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Chapter 1 – By Tamriel Grant the Noble King Passage

Cadfield House, Cadfield, Scotland (U.K.)

Built on a rather isolated and secure location was the old prodigy house which served as the official residence of the Earls of Cadfield. Currently owned by His Lordship Fleamont Potter, the Earl of Cadfield, this rather extravagant building housed not only the Earl, but also one of his two grandsons, who was curiously his favourite one. Harry Potter, his legal name being Henry, after his great-grandfather, was a rather strange mixture of his paternal grandparents. He possessed the mental capacity, skills and some traits of his late grandmother Euphemia, but also the wish for battle that Fleamont once possessed during his youth. Fleamont thought it was a shame that Harry was not the older twin, as despite his older brother Michael having the same abilities as a normal wizard child, he still did not possess the strange personality of his younger twin. But it was not only that that disturbed Fleamont.

What disturbed him, was the strange calm personality that Harry usually possessed, which would shatter when the teen went into combat, turning him a bit too brutal at times, if not psychotic. But the fact that he sometimes had secretly caught him on hidden areas of the manor with either flames, electricity or ice appearing on his hands at will. And sometimes it was a purple, blue, golden or green light. Yet he had not yet spoken with Harry about that, instead preferring to observe him from a distance. He sometimes wondered if Harry had inherited some hidden ability from either the Potter line or a squib line on Lily's side. In any case, he had been the one to raise Harry from infanthood, having succeeded in convincing both James and Lily to give their youngest to him, pressing them with claims that it would not be good for Harry to constantly live under the shadow of his own brother, who would be idolized by the Wizarding World due to the defeat of Voldemort. His rhetoric had worked, and they reluctantly allowed him to raise the young Harry.

From the sides, he saw how James and Lily raised Michael, the arrogant personality of James's teenagerhood resurfacing in his eldest child, Lily having to be the one to undo most of the "damage". Being practically worshipped by many as their saviour did not help at all. But Harry did not care if Michael was the Boy-Who-Lived or not, as it was not something that was on his priorities. He knew of the little adventures that he and his two companions had during the last three years, especially the parts where they had somehow dragged him along, and now with the reappearance and escape of Pettigrew the whole of the Potter family was in alarm.

With Dumbledore's suggestion that the former marauder had gone to search for his current master, James had increased the training sessions with Michael, and Fleamont had done the same with Harry. But unlike with James, the Earl of Cadfield instructed Harry in sword fighting, both in the variants of duel and war. It was a habit that was becoming lost with the new generations, and since James had dismissed the sword training, Fleamont had dedicated himself to teach his youngest grandson. But there arose the other problem. While in public Harry was a quiet person, while fighting he became far too aggressive. Fleamont could not believe his eyes when his ward had completely trashed an enchanted armour and skeleton, both with the sword and his wand. It was then that he had finally decided to perform a blood test on his grandson.

And so here he was now, on the library with Harry, and a small dagger on top of a parchment on a table.

"So…what am I supposed to do?" asked Harry, his eyebrow raised, before motioning his head towards the dagger "Cut myself with that?"

"Indeed." was the reply Fleamont gave.

Harry sighed heavily, before turning to his grandfather.

"And then what?"

"Let your blood drop on top of the parchment." answered the older Potter "It is enchanted to reveal somehow certain details about the owner of the blood."

Harry nodded, and grabbed the dagger. He made a small cut on his hand, and when he saw blood, he placed the palm on the parchment for a few seconds, before removing his hand from the object. As Fleamont quickly healed the cut his grandson had made, Harry looked at the now disappearing blood on the parchment, and soon enough, crimson words began to appear, surprisingly written on his own letter. Harry grabbed the test, and looked at the results.

They were quite normal, stating his full name, that of his parents, his gender and species. Of course, since he was part of nobility, his test had additional information. Despite stating that he held no title and was heir to none, it styled him as a member of both the Potter and Nott families on his father's side, and as a member of some Reman dynasty on his mother side.

Harry glanced at the words, before turning to his grandfather in confusion.

"What exactly is this thing?"

"A lovely invention by the Confederation of Wizards and the Goblin Conglomeration." replied the man "It literally searches in your blood for your ancestors' history, but it also collects information that your respective country's ministry has about you."

