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Chapter 1: World of Glass

A young woman clad in fashionable purple velvet evening gown, purple tresses held in an elegant bun with a few purple strands framing delicate features, daintily tracing an elegant necklace that graced the creamy skin... delicate fingers and nails polished in bright red...

I stared at the reflection before me. I guess people do change. Five years ago, I would have scorned at the thought of wearing such a dress, or even the thought of polishing my nails would have sounded... absurd.

Yet, the mirror told me I had changed in the last five years... so much that I could hardly recognize my self. Gone was the girl with a tongue that rivaled that of a street gangster, or the teenager who found amusement in fighting, or even the tomboy whom people sometimes mistook for a boy.

That was years ago... but now, I have become a woman.

And I find becoming a woman... isn't too bad at all. In fact, I'm happy... so happy I could barely keep myself from smiling.

And I did smile, when I felt the gentle thug on the hem of my skirt.

"Mommy! Let's goooooo..."

I looked down to see the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life... the most wonderful thing one could ever have...


I laughed as I watched him grip my gown in tiny fists and tried to drag me out of the room, unsuccessful of course.

"Wait up, big guy," I managed between laughter as I swooped him into my arms and tickled him under the chin, he's always been ticklish in that area. He laughed... the most beautiful sound I've ever heard.

I crooked an arm so he could sit comfortably against me; he wrapped tiny arms around my neck.

"But why? I wanna go I wanna go," he insisted, eyes pleading as he made an effort to bounced up and down against my crooked arm. I almost melted. Being a mother sure had weakened my resolve.

I shifted and swayed him gently, he liked being held like that too.

"But we have to wait for Daddy, ok? He wants us to go downstairs together."

His eyes brightened at the mention of his father. Miki loved his father... as much as I do.

Then as if answering my thoughts, he appeared before the door, clad in a dark suit, his long sleek hair flowing on his back in an elegant sleek curtain... beautiful just as the day I first met him.

"Ah, the little squirt bothering mommy again?" he asked in at gentle voice... his voice was always gentle. I've never heard it raised, not even once.

"Daddy!" Miki cried, flinging himself to his father as soon as he stepped into the large room.

I watched as Miki squealed as he was being swirled in the air, then strong arms. I felt like smiling again...

So perfect, so wonderful... my life. I couldn't ask for more.

Then he laughed, my husband... the sweet gentle laughter I first remember hearing five years ago... yes, perhaps his laughter was the only thing that didn't change over the years.

"Raiha, I thought we're going downstairs now?"

He stopped swirling Miki, holding him in the waist in mid-air.

"Oh, you're right," his eyes crinkled affectionately as he settled Miki on his shoulders and gave me a quick kiss. He took my hand and we walked side by side... together.

How did I ever deserve such kindness? How could I be worthy of such love? Yes, it's my own family, yet somehow, I feel like in a dream...

Perfect... so perfect. I could never ask for more...


We stood by the stairs – a dashing husband in tailored suit, an adorable son in neat attire... and me, the wife in an elegant evening dress—a perfect picture... for a perfect family.

I hooked one hand on Raiha's arm as we descended through the stairs; I held Miki's hand on the other. Raiha's associates, our friends, even guests I barely knew, raised their wine glasses to cheer for the occasion... our fifth year anniversary.

Five years... for five years I've been living this dream... and I dread the day I would wake up and find that all have been just an illusion. How else could it be that me, once the most unsophisticated, unfeminine girl in her school, could be standing here, married to a handsome company owner and standing amidst the crowd whom society deemed as the 'rich'? I don't remember doing anything noble... nor have I led a pious life so far, yet I find myself in this life so perfect that I'm afraid to believe it to be real.

I absently smiled and waved a hand to my friends... they are friends I've only met when Raiha came into my life. Though I thought it funny that five years ago, I never would have thought these people and I could even be in the same room.

Yes, I suppose things do change...

"There's someone I want you to meet..."

I blinked at Raiha's voice. He covered my hand with his own and smiled. I smiled back and waved a hand for Akio, Miki's nanny. This is the world I have now, full of smiles, servants at beck and call, parties... things I've never even dreamed of having back when I was a child... and I feel so unworthy, unworthy of such luxury, of such glamour... and unworthy of Raiha.

Akio came and took the reluctant Miki to the lawn where the children were having a party of their own, where clowns entertained and decors were made of candies. I almost shook my head. It's been five years already, yet I still have many things to get used to.

I felt Raiha squeeze my hand and I instinctively tightened my grip on his arm.

