more later." She placed the bucket on the table. Harry reached out gave his mother a tight hug. The redhead happily hugged him back. "Good boy..." She stroked his hair. "What do you wanna do now?"

"Can...Can we just stay like this...?"

She couldn't have been more eager to say yes. Immediately, she pulled him closer. "Okay then honey...anything for you." He smiled and snuggled in closer. She grinned. As she cuddled her son, she got to thinking... 'Who put him there and why? He was SUPPOSED to go to either Remus or Sirius!' It was a troubling thought... Where did Remus or Sirius go to not be there for him? And why? Well, one thing was for sure...Whoever decided to put him there was dead meat! Deader than a doornail. Deader than a pile of bones! She'd tear them limb from limb... And then she'd spit on the pieces! And feed them to a dog! And she would laugh! Oh how she would laugh! Her eyes lit aflame as she continued to grin madly. Harry looked up at her in confusion after a bit, and the woman reluctantly stopped. "Sorry. Mama gets like that sometimes." She said sheepishly.

Harry giggled, surprisingly enjoying his moms antics. He found it...kinda funny. "Y-Youre funny.." He laughed.

Scharlachrot blinked. "That's not the word most people would use." She admitted sheepishly.

Harry let out another giggle, "w-what do they say?"

"...when you're older dear." She patted his head. He nodded in understanding. He wasn't gonna argue with his mama. "Anything you'd like to do today sweetheart?" She asked him, tenderly kissing his head.

He snuggled closer. "Whatever you want is fine." He replied. Scharlachrot grinned, and stood up. "How about we go watch a movie?" She asked, her voice kind and happy for once.

He blinked. "Like those things on the telly...?" He asked softly. She nodded.

"Exactly." Harry had flashbacks to a time he had tried to look at the TV...Vernon had punched him in the eye. He had always wanted to watch it, and now he could! He almost cried again he was so happy! He loved his mama more every second! He immediately hugged her tightly, squealing happily. The mother happily have him a kiss on the head, and started to look through a shelf of movies. She frowned when she came to a realization. She didn't have any kids movies! Great...

Evil Dead? Definitely not. Resident Evi- no. Never. There wasn't anything REMOTELY kid friendly! She sighed. "...I guess we're watching cable." She said in resignation, sitting on the couch and turning the TV on.

She grabbed the remote and turned the TV to the kid friendliest channel she knew...she hated it. But Harry was pretty enraptured. She decided to grin and bear it. It made him happy. That was good enough for her. Harry looked at his mother happily, his eyes sparkling. "T-Thank you mama!"

She smiled and patted his head. "No problem." She said gently. "Glad you're happy." About a whole hour of TV Show watching later, Scharlachrot found herself irrevocably bored. The images on the TV were boring to her, but Harry was completely enraptured. She didn't want to stop him.. She patted his head. "Why don't I get us a snack?" She offered. Harry looked up at her, feeling a little less full...he decided he could eat. He grinned and nodded. "All right, I'll see what I have." Scharlachrot said with a nod. She got up, placed him down gently, then took her cape off and wrapped it around his tiny body. Harry felt the soft fabric against his frame, and he cooed. He wrapped his tiny fists around the edges, and pulled it tighter around his frame. He snuggled into the chair and enjoyed the cape. It smelled like his mama. It smelled like... A fireplace! Not like smoke, but...kind of a weird pleasant smell that reminded him of a Fireplace. He liked it! So he kept hugging it. Scharlachrot smirked as she entered the kitchen. Her son was so cute. She was glad she found him... She decided to make him a bowl of Ice Cream! Kid's LOVED Ice Cream...right? She could imagine a few times when she saw some kids running after an Ice Cream Truck. She looked into the fridge and sighed in relief when she saw ice cream. 'Good. I don't have to buy any.' It was vanilla flavored, and she wasn't sure how old is was...but after pulling it open, she decided it was probably okay. So she spooned out a bowl. She nodded and decided to have some herself. That would make watching those shows somewhat more tolerable. God she hated that channel... She went back into the room, two bowls of Ice cream in hand. "Harry! I got you Ice Cream!" She cooed. Harry looked at her with huge eyes. Dudley would always brag about how he would get ice cream and he got nothing. To actually have ice cream himself...

His tiny mouth opened and he stared at her in shock for a moment. "I-I get...Ice Cream?" He asked

"Oh yeah." Scharlachrot replied with a nod. "There'll be LOTS of surprises for you in the future, that's for sure." Harry started to think of all the surprises he'd get...would he get everything he ever wanted? To be treated like a normal person? Then he realized that he WAS being treated like a normal person... He should have expected this. This was his mama. She loved him and would never hate him, EVER. All he would ever get is hugs and kisses! Lots and lots of love...that would be amazing... He gave his mother a smile. She grinned back. "Someone's happy." She commented.

Harry gave her am even bigger smile. "T-That's because I get to be with you..."

Scharlachrot felt a pang in her chest. 'Gah! So cute!' She growled internally. 'TOO cute!' Instantly the mother held him even closer. She didn't want to do anything more than hold him! This warmth was...WAY too much... It actually made her chest hurt a little bit. But it was a good pain. If that made sense... She just focused on her darling child. She guilty. Guilty for dying...and for leaving him. Guilty for being unable to ensure that he would be safe. She felt like it was her fault he was abused. If she had just been there, it wouldn't have happened. He'd still be the happy cute baby that she had held back then... She felt extremely disappointed in herself. She wanted nothing more then to go back to that day and save him... And KILL Voldemort. Yeah...This wasn't her fault! It was HIS fault! She'd kick his ass! Beat him so weak and helpless, she'd let Harry finish him off! was Harry still alive...? She looked down at him with a frown. Then she noticed he had a scar. It was in the shape of a lightning bolt. She inspected it a bit closer. It was a dark colour, like it was still fresh. And yet it still felt like an old scar. She frowned. "Harry, do you know where you got that scar...?"

"Uncle Vernon said I got it in the car crash that killed you..." Lily knew how to put 2 and 2 together. Harry had...SOMEHOW beaten Voldemort and the scar was what he walked away with... But how? He had only been a baby! It was impossible! She would have to get back into the swing of magic...if it was possible. Could her body do it? She looked down at her new body's arms with a deep frown. She hoped she could do it...She missed magic, even if she did just get her memories back. It filled her with a weird, nostalgic feeling. Like...growing up then looking back on past events. Except her memories were crystal clear... What kind of wand did she have...? Did it even still exist? Would she find it if she looked? She doubted would have to be way back at her old house. The place where it happened...

And how old was that place by now? Probably reduced to a run down old shack... Sad but true. She liked her new fighting style anyway. It was just...better. In a weird way. She liked crushing her enemies with her chains. She liked to punch someone and give them a black eye. She loved dominating her enemies using physical violence. Wands? What good was ranged combat? She scoffed and continued to pet her darling child. Soon, she'd be everything to him...and he was already everything to her.