Harry accepted the explanation, and the two looked at the results with curiosity and confusion. All was normal except for one thing, and it was the Reman Dynasty which was the surprise for the two. Yet there was something in that name which sounded familiar to Fleamont.

"I never heard of a Reman Dynasty," said Harry. "At least in the muggle world. Is there one in ours?"

"Not that I know of." answered the old man "The name is familiar though."

Fleamont went towards the bookshelves and began to research the books for any mention to the name "Reman". Harry soon did the same, and so grandfather and grandson spent the majority of the afternoon on the library, stopping only for the tea. It was only an hour before dinner, that Harry had finally found something. It was an old book on events that had been recorded by a wizard a few centuries ago, and the name of Reman had appeared a few times.

As he and Fleamont read it, the two came to learn of a location near the sea coast of Scotland which held a now abandoned construct known as Fort Reman, who had been built on the orders of a man known as Juilek Cyrodiil who claimed to be the son of a Reman Cyrodiil and a woman named Tavia. The man had children but he was eventually struck by a stray arrow which robbed him of his left eye and his life. According to the writer, Juilek was buried inside the fort, alongside some of his descendants. The book gave the possible location of the fort, somewhere near Milleur Point in the Rhinns of Galloway. However, the book also pointed out that most information regarding the Fort and its former inhabitants may not be entirely true. But it was still worth a try.

"Do you want to go there and see if we find something?" asked Fleamont to his grandson.

"Really?!" asked Harry excited "Sure!"

Fleamont smiled at the enthusiasm of the younger Potter, and the two began to prepare for their little expedition.

Fort Reman, Scotland (U.K.)

There was indeed a fort on the coast, and it was most certainly in ruins. There were a few crumbled stones around and the only surviving structure was a tower which itself lacked a good chuck of its left side. There were a few skeletal remains on the ground alongside old and broken weapons, yet the gate to the interior of the fort was miraculously intact. Harry looked at his grandfather, who was examining the skeletons on the floor, and grabbing some of the weapons that were there.

"Strange…" mumbled the man.

"What?" asked Harry.

Fleamont showed Harry one of the most intact swords. Its blade was made of a green material with a pale emerald colour. The blade was cracked, and the hilt was seemingly made of gold.

"This sword is…unique compared to others I have seen." Said the old man "I can't even recognize the material, except for the hilt, which is likely male of gold. The very design is not native to any culture of Britain."

The two Potters had never seen a weapon such as this one, and the fact that it was in the middle of an ancient Fort which possibly pre-dated the events surrounding the Norman Invasion turned the whole investigation more interesting.

"There was clearly a battle here, with all the skeletons loitering the place." said Harry "Not to mention the arrows on the heads of some."

"Indeed." agreed Fleamont "The lack of burial must mean that this place was quickly abandoned shortly after the battle. But who were they fighting?"

"Some mercenaries, perhaps?" suggested Harry.

"If it was mercenaries, then its forces must have been wiped out in the battle, otherwise this place would have been cleaned up and occupied by the attackers," stated Fleamont "Which in turn suggests that the survivors, which include your Cyrodiil ancestors, may have left this fort, and became integrated into either England or Scotland."

Fleamont opened his bag, and placed inside the strange sword, alongside some of the arrows that were nearby. As the old Potter patriarch searched the area for more items, Harry began to explore the fort's tower, climbing the intact steps into the upper level. There was something stranger about this place, other than the skeletal remains below. But he could not understand what exactly was bothering him so much.

He looked around, being careful so that he wouldn't step into a potentially crumbling are of the floor, and went towards the large open area of the tower. As he looked downwards, he saw many stones, very likely from the missing part of the tower where he was now. He then looked upwards, towards the top of the towers, part of which was also missing. There were also skeletons near him, some with more recognizable steel weapons, but Harry left them be.

The upper area was much like the rest of the tower, broken and with its stones scattered. So where was the strange sensation coming from?


The young wizard turned around, looking downward towards his grandfather.

"Shall we go inside?" asked Fleamont.

"Um…yes, sure." said the younger Potter.

Harry went back down, momentarily forgetting about his previous thoughts. He arrived at the ground floor in time to see his grandfather cast Alohomora at the closed gateway which led inside the Fort's interior structure. The two went inside, Fleamont casting the Wand-Lighting Charm while Harry walked slightly behind him, looking at the semi-empty corridors, which were not only filled with skeletal remains, but also with battles and broken chests. As the two progressed, Harry could not help but be slightly creeped out by the constant sighting of at least one or two skeletons on the floor of nearly every room.