"There," he whispered.

I looked at him questioningly, he was squinting his eyes as he scanned the crowd.

"There, I found him," he said with an almost childish excitement.

I followed his gaze. Though I was by no means short, Raiha was a tad taller than me and I couldn't see what he was getting excited about.

I frowned. "Who?"

Raiha beamed. He looked so adorable that I couldn't help but briefly reach over and place a swift kiss on his lips.

"I want you to meet someone," he repeated before taking my hand again and leading me among the swarm of empty faces, faces that seemed to me like lifeless masks.

And then I felt it... a gaze so intense that I almost stumbled on my feet if it wasn't for Raiha's grip on my hand... so intense, hateful... and passionate. I felt a pain almost as if my insides were being devoured by some ravenous beast. My knees buckled as I kept up with Raiha's pace.

Dread... never have I felt such dread... someone was watching me, and never have I felt such intense gaze... not in five years.

And then the crowd slowly parted, and I could slowly make out a distant tall figure...

Oh god... please... no...

Not. Him.

I stopped. I had to. My feet wouldn't carry me farther even if I wanted to. I knew Raiha looked at me questioningly... I knew he asked if something was wrong in that usual voice full of concern... but all I could do was stare... stare at the person I thought I'd never see again... the person I never wanted to see again... and he stared back, his eyes the same bluish-green hue I remembered five years ago, the same silver-gray hair. Then he came forward... in the same proud grace he had all those years past...


The faint whisper that came was my own, uttering the name I had tried so hard to forget...


The voice... voice that haunted my dreams, voice that brought memories meant to be buried and forgotten.

"Oh, you know each other?" someone asked... Raiha, my always smiling Raiha, my always loving, caring... Raiha, my beloved Raiha.

The spell was broken, and I was left shivering in fright although my resolve kept me from breaking down and regain the composure I've practiced hard in five years.

"Oh, n-not really. We just went to the same high school, right Mr. Mikagami?" my voice was flat, yet inside I wanted to scream.

His eyes turned into icy blue instead of the lively ocean-blue I remembered.


Flat and cold... that wasn't the voice that whispered my name a few seconds ago, nor was it the voice I knew so well in the past.

Raiha laughed, the lively sound drowning the soft music that echoed in the crowded hall... a laughter so pure and so unlike my own...

"Then I guess I don't have to introduce you then. Tokiya is my newest business associate. And Tokiya, Fuuko here is the beautiful wife I've told you about."

There was a brief silence. But he didn't give me a second glance.

"I see."

Raiha chuckled.

"Looks like you're not impressing someone tonight, koishi," he playfully whispered in my ear although it was loud enough for Tokiya to hear.

Raiha was being his usual charming self, yet try as I might, I couldn't find anything right to answer.

"It's alright."

I put on the most radiant smile I could manage... but I had to get away, for even the smile I've practiced for five years began to falter.

I tugged at Raiha's sleeve.

"I'll go check on Miki," I whispered.

He smiled at me. "You worry too much. Miki's with Akio, he'll be fine. Just enjoy yourself."

Raiha... his kindness makes me want to weep and sob in my own unworthiness.

The soft music blared and many couples have moved to the center of the hall and began to sway with the music. I stepped closer to Raiha, expecting him to take me away, away from Tokiya for the dance. Tokiya still stood there, his chiseled handsome face expressionless and cold.

"May I have the honor of this dance, Mrs. Mitsuya"

NO, NO! This isn't happening. Tokiya can't be here in front of me, and he's not asking me for a dance. No. Please, Raiha...

I hooked my arm in Raiha's as I moved closer, almost hiding like a frightened little girl.

"I-I'd be happy to, Mr. Mikagami, but Raiha and I would—"

Raiha looked down at me and settled a finger on my lips.

"It's alright. You two go on ahead. There's something I want to discuss with Kurata-san over there."

A quick kiss, and he was gone. I stared at Raiha's receding back. I felt alone, trapped... Raiha, don't leave... yet I couldn't say it out loud.

Then I felt a strong hand grip me in the elbow... the contact bringing back memories of the sakura blossoms that fell on the school yard, of warm summer nights and blazing campfires...

Raiha, come back... I don't want to remember...

"Shall we dance, Mrs. Mitsuya"

I closed my eyes. Cowardice was never a part of me.

I turned around, but when I saw what was in Tokiya's eyes... I knew then that the flimsy perfect world I believed in, would soon crumble into shattered pieces...


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