"Whatever happened here also affected the interior of this place." stated Fleamont who had then noticed a piece of wood on the floor. He pointed his wand at the piece of wood, casting the Fire-Making spell at its tip. He then grabbed the other extremity of the piece of wood, and gave it to Harry.

The two continued, walking into some dead-ends, but eventually they reached a circular room with a seemingly bottomless pit in the middle. The two saw that there was a closed door on the other side, and so Harry and Fleamont walked towards it, the two glancing for a moment at the pit in the middle. Opening the door, they found themselves in another corridor, which was surprisingly more…clean than the others, considering that there were no skeletons on the floor, and there was no sign of any container. At the end of the corridor was a small archway, which led into a tight circular room with a circular staircase heading downwards. As always, Fleamont went first, his wand illuminating the small are, while Harry's torch gave a little warmth to the two. AS they reached the bottom of the stairs, the two Potters entered a narrow corridor, with a rather low ceiling.

"Interesting." said Fleamont, observing a small opening on the wall.

"What is?" asked Harry, not exactly seeing what was so interesting about a narrow corridor.

"See this opening on the wall?" he asked, at which he received a nod "There are bones inside. We seem to have entered the catacombs of Fort Reman."

The two continued to walk, moving across the underground tunnel, which was quickly turning into a labyrinth. But as they walked further into the catacombs, the two discovered a small and dusty door, poorly made with pieces of wood. As Fleamont went to open it, the wooden planks simply fell, granting passage to the two Potters. It led into a seemingly natural cave corridor, and as Harry and Fleamont went forward, they finally reached what the two supposed to be the final area of the catacombs.

It was a large cavern, with a small water stream passing through its middle. The water came from a passageway, large enough for an adult human to crawl through, but it was blocked by iron bars, much like the passage, where the water was heading to. But the main feature of the area was not the stream, but the tombs which were on stone platforms on the other side of the stream. In the middle, there was a higher platform with a single tomb, with a small staircase allowing one to go up there.

There were also strange pillars with green engravings, from which emanated light, alongside small pyres with purple flames. Harry approached one of the tombs, and examined it. It had a basic design, but there was a strange symbol on the upper part of the sarcophagus, resembling a dragon-like creature with its wings creating a diamond. On the right side, there was another engraving, and Harry knelt so that he could read it.

Kastav Cyrodiil

1E 2927 – 1E 2995

Son of Prince Juliek Cyrodiil

Fleamont on the other hand went towards the tomb on the altar, and like the others, this one also had an engraving of its own. He cleaned the dust of the stone and read the old inscription.

Juilek Cyrodiil

1E 2892 – 1E 2954

Son of Emperor Reman Cyrodiil III

Fleamont was not an expert in history, but he certainly knew that there was no emperor in both muggle and wizard history called Reman Cyrodiil. Still though, this at least confirmed his and Harry's suspicions, and the younger Potter and his older brother were most certainly descendants from this man. But to both Harry and Fleamont, the dates were somewhat confusing. Yet the two assumed that they used another type of calendar, instead of the common one used in Europe. Harry went towards his grandfather, and looked at the inscription as well. They stood there for a few moments, until Fleamont looked at harry, and told him to step away from the tomb.

Harry did so, and Fleamont cast the Levitation charm, lifting the upper part of the sarcophagus, and placing it on the ground. As expected, inside the tomb was a skeleton, dressed in a rather strange set of golden armour, while a shield and a sword were on top of it. The shield was rather well decorated, and the blade of the sword was rather thin, and the hilt had a strange diamond shaped image on it. However, around the place where was once the neck of Juilek, was a strange amulet. In the centre was a red gem, which was held in a golden clasp, with a small white gem on the upper and lower part of the amulet.

Harry didn't know why, but he felt compelled to grab it. It was almost as if his life depended on it. He reached out, and took the amulet from the skeleton of Juilek, being careful so that he would not cause any unwanted damage to his ancestor's bones. As the amulet got closer to him, he began to hear whispers, almost as if they were coming from the amulet itself. He began to place the amulet around his neck, the whispers growing even louder. But when he finally wore the amulet, the whispers suddenly stopped. Yet he could feel a strange presence around him, not malignant, but a powerful presence. He also took the sword, placing it inside his own "bottomless bag".

"It seems you have a new trinket." said Fleamont.

"It…feels right, somehow." admitted the young wizard, before turning his attention to the book in the hands of the skeleton.

Harry grabbed the book, being very careful with it, considering how old it could have been. Surprisingly, the book was very well preserved, almost as if it had not been entombed for hundreds of years, not to mention the rotting corpse.

"What does it say?" asked Fleamont.

Harry opened the book, and was surprised to find it written in a strange version of English. It was a mixture of modern and early modern English, which surprisingly fit rather well in the way it had been written. But what confused him was the fact that the English used by Juilek was somehow more similar to modern English than the actual English used during his day, whenever that may be. Still, he began to read some of the pages, mentally translating it fully into modern English. However, the more Harry read, the more shocked he became.

"Harry?" questioned his grandfather "What's wrong?"

Harry blinked twice, and cleared his throat before reading out loud one of the last entries.

Loredas, 22nd of Second Seed, 1E 2948

There have been many years since I came to this world, and as the days pass, I can only curse the name of Versidue-Shaie and all of his brethren. May all those Akaviri bastards perish in the same way that my father did. In any case, I write this as an amalgamation of the events that have occurred since my arrival here, alongside my son, wife, and many of my followers. The Divines seem to have no presence in this world, and neither do the Daedra. The people here seem to worship a deity which they simply refer to as "god". At the surface, it is rather similar in doctrine to that heretical abomination created by that damned monkey. Poor Saint Al-Esh must have wept when her name was used in such a blasphemous cult.

I must thank the mages though, as it was thanks to them that the portal was a success. I admit that I am not exactly knowledgeable in the workings of the Aurbis, but the mages explained that the procedure involves jumping from one Godhead to another. I don't know what a Godhead is, but they said that their research had been based on the writings of Vivec, and the research made in the Arcane Univerity. But in all of this, the true key in this endeavour is the Amulet of Kings. When the Ayleids created two Chim-El Adabal from the red diamond, not even they knew that the two stones were connected in such a way, that even when separated, they were still one. When I asked my father to observe the Amulet of Kings, he reluctantly allowed me to do so, and I took the opportunity to create another Amulet of Kings, using the second Chim-El Adabal. I had intended for the new Amulet of Kings to be used by the heir apparent of the Empire, but fate was against me.

I wanted to test how perfect the amulet was, so I gave to my father the new amulet, keeping the old one to myself. He didn't even notice the difference. But unfortunately, I would be unable to switch back the amulets, as I came to learn of a plot against me. It was from there that I gathered my wife, my trusted soldiers and mages, and went to plan a way to hide away from those who wished me harm. We created a portal in a hidden chamber inside Sancre Tor, and when the time came, it was a decoy who was sent in my place to Black Marsh, as I travelled to this world knowing that my father had been killed on the orders of the Akaviri.

The activation of the portal required the usage of the Amulet of Kings, which in turn requires either a Dragonborn or a descendant of one. Upon our arrival in this world, we found ourselves in a cavern, with a small passageway into the exterior. To our great luck, there were a few ruins above the cavern, no doubt constructed by the locals. The fort where I stand as I write this was built on those very ruins, constructed on the image of the White-Gold Tower, or at least we tried to do so. But in the eventual years, my son Kastav was born. The first of the Remans to be born in a different world, and yet I know that I shall likely be the first of the Cyrodiils to die in a different world.

But even the Eight must be laughing at Versidue-Shaie, for he has failed in his quest and the Reman bloodline survives, and with us the first Amulet of Kings.

This was a rather surreal turn of events.

To learn that one of your ancestors came from another universe was not something very…common. Fleamont was also stunned for a few moments, until he came out of his stupor, and asked Harry for the book, wanting to read it himself. When Harry gave it to him, Fleamont took a look at some of the pages, many of them with strange symbols and others with equally strange drawings. There were some other pages with normal writing, but the majority of the book seemed to be a compilation of alien schematics. One of said pages, had a drawing of a strange construct, alongside a rather peculiar set of runes carved on the floor. At the centre of the image was a representation of a glowing sphere, while inside it was a rhombus, apparently representing the Amulet of Kings. Next to the drawing, was a small text, which Fleamont read with curiosity.

The procedure which we used to construct the portal is heavily based on Aldmeri magic, more specifically, Ayleid magic. Hermaeus Mora's Oghma Infinium was most useful in this endeavour, for it gave us the knowledge required for the completion of the ritual. In essence, the portal is of Ayleid origin. The section where my resting place shall be, was also made with the Ayleids in mind, for entrance to the cave where we arrived now requires the usage of the Amulet as well, alongside Ayleidoon.

In a fit of inspiration, the words required to reveal the passageway into the portal chamber is "Av Sunna Tam Riel arctavoy an Arpen Aran". It is part of the incantation that some Ayleid kings would have to say before they were acknowledged as the true ruler of their city. The incantation translates as "By blessed Tamriel acknowledge the Noble King". However, to activate the portal, one is required to say "Av Tamri-El dellevoy an Arpen Aran tarnabye", which roughly translates as "By Tamriel grant the noble King passage", and was originally part of the Ayleid coronation ritual as well.

As soon as Fleamont read it, Harry asked his grandfather for the book. The old man gave it to Harry, and watched as the younger Potter jumped down from the platform, and faced its front side. Harry looked at the text which his grandfather had read, and after glancing slightly at the Amulet of Kings, he said the first incantation.

"Av Sunna Tam Riel arctavoy an Arpen Aran!"

The front of the high platform glowed with a bluish colour, until it began to be lowered into the ground, revealing a hidden passageway, alongside a rather neglected set of stairs. Fleamont went down from the platform, and joined Harry in his observance of the area that his grandson had unlocked. Harry had begun to feel the same sensation as he had before the two had entered the fort, and it was stronger now, almost as if there was something pulling him towards the interior of the dark passage. But it was an ominous feeling, for he now felt a strange weakness in the cave, and he was very sure that it was not possible to feel weakness.

Casting the Wand-Lighting Charm, Fleamont was the first to enter the dark passage, Harry following him closely, observing the corridor with both curiosity and wariness. The two walked, not speaking a word, until they reach a wider cavern, with the same construct that Fleamont had seen in the book. There were three white pillars, while in the middle was a circular platform with the same set of runes that was present in the book. Harry approached the circular platform, and knelt near it, observing the runes more closely. They were not similar to any of those he had studied in Ancient Runes, but it seemed they were more of a "ritualistic text" than the runes he had studied.

Stepping back a little, Harry looked at the book, and said the second incantation.

"Av Tamri-El dellevoy an Arpen Aran tarnabye!"

Whatever Harry and Fleamont were expecting to happen, it was most certainly not the appearance of a floating purple orb, in the middle of the platform. And it was at this moment that Harry began to hear once more the whispers, and this time they were even stronger. However, they did not came from the purple orb, but from the amulet around his neck. Harry unconsciously reached out towards the Amulet of Kings, touching the red diamond in the centre, yet it was little before realizing what he had done, that both Harry and Fleamont realized that something was not right. The purple orb shattered, causing a strange wave of purple energy to emanate from it. Harry did not have time to react, as he was caught in the wave of energy.

"Harry!" shouted his grandfather.

The energy began to consolidate itself, until Fleamont could only see a swirling globe of dark energy, which after a few seconds diminished. But before doing so, there was a small blast of an invisible force, which threw Fleamont back a few meters. The old man collapsed on the ground, but quickly got up to see the purple wave disappear completely.

But what caused him panic, was the fact that Harry was no longer there.

Author's Note:

The Amulet of Kings design is based on how it appears in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Pocket Guide to the Story, 2nd Edition:

Henry James Potter – The son of Lily and James Potter, and younger twin of Michael Potter. Better known as Harry Potter, he lived with his grandfather since Voldemort's attack, but has kept a cordial relationship with the rest of his family. Much like his mother and brother, Harry is a direct descendant of Reman Cyrodiil I, the founder of the Second Empire.

Fleamont Potter – The Earl of Cadfield and Harry's grandfather. He has raised Harry for many years, and has been a major role model for his grandson, for the better and worse. His late wife was Euphemia Nott, daughter of Samuel Nott and Elladora Black.

Amulet of the Kings of Glory – An ancient artefact created from an Ayleid soul gem, which was in turn created from a drop of Lorkhan's blood, although it is commonly believed to have been created by Akatosh. It houses the souls of all the Emperors of Cyrodiil and Tamriel which were crowned with the Amulet of Kings.